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A world where powers are everything, Khan Freax is born without any. He s born a sagaru. How will he overcome these impossible odds and make a name for himself and his family, and rewrite the fabric of society?

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The darkness

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Beginning ago
Chapter 2: High School Selection ago
Chapter 3: Ambush ago
Unexpected Encounter: Chapter 4 ago
Chapter 5: Entrance Exams ago
Chapter 6: The New Exams ago
Chapter 7: Power Level Rankings ago
Chapter 8: The Start of the Physical Exams ago
Chapter 9: Homerun Swing ago
Chapter 10: The Plan ago
Chapter 11: The End Battle ago
Chapter 12: The Wait ago
Chapter 13: The Letter ago
Chapter 14: Crystal High ago
Chapter 15: Introductions ago
Chapter 16: Orientation ago
Chapter 17: Physical Assessment ago
Chapter 18: Uniform Creation Day ago
Chapter 19: Uniform Creation ago
BONUS CHAPTER: Via's Uniform Creation Day ago
Chapter 20: Training Day ago
Chapter 21: Teams ago
Chapter 22: The Crossroad ago
Chapter 23: Improvisation ago
Chapter 24: Results ago
Chapter 25: Attack! ago
Chapter 26: Interrogation ago
Chapter 27: Mr. Grey Attacks ago
Chapter 28: Explanations and Questions ago
Chapter 29: Back Home ago
Chapter 30: The Rainy Day ago
Chapter 31: A Revelation ago
BONUS CHAPTER: Via's Training Day ago
Chapter 32: Into the Arena ago
Chapter 33: A Plan ago
Chapter 34: The Quiz Begins ago
Chapter 35: A Sacrifice ago
Chapter 36: The Subway Tunnel ago
Chapter 37: The Last Minutes ago
Chapter 38: Medic Room ago
Chapter 39: Back in the Classroom ago
Chapter 40: Kidnapped! ago
Chapter 41: The Walk to the Base ago
Chapter 42: Conversation with Claudius ago
Chapter 43: The Walk Home ago
Chapter 44: Murder ago
Chapter 45: The Dream ago
Chapter 46: The Chase ago
Chapter 47: A New Resolve ago
Chapter 48: Living Arrangements ago
Chapter 49: The Walk Back ago
Chapter 50: Cleaning Up ago
Chapter 51: Back at School ago

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This story is about a young man, who's grown up in a world with super powers, but seemingly doesn't have any (it's inactive and might be something like super healing). As a Sagaru he's a bullied existence. With luck and training he nonetheless manages to join an advanced combat school.

Overall I'm not convinced of the worldbuilding of the dog eat dog world, but the main problem of this story would be the rather basic prose. It reads a bit like a highschool students first attempt at storywriting and maybe it is. If you like that sort of story it's okay, if you're not a particular fan of the genre I'd look elsewhere.

Kemu Zaleon
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The idea is good, but also overused. Many people have tried to write. Some may say it's like my hero academia with a different villainous group as one reviewer said. The innate "power" appeared way too quickly. He could've been some sort of shining light for the Sagarus, although he did get into this prestigious school as one, his ability appeared fairly quickly.  

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Good start but basic improvements

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Homerun Swing

Sentence structure. 

Paragraphs, It’s almost unreadable to be honest. 

The story is ok and if you interested in this type of story you might enjoy it. Honestly decent for a first time writer, and I implore you to carry on and atleast give it a go. 

But a big downside is that first some sentaces are structured poorly so the words and ideas come of slightly weird and have to reread several times before getting the idea. Second everything is written in big blocks of text that only change when a major point has been crossed for example if it’s still on the same subject don’t expect any space for your eyes and just a massive block of text with no spaces apart from inbetween words. It’s structured like this and is just a block, I tried to give it a go and thought it might get better past the first chapter but it didn’t. 

English might not be his or hers language or it might, spellings isn’t that bad but I do agree that it looks like a first time writer. You’ll get better at it and I hope this doesn’t discourage you as it seems you have some great ideas. 

 But before ideas and a story the basics are important. 

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My hero academia with a diffrent villain.

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: Attack!

This should be labeled fan fiction. It's almost the same charecters as MHA with different names, powers and a new villain. There personalitys are extremely similar, the events happen in almost the same order. So far it reads like a MHA copy with the char names changed.

sorry for the heat but I'm a diehard MHA fan and this seems a little too similar I'll check in the future to see if the plot diverges.

Hello I am Mullen
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I'm giving this story full Mark's because although, there are basic improvements needed (spelling, wording sentence structure) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and hope the author sticks with it because at its core this is a damn good read

Thanx for the story :]