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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A world where powers are everything, Khan Freax is born without any. He s born a sagaru. How will he overcome these impossible odds and make a name for himself and his family, and rewrite the fabric of society?

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  • Overall Score

Decent idea, basic prose

This story is about a young man, who's grown up in a world with super powers, but seemingly doesn't have any (it's inactive and might be something like super healing). As a Sagaru he's a bullied existence. With luck and training he nonetheless manages to join an advanced combat school.

Overall I'm not convinced of the worldbuilding of the dog eat dog world, but the main problem of this story would be the rather basic prose. It reads a bit like a highschool students first attempt at storywriting and maybe it is. If you like that sort of story it's okay, if you're not a particular fan of the genre I'd look elsewhere.

  • Overall Score

My hero academia with a diffrent villain.

This should be labeled fan fiction. It's almost the same charecters as MHA with different names, powers and a new villain. There personalitys are extremely similar, the events happen in almost the same order. So far it reads like a MHA copy with the char names changed and sub-par writing basically.