A Game of Villains

by littleme

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Cyberpunk Dungeon GameLit Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy

They lied, they lie, they will lie. This world is built on deception.

Vasily entered the store that fateful evening and became involved in a life-or-death game arranged by a mysterious creature. He survived, but instead of Earth, he now appeared to be in a different world, with other people who had passed a similarly deadly test. Some did so through force, some by using their cunning… Everyone has their own story, but they all have one thing in common—there are no good people among them.

The world of Karik turned out to be like a game. In it, one can level up, grow stronger, even resurrect in case of failure. But if one makes the mistake of believing the wrong person, they will die for real. Will the magic that Vasily needs to conceal, or maybe his patron, who seems incapable of telling the truth, help him? Who can say?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue. A Bloody Evening ago
Chapter 1. Gray Light ago
Chapter 2. The Woods ago
Chapter 3. Calm ago
Chapter 4. Tactical Retreat ago
Chapter 5. The First Taste of Death ago
Chapter 6. Night Mood ago
Chapter 7. Unexpected Encounter ago
Chapter 8. Trapped ago
Chapter 9. Behind Enemy Lines ago
Chapter 10. The Real Power ago
Chapter 11. The Red Dawn ago
Chapter 12. I Choose, He Chooses ago
Chapter 13. The Clash ago
Chapter 14. Everything Goes Wrong ago
Chapter 15. Downshift ago
Chapter 16. Level-down ago
Chapter 17. Hit in the Heel ago
Chapter 18. Shortcut ago
Chapter 19. Fire and Sword ago
Chapter 20. New Power ago
Chapter 21. Your Choice ago
Chapter 22. Liar Liar ago
Chapter 23. Revelation ago
Chapter 24. The Exit ago
Chapter 25. Power in my Hands ago
Chapter 26. The Undead ago
Chapter 27. Small Gifts ago
Chapter 28. The Merchants ago
Chapter 29. Success and Failures ago
Chapter 30. Peaceful Life ago
Chapter 31. Deeper in the Wood… ago
Chapter 32. Through Time and Space ago
Chapter 33. In Sheep’s Clothing ago
Chapter 34. The Alchemy ago
Chapter 35. Almost Like Home ago
Chapter 36. The Lancer ago
Chapter 37. Thirteen ago
Chapter 38. The Secret ago
Chapter 39. The Mask ago
Chapter 40. Tortures and Intrigues ago
Chapter 41. Nightmares ago
Chapter 42. Arcobaleno ago
Chapter 43. One vs. the World ago
Chapter 44. New Union ago
Chapter 45. A Time to Pay ago
Chapter 46. Magic Tricks ago
Chapter 47. Life's Simple Pleasures ago
Chapter 48. The Great Council ago
Chapter 49. Reputation ago
Chapter 50. The Fangs ago
Chapter 51. The Underground Labyrinth ago

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Lari Nintendo
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Plot twists that blow your mind

I liked this story. Nice opening that introduces you to a squad of villains who are trying to survive in another world, full of threats. People are killing each other in an attempt to find an exit out of this place... The funny thing is that bad guys are not that bad, I'd say, they are just ordinary people who are just doing their best to survive and gain power, hah. Is this one of those things that makes us bad ones?

Real world LitRPG with an exciting storyline and plot-twists that blow your mind. I look forward to more of it.

Ludovic Cruchot
  • Overall Score

An awesome read! The author makes you read the lines of their book very carefully since if you missed an important detail, some hint, you won't understand that particular character's reasons.

One of the best LitRPG books I've read, and I've had more than 50 of them under my belt. The MC is using every moment of his life to become stronger, get new abilities.

I especially enjoy the tense atmosphere, the tricks, manipulations of characters over each other. The dialogues are short, but the game of minds never stops, especially in the head of MC.

Keep up the great work, author!

Spoiler: Spoiler



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I didn't have high expectations for this book. But it turned out the author is pretty good at twisting your mind and creeping you out, he managed to keep me in suspense and that was quite unexpected for a GameLit genre.
The story had me turning the pages, unable to put it down. It's definitely worth the read.

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Horror, sacrifice, darkness and... light

I've not really picked an interesting book like this in quite a while. In light of that, I highly recommend it to you, guys. It's full of excitement, horror, sacrifice, darkness and... light! 

The author wrapped the beginning of the story perfectly. I loved it. I can't rate A Game of Villains anything less than 5 stars.

Polly Undeground
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Really interesting, tense and spectacular story

A Game of Villains is a well-written story, it was hard to put it down.

Unfortunately, so far there are not so many chapters, but I really enjoyed this awesome story about a group of villains who got to another world. Really interesting, tense and spectacular, with a good pace.

Really intrigued by what will happen next!

  • Overall Score

One of the rare stories with an interesting and well thought-out worldbuilding and intelligent characters. Definitely a must read if you dont care about moraly grad and black decisions

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Well-written story and nice grammar.
It has that littel apocalyptique wipe where people are transported to some unknown world
I really like the MC and all his lies only wished for him to be a little more cold blooded.

  • Overall Score

Why does it need to be 50 characters long???????????????????

  • Overall Score

Read it! High quality writing with an original idea!

Only counterpoints are some slight grammatical errors and russian names you mighr have to remember ;)

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I remember this book on RR the writer posted most of the first book online then pulled it and published on Amazon.

Previously this book didn't sell well and was eventually dropped from Amazon.

Well look here your now pretending to be a new book and even have Amazon pre order available.

Maybe in a couple more years we will see another book released that is identical to this one.