The Dragon's Flower

by Choco Lily

Original ONGOING Comedy Historical Romance Female Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Xianxia

When Le XiaoTing woke up, she found herself possessing a small cannon fodder's body and transmigrated into a novel she had read before an accident befell on her. But why did the storyline seems to be a little different than what she had read?

Xiao Hua, the body she was currently possessing, was supposed to be Princess Long Lian's maid but the Third Prince, who the original Xiao Hua had a crush on, had tricked her to be his maid instead! But why did he pamper her to an unbelievable degree?

The Third prince was supposed to be an unambitious prince but he went nuts and went against the hero and heroine, which was a big NO for cannon fodder characters!

Princess Long Lian's personality was the same, the hero and heroine were the same, and even the villains were the same! But why had the Third prince's personality changed so drastically?

Aiya, did she transmigrated into a dark version of the novel instead of the original one?


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol 1 Chapter 1- Transmigrated into a novel ago
Vol 1 Chapter 2 - Third Prince Long Zhu ago
Vol 1 Chapter 3 - She is a friend of this Princess! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 4 - To make fun of this pure maiden is a sin! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 5 - Muscular beauty! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 6 - Seeing a seductive lady could turn a person into a pervert ago
Vol 1 Chapter 7 - Can An Jing help her to dress every day? ago
Vol 1 Chapter 8 - How dare he molest her! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 9 - The hero finally made his appearance! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 10 - Author’s golden couple ago
Vol 1 Chapter 11 - Got scolded just because they stood on different sides ago
Vol 1 Chapter 12 - How could you make Princess eat your leftovers? ago
Vol 1 Chapter 13 - To find a great treasure in the midst of dirt ago
Vol 1 Chapter 14 - This type of princess, Xia Hua does not hate ago
Vol 1 Chapter 15 - Silence Courtyard ago
Vol 1 Chapter 16 - We, as servants, must support our Master ago
Vol 1 Chapter 17 - Reader Le XiaoTing truly pitied the Third Prince ago
Vol 1 Chapter 18 - What is this finger? So strong! ago
Vol 1 Chapter 19 - The three that had gotten good things ago
Vol 1 Chapter 20 - Human alarm clock service ago
Vol 1 Chapter 21 - Grind the ink for this prince ago
Vol 1 Chapter 22 - Don’t you wish to see everything, even this prince, clearly? ago
Vol 1 Chapter 23 - Kill me with pink? ago
Vol 1 Chapter 24 - The Princes of Guilin Country ago
Vol 1 Chapter 25 - What’s wrong with that name? I like it ago
Vol 1 Chapter 26 - Sharing a carriage ago
Vol 1 Chapter 27 - Dish out punishment ago
Vol 1 Chapter 28 - Such a good scapegoat ago
Vol 1 Chapter 29 - My little maid’s eyes will be counting on you ago

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Looking like a fun read

So far so good, although I'd like the MC to mature more, mentally speaking. Maybe use her knowledge of the future events to change things. But your story not mine sooooo....

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i enjoy this type of female protagonists and male protagonists, 

good story so far in my part, hope i see more or even the ending' as most novels here RR rarly finished with a proper ending)