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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

What would you do if you woke up alone in a forest in nothing but your pajamas?

This is a story about a man trying to answer that question as he navigates a world of monsters, magic, adventure, and numbers going up. It isn't all fun and games, though. Survival is tough when you are alone, and the dangers of this world are not to be underestimated.

This is a world governed by a system of stats, skills, and dialog boxes. It is vital to know how the system works if you want any chance of having a life of meaning. Too bad someone forgot to include the instruction manual.




Cover by Miha Brumec


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Woodland ago
2: One on One ago
3: Pothole ago
4: Statistics ago
5: Alone ago
6: Skill ago
7: Slime ago
8: Clarity ago
9: Commerce ago
10: Broke ago
11: UX ago
12: Class ago
13: Party ago
14: Math ago
15: Mine ago
16: Cleanup ago
17: Return ago
18: Rescue ago
19: Succor ago
20: Outcast ago
21: Smith ago
22: Search ago
23: Paralysis ago
24: Answers ago
25: Clay ago
26: Gratitude ago
27: Hunted ago
28: Plan ago
29: Practice ago
30: School ago
31: Gear ago
32: Well ago
33: Reunion ago
34: Kin ago
35: Dream ago
36: Focus ago
37: Modded ago
38: Geography ago
39: Arrival ago
40: Lair ago
41: Maze ago
42: Guesswork ago
43: Fall ago
44: Beast ago
45: Signal ago
46: Light ago
47: Core ago
48: Crucible ago
49: Downtime ago
50: Baggage ago
51: Completionist ago
52: Specialization ago
53: Forward ago
54: Adventure ago
55: Armored ago
56: Noble ago
57: Restored ago
58: Charge ago
59: King ago
60: Snow ago
61: Spree ago
62: Complication ago
63: Assessment ago

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First off late me say that I think this is a good story.   That being said it is currently rated a bit too high for my taste (3rd best story on this site). 

As of the first 27 chapters it is off to a good start, but I don't see much which differentiates it from other good litRPGs.  That isn't to say it is bad.  It just doesn't have anything about it which makes it unique as of yet.  This is a world that we have seen before many times. 

It is still early in the story though, so hopefully as more time passes it will become something truly special.  I think it has a chance to.

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I've read a lot of litrpg fics on this site and I've got to say this is one of the best starts I've ever seen. It's pretty early to be judging it but based on the writing quality and interesting characters so far I think it definately deserves 5 stars.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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A wonderful bit of perfect.

This story is a beautiful bit of writing with characters who feel real, a world that feels fleshed out, and a storyline that makes you experience every moment, even when the main character is just cleaning the room.

The only criticism I have is that there isn't enough of it.

  • Overall Score

A wonderful LitRPG. Please consider giving it a read.

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Wish I found this sooner

Current chapter 26.  

Love this novel.  Its so realistic and it doesnt play into the usual tropes that other novels go towards.  I love the style and the blue boxes.  They give the novel more realism.  I love the novel and wish I found it sooner.  Keep going!  20 Chapters a day please!  Need more!

  • Overall Score

Other people have said all I could say.

I'm a huge fan of this fiction. Good stuff, if not great. Alot of people agree it's wonderful as far as I could tell. I like your characters and world building. Please keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

I am so happy to have found this story, it is really excellent. First of all, the LitRPG aspects are on point. The stats are so of the most balanced I have seen, easy to understand, not overwhelming, and yet also allow a place for the MC to min-max. The plot-point of not knowing the language could be exhausting in another fiction, but here it is done well. 

  • Overall Score

When I think of this story, I can't help but compare it to The Wandering Inn, which is another gem in this website. Despite the fact that the chapters don't have the same length, I can't help but think that this is going to be a long ass novel. The attention to detail minute things that the MC decides to do are what I love the most about this story. Its not just "I went to get clay and came back 2 hours later", but the author really focuses on the process and what's going on in the MC's head. I really like it, though I understand if its not everyone's cup of tea.

I would like to have some more descriptions every now and then about characters that are important to the story. Not just "he is tall" "he has muscles". So as to get a better picture of the characters.

  • Overall Score

Well Made with New Ideas, +1 Respect

I must say, I love what a lot of authors on RR are doing right now with taking the same tropes we've seen and given a refined twist. The character's natural ignorance and sense of displacement in contrast to the usual easy acclimation to the world we see with the usual protag, proves a refreshing new take and perspective. This, combined with likeable characters and a well-done system of progression works well. Although there are some unanswered questions, they are few in number and easily ignorable. 

Overall a well-done and enjoyable story. 

+1 Respect

  • Overall Score

I'm up to chapter 26 and it has a solid start..a few pieces could you a rewrite in terms of character motivation given all that's occurred - especially around the protagonists' ejection from the city in terms of the various characters motivations - but a solid direction. The only complaint would be around the stats which often eat up large chunks of a chapter without necessarily helping the [lot along - great effort overall