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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

What would you do if you woke up alone in a forest in nothing but your pajamas?

This is a story about a man trying to answer that question as he navigates a world of monsters, magic, adventure, and numbers going up. It isn't all fun and games, though. Survival is tough when you are alone, and the dangers of this world are not to be underestimated.

This is a world governed by a system of stats, skills, and dialog boxes. It is vital to know how the system works if you want any chance of having a life of meaning. Too bad someone forgot to include the instruction manual.




Cover by Miha Brumec


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The Days after Christmas
The Cake is out of the Oven
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Woodland ago
2: One on One ago
3: Pothole ago
4: Statistics ago
5: Alone ago
6: Skill ago
7: Slime ago
8: Clarity ago
9: Commerce ago
10: Broke ago
11: UX ago
12: Class ago
13: Party ago
14: Math ago
15: Mine ago
16: Cleanup ago
17: Return ago
18: Rescue ago
19: Succor ago
20: Outcast ago
21: Smith ago
22: Search ago
23: Paralysis ago
24: Answers ago
25: Clay ago
26: Gratitude ago
27: Hunted ago
28: Plan ago
29: Practice ago
30: School ago
31: Gear ago
32: Well ago
33: Reunion ago
34: Kin ago
35: Dream ago
36: Focus ago
37: Modded ago
38: Geography ago
39: Arrival ago
40: Lair ago
41: Maze ago
42: Guesswork ago
43: Fall ago
44: Beast ago
45: Signal ago
46: Light ago
47: Core ago
48: Crucible ago
49: Downtime ago
50: Baggage ago
51: Completionist ago
52: Specialization ago
53: Forward ago
54: Adventure ago
55: Armored ago
56: Noble ago
57: Restored ago
58: Charge ago
59: King ago
60: Snow ago
61: Spree ago
62: Complication ago
63: Assessment ago
64: Exposition ago
65: Ring ago
66: Encounter ago
67: Footrace ago
68: Departure ago
69: Hangover ago
70: Skating ago
71: Perspective ago
72: Preemption ago
73: Inflamed ago
74: Elevation ago
75: Adaptation ago
76: Meeting ago
77: Chill ago
78: Heatsink ago
79: Slumber ago
80: Trapped ago
81: Breakdown ago

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Marmoset Threat
  • Overall Score

This story starts off as a standard LitRPG "Portal fantasy" where the main character (who is unhappy with his previous life) just suddenly awakens in standard mideavel fantasy world with accompanying social stereotypes. The main character then makes it his mission to become a powerful adventurer (suprise suprise), however (gasp) the main character has problems integrating with a world he's completely unfamiliar with. This isn't bad or a good thing. It's just that this style of story/ formula is popular for a reason: It's good and has a wide audience. The author executes this story very well and while it loses points in origianlity, it certainly holds up in quality.

Overall, while this story isn't anything special or genre-defining, and I don't think it deserves it's spot so high on the rankings as it currently is (#5 as of writing).

However, it is good enough that it keeps me coming back and reading every time a chapter is released and not many stories on RR can say the same.

Also, on a more "personal taste" note, I find the math portions have gotten a bit overblown. I don't really care for counting out percentages to three decimal points and multiple modifiers. Just give me the end result and i'll be happy. Also, the character claims to have barely passed high-school level math classes, yet the mathematical proficency that he shows is clearly above that of the average high school student. I think the author is oversetimating how smart average high schoolers are.

Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

it's good , the only things that actually bothers me is that the protagonist, is to comfy with his secret (other world)  , and told to the woman of the first chapters, that to me is a fuc.....ing stupid move, AND I truly hope he will pay for it, (torture etc,) ,  this is the reason for my 4 star, instead of 5. some may call me petty, but being smart and not a moron is something that i truly like on mc. especially since, in a world  that you don't know anything about, it's bad to spill such secrets.

  • Overall Score

I'm enjoying this story.  I rated [email protected] four because of the fun factor and entertainment value.  The characters are developed well.  I haven't found many grammar or spelling errors, those enterup the reading so much.  Looking forward to more adventure.  If you like blue boxes, you will like this story.

  • Overall Score

It was unexpected. By unexpected I mean it was really good. Really hard to find stories like this one. Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Style is nice, not too heavy on the tables of data and such. The prose is also fairly well paced and entertaining, containing just enough detail to keep an idea of the surroundings look like (although I would like a tad more, y'know...) while not being bloated. The story so far is slice of life, no particular obvious overarching plot has been revealed as of chapter 57-8, and it is an entertaining story so far. There have been little to no grammatical errors as of chap 57 as well, great work author! Characters seem to be archetypes, but hints of deeper backstories are there.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The pacing is just right, but MC needs more guts and sense of self

Reviewed at: 78: Heatsink

Style : I really like how he uses the stats and sheets. And how the whole system is entwined into the culture of the world. Unlike other fictions where it is just there as a power measure, here it actually has cultural values, taboos, rules associated with it.

Story : Quite good. Some mathematics, some action, some slice of life. The character at first seemed to be progressing in strength really really fast but actually stayed weak. After he reached a platue and you thought that was where he hit a bottleneck, he started refining his fighting style and start to get stronger.

Grammar : No complains.

Character : The mc character is a goody toe-shoes beta male. This is for sure. So now that that's out of the way.

I love him. Just cause he is the good guy. There is no but, he was a guy raised in the 21st century. With todays upbringing, the average male would turn out like him. Mild, timid, a bit cheesy, and easy for veterans to scam.

The author actually makes these bad characteristics one of his likable points. And how he uses his naivity to change his companions bit by bit. He is also being changed by the world, but it is not so one sided like other fictions where in chinese xianxia the mc turns full murderhobo or in japanese isekai the mc turns into this radiant alpha male.

I like the side characters too as they each have their own agenda and story about why and how their personality today is what it is. 

One thing I am starting to hate is how much the mc gets pushed around by the strong. AKA Halgraves, The watch girl, that force mage (halgraves wife) and he just endures. Well to be fair it is not like he has other choice as weak as he is. But I don't really like it. As a reader it feels i am being surpressed. 

Specially the watch, it seems like they have an all you can insult pass towards the mc (in latest chapters). Even when they ask mc for favour they insult him first and mc doesnt even get mad. Which is kinda starting to tick me off.

Other than that, can't say I am unhappy with this novel. Will definitely keep following it. But have to remove .5 start from the mc character score.

  • Overall Score

very frustrating to read

Reviewed at: 80: Trapped

very naive main character.

reading his inner thoughts was very frustrating as he should be around 25 years old and thinks like that but even after realising that some things shouldn't be done he acts like a child who doesn't know anything about society and bring himself unnecessary troubles because "he wants to save the wold".

many times he doesn't have money even to buy food but goes and acts like a samaritan going around helping people with thing like cleaning their actual shit or being someones tool for some political bullshit.

why not try to help yourself first in a world where there is death in every corner by making yourself stonger then worry about others. go kill some monters and level up first so you can stop shaking in your boots when some random villain shows up. as I said it's very very frustrating that after many near death experinces he still does not realize that strength is every thing in that world and do something about it.

80 chapters in and dropping it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A refreshing read

Reviewed at: 80: Trapped

This definitely stays within the genre of a LitRPG, someone teleported to another world and all that. However the MC does not get some super rare class, cheat skill, prove to be a master level politician, or single handily produce this new world's industrial revolution. He does get a bit of a boost in the way of his early cap, but that doesn't do much beyond provide growth in the early story. Most of what I could say has been said by others but I wanted to add my voice. If you're tired of stories in the genre where the MC starts off at level one bruising goblins and then within six months is slapping around nations and gods then this is a great story to relax and enjoy. The plot is smooth and appears that at least parts of it have been planned out. The game system is graspable and consistent. And the characters have personalities and motivations. 

Also the early chapters are perhaps more fun for me than they should be as Rain engages in charades for all his daily needs. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Bck to the roots.

Reviewed at: 1: Woodland

 Hello first off all, a new Fan here!

I read all the chapters and I must say its a long time that I enjoyed a story so much.

I can't really be bothered to care about if you make grammar mistakes as I just don't care, but there were no obvious o my god mistakes. So that makes it good for me.

Your story is Great your world is also lovely albeit a bit small we don't know yet more about the rest of the world he lives pretty isolated but that's fine I guess as of yet it's slowly expanding.

I love your characters the stoic deer man the fiery noob the turtle and the strong love interest all exciting parts of a wonderful world. They are very vividly described and very substantial. Reminds me of old novels I started with its fantastic.

The only downside so was the main which is a bit too passive but I get it potential is BIG and his build potentially completely op.

Keep going I will follow this until it gets boring. I wish you good luck with this I want at least 100 more chapters :D







  • Overall Score

It's... kind of dull?

Being realistic can be a good thing, but a story still needs a plot and interesting characters. Here, the feeling of novelty wears off after chapter 6, and at chapter 15, I still struggle to find a reason to care about the protagonist.  You shouldn't have to wait so long for a hook. And with no stated goal beside general survival, there's very little to look forwards to.