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Warning This fiction contains:
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What would you do if you woke up alone in a forest in nothing but your pajamas?

This is a story about a man trying to answer that question as he navigates a world of monsters, magic, adventure, and numbers going up. It isn't all fun and games, though. Survival is tough when you are alone, and the dangers of the wilderness are not to be underestimated.

This is a world governed by a system of stats, skills, and dialog boxes. It is vital to know how the system works if you want any chance of having a life of meaning in this world. Too bad someone forgot to include the instruction manual.





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Lokan Marsland
  • Overall Score

As soon as I started reading I couldn't stop. The characters seem believable and Rain is an ideal protagonist. Most importantly though, the book is just fun to read and watching Rain try to min-max himself is probably the part that I think is missing from a lot of the litrpgs I read. I hope this story goes on for a long time.

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Portal/LitRPG done well

The premise is one that can easily be found on Royal Road.  The main character winds up in another world and finds himself with a status screen, and oh yeah, magic works.

What makes this different from the others in this genre, is that the Main Character doesn't come with the knowledge of how to speak the language, how to min/max his skills, how his skills work or magic work, or have even the basic survival skills.

His life is as much just trying to understand and survive as it is gaining levels and stats.

This ignorance is refreshing, and perhaps the most realistic narrative of what would happen if a person were dropped in a strange world with different rulesets. 

Amazing 5's across the board.  

Grammar is on point, and the author is responsive and quick to fix any mistakes that are pointed out.

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  • Character Score

A great realistic adventure in the making

This may just seem another story of the transported to a Fantasy world with LitRPG type, but quickly shows itself to be different, and it improves on the genre standard by so much.

I honestly did not expect much when i started to read this, but now its one of my actual favorites. I have been totally impressed by this story and how enjoyable it is to just keep reading, the story is also very entertaining with all the situations the MC gets in. I just loved every moment of reading this.

The MC is just, realistic, even if he may act stupid at times, this is mostly due to him not knowing near enough about the world and its inhabitants, sadly for him, that includes language differences, which has proven to be a major problem for him. He does have quite some flaws, such as being impulsive, and that makes me only like him more as a character.


The world so far has been well-constructed, but due to certain reasons, not much has been revealed yet. So far it has been shown to be a pretty standard Medieval Fantasy world, with there being no major differences from the usual standard.

The author has written one of the most well-constructed LitRPG Systems i have read so far on Royalroad with this story, its very different from the LitRPG systems used in other stories and really thought out, with there being no easy shortcuts to becoming powerful, its basically all how you plan your stats, skills/skill trees and classes and then act accordingly.  There are even alternative ways of earning exp aside from combat/crafts.  But the greatest difference is Customization, and thats quite hard to explain. I personally like the fact that even though the status screens appear on most chapters, they do not hinder the reading experience at all.

Good grammar in this fiction, with there being barely any grammatical errors or typo's, and even if there are, they are easy to detect and do not hinder the reading experience at all, the authors use of grammar remains very consistent throughout the story, not only that, the author has a good gasp on the English language, with correct word usage in his sentences.

Great pacing for this story, the flow of the story just keeps you reading the whole time. The story as a whole feels realistic, with no forced stuff or weird plotholes or anything like that.  The author has done a great job at making this story as detailed as possible without detracting from other aspects of the story. There is also a good balance between  adventure, humour, action and worldbuilding (what there has been so far).

Ill be honest that i just cannot find anything specific to criticize the story for,  it is just that good.


I have to applaud the author for all the work he has put into making sure this story is of high quality while also making it enjoyable to read. I have faith the author will be able to make something truly great with this story, considering what he already has written so far for this story.

I wholeheartly recommend this story for any fan of Fantasy, this has been a story of really high quality so far and there is just so much potentional to be explored here. So thus, start reading this story already!

  • Overall Score

An isekai well made

No cheat skill

No god that help you

No japanese stupidity

Original system

No talk with the system to explain you the world

No exposition

Original character

No waifu

Hard work

No demon king yet

No bad guy that attack the mc for no reason

I think it will be the best Portal Fantasy i ever read if it don't stop

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Wish I found this sooner

Current chapter 26.  

Love this novel.  Its so realistic and it doesnt play into the usual tropes that other novels go towards.  I love the style and the blue boxes.  They give the novel more realism.  I love the novel and wish I found it sooner.  Keep going!  20 Chapters a day please!  Need more!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Thankfully not another magical swordsman

Finally  Royal Road gets a decent story about a pure mage...not another magical swordsman with a harem. Currently, this story reads as a slice of life. The MC is just slowly cultivating his abilities and exploring the world, while questing/doing side jobs to sustain this life style. I can definitely see the story diverging from this route once he can become more useful to other adventuring groups. I’m excited for when his build will start to come to fruition.

  • Overall Score

I'm up to chapter 26 and it has a solid start..a few pieces could you a rewrite in terms of character motivation given all that's occurred - especially around the protagonists' ejection from the city in terms of the various characters motivations - but a solid direction. The only complaint would be around the stats which often eat up large chunks of a chapter without necessarily helping the [lot along - great effort overall

Grey Cardinal
  • Overall Score
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If you like the LitRPG genre. then you'll love Delve. If you don't like LitRPG, reading Delve may change your mind.

Too many web novels tagged as LitRPG suffer from the following:

  • Having a protagonist who grows way too strong way too quickly, making it a boring read.
  • Extremely cluttered 'blue boxes', giving the protagonist way too many skills making it impossible for the reader to remember everything. This really puts me off stories.

Delve suffers from neither (yet).

Spoiler: Spoiler

Each skill the protagonist has gained so far is pretty memorable and he doesn't gain them too quickly. This could change in the future though as the story progresses.

There is an extreme attention to detail in how the protagonist's skills synergise. A lot of math is involved, and I don't know why but I love this.

The grammar is amazing. I would rate it 6 stars if I could, I haven't read another web novel that has grammar as good as Delve. Every sentence is written in a way that makes it feel like it fits perfectly.

I believe characters need more attention, we don't know much about each character yet, we just have surface level knowledge. Character development comes with time though, and the story has just begun.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

An Addictive and Boxy Tale

This is a high-quality take on realistic RoyalRoad-style isekai stories. Accessible, light-hearted and satisfying, this story is like a sugar-free gelato: addictive and guilt-free. If you like LitRPG stories with blue boxes, you will crave this one...it does blue boxes very, very well.


The style's strength is its readability. Smooth and impactful, this author does not waste words. Blue boxes are simplistic, which is a treat - I can remember most everything I read, even if I scan. The system is easy for me to mentally experiment with and, most importantly, has the potential to be marvelously complex. Lot's of flexibility. PROs: Minimal dialogue tags, sensory details in inner dialogue, tastefully spaced blue boxes, breatheable system.

The spacious blue boxes might be a turn-off to some - personally, I love them, but since this review isn't about my preferences I'm listing it as neutral. Some will love it, others won't, and that's fine. This is a great site on which to post long blue-boxes.

The style's weakness is its overreliance on dialogue. On Ch. 26, about half the chapter is composed of dialogue. This isn't necessarily an issue in itself, however, most of it is pure dialogue - no description, no imagery, no inner dialogue to frame what's being said. Personally, I prefer the latter. This also has a negative impact on the Character score - it's the little details that make characters feel intimate. CONS: Heavy dialogue with minimal context.

Possible fixes: Space dialogue, create context, inserts imagery, focus on the characters' humanity when they interact.


Based off of the blurb, this author isn't attempting to write anything groundbreaking - rather, emphasis is placed on psychological and physical realism, with some leeway (it is still a game world, after all). As a causal reader and LitRPG fan, I haven't come across any immersion-breaking errors that stretch believability. The character is laid back with laid-back goals. The plot... is survive? I would mark off half a star for how generic this is, except I don't give a rat's ass. Readers crave survival stories and that makes this a perfectly acceptable character motivation/plot-mover. (The Hunger Games, anyone?) Honestly, very well done. PROS: Immersive, fun premise.

The plot is slow. I like this, some won't. There are entire chapters (especially in the 20+ range) where most "actions" are internal: reflections on the universe, optimizing System stat choices, experimenting with skills...

The story's weakness is its...ah, screw it, I can't think of anything. I will come back to edit this if I do. (EDIT) Thought of something. The plot is missing motivation for human (er, person)-to-person interaction. Solitary is okay for a bit, but the longer our relatable MC goes without meaningful character growth, the less we care about him as a person. CONS: Plot requires minimal character interaction and our MC is probably an introvert.

Possible fixes: Create potential for character growth via meaningful encounters with other characters. Meaningful doesn't mean dramatic - just memorable.


Impeccable. Seriously, you must have an editor. Or is this English-teacher power at work? This grammar is fire. Improves Style score as well.


Relatable guy with surpisingly relatable reactions. Even though I've re-read the "waking up in a new game world" scene dozens of times, I didn't skim the first chapter. I like Rain. I want him to succeed. He shares my curiousity at the world, at the system he must manipulate. PROS: Realistic reactions/motivations, no handouts, relatable personality, curious character.

The weakness of this story's characters is they have generic personalities. The MC does not have a face - he is hard to imagine because I know multiple people who could step into his body and act as he does. Side characters are also generic - they are interesting in that they further the story but when they leave I don't miss them or wonder about them. While I sense that some of them have backstories (this is good) they are missing uniqueness. While the plot doesn't have to be unique, characters do. Otherwise, how can I tell them all apart? Poke fun at them them? Become terribly attatched them? CONS: Generic characters.

Possible fixes: Give characters quirks that make them standout. These could range from fleshed-out backstories, to weird personal habits (we all have them!), to stark physical traits (that our MS constantly notices). Someone might debate me on this, but IMO? If you're going to sacrifice realism anywhere, it'll be here. Characters, especially main characters, absolutely need to stand out. Unless you're H.P. Lovecraft, generic characters are tough to overcome. And even he caught flack.


A Personal Note  

I love this story. Totally worth a bige-read! This game-like system is one of those that makes me want to completely overhaul my own and start over (I am worldbuilding, and boy, is it a process). It's just that good. Hopefully I did this review justice.

@SensescentSoul, I think it's awesome that you're an English teacher. As a college student studying English, I appreciate what you do - I was inspired by an English teacher in high school, and if it weren't for a handful of supportive/motivational teachers like her, I wouldn't have started writing as early as I did. Thank you!

Daniel Vickerman
  • Overall Score

If there was a pure LITRPG this would be it. Though undeniably cookie cutter it is a well executed simple LITRPG that focuses primarily on stats and doesn't fall into many of the pitfalls other litrpgs fall into. There are no harem hijinks, bad romance subplots or corny comedy lines, just straight good litrpg action. By well executing a simple plot it is much better than other stories that try too hard to be different. Keep it up!