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What would you do if you woke up alone in a forest in nothing but your pajamas?

This is a story about a man trying to answer that question as he navigates a world of monsters, magic, adventure, and numbers going up. It isn't all fun and games, though. Survival is tough when you are alone, and the dangers of the wilderness are not to be underestimated.

This is a world governed by a system of stats, skills, and dialog boxes. It is vital to know how the system works if you want any chance of having a life of meaning in this world. Too bad someone forgot to include the instruction manual.





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This sotry is only at chapter 11 as of this but I'm egarly awaiting the next one. I can relate with the main charector and can't help but thinking what I would do in his place. I've only seen one grammer error so far witch is a great deal better than some of the other stories i'e seen on this sight so far. All that said, I just finished my 6th drink and am working on my 7th... Shut up, I'm not an alchoholic. You're an alcholic!

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An Addictive and Boxy Tale

This is a high-quality take on realistic RoyalRoad-style isekai stories. Accessible, light-hearted and satisfying, this story is like a sugar-free gelato: addictive and guilt-free. If you like LitRPG stories with blue boxes, you will crave this one...it does blue boxes very, very well.


The style's strength is its readability. Smooth and impactful, this author does not waste words. Blue boxes are simplistic, which is a treat - I can remember most everything I read, even if I scan. The system is easy for me to mentally experiment with and, most importantly, has the potential to be marvelously complex. Lot's of flexibility. PROs: Minimal dialogue tags, sensory details in inner dialogue, tastefully spaced blue boxes, breatheable system.

The spacious blue boxes might be a turn-off to some - personally, I love them, but since this review isn't about my preferences I'm listing it as neutral. Some will love it, others won't, and that's fine. This is a great site on which to post long blue-boxes.

The style's weakness is its overreliance on dialogue. On Ch. 26, about half the chapter is composed of dialogue. This isn't necessarily an issue in itself, however, most of it is pure dialogue - no description, no imagery, no inner dialogue to frame what's being said. Personally, I prefer the latter. This also has a negative impact on the Character score - it's the little details that make characters feel intimate. CONS: Heavy dialogue with minimal context.

Possible fixes: Space dialogue, create context, inserts imagery, focus on the characters' humanity when they interact.


Based off of the blurb, this author isn't attempting to write anything groundbreaking - rather, emphasis is placed on psychological and physical realism, with some leeway (it is still a game world, after all). As a causal reader and LitRPG fan, I haven't come across any immersion-breaking errors that stretch believability. The character is laid back with laid-back goals. The plot... is survive? I would mark off half a star for how generic this is, except I don't give a rat's ass. Readers crave survival stories and that makes this a perfectly acceptable character motivation/plot-mover. (The Hunger Games, anyone?) Honestly, very well done. PROS: Immersive, fun premise.

The plot is slow. I like this, some won't. There are entire chapters (especially in the 20+ range) where most "actions" are internal: reflections on the universe, optimizing System stat choices, experimenting with skills...

The story's weakness is its...ah, screw it, I can't think of anything. I will come back to edit this if I do. (EDIT) Thought of something. The plot is missing motivation for human (er, person)-to-person interaction. Solitary is okay for a bit, but the longer our relatable MC goes without meaningful character growth, the less we care about him as a person. CONS: Plot requires minimal character interaction and our MC is probably an introvert.

Possible fixes: Create potential for character growth via meaningful encounters with other characters. Meaningful doesn't mean dramatic - just memorable.


Impeccable. Seriously, you must have an editor. Or is this English-teacher power at work? This grammar is fire. Improves Style score as well.


Relatable guy with surpisingly relatable reactions. Even though I've re-read the "waking up in a new game world" scene dozens of times, I didn't skim the first chapter. I like Rain. I want him to succeed. He shares my curiousity at the world, at the system he must manipulate. PROS: Realistic reactions/motivations, no handouts, relatable personality, curious character.

The weakness of this story's characters is they have generic personalities. The MC does not have a face - he is hard to imagine because I know multiple people who could step into his body and act as he does. Side characters are also generic - they are interesting in that they further the story but when they leave I don't miss them or wonder about them. While I sense that some of them have backstories (this is good) they are missing uniqueness. While the plot doesn't have to be unique, characters do. Otherwise, how can I tell them all apart? Poke fun at them them? Become terribly attatched them? CONS: Generic characters.

Possible fixes: Give characters quirks that make them standout. These could range from fleshed-out backstories, to weird personal habits (we all have them!), to stark physical traits (that our MS constantly notices). Someone might debate me on this, but IMO? If you're going to sacrifice realism anywhere, it'll be here. Characters, especially main characters, absolutely need to stand out. Unless you're H.P. Lovecraft, generic characters are tough to overcome. And even he caught flack.


A Personal Note  

I love this story. Totally worth a bige-read! This game-like system is one of those that makes me want to completely overhaul my own and start over (I am worldbuilding, and boy, is it a process). It's just that good. Hopefully I did this review justice.

@SensescentSoul, I think it's awesome that you're an English teacher. As a college student studying English, I appreciate what you do - I was inspired by an English teacher in high school, and if it weren't for a handful of supportive/motivational teachers like her, I wouldn't have started writing as early as I did. Thank you!

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excellent litRPG isekai, I want more of it

(as of chapter 23)

Delve tells us the story of Rain, who finds himself in a fantasy world with a stat/skill system. Nothing new so far, but there is more: Starting alone, without money or equipment and without speaking the local language is very rough and Rain is clearly struggling. After a while manages to cope and slowly get some basic stuff together.

Style: The story is told in third-person style from Rain's internal point of view including a focus on the thoughts that go through his head. The descriptions are good.

Story: Not understanding the local language and having to start from zero both in possessions and in knowledge is a very refreshing difference from most of the other stories here on RRL. The LitRPG system is nice with some standard stats and a very complex and interesting skill (-tree) system. The pace of the story is fine, by chapter 23 lots of things happened but it doesn't feel rushed.

Grammar: Very good, the occasional typos are quickly corrected when noticed.

Characters: We learn mostly about Rain, both from watching him and from his inner thoughts. He's pretty smart and tries to get the best out of his finite stat points and skill points with the little information he has, min-maxing even a bit too much in my opinion. At the same time his difficulty in acclimatization to the new world shows a good depth and the inclusion of realism in his characterization. The people he meets in his travels are a mix of helpful, neutral and a**holes, but all feel realistic as far as they have been described so far.

In total, this story is both excellently written and captivating, making me look forward to the next chapter. If you like lots of numbers in your LitRPG then you have to read it.

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Realistic, (near) infinite power with clearly defined costs. LitRPG at its finest. All self respecting murderhobos know the path to (near) infinite power starts in a sewer.

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When I think of this story, I can't help but compare it to The Wandering Inn, which is another gem in this website. Despite the fact that the chapters don't have the same length, I can't help but think that this is going to be a long ass novel. The attention to detail minute things that the MC decides to do are what I love the most about this story. Its not just "I went to get clay and came back 2 hours later", but the author really focuses on the process and what's going on in the MC's head. I really like it, though I understand if its not everyone's cup of tea.

I would like to have some more descriptions every now and then about characters that are important to the story. Not just "he is tall" "he has muscles". So as to get a better picture of the characters.

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I'm up to chapter 26 and it has a solid start..a few pieces could you a rewrite in terms of character motivation given all that's occurred - especially around the protagonists' ejection from the city in terms of the various characters motivations - but a solid direction. The only complaint would be around the stats which often eat up large chunks of a chapter without necessarily helping the [lot along - great effort overall

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Wish I found this sooner

Current chapter 26.  

Love this novel.  Its so realistic and it doesnt play into the usual tropes that other novels go towards.  I love the style and the blue boxes.  They give the novel more realism.  I love the novel and wish I found it sooner.  Keep going!  20 Chapters a day please!  Need more!

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More realistic behavior than most.

A New Fav story for me

This story is well planned and pleasing to read.

The author reacts to his readers.

The story starts with a random guy (not a former kung-fu specialist or hard core gamer) used to playing DnD and he arrives in the middle of nowhere. 

This is not new, but the story calls to you when the author brings up the difficulty of going to the toilet, of language, money, of loneliness in a strange world, of politics ...etc

I like it that even at chapter 26, you still get "and so he got the <something> out of the <something> place" .... 

the stats, and their impact with skills and real str/intelligence...Etc are interestingly well thought up.

the narrative is brightened by our MC trying to understand everything, and being privy to his thought, we follow his understanding, his will to munchkin and min-max his level and the reasoning behind.

And the MC makes wrong decisions, or mistakes due to normal human limits or misunderstanding... that's good.

the plots and arc-plots are not visible yet ; it seems for the moment to be more a slice of life than any-thing else, but it's possible it'll evolve later.

  • Overall Score

Well written, Interesting, but lacking something.

The story flows well, the characters are fairly interesting as is the world. The leveling system and the MCs absolutely boring build are kind of a let down, you can see the potential but it just isn't realised. Also the MC is just to childish, the best way I can explain it is like this, he isn't a man, he is a water boy. And this is the stories biggest let down, if you like characters like that then you will love this story though. 

Lokan Marsland
  • Overall Score

As soon as I started reading I couldn't stop. The characters seem believable and Rain is an ideal protagonist. Most importantly though, the book is just fun to read and watching Rain try to min-max himself is probably the part that I think is missing from a lot of the litrpgs I read. I hope this story goes on for a long time.