Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World

by AkaGin

Original COMPLETED Comedy Drama Psychological Romance Male Lead School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

"The world is unfair and unjust."

Is someone without his emotions can still be called 'human'? Or is one abnormal? Somehow, not everyone that appears to look human can't be technically human in this world.

Gin Sakato, a high school student finds himself in a normal life that he sought for and obtained. But everything changed just right after he was starting to discover his once lost emotions. With a life changing event, he faces the darkness of the reality and stood with courage, found his own self, found the love that saved him from the chasm and learn what is the reason of his being.

Was it Gin that influenced the people around him, or was it the other way around? Every one of them knows that one thing is for certain—the only constant thing in the world is change. It was the relentless force that led them to their cheers of glee, and cries of regrets. They realized: while there is despair, there is hope; and while there is hope, it does not mean that hopelessness will never fall anew. But in the midst of the storm, Gin, and everyone that clung to hope continued to push forward in their normal life and world.

The story continues in Rainbow of the Horizon.


*Alternative name/abbreviation: NoFutsuu*

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I Am Taking Off (III)
Group Leader (II)
Word Smith (V)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Zero – Prologue ago
One – Normal in Any Way ago
Two – The Incident ago
Three – Introduction and Art ago
Four – Tomodachi to Roku ago
Five – Normal Beginnings ago
Six – Normal Tragedy ago
Seven – The Piano is Playing ago
Eight – White Box ago
Nine – Real ago
Ten – Silver-less Week ago
Eleven – Normal Comeback ago
Twelve – Not the Best TIme to Move ago
Thirteen (13.1) – Cold, Cat and Observation ago
Thirteen (13.2) – Cold, Cat and Observation ago
Fourteen – Things Needed to be Confessed ago
Fifteen – Babysitting ago
Sixteen – Who am I, Who is He? ago
Seventeen – Coincidences of Him and Her ago
Eighteen – Trap ago
Nineteen – Blind ago
Twenty – Silver Snow ago
Twenty-one – Aftermath ago
Twenty-two – DATA ago
Twenty-three – Not a Failure ago
Twenty-four – Lunatics ago
Twenty-five – Twenty-seven and...? ago
Twenty-six – Question Mark ago
Twenty-seven – I Will ago
Twenty-eight – Chopsticks; First ago
Twenty-nine – Chopsticks; Second ago
Thirty – Anew ago
Thirty-one – Human? ago
Thirty-two – Before and Silver ago
Thirty-three – EXILE ago
Thirty-four – Three Old Men... and a Son? ago
Thirty-five – Therefore We Take Another Step (END) ago
NoFutsuu Specials: One – I Guess this is the World Now ago
NoFutsuu Specials: Two – Two Fools Stuck in a Cliché ago
NoFutsuu Specials: Three – Sometimes I Wonder if this is the Real World ago
NoFutsuu Specials: Four – We Realized that this is Not our Story ago
NoFutsuu Specials: Five – Thank You ago

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