A Wolf among Dogs

by Kieran Wanderlust

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Contemporary Anti-Hero Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A drug infested city. 

A society riddled with conformity

One sixteen-year-old kid tells the world to fuck itself

So the world tries to fuck him first

This is the story of Kallix Rane, the wolf among dogs

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Kieran Wanderlust

Kieran Wanderlust

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1: What happened? ago
1.2: I don't like Techno ago
1.3: Play date with Zorikan ago
1.4: Here come's the Bride ago
1.5: Skyscraper Fun ago
1.6: Hospitals are glorified Prisons ago
1.7: Overdose ago
1.8: The Underground ago
1.9: The Fox in a Bear Trap ago
1.10: East Side is Very Different. ago
1.11: The Foraging Raven ago
1.12: Alliances and Aberrations ago
1.13: Infiltration ago
1.14: Zombie ago
1.15: Well this is Pleasant ago
2.1: Flaming Resilience ago
2.2: You're a Dick, You Know That? ago
2.3 The Taste of Dirt ago
2.4: Twinkling ago
2.5: Infiltration Number 2 ago
2.6 Inevitable ago
2.7 Derogation ago
2.8 Hollow ago
2.9 You've Been Officially Discharged ago
2.10 An Ocean of Judgement ago
2.11 This is Weird ago
2.12: Yeah, I am a Dick ago
2.13: Splintered Mirror ago
3.1: Why Is Everything Moving So Fast? ago
3.2: Torrent ago
3.3: Incidental Murder ago
3.4: Blues, Grays and Flowers ago
3.5: The Eel Negotiates with the King ago
3.6: The Drugless Bender ago
3.7: Dominoes Topple ago
3.8: The Wondering Wanderer ago
3.9: The Jaw Drop ago
3.10: To the Kennel ago
3.11: Grimy Makeup ago
3.12: Freedom tastes of Blood ago
3.13: Monsters...? ago
3.14: Soaked Soul ago
3.15: Don't Commit Suicide ago
3.16: Flowers in the Rain ago

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A wolf among dogs : A gem among stones

Reviewed at: 1.6: Hospitals are glorified Prisons

Quite honestly, trying to find the right words to describe the feeling that each chapter leaves behind seems pointless. But if i were to attempt this, in a nutshell, I'd describe this Author's work as completley and utterly raw; not at all conforming to the sensitivities of particular social groups.One might even say that the content of this text is graphic or dark and/or twisted. But despite this possibly controrversial approach, the somewhat "insulting" manner of speech that the character seems to portray only enriches the actual story, giving it a unique style and a rhythmic flow. The author is quite conversational and epigrammatic in his language as well, so soon enough you begin to feel like a part of the city watching all the events of the book unfold. Personally, The very graphic manner of this writing is what intrigues me to keep reading. We definitley need more authors who can just tell it like it is. Kieran expresses the scenarios of the book in such a fluent and flowery way (without being ponderous) but you can tell that there is a lot of effort being put in the stability of the character and those around him, and in the first few chapters you can already begin to make possible theories on the reasons behind the boy's actions. Sometimes however, you can tell that there is no logical reason for certain additions. He just wants to get some pussy ( or dick; we dont judge) . And It's THAT kind of transparency that I'm definitley sticking around for. Overall, a well thought project and a good read :) 

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The type of edginess the world needs

I can't begin to describe this bundle of edginess and sophomoric humor. All you've got to do is read it and find out. 

Me likey.

Firstly, we've got an amusingly edgy teen character who gets ALL the pussy, is extremely combat capable, and lives in a pretty normal city that is facing a drug epidemic.

Mindless action, crass humor and delusions of grandeur. It's got it all. Recommended.

  • Overall Score

I like this story, let's read this story.Seriously.