The Reincarnated Master Craftsman Just Wants To Live A Peaceful Life.

by Azrie

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Psychological Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Secret Identity Slice of Life


Kuro filled with regret; having a promise to accomplish. At the border of death he makes a wish. Waking up in a familiar but unfamiliar world.

I will make the best out of this life and be the best big sister!

Wait... big sister? How did this happen!

And worst of all, I am known as the best craftsman the world has ever seen... I just want a peaceful life.

If you hate first-time writers, slice of life, a slow story pace, present tense at times, or an OP MC. Then you probably won't enjoy this novel. Thanks for reading the synopsis. 



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Maybe... Maybe. Just Maybe, one day I will make a novel worth reading.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
(Prologue) A wish. ago
(Chpt. 1) A girl. ago
(Chpt. 2) Slave merchant. ago
(Chpt. 3) Ari. ago
(Chpt. 4) Demon King’s ring? ago
(Chpt. 5) Items. ago
(Chpt. 6) Disciple? ago
(Chpt. 7) Promise. ago
(Side S. 1) A dragon’s melancholy. ago
(Chpt. 8) Dragon. ago
(Chpt. 9) Karma. ago
(Chpt. 10) Sister? ago
(Side S. 2) Meeting death. ago
(Chpt. 11) Out of the forest. ago
(Chpt. 12) The hero. ago
(Chpt. 13) Town of Mirl. ago
(Chpt. 14) Adventurer's guild. ago
(Chpt. 15) Mithril rank? ago
(Announcement) About updates regarding chapters. ago
(Chpt. 16) Craftsmen guild and registration?! ago
(Side S. 3) Nobility. ago
(Chpt. 17) Identity. ago
(Chpt. 18) Secrets? ago
(Chpt. 19) Acceptance. ago
(Chpt. 20) About death. ago
(Chpt. 21) Guide. ago
(Side S. 4) The Academy. ago
(Chpt. 22) Fifi. ago
(Chpt. 23) Back to Mirl. ago
(Chpt. 24) Escort. ago
(Chpt. 25) Sisters. (1) ago
(Chpt. 26) Sisters. (2) ago
(Chpt. 27) Travel. ago
(Chpt. 28) Fateful meeting. ago
(Chpt. 29) Shiny rocks. ago
(Chpt. 30) More questions. ago
(Side S. 5) Guildmasters. ago
(Chpt. 31) Bath time. ago
(Chpt. 32) Information. ago
(Chpt. 33) Doubts. ago
(Chpt. 34) The capital. ago
(Side S. 7) Milady. ago
(Chpt. 35) Misunderstanding. ago
(Chpt. 35.5) Warm welcome. ago
(Chpt. 36) Father and daughter. ago
(Chpt. 37) Frustration. ago
(Chpt. 38) Eventful banquet. ago
(Chpt. 39) Wolf or dog? ago
(Chpt. 40) Oldie! ago
(Chpt. 41) Finding unexpected trouble. ago
(Chpt. 42) Test and tea thoughts. ago
(Chpt. 43) The test of a Grand Mage ago
(Chpt. 44) Choosing a path ago
(Chpt. 45) Igniting the fire that was forever lost (1) ago
(Chpt. 46) Igniting the fire that was forever lost (2) ago
(Chpt. 47) Igniting the fire that was forever lost (3) ago
(Chpt. 48) Igniting the fire that was forever lost (4) ago
(Chpt. 49) Proving my worth (1) ago
(Chpt. 50) Proving my worth (2) ago
(Chpt. 51) Proving my worth (3) ago
(Chpt. 52) Proving my worth (4) ago
(Chpt. 53) Discovering a new light (1) ago
(Chpt. 54) Discovering a new light (2) ago
(Chpt. 55) Discovering a new light (3) ago
(Chpt. 56) Testing the limits (1) ago

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I like the idea, and sometimes it's great, but the story can feel a bit bland at times. I think part of it is just that the mc feels like an idiot that doesn't learn anything and ignores everything not involving crafting. I liked the side story more than the actual story. 

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Just a bit too cliche for me

As the title says I really do find this story a tad too cliche for me but since it’s new and just got on trending am not gonna give a bad rating,just my thoughts and the things I find that were again tad too cliche for me.

spoilers only for the chapter 1 to 12(i might read more in the future then edit this review)









So to start off let’s get the small things that make me not really want to read this novel out of the way,THE WOLF!It just seems that every single novel about going to a another world/teleporting there the mc(main character) has got to get a wolf while you did change the normal way of finding a puppy or saving it by having it as his pet in his old life,it’s just every time a author adds in a wolf it’s get semi forgotten,used for one plot or is the savior in a few battles.An example is when the mc and his friends are in a fight and just as the enemy is about the strike the hero down the good boi comes out the woodworks and saves him after that one little show of the good boi his gone and only ever mentioned if he gets a upgrade or something.

Next is white hair and Japanese stuff,Now these two things  is a very very VERY small things that maybe only I dislike but once again in a lot of novels like this the mc gets white or black hair and has a Japanese name,I slowly start to have like a ping go in my head like:

white hair:check


Japanese name:check

shitty parents:check

Slave girl that got saved from slavery:check

wolf pet:check 

EH EH nn NN:c-check(now this part might be confusing so am gonna explain a little bit,so using nn for yes and eh for wtf cute version,c-check is a stutter while using them is fine but the use should still be limited,I really can’t say I enjoy reading people stuttering/nning there way thru talks,this just might be me tho so don’t take it to heart)


Now the last thing I dislike is why didn’t you do more with the karma thing,as soon I read the part about”oh hell karma is bad everyone hate me now.” I got really excited and the part where the slave merchant and slave girl were scared off her I really liked but then the slave girl so easily became not scared of her,it just seems a bit point less then.

Thats about it and please don’t think bad of this novel it’s just one AGAIN I find it a tad too cliche for me but if your the type to go for the cookie you know you like not the new types then please check this story out,truthfully I like chocolate chip cookies the best and am a staunch chocolate chip cookie master race so I can’t say I don’t like all cliches!


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Amazing Since I came back on RR

The plot develops overtime, there’s no sudden skips, has the gender bender tag that I came for, the protagonist is amazing. I mean what else can I ask for when I already read this amazing piece of work. XD






  • Overall Score

Has plenty of potential!

The pacing is slow, and sure there are some cliches. But the funny thing about cliches is, that if they didn’t work then they wouldn’t be a cliche. What I see when I read this series is a author finding their way/style, and I like it so far. I give full support for people who at least attempt to do something that others just give up on before even trying. Looking forward to see how far this story will go.

Mighty Moushie
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Couldn't do it (updated)

Original review is immediately below, it is only on the prologue. Updated review is through chapter 8.5

Style: This is what killed me. There is no continuity. Time jumps forward and backward several times, and I wasn't sure when anything was supposed to be happening. To add to it, everything is given as an info dump. Its incredibly jarring.

Grammar: This was a hard one to score. There are no spelling issues, and the grammar is technically correct. It just feels off. Almost like it was sent through a translator online sentence by sentence.

Story: Not much can get done in a prologue. The reason for the low score is what I read through could have been a great story on its own, had it been split up and developed. Instead we already have a brief synopsis thrown at us.

Character: There isn't enough time to develop a character in what I could read


Updated review:

Style: After the prologue, the time skips stopped. That made it much easier to read. Score increased by one and a half stars.

Grammar: Spelling seems to be fine, though there are minor issues on occasion. Most of them are comma usage, so no change in score there. The sentences are better flowing, but there is still the occasional one that doesn't seem right.

Story: Increased the score by one star. Fairly simple plot so far, with a few twists thrown in. The main issues I am having are pacing and telling, and are sort of intertwined. Dialogue is rushed through, and to the detriment of the reader. Gaps that could have been filled in with dialogue that provide character development are instead added in as narrator blurbs after a sentence. Example: MC figures out they have been gone for 30 years, and asks his former summon what happened in all that time. "I don't know." Is the only response, then on to new topic. Seriously, there was a perfect time to vastly improve everything from world lore to developing personality traits of characters.

 chharacter score: I am keeping it the same. The characters have no depth to them, and the chances to develop them early were glossed over to rush the story forward. Certain reactions also don't make a lot of sense. Freed slave girl is initially scared of the massive wolf that killed all the bandits attacking them, a normal response. By the end of the day, they are best friends. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Also, the MC has a detrimental aura when he frees the slave girl. She seems to be understandably nervous about her new master, but when he puts on a disguise ring and another to hide his aura, she doesn't question it? She doesn't assume that it is a completely different person trying to abduct her again?

Overall: It definitely has potential, but there is a lot of work to be done getting there.

  • Overall Score

Nice fantasy slice of life novel

A nice novel that the past makes a big role in the novel. It's a fun read, and I am personally excited for what is in store for the novel. So let us take a seat, look through the gap, and watch this world move through our own. ^.^

griffin nixon
  • Overall Score

Reminds me a lot like that time I got reincarnated as a slime


  • Overall Score

Stay on trending as long as you can! You can do it!

  • Overall Score

One, two, three lolis! Good grammer and a nice pace. I like the book so far.

  • Overall Score

so far it progresses nicely in the way you are developing characters and the world would maybe like some more lore on the world before they absolutely need it but other than that 10/10 so far