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Next chapter we will getting back to our controversial and asshole main character! We'll be finding out the reason why he needs to go to Russia and a few other stuff before he actually heads over there.

"Sensei! I'm here to receive your teachings!" A young bucky squirrel girl announced in a karate white gi.

  Yuga looked at the enthusiastic girl with slight palpitations. He's never really trained anyone before and he doubted that she could handle the training he normally goes through. Not to mention he didn't even really mean to accept her request to be her mentor. He was just so shocked from not being confessed to that he freaked out and couldn't respond properly. But looking at her determined and pumped up face, he couldn't just tell her straight out that he wouldn't train her.

  If he took a step back and looked at the situation, what does he really lose from doing this? Normally he would be using this time to go into work early and help out around the store or hanging out with Antoine and Toru. So, after thinking about it for a few seconds, Yuga wasn't that against spending his time training her. Maybe it could be even fun.

"What's your name? If you don't mind me asking..." Yuga suddenly remembered.

"This disciple's name is Hada Fumiki!" She responded loudly, completely contrasting her first appearance.

"Fumiki-san. Why do you want me to train you?" Yuga asked.

  If he was going to be training her, he should at least know the reasons why she wants training.

"To become a better hero! A hero capable of saving many lives and never losing in the face of adversity!" Fumiki answered with a smile.

"What type of hero do you want to be?"

"There's only 1 type of hero.... isn't there?" She asked confused on his words.

"No what I mean is----"

"OOH I GET IT! I want to be a hero like All Might!" She answered.

  Yuga didn't get a direct answer to the question he asked but it was basically an answer all the same. What he meant by his question before was did she plan to specialize in a certain field of heroic or not? She chose all of them indirectly. The fields of heroics that she just chose to focus on are rescue ops, aiding evacuation, and combat.

  Antoine taught both him and Toru about what type of hero someone can be specialized in long ago. Just thinking back on it made Yuga laugh at their innocence. Antoine was the first one to say he would focus on them all and become the greatest hero.

"How the fuck could I become the #1 hero if I can't do everything a hero should?" Were his words back then.

"Yeah!! I'm gonna become the best hero too! I'm gonna be a great hero who can rescue people, help them, and beat up bad guys' butts!" Toru quickly joined Antoine with her usual happy-go-lucky attitude.

  Yuga was the last to also agree to do the same. Back then, he wasn't so sure he could ever become a great hero like Antoine and Toru. If he was being honest, he would say he even felt inferior to them. Even when they treated him like a normal person and like their best friend, he still felt like they would be much greater heroes than someone like him. Antoine's unmatched confidence always made him feel like he was lesser because he didn't have that same type of confidence. Or really any type of confidence at all. Toru's positive and always caring personality helped offset that but she didn't really know how to be unsure of herself either.

  He's come out of that type of thinking ever since the three of them came to U.A. together. His potential as a hero is definitely no less than those two anymore. But he can't say he came to this type of conclusion on his own. Without the support of his friends, the experiences he's gone through, and the people he's saved, he can't say that he could ever have made it to where he is now without them.

  An up-and-coming rising future hero superstar, the potential new Hawks, the young handsome savior of Niigata. Yuga knows if he keeps working as hard as he does now, it won't be long before he becomes a hero capable of standing with the future #1 hero. Or becoming that #1 hero himself. Yuga inwardly laughed at the thought of him becoming Japan's #1 hero and Antoine #2 or #3 because of his personality. If that ever happened, he would definitely die on the spot from laughter.

"Sensei?" Fumiki brought him back down to earth.

"Ah. Sorry. Okay to start let me see what you can do. Try and hit me." Yuga said kindly.

"I won't hold back sensei!" She let loose a cutesy battle cry as she ran towards Yuga.

  Her nails extended into claws and she clawed right towards Yuga's face. Yuga easily swayed out of the way and Fumiki clumsily fell past him, not expecting him to have dodged her attack. Fumiki fell face first and Yuga looked at her worried. Her attack wasn't bad but it didn't seem like she had any intention of hitting him in the first place. He was almost a second too late in dodging because he didn't know if she was planning to feint or not.

  Fumiki hopped up from the ground with a bloody nose but still full of fighting spirit.

"Let me try again sensei!" She asked.

"Your nose is bleeding."

  She quickly wiped it with her gi's sleeve and ran back towards him. She didn't try the dashing claw attack move again and instead clawed repeatedly towards his face. Yuga only used his upper body to dodge her attacks. Sweat was already dripping from her forehead after a couple seconds of this training. Her breathing was ragged and uncontrolled as she desperately attempted to touch Yuga even once. More and more swipes came towards Yuga who dodged them as if he was a swaying leaf being blown by the wind.

"AHHHHHH!!! I WILL HIT YOU ONCE SENSEI!!!!!!" She screamed as she threw all caution to the wind and attempted to tackle the boy who hasn't moved once.

  Yuga froze up at the sight of a girl near his age jumping towards him. He could have easily dodged this suicidal attack if he was in his right mind. But the toll on his young developing mind was reaching its limits. Her white gi has loosened up and Yuga could see her dark brown shoulders in their entirety. But that wasn't the only thing causing him to freeze at this moment. Her gi loosened far enough for him to see the top half of her glistening chest puppies.

  His poor tolerance towards such things caused a delay in his movements. And this gave Fumiki the critical chance she needed. She wrapped her arms around Yuga's body as she attempted to tackle him to the ground.



  Yuga didn't move an inch from her attack. Fumiki exerted herself even further and attempted to push down the boy who seemed as immovable as a statue. The boy in question had his face as red as an apple. His disciple, luckily couldn't see this, as she was still attempting to knock him to the ground. But it wasn't long before she dropped to the ground herself as she collapsed from exhaustion.

"No fair.... pushing you felt like trying to move my dad's truck with my brothers..." She said while panting.

  Yuga quickly put himself back together before acknowledging his new student. He'll have to work on his defenses against women in the future. He never had this problem when he was facing off against Toru. But now that he thinks about it... Lately he's been fighting her while she was completely invisible, so he's never had a distraction like that with her. Sure, there were a few accidents here and there but Yuga doesn't think of Toru in that way so they usually didn't bring attention to it. But with Fumiki-san, she's completely different from Toru. Toru may be bigger in the top part but for some reason Yuga felt like Fumiki had more to carry than just that. His eyes wandered from her face, to her lips, to her shoulders, and all the way down! This cannot go on, maybe Toru can figure something out for him next time they meet.

"Well... You didn't hit me but let's count that as a pass for now since you tried your hardest..." Yuga said with a gentle smile.

"YES! YES! YES! I passed my first task as your student!" She shouted despite being sprawled out on the training mat breathing heavily.

"It's almost time for me to go to work so we'll have to break for today. You really worked hard Fumiki-san." Yuga said smiling with bright blinding sparkles appearing behind him.

  Fumiki was forced to shield her eyes.

"Sensei.... Are you an angel...?"

  Yuga just laughed.

"You need any help before I leave?" He asked with the sparkles increasing in intensity and number.

"Sensei please. I'm going to go blind and die if you stay any longer. I got someone coming for me soon." She responded while still laying in a x-shape on the mat.

"Haha okay then Fumiki-san. See you tomorrow."

  Yuga began heading out of the gymnasium and on his way out he saw a somewhat familiar face. It was the girl who was with Fumiki when she gave him that letter. As they passed by each other, she flashed him a strange look before quickly walking past him and into the gymnasium. He didn't know why she looked at him like that but didn't think much of it. He continued on his way and before he left the gymnasium, he heard something very problematic.


"!?!?!??!!??!?!?" Yuga's brain expressed.

  Yuga felt as if he needed to clear this misunderstanding up right this instance, but before he could, he was suddenly snatched away and into the sky!


"Hehe. Have fun on your little date?" She asked.

"It wasn't a date! Wait no! I have to clear my name first! Let me down!"

"Nope! It's time for work and since I can't call in absent to go shopping with Mina-chan and the others, you are definitely coming with me!"

"I'm going to work! You know I haven't missed a single day of work yet! I'll just be a little late! I have to clear something up right quick!!" Yuga pleaded.

"And let you tarnish your perfect attendance record? What kind of best friend would I be if I let you do that Yuga?"

"Please.... Toru. Please let me go...." He asked. "I'm not a playboy pervert I promise...." He sadly muttered to himself as Toru placed him on her bright pink glider filled with cute images as they headed to work.


  The lush green forest of Quaternary Park was flourishing. Thick healthy trees and a vibrant sea of grass filled exactly 1 area of this entire park. And inside that 1 area was a number of diverse, interesting, and peaceful animals. Well... mostly peaceful. The queen of the forest isn't exactly someone you could picture as peaceful and kind. If the creatures of the forest were allowed to speak their minds, they would say she's an arrogant, tyrannical, selfish, evil, powerful brute. But if even one of them dared to look at her with something that isn't respect, reverence, or fear they would quickly learn exactly why she's the queen of the forest and stayed queen ever since she defeated the previous ruler. The previous ruler of the forest was of the same species as the current queen. The dreaded and frightening grizzly bear.

  The previous ruler was the complete opposite of the current ruler. He was loved throughout the forest and even the other quadrants had fond impressions of him due to his kind nature. But it turned out that that kindness was the weakness that got him defeated. The current queen held the king's cubs hostage unless he blinded himself with his own claws. His cubs mournfully cried out for their father and he blinded himself without hesitation. Unfortunately, this is where the story turns dark. The queen killed the two cubs as soon as the king was blinded and launched a brutal unfair assault on the king. He was thoroughly beaten into submission and became the queen's unwilling mate.

  It wasn't until later that he learned his children and ex mate perished at the hands of the Queen. The news broke him and he was never the same since then. This tragic event made the citizens of the forest quadrant wonder just where in the world did the Queen come from? And why was she so cunning and strong? The unknown truth that is only known to the Queen herself is that she's actually the bear that Antoine picked up in the past! After being experimented on by Medic, she's become more than just your average grizzly bear. And thanks to hanging around Antoine at the lab, she's taken after his personality but in the worst ways possible!

  In the forest there are no rules and laws preventing her from doing whatever she wanted. Killing, stealing, maiming, just about anything goes for animals! Unlike how it is for Antoine who holds himself to a number of rules and limits. She was completely free in this lawless animal land and intended on doing whatever she wanted without letting anyone stop her! But she realized that she couldn't do what she wanted just by herself. So, she quickly rose to the top using any cruel and merciless tactics she could.

  She didn't even need to take the previous king's offspring as hostage to take his seat away from him. It was just that, she wouldn't be able to create strong cubs for herself if she killed him, the strongest bear in the forest. And she definitely knew someone as stubborn and kind as him wouldn't submit to her with strength alone. So, she did the only thing she could to ensure her path to the throne and cutting off any future troubles. So where is the Queen now? Well..

  The Queen is currently looking towards 2nd part of the park, the Grasslands with a looking of greed painting her pupils. Behind her, laid her soldiers. Nervousness, anxiety, and fear or reverence were painted all over them. Except for one. The captain of the soldiers, an American bison. His large stature easily dwarfed over the other soldiers which were an assortment of different forest creatures. He was even somewhat bigger than the Queen. But even though he stares at her with no respect, reverence, or fear, he isn't killed by the queen due to his value. The Queen recognizes his skills and without him, the power of her quadrant would dwarf greatly. He was also the first to escape major injury during a fight with the Queen.

  The Queen's quirk was undoubtedly one of the strongest within the forest quadrant, if not the strongest. She could control the very earth itself to her whim and seemingly without limit. The initial battle between the Queen and King destroyed a large chunk of the forest quadrant and if the Queen didn't decide to abandon the battle and later take the king's cubs hostage, who knows if the forest would still be as great as it looks now.

  So why was this queen looking towards a different quadrant with wanting in her eyes? Because of her greed of course! How could she stay satisfied with only 1 measly forest? She's the Queen, isn't she?! This entire park will become hers in due time. This one little quadrant is just the start of her domineering and ruthless rule throughout Quaternary Park. And she doesn't intend on letting anyone stop her. Not to mention she's the pet of Antoine Neil! The future #1 pro hero. While the Queen didn't understand what a pro hero was, she definitely knew what it was to be #1 of something. And she planned on becoming the #1 ruler of this park no matter what.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

Once Antoine get's back from Russia the end of this book will be very very near. like 1 or 2 chapters after he's done with his business in russia.

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