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Antoine had his laptop opened on his desk and on the screen was a video. That video was showing a part of Earth’s surface and the only thing that could be seen was clouds… Until Antoine zoomed in with his mouse and the image of a certain presidential building was shown in clear sight. A smile appeared on Antoine’s face as he shifted the view of the satellite he was controlling. The satellite homed in on one of the many satellites floating around in space.

“Hmm… Earth’s orbit is a little too clustered!! Why don’t I clean it up a bit with some good ole fashion LASER MAYHEM!!! IF ANYTHING, I'm DOING THE PLANET A SERVICE!” Antoine declared as he dramatically clicked and fiercely held down the left mouse button.

The satellite began charging and materializing a bright blue light in front of its nozzle. The unsuspecting innocent satellites of the other countries across the world didn’t know what was coming as Antoine’s satellite finished charging up its attack.

“BOOOOOOM!” Antoine audibly announced as the satellite fired off a continuous laser beam that disintegrated any pieces of metal in its crosshair.

Maniacal laughter rang out as Antoine went on a rampage with his satellites, making sure to obliterate every satellite except for telecommunication satellites and the global positioning system. There would be a lot more problems if he decided to shoot down every single satellite without any care in the world. Some of those satellites are quite helpful and would turn Antoine into an indirect mass murderer if they just so happened to be turned into space dust. So instead he and his 10 laser-firing satellites played hide and seek with the thousands of objects currently going around Earth’s orbit and turned them into dust once it was found it that it wasn’t a telecommunication or GPS satellite. And once all the other space-faring objects were destroyed, Lackey was going to hack into the remaining space stations and only Antoine would be in control of them.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, military divisions of every country were currently running around like a bunch of headless chickens, wondering what the hell happened to their eyes in the skies. Or space in this case. Little did Antoine know that his actions that night would cause turmoil throughout the world. The very next morning, a majority of the human race awoke to the news of several countries accusing each other of sabotaging their satellites. Either through a very strong and dangerous quirk that could somehow reach into space or through some new technology, it didn’t matter. Several world leaders were considerably upset, suspicious, and damaged in some way from the event now coined as The Mysterious Space Attack. The most popular guess for the MSA (Mysterious Space Attack) was through new technology gained by one of the countries. The second was someone’s quirk and that they needed to be identified as soon as possible. A large number of people were wanting this person to fess up or be put on trial for their actions. There was even a group of people that believed that the MSA was done by aliens and soon it was Earth’s turn to be destroyed. This group was starting to cause a little damage and mayhem in the name of the space lords that will soon rule over Earth. They called themselves The Survivors.

Some people believed that this group was ridiculous and were just a bunch of no lives that wanted to cause some chaos and take advantage of the current situation to do whatever they want. Most people just ignored them unless they were directly involved in one of their anarchist attacks. The police just called them vigilantes and collaborated with the local heroes in their areas to put this group behind bars. But it turns out that wasn’t the best move by the local authorities because the recent increase in vigilante groups and criminals in general placed the police force and professional heroes in a 2v3 disadvantage.

A person who’s capable of destroying a majority of the satellites in space and hijacking the remaining ones is an individual most world leaders believe should be killed or recruited to their side. But since no one knew who the person was, they could only accuse their enemies and hope that they can force them to fess up by sending threats till they spill. While on the other hand, soon most of the military divisions across the world realized that if their eyes in space are compromised, so are their enemies. And any actions that would possibly cause hostile relations or a war, can’t happen if they don’t know about it.

An example would be the current sights that Antoine is watching unfold in the Black Sea. Some Russian men were currently mowing down a group of Ukrainian vessels that have already surrendered.

“What a perfect time to test one of these lovely sophisticated pieces of tech out,” Antoine stated. “Lackey sink those ships but make sure not to fucking vaporize any of the soldiers. Even if they are a bunch of assholes. I’m a hero, not a killer.” He smirked. “Directly anyway.”


The Ukrainians were desperately hiding in their ships to avoid the onslaught of bullets. Some of the people even decided to jump overboard and try and swim away to save themselves.

“Xахаха, коси этих украинских подонков!” (Hahaha mow these Ukrainian scum down!)

“Это как стрелять в рыбу в бочке, товарищ! (It's like shooting fish in a barrel comrade!)

One of the innocent Ukrainians were about to use their quirks in self-defense. A pink crystal gathered in front of the palm of one of the overboard women. She aimed it towards the bloodthirsty and lizard-faced Russian man who seemed to be having the greatest pleasure in killing her fellow Ukrainians. But before she could shoot it forward, a shining blue light appeared beyond the clouds.

“Čo je to svetlo ??” (What is that light!?)


The blinding blue light split off into 5 branches of beams like lightning and struck every Russian vessel. Causing the ships to explode internally and forcing the Russians to jump overboard or sink along with their ships. Shouts of confusion, anger, and suspicious came from the Russians as they looked at their current enemies. But the Ukrainians were just as confused as the Russians but nevertheless, they thanked whoever caused those godly lights to strike upon their enemies.

But they wished they did it in a more harmful manner because now the two sides were both stranded at sea with a few of the Ukrainians still on their ships. And since one side still had ships and wanted revenge for many of their lost friends and loved ones, they began attacking the sea stranded Russians with their quirks.

“You idiots! I didn’t stop the Russians so that you could stoop to their level! You fuckers are lucky I don’t have better shit to do!” Antoine swore as transformed into his shark form and teleported above the skies in Mongolia and then after 5 seconds teleported once more and appeared in the next country of Kazakhstan.

5 more seconds passed by and Antoine finally appeared over the Black Sea where the Ukrainians and Russians were. He stood witness to the violent revenge of the Ukrainians as they shot down the Russians with the same viciousness and savageness they were subjected too not too long ago. Antoine continued to fly above the scene with his jetpack before switching quirks and telekinetically stopping every person that was still alive. Murmurs of confusion and anger sounded out before Antoine blasted them all into the sky, nearly reaching the clouds themselves before switching quirks once more and teleporting everyone back to their nearest country. The Russians back to Russia and the Ukrainians to Ukraine.

A soft sigh rang out from Antoine switched quirks again and pulled up all the fallen bodies.

“Hah.. It seems no matter what world it is, we’ll always find some stupid reason to want to kill each other,” He stated. “While I won’t be able to revive you all, I can at the very least give you a proper burial. Even if some of you were worse than shit.”

Antoine landed on one of the still standing ships and disassembled and reassembled it into a large flat metal platform. He then manipulated the metal to form 20 tombstones and 20 human-shaped holes of various sizes in front of the tombstones. After finally setting up the whole thing, Antoine gently lowered the bodies into their prospective graves and sealed their bodies within the metal platform.

“I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here. I should try and take care of my own country first before trying to intervene in other country’s problems. Hell, even the famous Boy Scout doesn’t leave his city unless the entire Earth is in danger or something. I guess I should clear my city of crime and then work towards Japan as a whole, and then start moving onto the big stage. And what better time to start than now I guess.” Antoine decided as he suddenly vanished from the Black Sea, leaving the metal graveyard floating above water.

As soon as Antoine left, it seems as if the waters grew angry and fierce. The metal graveyard that people would normally look at with sadness suddenly grew a conscious and was boiling mad. Seemingly wanting to tear out at anything in sight without any care. Blood suddenly rose from below the metal platform as fishes with red eyes and red and black glowing veins all over their bodies went on a killing spree to anything that wasn’t glowing red like them.

[ Metal Graveyard of Violence – An unintentional crafted work crafted by an Expert Craftsman. Although the crafter’s feelings were quite melancholy and remorseful, the feelings of the departed were stronger in this case. This object carries a strong hatred in its many souls.

Durability 510/510

Causes any creatures within 100 meters of the object to be fueled into a blinded rage.

Creatures will be doubled in strength when consumed by rage.

Creatures’ durability will be doubled in strength when consumed by rage.

Can only affect up to 20 creatures maximum.

30% Chance of increasing growth in certain creatures.

Any creature can be taken hold of by the spirits of the departed except those with exceptionally strong wills.]

A small group of 10 anchovies were tearing apart a camouflage angel shark from the inside out. The angel shark attempted to swallow them whole as usual when it finds prey, but it seems this time it chose the wrong prey to try and eat. The red slightly beefed up anchovies ate through the stomach of the shark and tore open a small hole through the back of the angel shark. But it seems the small group of fish weren’t done yet. They continued to eat at the barely alive angel shark until their stomachs were close to exploding from overeating.

But this group of fish wasn’t the only thing affected by the metal graveyard. A nearby Eel was taken hold of by the infinite rage and violence given off by the metal graveyard and slithered towards a smooth hammerhead shark as power raged through its body and mind. It’s previous sleek black and blue body turned black and red with red colored veins appearing all over its body. The size of the creature was also increased through the otherworldly power flowing through it. It was previously only around 5 ft (1.524 m) and now it grew to around 13 ft. (3.9624 m) Now somewhat larger than its chosen victim, the smooth hammerhead shark, it whipped its thick tail at the head of the shark, stunning it momentarily. The eel didn’t stop after one hit though. It continued to slap, whack, and beat the shark till blood started exiting from it. The shark wasn’t able to retaliate except for widely opening and shutting down its jaw in an attempt to bite the eel’s tail but eventually it was beaten and whipped so many times it couldn’t even do that anymore. The eel’s passion for violence didn’t stop even after its “predator” was beaten into submission; it slowly wrapped its body around the shark and started to squeeze.

The aftermath of that “battle” only led to a very fed European Eel.

If Antoine returned back to see what he inadvertently created, he would’ve destroyed it without a second thought. While at the same time learning some new abilities that his system could create. Shame that he wouldn’t take notice of this object until much later in time. So, Antoine returned back home and deformed back into his regular appearance as he started making plans on getting rid of crime or severely lowering the rate for it.

‘While I could try and do what Superman did in Injustice, I’m not so big on the whole ruling with an iron fist thing. I’m enjoying my life with my family and friends. I don’t want to ruin that by drastically changing the world around them so, I’ll have to start small. Let’s get rid of the League of Villains and that other fucking group they were fighting against.” Antoine said as he transformed once more and teleported to the city where the League of Villains and the Liberation Army.

Antoine appeared above the city of Deika hovering with his jetpack turned on so that he wouldn’t fall to his death. He saw the ruins of the city along with bodies strewn all over the place. Thousands of Twice clones were seen placed within the others being turned into sludge by many of the androids. Thousands of androids in a specialized battle suit were present down below. All with different races, sizes, shapes, and accents. Some even had altered appearances that made them look as if they had mutant quirks. His other androids had the remaining members of the battle in adamantium bracelets or other specialized restraints. Antoine lowered himself down to Commander giving out orders.

“Is everything handled here?” Antoine asked.

“For the most part, everything is handled sir. The remaining members of the League of Villains can’t escape their binds along with the remaining members of the Liberation Army.

Antoine looked over and saw that Dabi and Spinner were currently missing from the League of Villain’s lineup and guessed that they were the fatalities that the League of Villains lost in this battle.

‘Now what the hell am I going to do with thousands of crazy fanatics?’ Antoine asked himself as he placed his hand on his chin. He started thinking about the many quirks he’s obtained around this time and via his system’s inventory, let loose a sea of miniature robotic bugs to swoop in and steal the blood of the thousands and hundreds of people in front of him before he forgot to. Around half an hour later, after acquiring the blood of the many people he switched his quirk to Storage and held out his palm. A black swirling vortex appeared in front of his palm and began sucking all the captured and imprisoned quirk users into Antoine’s body.


“WHO ARE YOU!?!?!”



The captured soldiers screamed and yelled as they were absorbed into Antoine’s body. Antoine’s body externally and internally weren’t any different in any way despite the mass consumption of thousands of people at a rapid rate. That was because the sucked in victims were transported into an alternate space frozen in time. They were lined up in rows with no consciousness present in any of them. The alternate space they were trapped in was seemingly just a gigantic black room. Nothing else could be seen inside except other people and blackness for the floors and walls.

“Well. I guess I’m a fucking liar after all haha.” Antoine said remembering back on his statement earlier.

“About what sir?” Commander asked.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Antoine told him. “Alright. Everyone can return to base. Thank you all for your hard work.” Antoine said as multiple large helicopters came flying in from all directions into the city of Deika. The androids loaded into the copters and Antoine began thinking of his next move.

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So this novel will change to a weekly schedule every Thursday, if i'm not a fucking liar and do upload the new novel on Monday. But i'll let you guys know if anything pops up. 

Antoine's little space adventure turned out to cause a little it more damage than he would have ever thought. How will this affect the world as a whole due to his careless actions?

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