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“I.. That’s… uh….” Kazuhiro stuttered.

“Yes..? It’s what exactly? Although this may have been two years ago, how am I to know you won’t suddenly assault one of the customers?”

“I would never hurt someone!” Kazuhiro shouted in defense.

“That’s not what this paper says.. But it also doesn’t give me a reason on why you decided to send a trio of teenagers to the hospital with grievous wounds, broken bones, and ruining any chance of them ever procreating in the future…” Antoine read off the paper. “I can’t have such a dangerous timebomb working at my store….”

“Please sir! Just give me a chance…! I’ll even work for less pay! But I need this job..” Kazuhiro begged on his knees while staring into Antoine’s eyes.

“Unless… You can explain why such a situation occurred in the first place.” Antoine finished.

Kazuhiro was silent. Pain, anger, sadness, and helplessness flashed on his face before he turned around, hiding his face from Antoine. He balled his fist while shaking silently.

“My sister…. Was in trouble….” He managed to spit out. “She… started hanging around a bad crowd.. and been getting into more trouble. Skipping school, not coming home on time, using her quirk in public places, and smoking. I tried to get her back on the right path but she wasn’t listening to me and we got into a big fight one night and she ran out the house... I went after her but with her quirk, it was impossible to catch up with her. I spent most of the night looking through the city like a crazed maniac until I decided to look at one of the places she usually hangs out with her group of friends. I was almost thrown out by the security in the place but I forced my way in after hearing my little sister’s scream.” He took a few moments to gather himself together as Antoine continued to listen patiently.

Truthfully, Antoine already knew of what happened with Kazuhiro and his little sister. He had a very extensive background check on the two once he received their only applications. The only reason he was forcing this guy to spill his life story to him was just because he wanted to be an asshole. He still didn’t even know if he wanted to hire the guy yet. But maybe adding more faces to the company would be better for publicity..

‘I don’t know… If I denied this guy even after hearing his tragic story that would be really really shitty of me…’ Antoine inwardly smiled. ‘I would be a real fucking asshole to make this guy spill his sad tale and then deny him the money he and his punk little sister desperately needs after their parents died a while back from a villain attack.’ Antoine continued to think as Kazuhiro finally finished his story and was now looking at Antoine.

“I don’t regret my actions one bit and would repeat them in a heartbeat if my sister was in trouble again.” Kazuhiro said with confidence.

“Alright kid. Get out of here and go take a seat on that bench. Call Nozomi in here.” Antoine said with a neutral look on his face as he fed another bacon wrapped piece of meat to his plant.

“Did I…. get the job..?” He asked with his eyes shining with hope.

“THE INTERVIEW ISN’T OVER FUCKER! GO TAKE A SEAT AND WAIT!” Antoine roared as Kazuhiro quickly ran out of his office stumbling.

A few moments later Nozomi walked inside and took a seat.

“Tell me about yourself Nozomi.” Antoine stated, putting the poor girl on full blast.

Nozomi started playing with her hair while avoiding eye contact with Antoine.

“Uhm.. I’m a person who works best alone.. I think I can get along with others well though.. I----”

“Let me stop you right there.” Antoine bluntly said with authority in his voice. “Stop playing with your hair. Look at me in the eyes and speak clearly.” Antoine ordered to the girl.

She jumped in fright from the tone in his voice and was barely able to meet his eyes. Her hands dropped to her lap and she was slightly shaking.

“There’s nothing in your file that says you were born with a speech impediment or any medically diagnosed anxiety. So get your shit together and sell yourself to me! Why should I hire you and not kick you out of my store for wasting my time?!” He asked as he banged his fist on his desk.

Antoine could see a bit of anger or hate behind her eyes as if she wanted to say something and it turns out that Antoine was really interested in hearing what she had to say, so. He switched his quirk and asked Nozomi a question.

“Do you have something you want to say?” He activated the quirk.


Her hair was a mess along with her clothing that got rustled during her outburst. She was breathing heavily while staring into the eyes of Antoine and pointing at him before the slow realization of her actions settled in. Her eyes slowly widened and she placed her hand over her mouth.

“I.. I didn’t mean…”

“Oh yes you did. Now get the fuck out of my office and I’ll be out there in a second.”

She turned around and walked out still in complete shock and sat on the bench next to Kazuhiro, lost in her own world.

‘Well. With a little bit of training, she’ll be perfect! What an absolutely lovely girl. I think my heart just doki doki’d during her little speech.’ Antoine said with a loving smile on his face. He pulled out two more bacon treats from his inventory and fed his plant before walking out of his office with a stern face on as he stared at the two new possible employees.

“Follow me.” He told them.

The two came behind the counter and followed Antoine into the back of the store. The two witnessed a large production line moving with items and boxes going down the line. Large metal shelves lined up in rows that held wrapped items on top of wooden plates. A line of robotic arms that placed the incoming item and boxes into the hands of robots who then placed them on the shelves or on differently categorized pallets that were meant to be taken out to the store and shelved on the shelves.

“This is where the magic happens. And where you two will have the greatest chance of being accepted by this company. Follow me.” Antoine told them as he walked towards one of the robots. He deactivated two of them and threw them out of the way.

“Now do exactly what these things were doing.”

“Taking items from the robot hands?” Kazuhiro asked.

“Yea. Take those shipments and place them in their designated areas. They will usually have a tag or paper on there that tells you where they should be placed. I’ll be back in like 5 minutes or so, so don’t fuck anything up while I’m gone.” Antoine said as he left the two somewhat confused alone in the warehouse and appeared next to Yuga and Toru.

“Being a real dickhead as usual huh Antoine..?” Yuga said.

“Yep! You don’t understand the joy I feel making others feel like shit or seeing others like me.” Antoine admitted.

“I still don’t understand why you act like this. You had a perfectly normal childhood. Your parents are one of the nicest people I know. You weren’t bullied or anything… Why do you get off on being an asshole Antoine?” Toru asked sincerely interested.

Antoine smiled.

“Toru. You’re looking too deeply at this. There doesn’t have to be some deep profound meaning or some intense situation to make someone act a certain way. Some people are just born a certain way.” Antoine explained casually.

“So you were born wanting to be an asshole?” Toru asked.

“Well… Yes actually! Hahaha! A couple months after being born I made it one of my life goals to become the greatest asshole hero there was.”

Toru sighed.

“I’m being serious Antoine. I want to know why.” She said, not believing him in the slightest.

‘I was being serious my dear Toru.’

“I just find it very amusing and entertaining Toru. Just like how some people like white chocolate or dark chocolate. Or how some people like to read over watching movies and others like watching movies over reading. I just happened to really enjoy being an asshole.

Toru sighed once more.

“Well I guess everyone is born with their own problems.”

“Yeah like the fact that you’re a dumb bimbo.”

Toru punched Antoine across the room when no customers were looking.

“I’M YOUR BOSS! I CAN FIRE YOU ON THE SPOT MISSY!!!! DON’T FORGET WHOSE PAYING FOR THAT NICE JUICY U.A. TUITION!!!!” Antoine yelled as he pulled himself together and fixed his clothes.

Toru and Yuga started giggling as Antoine excused himself back to the back room.

“I CAN FIRE YOU TWO IN A HEARTBEAT! DON’T FORGET IT!” Antoine shouted as he made it back in the back room to see Kazuhiro and Nozomi carrying boxes around.

Antoine reactivated the two robots who had been replaced by Nozomi and Kazuhiro before walking over to the two. Nozomi arms were shaking as she held up a big box while Kazuhiro had a carefree look on his face while carrying plastic-wrapped lotion bottles. Antoine clapped once and surprised the two.

“Alright! That’s enough. Drop the crap and meet me in my office.” Antoine told them.

Nozomi strained to gently lower her box down, scared to break whatever was inside but thankfully one of the robots grabbed the box for her and continued its work.

“This is absolute torture…. Although I said I was fine with any position I don’t think I can handle doing this every weekday after school…” Nozomi said as she felt the air conditioning blasting all over her body while relishing in the amazing cool wind.

“It wasn’t that bad. It’s good for the body all this walking, lifting, and carrying. At least he has air conditioning back here. Most places I tried didn’t even have anything close to that. The best alternative other places had were big fans but those places usually only had one giant fan. So yeah this place is definitely the best so far.” Kazuhiro said.

“Even if this is the best alternative.. it doesn’t mean I want to do it.” Nozomi said as she and Kazuhiro walked into Antoine’s office.

Their stress, nervousness, and general anxiety were being calmed as soon as they stepped into the office. Ahead of them was Antoine playing with his plant by waving food in front of it and watching it try to chomp on the food. He soon noticed they were inside his office and coughed before taking on a more serious appearance.

“Well. I’ve seen and heard a lot from you two today. Mr. Kazuhiro with his tragic life story and Ms. Nozomi with her very strong opinion about me and people like me.” Antoine stated making both of them embarrassed. “The only thing I have to say to you two is…..”

Kazuhiro and Nozomi felt as if they were standing in front of a judge getting ready to decide their future. Even though it was just a totally normal job interview and there were definitely other jobs they could apply for, their possible new boss had a certain aura around him at times that just forces you take him seriously.

“Congratulations. You two have been hired. Come back tomorrow so we can discuss your pay, benefits, schedule, position, and anything else that needs to be discussed about your employment here.”

“But….. How? I said some pretty terrible things to you earlier.” Nozomi asked.

“GET THE FUCK OUT MY OFFICE AND BE HERE BY 1:00 P.M TOMORROW! ANY QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED THEN!” Antoine roared as Kazuhiro and Nozomi quickly scrambled out of his office.

The two were met with the stares of Toru and Yuga grinning at them.

“Is he normally like that…?” Kazuhiro asked breathing heavily.

“You’ll see.” Toru smiled.

‘I just had to pick this store for my first choice of employment….’ Nozomi thought regretfully. ‘But the starting pay is way too freaking good for me to not apply here.’

Toru and Yuga watched as the new hires walked out looking way more exhausted than they came in. One with a relieved smile on his face and the other with money signs in her eyes and a creepy grin.

“I think they’ll do fine.” Yuga smiled.

“Not if Antoine decides to mess with them. I’m pretty sure he’s been playing a character for their entire interview.” Toru said.

“Haha I don’t know. Maybe Antoine has an idea of how an asshole boss character is like and is trying to be like that.” Yuga guessed.

“So lameeee.” Toru giggled.


“No one purchasing anything at the register.” Yuga told him.

“Hmm. I guess you’re right. Alright. Take care of the store, I gotta deal with some shit real quick. Lock the back room when its time for you two to get off.” Antoine told them as he threw his keys at Toru and walked into the warehouse.

Antoine then teleported away to a deserted location. Sand was beneath his feet and a bunch of people were building an object.

“How’s the satellite going?” Antoine asked.

“The satellite is completely finished and we are now putting the finishing touches on the actual rocket to send it off into space.”

“What about the other satellites?” Antoine asked the androids.

“They are just beginning production.”

“Alright let me finish this up for you.” Antoine said as he switched his quirk and slapped the satellite, disassembling it into millions of tiny pieces before reforming into the same exact state it was beforehand.

[“Armageddon” – This satellite was built with the top of the line materials. Due to these materials, the power of the satellite has increased tenfold. This satellite was built for the purpose of complete annihilation from space. It has a built-in laser powered by solar energy.

Durability 750/750

+250 Str added when attacking.

+500 Str added when completely charged up.

Can connect to the AI known as Lackey regardless of its position around Earth’s orbit.

Laser beam can use heat force or concussive force.

Capable of hacking other satellites and taking control of them.]

“Heheh. That’s good. Now let’s make these other ones as well.” Antoine chuckled as he started disassembling and reassembling the satellites and rockets within mere moments to the exact measurements and specifications listed in the blueprints and with them all having stats and such given by the system.

“LET’S HAVE TAKE OFF BOYS AND THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE SOMEONE STARTS INVESTIGATING!” Antoine shouted as the androids celebrated with their own cheers as well.

The 10 rockets started firing off and soon they were blasting off in the air completely synchronized before eventually splitting off in different directions. Not all of the rockets were going to be circling around Earth. Antoine decided to have a few satellites orbiting around a few other planets in the solar system just because he thought it would be cool to explore space eventually. With the system, he’s sure that even traveling through time and different dimensions wouldn’t be out of reach. Especially since he’s in a world filled with people with superpowers. Eventually there’s going to be people with powers that extend to time, space, and alternate worlds.

‘Not to mention this will be a very effective weapon to use if anyone dares to threaten my family again..’ Antoine smirked as he transformed into his shark form and teleported away with the group of engineers back into his lab.

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