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Antoine’s door was knocked down as two figures shot into the room.

“Wah!? Lackey!? What’s going on!? Why haven’t you activated the defense systems!?” Antoine woke up with a start before the two figures made it over him and started stomping and kicking him.

“YOU WANNA IGNORE OUR MESSAGES HUH?!” A cute feminine voice asked as she stomped Antoine on his bed.


“YOU LITTLE SONS OF A BITCHES!!” Antoine roared as he transformed into his shark form and knocked the two intruders away. “YOU KNOW COMING INTO SOMEONE’S HOME AND ASSAULTING THEM IS A CRIME!?”

The two figures were knocked through Antoine’s wall and recovered smoothly as they stared at Antoine.

“YOU DON’T GET TO COMPLAIN! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR GHOSTING US!” Toru shouted as she gathered light in her fist.

“NOT TO MENTION WHAT HAPPENED TO MRS. NEIL!!!” Yuga added as he got into a fighting stance.


The two worried friends dropped their combat stances and walked over to Antoine and hugged him.

“Don’t fucking hug me you gay boys…” Antoine muttered while not resisting in the slightest.

“You wish you little bitch…” Yuga told him.

“Even if we can’t help with the situation Antoine… we can still be here for you and listen.” Toru said.

“Tch.” He clicked his tongue. “Like I’d want to talk to you fucking fags….” He lied.

Toru uppercutted Antoine with a rainbow light covering her fist, empowering its strength at least five times over. Antoine was launched through the roof of his room and sent flying upwards until he came crashing down and landed on top of his tv, destroying it entirely.

“Ugh…..” He groaned while rubbing his head.

“Just being honest would be way less painful Antoine.” Toru reprimanded him.

“IF YOU KNEW I WAS KIDDING WHY DID YOU HIT ME!?” He shouted as one of his teeth fell out and then another one instantly regrew back in its place.

“You got a smart mouth.” She stated.

“You got a dumb face…” He muttered to himself as he got up.

“What was that?!” She asked.

“I said EAT MY DICK!” Antoine yelled back as he rolled out the way of her next attack and kicked her away.

Yuga left the two to mess around as he went into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen was Mrs. Neil.

“Thank you for coming over with Toru-chan, Yuga-kun.” Alisha told him as she stirred a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

“No problem Mrs. Neil. We would’ve done it even if you didn’t ask.” Yuga told her confidently.

She smiled warmly.

“Are you and Mr. Neil… okay?” Yuga asked worried.

Alisha suddenly started laughing as she placed her cup down and hugged Yuga.

“We’re okay Yuga-kun. Thank you for worrying about us. My son swooped in like hero he’s always wanted to be and saved us before anything really horrible could happen.” She comforted him.

Yuga blushed heavily as Alisha’s impressive perky assets were being smooshed into his face but still let out a relieved breath of air after hearing that she and her husband are fine.

“That’s good...”

She let him free and rubbed his head.

“Thanks for staying friends with my little knucklehead Yuga-kun.. I don’t know how he managed to find two little friends as sweet as you two.” Alisha said as she grabbed her cup and took a sip just as Toru came flying past and being sent through multiple walls.

“Is this okay…?” Yuga asked getting more concerned now that they were involving parts of the house that weren’t Antoine’s room.

“HAHAHA HOW’D THAT FEEL TORU!?” Antoine mocked before being blasted by a yellow beam of light and launched into the surprisingly empty street.

“SOMETHING LIKE THAT YOU ASS!” She yelled before giggling.

“Yeah it’s fine. We’re moving soon anyway. Antoine said he’s bought a whole new house for us to live with the money from his company.”

“Doesn’t the bank own the house? Wouldn’t they want it back not destroyed…?” Yuga asked.

“Not anymore. Antoine bought the house off for us.”

“Oh… Well where are you guys planning to live? Is it far?”

“No. It’s just a couple cities over. Antoine will tell you when we officially move. Most of important stuff are already over there.”

“What!? How!? Hasn’t it only been a day since Antoine was expelled?!” Yuga asked shocked.

Alisha motioned towards the sky with her head as she took another drink of her hot cocoa. Yuga looked up and saw a dozen black drones flying down from the sky towards the house and Antoine’s flying body? Antoine was sent flying in an arc shape over the drones after Toru blasted him in the chest with a rising kick attack.

He shook his head as he refocused his attention on the drones and saw them opening up from the bottom and from inside, a claw was ejected from the drones that latched onto certain materials and items from the house. Once they managed to get a good grip, they started to fly off at high speeds and soon disappeared from sight.

“Cool aren’t they?” Alisha asked. “It saves so much time, effort, and money using Antoine’s toys.”

“What about the heavy stuff like the beds, furniture, and fridge?”

“That stuff has already been taken care of, so I guess this stuff is staying here.”

“He’s so useful….” Yuga muttered.

Alisha didn’t verbally agree with Yuga’s statement but from her eyes you can tell that she agrees wholeheartedly. It was around this time that Toru’s and Antoine’s fight came to a decline and eventually stopped. He threw her a regeneration serum and drank one himself.

“I’m going to miss this old house.” Antoine said.

“Me too.. So many memories were made here.” Toru agreed.

“You mean the time you pissed your pajamas and wanted me to make a new one to hide it from my dad?” Antoine chuckled, only to receive a kick in the shin.

“That one can stay gone!”

“Panmnesia remember?” Antoine said pointing at his brain.

“I thought that was eidetic memory was when you remember everything.” Yuga said confused.

“That’s actually a misconception. Eidetic memory just means you’re really fuc-- fricking good at remembering things and keeping that information fresh. You can still forget things, it’s just going to be a rarity for you to not be able to recall something you seen before. While pamnesia means you cannot forget no matter what.” Antoine informed them.

“Hmm…” Toru hummed. “Hey Yuga.. do you smell that?” Toru asked while sniffing.

Antoine sniffed and didn’t smell anything strange and in his transformed state there was rarely anything that could escape his nose.

“Yeah… I smell it too.. I wonder.. what can that be?” Yuga said.

“What the fuc—freak are you guys talking about?” Antoine censored himself.

“Yeah… I think I know what that smell is..”

“Yeah me too….”

“IT’S A BIG FAT NERRRRRDDDDD!!!!!!!” They shouted.

Antoine facepalmed and sighed.



The two continued to mock Antoine while his mother watched holding back her laughter.





It was at this point Antoine lost it and picked up both Yuga and Toru and tossed them across the yard. While sliding across the ground and creating a dirt trail, the duo were still laughing.

“Anthony! It’s time for work!” Antoine’s dad shouted from upstairs, interrupting Antoine who was planning on pouncing after the two and pummeling them some more.

“FUC—FRICK!!” He corrected himself. “COME ON YOU DIPWIPES! ITS TIME FOR WORK!” Antoine told the two still laughing their guts out.

They slowly got up and dusted themselves off. Antoine returned back to his regular form and walked up to the two trying to hold their laughter in.

“You laugh and I’ll kill you fuckers.” Antoine whispered.

Toru couldn’t hold and choked out a laughter before holding her hand over her mouth and motioning with her other hand that she was sorry. But Antoine couldn’t see her hands and had his glider crash into Toru and launch her away.

“Dickhead…” Antoine muttered as he hopped on his glider and started flying to his store.

Yuga helped Toru up and the two started laughing all over again. After getting that out of their system, they pulled out tiny metal boxes with a red button out of their pockets. They pressed the button and then threw the boxes in the air. The boxes quickly transformed into gliders as well! Toru’s glider was bright pink and had an assortment of cute images all over it. Yuga’s glider had sparkling gems and a bright blue coloring. The two hopped onto their gliders and caught up with Antoine.

“Hey, Antoine, are you really done with U.A.?” Toru asked.

“Yeah. I’m going to make my own academy that will be greater than U.A. and all the other hero schools around the world. Just to spite those fuckers for kicking out the future #1 pro hero.” Antoine told her.

“Seems pretty overboard just for revenge.” Yuga said.

“Trust me. This isn’t anywhere close to the other ideas I had. This is definitely the most civil.” Antoine told him.

“I guess we’ll have to see it with our own eyes!” Toru beamed.

“I wonder what kind of students will be made with you as the principal.”

“What are you fuckers talking about? Do you know how long its going to take to build a fucking hero school? Or a fucking school in general? Although money isn’t an issue with our company increasing in demands worldwide… There is a lot more to this shit than just shoving money at it and hoping things will go right. I might be making this school for a purely petty reason but that does not mean I’m going to half ass this shit. I will make this school the greatest hero school in the world and have people from all over the planet trying to get accepted into my school. Those that manage to stay to the end will easily become a hero good enough to stand on the world stage or at the very least help others efficiently.” Antoine declared.

Toru and Yuga started clapping.

“I’m surprised you’re taking this so seriously Antoine.” Yuga said.

“You’re really growing up…” Toru fake wiped a tear from her eye.

“Fuck off you assholes… I’m always serious.” Antoine softly said as the trio arrived at his store. A few number of people could be seen waiting outside. “NOW GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!” He yelled as he unlocked the door.

Toru and Yuga went past the counter and into the break room to put on their uniforms. A couple of arcade machines could be seen posted up against the wall in the break room. No quarters or tokens were needed to start these machines up. A large wide flat screen tv was hanging above a black desk where various game consoles, controllers, and more were placed. Opposite to the television was a black sleek looking couch that was crafted by Antoine.

[Amazing Black Couch – This piece of furniture was crafted with multiple materials that are not naturally capable of being mixed together. But besides that, this is one of the most comfortable couches in the world due to the amalgamation of materials that makes it up. The only entrance into the Lab of Antoine Neil.

Durability 500/500

When sat on, the sitter will experience a very comforting feeling and may make them want to never leave.

Gives a 200% mood boost to those that get up after use.

Items dropped in couch will inexplicably return to the owners.

5% boost in LUC given to those that use this item for 24 hours. (Does not stack and can only gain this buff every 7 days.)

Stamina is regenerated 50% faster when using this object to rest.]

The uniforms were a standard short-sleeved button up type of shirt. The shirt was a dark black all over and had the words Universal Crafts Emporium etched into it in gold. Besides that though, everything else was up to the employee to decide to wear. Toru had a diverse variety of pins all over her shirt and Yuga had a sparkling bright pin on his. The duo soon came out of the break room and went to the counter. Toru was behind the register and Yuga was behind the second register. A few customers came to them after browsing through the items on the shelves and on display.

Antoine noticed 2 people on the bench. One was a girl that looked plain and shy. The second one was a handsome guy who would definitely be considered a jock or the most popular guy in class.

‘In a fucking high school movie or something. You look older than me fucker.’

Antoine walked over to them.

“I’m assuming you are the two who filled out the resume online?” Antoine asked.

“Yes sir! You don’t know how much this means to me.” Mr. Handsome said a little too overjoyed.

“Don’t get your hopes up yet fucker. We still have an interview and on-the-job training test to put you through.” Antoine shut him down.

“Yes sir! Sorry!” He bowed a little too far down. A bit surprised at his new boss’s language.

“And you. Say something. I’m going to need all my employees capable of speech. Except those that work in the back.”

“Hello..! Nice to meet you..!” She bowed, making her hair fall in front of her face. She embarrassedly fixed it but Antoine and her possible new co-worker already saw everything. As far as she knew this job opportunity was already over for her.

‘Great, an awkward shy type. I could have fun with this one if she makes it through the interview.’ Antoine thought deviously. ‘Oh! That reminds me! I need to get in touch with Komori-chan. I guess I’ll invite her to go see a movie or go out to eat or something. Might have to look up some fun date ideas on the internet later.. I’m not sure what a mushroom-lover like her would like to go and do.’

“First up is Seta Kazuhiro over here. I’ll call you in when he’s done.” Antoine said as he gestured the guy into his office.

The office was a seemingly normal business office. A wooden desk with a desktop on top of it. A neat pile of papers and a weird potted plant with teeth looking around were the only things present on the desk besides the computer. On the sides of the office were file cabinets and strangely colored and shaped flowers. The weird thing to Kazuhiro though was that even though the plants were colored strangely they still somehow managed to look nice with the office. He felt much more relaxed and free inside this office for some reason.

‘I never seen any flowers like those before… And… it smells great in here.’ Kazuhiro thought as he took a seat in the chair opposite to Antoine’s desk.

Antoine took a seat at his desk and grabbed the pile of papers. He looked through them and then placed them back down on his desk. He then reached into one of the drawers in his desk and pulled out a bite-sized bacon-wrapped sausage pierced with a toothpick for handling. Kazuhiro was confused out of his mind but the serious look on his possible new boss’s face forced him not to show his confusion or any other emotion that isn’t eagerness to work for his company.

Kazuhiro watched as the boy rubbed the head of the strange teeth plant and fed it the piece of meat. The plant stretched out with the fierceness of a starving dog and chomped down on the piece of meat. It licked its lips and turned its head towards Kazuhiro.

“Now let’s get this show on the road.” Antoine suddenly stated, breaking Kazuhiro’s staring contest with the plant.

“Why do you want to work for my company?” Antoine asked.

“I’ve read about the great benefits your store gives to its employees on your website and I use your shopping tab very frequently. I also live nearby and heard about the great service and the big Going Green with Universal movement your company is involved with.” Kazuhiro smiled.

“I see.” Antoine replied monotonously, making Kazuhiro slightly nervous.

“Any previous work experience in retail?”

“None at all but I’m a very hard worker!”

“Okay. What would be your biggest strength? Are you a people’s person? A person who works best alone? Good at working with your hands or your talking with your mouth?”

“I’m a people’s person. There’s basically no one I can’t get along with or be friendly with. I love helping others and putting myself to good use.”

“Hmm.. That’s strange…” Antoine stated as he started looking through the files, while inwardly smirking.

“What do you mean?” Kazuhiro asked confused

“It says here that…. You spent two years in juvenile detention for Assault.. It seems… I wonder what’s that about… Care to clarify about that Mr. Kazuhiro?” Antoine laid back in his chair as Kazuhiro started sweating like a leaky faucet.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

Okay I'm a fucking liar and a lazy piece of shit. My bad. I know i said i would get this chapter out in 3 or 2 days ago buttttt i got lazy. 

Anyway i finally decided what i will do with this story. I will not be hiatusing it or abruptly ending it with some half-assed ending. I will be continuing this story but the releases will slow down to weekly or bi-weekly when i focus on my new novel. I love Antoine's character so much and couldn't possible just trash it. Along with the many supports from you beautiful people, this will continue to go on. 

I haven't wrote the first chapter of my new novel because i'm still in the process of getting all of it figured out. But i will tell you the name of it. It will be called SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World 

It's still heavily in development and probably won't be released anytime soon, so for now you all are stuck with Antoine and his adventures in My Hero Academia.

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