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Antoine is still under punishment and is currently cleaning the dorm house manually.

“What am I a fucking maid? No wait I’m not even getting fucking paid. This is definitely slavery in full force.” Antoine muttered while freeing the windows of dust.

“I’m surprised you didn’t throw a tantrum Antoine.” Yuga said relaxing on the couch.

“Me too! I thought you would definitely run away from U.A. or something and then come back in a dramatic way when we were in trouble.” Toru agreed.

“Shut up you fucking idiots. What am I a god damn 8-year-old? I’m not really being punished in any meaningful way. This is all just for show for some secret plan those two fuckers thought of.” Antoine spat.

“A secret plan for what?” Toru asked.

“To show me some sort of lesson or to reflect in some way. I still haven’t figured it out yet but they haven’t banned me from classes yet so it will be apart of one of our classes eventually. I’m still trying to find their angle, the sneaky bastards…” Antoine said now spraying the window and wiping it clean.

“I don’t think you should call All Might and Aizawa-sensei, sneaky bastards just because you got rightfully punished.” Yuga told him.

“Are you on those assholes’ side too!?”

“Its not that simple Antoine…” Yuga told him.

“It sounds to me like you think Eraserfuck and All Dick were right and I deserve to be punished!”

“What he means is Antoine the teachers are probably just upset that you aren’t showing the right attitude of a hero and not giving them the respect that they deserve.” Toru explained.

“How the fuck would those asshats know anything about the right attitude of a hero! While you may be right about the second part the thing is, what does respecting them give me?! All Might is effectively useless after losing his power and only use now is as a semi-decent teacher. And Aizawa is a fucking dickhead. I could kick his ass no problem.” Antoine huffed.

“That’s the problem Antoine!” Toru and Yuga said together.

“You can’t be thinking of people in terms of usefulness or how much you like them. That’s what a dick would do.” Yuga explained.

“That’s how everyone thinks basically! Even if they don’t want to admit it, people do judge others by how useful they are to their current needs or future needs.”

“Even if that’s true, there are more to people than just being useful or not. A hero has to work with people they dislike and even hate from time to time even if they don’t want to. And a hero has to be someone seen as trustworthy and dependable. How could anyone depend on you Antoine if they knew you thought of them as either useful or useless and not as human beings with thoughts and feelings?” Toru asked.

Antoine gritted his teeth before sighing.

“You think I don’t know that!? I’m just pissed I have to clean all this shit and wanted to vent a little you assholes! I understand that type of thinking isn’t the right way of looking at people. I was just angry okay? Next time I’ll go the “proper route” and inform everyone involved if I ever decide to participate in another class activity…” Antoine muttered as he moved to the opposite side of the wall and started cleaning those windows.

Yuga and Toru locked eyes with jovial smiles on their face before appeared on the side of Antoine and hugging him.

“We’re so proud of you!!!!!” Toru squealed.

“AH! LET GO OF ME YOU FUCKS!! I DON’T CONSENT!! AHHHH MY BONES ARE BREAKING!!!” Antoine screamed as the two continued to hug him with loving looks on their faces. The results of their intensive training by Antoine and his androids are really showing nowadays. Their entire constitution is becoming more and more enhanced as the days go by.

“You don’t know how happy we are to hear you actually reflecting aloud!! You’re so shy sometimes!”

“I’m… losing… consciousness…... Tell my family… I love them…. And fuck you guys..…..” Antoine managed to sputter before everything went black and fainting unconscious.


“The boy has continued to reject our goodwill, no matter how much we sweetened the deal.” A mysterious figure said amidst a table of other black suited figures.

“We’ve even increased the money to an amount that would even slightly harm us.”

“Such arrogance! Does this boy not know who he is dealing with?!”

“He understands fully who we are but has continued to deny any deals involving weaponry or defensive products. Either he has something prepared for us or he’s severely looking down on us.”

“I say we send in a secret team to raid his lab. He may think that he’s hidden it so well underneath that store of his but a child is just a child in the end.” The figure scoffed.

“I think that may be a bit rash. We should give the boy more time while figuring out more of his weaknesses, desires, and capabilities.”

“And wait till another organization snatches him up before our eyes!? We can’t afford such a disastrous outcome! We must attack now while the iron’s still hot! If we don’t move in now we’ll be able to grow so powerful no one would be able to stop us!” The figure banged his fist on the desk.

“I still think you’re exaggerating things… The boy himself has stated that he has no plans to sell any weaponry and such to anyone. I say we should make a deal with the boy involving his other products and slowly build that relation up until we’re capable of requesting something to boost our strength.”


“I feel that it would be a much safer option to do rather than going against the boy genius capable of such impressive technology.”


The figure at the end of the table coughed lightly.

“I agree. It would be simple to take the child’s laboratory and his equipment for ourselves. He has shown promise but it isn’t to the extent where it’s capable of harming us. And in the case where we can’t raid his laboratory for some reason there is always the second alternative to where we simple take the boy for ourselves and force him to work for us.”

“I… I still think we should just work with the boy peacefully.. I doubt the boy has any intention to sell any weaponry to anyone.”

“I see.. Well let’s put it to a vote shall we.. Those who are in favor of sending in a special team to acquire the boy’s wares for ourselves raise your hand.”

A majority of the figures raised their hands, effectively making this is chosen plan.

“I understand…” The figure who was against the aggressive approach said.

“Just in case the boy hasn’t fully revealed his capabilities make sure to send “that team.”” The figure leading the meeting ordered.

“Yes sir!” The figure who was spearheading the group wanting to go against the boy and take his tech for the organization.

“Meeting adjourned.”


Antoine groggily awoke as mostly everyone in the class was inside the room with him watching the television.

“What the fuck is going on…?” He asked as Ashido and Kaminari plopped down next to him.

“Shh! The Billboard Chart is coming on!” Toru shushed him.

Antoine got up and looked around to notice that most of his chores were done already.

“Did you two motherfuckers….?” Antoine questioned Yuga and Toru who cheekily grinned before shushing him again. This caused Antoine to softly smile before sitting on the couch with everyone else to watch the new top 10 hero rankings, even though he already knows which heroes got what place.

“I was thinking of interning under Miruko after the sports festival.” Antoine revealed.

“What? Why didn’t you do it?! Do you see her figure?!” Mineta asked as if Antoine was crazy.

“Her figure is one of the things that scared me off. She seemed like the type to make me train or practice with her to get stronger or learn how to fight or something. You don’t get that type of lean, muscular, and powerful body packed with explosive strength by luck you know. I just wasn’t feeling that type of way no matter how good she looked.”

“I think it would’ve been worth it… Getting squished between those thighs, I could die a happy man.” Mineta blissfully said.

“No thanks…” Antoine said.

The show continued on and explained to the viewers exactly how the rankings are made. It was said that by looking at a hero’s activity over the past year, the public safety commission evaluates the number of incidents resolved, level of contribution to society, and national approval ratings within that timeframe and enters them into a distinct formula. The resulting ranking is shown after that. Antoine gave the group an excuse to go to his room after the broadcasting was over and flipped open his laptop to see that Apex was already preparing for the attack. They already were in position for any situation. Antoine explicitly told them to fully move in once Endeavor takes a fatal or critical hit. But before that to assist in helping any civilians from the damages of the upcoming fight.

“How are the new modifications everyone?” Antoine asked through his mic.

“Ready to party yo!” BeatB responded. The android who carries around a miniature drum set on his back and dressed in a neon green and black hoodie. He wore headphones on his head and drumsticks on his waist.

“Mmmph!!!” Flamey responded as they toted a golden flamethrower. Flamey wore a red asbestos-lined suit with a large golden A present on their suit and flamethrower. A pressure tank could be seen on Flamey’s back attached to their mask.

“I FEEL INFINIIIIIIITTTTTEEEEEE!!!!” Professor Infinite roared while flexing his large biceps and body like a bodybuilder. Professor Infinite was dressed in a professional suit and tie that would regularly be seen on a college professor while wearing a black wresting mask with a golden A etched on the front of it. His body seems shiner than before.

“Feel like a million bucks Boss Man..” G-Smoke responded halfheartedly while blowing out a thumbs up via cigarette smoke. G-Smoke wore a normal t-shirt with the words “Screw Off” and a middle finger in the middle of it with jeans on. A Golden A was present on the back of his shirt. He looked around the age of a 20-years-old.

“Locked and loaded Sheriff.” McKenney said placing a silver revolver into his holster. McKenney wore a cowboy hat along with the stereotypical look for a cowboy. He had a southern accent and rough middle-aged appearance.

“Ready to perform.” Medic replied as he slapped on some medical gloves dressed in a different variation of his usual doctor scrubs along with an old timey plague doctor's mask. A golden A was present on the front of his medical outfit.

“We’re all ready sir.” Commander said through his mic.

“Good. I’ll be watching.” Antoine responded as Hawks and Endeavor made it inside the fancy restaurant building.

Apex was watching the building where Endeavor and Hawks were having dinner from atop of one of the surrounding buildings. They were all watching from afar as the Nomu, also known as High-End, was seen crashing into the building. Endeavor punched the artificially human out of the building and the two began fighting in aerial combat. Endeavor with his fierce flames and the Nomu with its various quirks battled with ferocious intensity. The top half of the building was cleaved in half by High-End using Endeavors body and Hawks came to rescue of the many civilians with his powerful feather quirk. The two continued to battle until eventually the powerful Nomu sent out multiple Nomu’s from its body.

“Sheriff take them out. Assume they have regeneration like in the reports of all the artificially humans.” Commander ordered.

“Its high noon…” He stated while aiming at the Nomu below trying to harm the innocent civilians.

He fired off eight insanely fast shots towards the four Nomu he spotted. The bullets impacted against the skulls of the Nomu and then the second bullets entirely froze the lesser Nomu’s bodies. He was then shooting off more shots towards the ones he couldn’t hit in a full clip, also freezing them as well while Endeavor was seen firing off a huge fire blast towards High-End which reduced it to around 10 or 5% of its body left. But the creature still managed to pull a fast one over the #1 hero. It appeared in his blind spot and impaled his torso and seemingly destroying the left side of his face.

“Move in.” Commander ordered as Endeavor was seen completely defeated without his flames covering his body anymore.

Commander, Flamey, BeatB, Infinite, G-Smoke, McKenny, and Medic all appeared in front of High-End. Medic got work on treating the severely wounded Endeavor as the rest of them started their capture. Endeavor suddenly rose up quickly and was about to blast Medic with a heat wave, but Medic injected a syringe into the determined and courageous hero and instantly put him back to sleep.

“The lone villain that appeared suddenly is now rampaging across the city! We cannot confirm this, but we have received information that modified Nomus are also appearing in large numbers… At present, the heroes are executing battle evacuation procedures. However, Endeavor who was the first hero on the scene, has been…. Wait a second.. WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE!?”

“Strong…. Heroes….?” It asked.

“I wouldn’t call us heroes varmin..” McKenny replied.

McKenny fired a full clip of explosive rounds into High-End and blew its body into pieces. As it was about to start regenerating BeatB, beat on his drums and forced the pieces of the nomu to come together via sound waves. Flamey unleashed a high intense flame from its flamethrower and nearly incinerated the Nomu into ash, but managed to stop as it was reduced to around 1% of its previous body. Infinite leaped in once he saw the Nomu reduced to the size of a gumdrop and swallowed it whole.

“Well… That was anti-climactic…” BeatB said rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah I expecting something harder from the way the Boss Man was preparing us for this.” G-Smoke said smoking his cigarette.

The nomu regenerated somewhat inside Professor Infinite’s body and tried to expand and escape using everything it had. Its muscle augmentation quirk, shoulder-mounted jets, super regeneration, transforming arms quirk, power quirk, and storage quirk. But no matter what it tried; Infinite’s body wouldn’t budge. His adamantium layered exoskeleton and adamantium laced inner structure were far too strong for the top quality Nomu to deal with. However, Infinite had to keep his mouth completely shut so that the creature couldn’t try and shoot out of his mouth somehow.

“A MYSTERIOUS GROUP OF NEW HEROES HAVE SHOWN UP AND EASILY TAKEN CARE OF THE MODIFIED NOMU!” The reporter from inside the news helicopter yelled. “No wait! I’m getting reports that this is actually a group of vigilantes! The infamous group known as Apex has appeared and taken care of the villain!”

Medic finished up suturing Endeavor’s body and grouped back up with the rest. Commander rose his shield in the air that split into numerous pieces and flew off in random directions.

“But why would they do such a thing?! Is the age of vigilantes returning due to the absence of our symbol of peace?! Even the #1 hero Endeavor was defeated by the nomu while this mysterious group handle it without a problem!”

Commander’s split shield brought back the 9 frozen Nomu from earlier and spoke into his uniform as a cloaked figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the group. But suddenly from the side, a large blue blast of flames erupted towards Apex. Flamey fired out a compressed blast of air that shot the flames into the sky, affecting no one or the surroundings and McKenny fired off 3 shots in the direction of the flames. He heard 2 of his bullets hit as the assailant quickly retreated.

“It is time to leave now….” A deep guttural voice said as Apex were suddenly warped away.


The news cast would continue to go on and on before going back and reporting about the evacuation and Endeavor’s unconscious body. The cloaked figure and Apex were teleported into a familiar secret lab as the cloaked figure threw away his cloak and revealed to be Antoine’s shark form.

“Fantastic work everyone. You can release him now Infinite.” Antoine said in his shark form.

Infinite opened his mouth and pounded on his stomach and spat up a small shrunken form of High-End. High-End tried to immediately attack but was grabbed by the head by Antoine whose body turned into ice and flames. His left side emitted flames and his right side emitted ice. High-end’s body was completely frozen into a flaming ice cube just like the other Nomu. A mass of scentist looking androids swarmed in and took away the bodies of the Nomu. Medic gave one of the scientist bots a vial of blood along with McKenny who gave another one a bullet filled with blood.

“Endeavor and Dabi right?” Antoine asked.

The androids nodded and Antoine grinned.

“Okay you guys did a little too fucking well. I don’t see why heroes don’t team up more often. If any capable heroes teamed up like you guys did I don’t see why they’d ever have any problems. But anyway you’re all free to do whatever you want for a while. I gotta get going before I get caught. Make sure you brief “those two” about the do’s and don’ts of the organization.” Antoine said as he transformed into his regular form and teleported back into his dorm room.

‘Sweet. No one noticed a fucking thing and I seemed to have gained everything I sought to today. This might change a bit of the story but who fucking cares about Todoroki and Endeavor? I mean I like how much of an asshole Endeavor was but Endeavor tries to change for the better around this time and that’s wack.’ Antoine looked at the time and sighed before grabbing a broom, dustpan, and trash bag.

He started walking towards the main building of U.A. and from behind him two voices called out.

“Antoine! Wait up! We’re coming to help you!” Toru said carrying cleaning supplies along with Yuga.

“You two are really trying to make me a better person aren’t you…” Antoine asked overjoyed at the fact that his friends are taking time out of their day to spend time with him and help him with his punishment.

“That’s what friends are for!” Toru smiled cheerily.

“We can’t let you do this all alone.” Yuga said smiling just as happily.

Antoine rubbed his eyes before putting his arms around their shoulders.

“Alright we’ll need to go back and get you guys some of my specifically made cleaning tools. If we use just any fucking regular ole cleaning supplies it’ll take forever. But with my shit, this’ll take no time!” He said taking them back into his dorm room.





Luckily for the trio, it was afterhours and no one could hear their overexcited enthusiastic cleaning.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

A mysterious orginzation is planning on raiding Antoine's secret lab! I wonder who exactly is "that team" and how will the mission turn out?! 

Apex has finally came out in full force to the public and revealed a few of their member's appearance! How will this affect a society without a symbol of peace!? Will it affect it at all?! Endeavor's time in the spotlight was effectively stolen by Apex! Will that mean anything in the near future!? 

Antoine has accquired another batch of Nomu! I wonder what is his goal in collecting all of these artifically humans?

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