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Antoine and his classmates with the exception of one were all readying up to get on stage.

“It’s starting!!! It’s starting!!!” Toru excitedly bounced in her dancing outfit. Her skirt lifting up but somehow not lifting up far enough to show her undergarments, much to the dismay of a certain purple haired student in class a.

“We still have 45 minutes until it starts. Calm down.” Antoine said nonchalantly while wearing a basic T-shirt and shorts.

“I’m getting kind of anxious too..! This will be the first time I’m ever performing anything. I hope I don’t mess anything up.” Yuga said completely suited up in his hero costume.

“You’ll do fine Aoyama-kun. You were great during practice! You can totally do this.” Ashido encouraged.

“Thanks, Ashido. You’re right..” Yuga said with his nerves slightly more in order now.

“I wonder what’s taking Midoriya so long to get back?” Uraraka asked aloud.

“Probably fucking slipped and fell on his dick or something. Who knows what that fuckhead could be up to?” Antoine said halfheartedly.

“You’re no help at all Neil..!” Uraraka yelled with slightly reddened cheeks.

“I’m wondering where he is as well. It couldn’t take that long to buy some rope could it?” Iida added.

“The bastard will make it when he makes it. Just make sure you all are ready to blow everyone away!” Bakugou stated.

“Yeah what princess said.” Antoine supported.

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Bakugou roared as he broke his drumstick in half. Antoine busted out laughing as the class got ready to get on stage.


Midoriya has currently encountered the viral villain, Gentle Criminal, and his partner in crime La Brava. The two of them were about to clash but before they could two figures jumped down from the rooftop and landed on top of the two eager fighters. They were restrained by metal bracelets and a third figure appeared in the middle of the two.

“Sorry about this boys but this is a strict no fighting zone.” A western looking handsome man said as the two fighters continued to struggle.

“Who are you people?!” Midoriya yelled.

“This is quite the start but La Brava begin recording!” Gentle ordered the little girl whose camera was just shot and destroyed.

She screamed as the camera broke into pieces in her hand.

“La Brava!!” Gentle yelled as he tried to activate his quirk.

Seconds went by but nothing seemingly happened.

“My… quirk.. What happened…? I can’t activate it.” He muttered before the mysterious assailant on his back punched him in the jaw and knocked him out.

The gangster looking man who was on top of Gentle slung him over his shoulder and walked towards La Brava.

“DON’T YOU DARE!!!!” Midoriya yelled as he activated his quirk and tried to break free of the bracelet trapping his hands.

But even as he ramped up the power of his quirk, he still couldn’t manage to break free from the silver restraints on his hands. The thuggish criminal placed the crying and screaming La Brava over his shoulder as well before taking off with the cowboy.

“I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU PEOPLE ARE BUT YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!” Midoriya swore as he ramped up his quirk even more before kicking off the ground and launching him and the assailant on his back in the air.

“Whoa there kid! Be careful throwing around that power. You know we were ordered not to harm you, but if you insist on making things difficult I can’t help you out.” The six armed guy said as he and Midoriya faced each other.

Midoriya tried to kick the man but he flexibly avoided the attack and shot out a white substance from his wrists that resembled spider webs. The webs completely wrapped up Midoriya as he fell to the ground trapped in a ball of webs.

“It’s time to hit the hay pardners. We got what we wanted.” The cowboy said as all three of them began walking off with Gentle Criminal and La Brava.

Midoriya struggled fiercely and even used 100% OFA to try and break free of his bindings but even with that he couldn’t free himself from the strange bracelet.

“How…..? Just what is this thing…?” He questioned as the bracelet suddenly split open and started flying.

Midoriya was about to try and grab it but the bracelet avoided his hand and flew off rapidly into the sky. The webs wrapping him up also dissolved and he was completely free. He activated his quirk and tried to chase after those mysterious people but no matter how hard he looked it was as if they disappeared into thin air. He was forced to give up his search because it was getting close to the time of the performance. He already called the police and let them know about the kidnapping but would also tell the faculty members after the concert.




“LET’S GOOOOO!!!!” Bakugou shouted as he slammed his drumsticks on his drum set, followed by an explosion firing off from him slamming the sticks on the drums.


The explosive music rocked out and blasted into everyone’s faces. The dancers dramatically hopped on staged as the musicians played amped and rocking music for everyone. The sound of the music was so loud, yelling at the top of their lungs was the only way for the audience to communicate to each other.

“THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!!” Jiro yelled into the mic as fireworks blasted above the stage along with the dancers showing off their impressive moves that they’ve trained hard for.

Ojiro was using his tail along with his dance moves as he whipped and jumped and spun all over the place. Yuga, Midoriya, and Sato performed their synchronized skillful and popping dance moves as the disco ball started flying all over the gymnasium. Mineta threw his balls up into the air and Sero caught them with his tape as Yaoyorozu shot out projectiles from her body that Midoriya caught and threw using his quirk, making them shoot out incredible fast and joining up with Mineta’s and Sero’s combined quirks. All so that Todoroki can use his ice and freeze all the projectiles.


The now frozen projectiles shaped into beautiful icicle tendrils that shot out past the crowd and above their heads. Asui balancing herself on one of the colorful ice tendrils, grabbed Uraraka with her tongue and carried her across the crowd so that she could high five the members of the audience and send them floating into the sky. The crowd went wild with their screaming and shouting as Antoine watched from above.

‘I guess it’s time to step this up a bit.’ Antoine thought as he pressed a button and suddenly the entire gymnasium began shaking.

“KEEP FUCKING GOING!!!!!!!” Antoine shouted to Class A as electricity ran through his body and transformed him into his shark form. He switched to Uraraka’s gravity quirk and enveloped the entire gymnasium in a spatial field as the building began rocketing off into the sky.

The crowd was eating it up and screamed and cheered even louder while Class A was very confused and very scared, but they didn’t stop playing. They didn’t stop their performance and acted as if this entire thing was part of the concert originally. The audience began floating and flying around even if they weren’t touched by Uraraka. The building opened up and showed a projection of space. It was as if the entire gymnasium was transported into space and were flying around as the beautiful stars, planets, and galaxies floated all around them. Anytime that a person was close to falling outside of his gravity domain, he forcible controlled them and made them float somewhere else. The audience members were performing flips, spinning, and all sorts of moves in this now zero gravity concert while the musicians somehow managed to continue playing perfectly.

‘Well its not like they’d notice any little mistakes in setting like this.’ Antoine grinned as sweat slowly dripped down his forehead and his stomach started getting slightly nauseated.





Eventually the rockets propelling the building lowered in power and the building came to a slow controlled descent back to the ground as the concert came to an end. For the finale, Jiro ended off with a scream that was joined in by Class A that literally caused the roof to be blown off.

Antoine smirked as Eri was seen giggling and smiling and having just as much fun as everyone else. He deactivated the device and returned back to his normal form before anyone could see him. But he knew that he was gonna be in an annoying situation in a few seconds from the look on Aizawa, Present Mic, and the other pro heroes who came to investigate after seeing one of U.A.’s buildings rising into the sky like a rocket. The audience started leaving after giving a gracious amount of positive remarks and applause and Class A all stared at Antoine.




Antoine smiled at the terrified and shocked faces of his classmates.

“Don’t worry. What kind of future #1 pro hero would I be if I let someone die or get harmed due to my carelessness? It was all under control.” Antoine smoothly replied before getting berated harshly by the class even more.




Antoine sighed in an irritated manner.

“Did anything go wrong in the end?” Antoine asked.

The class was momentarily stumped as they were still receiving praises for their concert by passing audience members.

“Exactly. Now I’ll be in the principal’s office getting punished for being the most amazing stage member in the world.” Antoine stated as he was escorted by Aizawa and All Might to the Principal’s office.

“SORRY ERI-CHAN!! GLAD YOU CAME KIDDO!” Antoine yelled behind him as Eri looked at him with a sudden sad look on her face. Previously she had the look of an excited child that was ready to tell their parents about their super amazing day.


“Normally I’d expel you immediately… but Neil. I want you to give me one good reason why I shouldn’t expel you right now.”

“You absolutely don’t believe that I had the entire thing under control do you?” Antoine asked.

“How can I? Did you see what happened out there? A million things could have gone wrong!”

“The one time I decide to participate with the class and look what happens… This is never happening again that’s for sure.” Antoine muttered.

“Well… To be honest sensei. I don’t think you’d believe me even if I stated all the safety measures put in place for this. And even if I did, you’d still find some way of saying how it wasn’t safe or how this could of happened of what if this happened. So, overall sensei this entire argument is bullshit and you just want to hear me reflect on my actions despite them not causing any harm or problem.”

“Young Neil! It seems you don’t understand something. When it comes to the safety and protection of those within our walls… Nothing is considered too much. We will go to any length to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable. The major point of this conversation is why didn’t you inform anyone of this “surprise?” If you would have let your classmates and your teachers know of your plan then this could’ve went off fantastically. Of course… more time would have been spent making sure that it was 100% safe and there was in no way anyone could have gotten hurt during it but the safety is worth it.” All Might explained.

Antoine crossed his arms as his face turned ugly. (Irritated/Annoyed)

“There wouldn’t have been enough time for all that. Nor would I expect the idea to get approved by anyone. I mean do you really think that U.A. would’ve let me pull off that stunt after all the bullshit they’ve been involved with concerning safety concerns and practices? You guys are effectively cornered like rats by the media and any sniff of a scandal or injury would place you guys into a fucking hole. Probably take away your #1 status as the greatest hero school in Japan. I mean all the villain attacks, the kidnapping, and the general useless faculty members that can’t seem to protect their own students really don’t sound like #1 hero school to me. But anyway, I’m rambling. Expel me or keep me sensei, regardless I’m becoming the #1 Pro Hero and I will let nothing stop me.”

All Might sighed as Eraserhead seemingly was about to give the ban hammer to Neil.

“Do you even understand what you did wrong Neil-kun?” All Might asked.

“I’m not retarded All Might. You both are upset that I pulled off something “incredibly dangerous” without telling anymore and then acted like it was completely fine afterwards. I should’ve talked with my peers about my idea and included them into the plan along with telling the adults so that they can make extra sure that my plan was completely safe.” Antoine said.

“Then why didn’t you?” Aizawa asked dumbfounded.

“I told you already. There wasn’t enough time to have you braindead idiots trying to check over my work. Do you know how many times you all failed to secure something or protect something involving us students? If anything, you all would’ve somehow fucked it up and spoiled the surprise or something. Not to mention fucking Gentle Criminal…” Antoine muttered that last part.

Aizawa was about to say something but then All Might pulled him out the room for a second to whisper something to him.

“It seems Young Neil has completely lost faith in us as adults and Pro Heroes after all the incidents that Class A have suffered through. I think we should give him a break this time Eraserhead and prove to him that we are someone that he can rely on and trust to go to.” All Might suggested.

“And let him off basically scot free just like that time at the sports festival? No way All Might. Neil needs to understand that his actions have consequences. And this sort of reckless behavior regardless of how well it turned out, needs to be addressed accordingly.”

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t punish the boy. I’m just saying that maybe expelling him isn’t what we need to do. If anything, it’s just going to push the boy into his habits even further while distancing himself from adults and pro heroes even more. What we need to do is have Antoine become more open to his classmates and the adults around him.” All Might concluded.

Eraserhead sighed. He knew that All Might was correct in his judgement about Neil but was still somewhat bothered by this whole situation. He sighed again as he looked into All Might’s eyes.

“Fine… I’ll add a few more teamwork focused hero classes and discuss with the principal about implementing even more security measures. But he will be severely punished.” Aizawa said as they both walked in the room again.

“Neil. I’ve decided not to expel you, but you will be severely punished for this stunt you pulled. There were too many risk factors for us to not punish you.”

“Yeah yeah. Go ahead and tell me the punishment already. I got a cultural festival to experience too you know.” Antoine waved off.

“4 weeks of cleaning the school, no machines to do it for you either. An apology gift for all of your classmates. A verbal apology towards me and All Might and later your classmates. And lastly you’re under house arrest and cleaning for 3 weeks.” Aizawa said.

Antoine exaggeratedly groaned as he got up.

“I’m sorry for making my class have the greatest theme of the entire cultural festival and improving the lives of hundreds of people.”

“Neil….” All Might dragged.

“And possibly putting the lives of hundreds of people at risk….” He said really low. ‘But not really. Fucking dickheads! I HAD IT ALL UNDER CONTROL! NOT TO MENTION I EVEN STOPPED A FUCKING VILLAIN FROM INVADING U.A. AGAIN! Useless motherfuckers. But I guess its better to have useless adults that think they are useful rather than useful adults that are completely useless.’ Antoine internally stated.

Antoine was then let go and free to enjoy the cultural festival but by the time he made it back to where everything was it, it was already over.

“SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!” Antoine cursed into the sky before walking back to the dorms.

‘I might have to make that android copy of myself sooner than I thought with this punishment… Not to mention Apex will be capturing High End soon…’ Antoine thought.

He sudden kicked the ground.

“FUCK! Now I’m really excited to research High-End’s body! I can’t wait to watch how it’ll turn out! But I wonder when should Apex join in the fight… Before it even begins or after Endeavor gets his scar? The scar is pretty badass and symbolic so I guess they’ll just hang in the background and help out that feather guy save people before joining in the fight…” Antoine muttered to himself as he made it back towards the dorm to see all of his classmates waiting for him with stern looks on their faces.

“I’M SORRY YOU FUCKS!” He quickly shouted before retreating into his room to avoid his classmates further.

A note from maggitt147

Trying to describe the concert was way harder than i thought it would be. I guess this is why i never see anyone going in explicit details about concerts in most novels. I hope i did a well enough job to paint most of the picture of the concert for you all. 

Yes those were Adamantium bracelets that Midoriya was binded by. 

I wonder what plans does Apex have for Gentle Criminal and La Brava? 

Do you guys think that Antoine was fairly punished, under punished, overly punished, or shouldn't have been punished at all?

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