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It was the weekend for Class A and they were spending their time practicing and making sure everything was prepared for the live performance. Antoine was inside his room creating equipment for the performance. Lights that will cause a high mood boost to those hit by it. A spinning flying rotating disco ball that make those who see it “Feel the groove”, make their bodies feel 20% better, and feel jovial. Audio equipment that will more or less do much of the same thing as the lights. Overall there’s no way anyone will be able to resist loving their class’s performance.

‘Hell I think I could even make Endeavor dance and smile with this much shit.’ Antoine softly smiled before the door to his room was forcibly kicked open.

“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” The three cleaning bots screamed and wheeled around in circles as four people came in his room.

“Register as friendlies.” Antoine said as the three cleaning bots began scanning the “intruders.”

“Neil!! You’ve got some guests and a cute little girl wanting you!!! Go give them some company and take a break from working on the stage stuff!” Toru shouted.

Eri, Togata, Aizawa-sensei, and Toru were the ones that came into his room. Antoine softly smiled as he looked at Eri. Eri’s face lightened up at this before looking at the cleaning bots.

“We got permission from the principal for this little outing. To make sure she doesn’t get shocked or panicked, we’re to bring her here beforehand to get used to the place.” Aizawa explained.

“Eri-chan asked to see you Neil! I’m planning on taking her around U.A. to get a feel for the place and wanted to ask if you wanted to come along.” Togata asked.

‘Hmm… I wonder why he isn’t taking part in his class’s theme even though he still has his quirk.’

“Sure. I could use a break Vault Boy. I’ll be out in a second and we can go.” Antoine replied as the group left and he got changed into his school outfit.

The trio, consisting of Neil, Eri, and Togata, left the dorms and were now walking across the campus.

“Today’s a day off, but because of the new boarding school model, lots of people are continuing with their preparations.” Togata explained.

“I didn’t really ask ya know. But thanks anyway. Its not like any of these chumps will be able to compare to my class’s performance. Eri-chan. You better make sure you come if you want to see the greatest performance of a lifetime.” Antoine boasted before talking to Eri.

She nodded despite his forward nature with a little bit of determination behind her shy eyes saying that she wouldn’t miss it.

“Well, if it isn’t Togata!” Faceless mook third year exclaimed.

“A kid!?” Faceless mook #2 added. “What did you do during your break…!? Don’t tell me you…”

Togata remained silent at the accusation and the mooks handed them flyers for Class A’s performance. The trio continued to walk around to see the many U.A. students hurriedly making things for their class’s themes. The campus was filled with energetic, excited, and somewhat hectic students doing their best to get ready for the cultural festival. The trio eventually ran into Class B moving a dragon prop.

“Watch where you’re going Iron Fu---- Blockhead.” Antoine censored.

“Sorry bout that… I was---- WAIT IT’S NEIL FROM CLASS A!!” Tetsutetsu shouted.


“Of course I do. You think the future #1 Pro Hero couldn’t handle a little cultural festival? I’m already finished with my part of it.” Antoine lied while comforting the startled Eri by hiding her behind his back.

“No way! We still got a week left! You’re definitely lying!” Tetsutetsu refused to believe.

“And that just shows the difference between us. Some men were just created unequal. I just happened to be one of those men.” He smirked.

“I don’t believe that for a second Neil! I hear you guys are putting on some kind of live performance!? I WONDER HOW THAT’LL GO! THIS TIME I’LL TELL YOU STRAIGHT UP: WE OF CLASS B ARE GONNA BE BETTER THAN YOU!” He yelled. “ROMEO, JULIET, AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN: THE RETURN OF KINGS! CLASS B’S COMPLETELY ORIGINAL SUPER SPECIAL FANTASY PLAY!! BETTER GET READY BECAUSE WE ARE GONNA SHAME YOU TO TEARS!!! I’LL BRING A HANKERCHEIF!!!” Monoma was soon knocked unconscious by Awase, the melding quirk kid from class b.

“Sorry bout that.. Kendo’s not here, so he went unchecked.”

“No worries. I like his competitive attitude. Its good for a hero to have someone they can compare themselves to.” Antoine said as Togata apologized to Eri about showing some of U.A.’s bad side.

The trio then headed off to the support department. Inside was a bunch of students working on many different things. Robots, blueprints, jetpacks, but the most prominent was robots. The room was very active and abuzz with activity and loud sounds of mechanical tools.

“All of the grades hold a technology exhibition together!” Togata explained.

“I’m sort of a tech guy myself Eri. If you ever need something mechanical made or fixed just hit me up. They didn’t let me partake in this because they knew I’d blow out the competition.” He told her with a grin.

A small smile surfaced on her face.

“Okay Neil-san. I’ll count on you.” She replied courteously.

“I disagree!!! The cultural festival is the support team’s moment to shine and even though you make some good stuff Antoine. ITS NOTHING COMPARED TO MY BABIES!!” Hatsume exclaimed suddenly as she popped from out of nowhere.

“Jesus Christ….” Antoine muttered holding his rapidly beating heart. “Eri. This is Hatsume. She’s in the support department and makes tech stuff too, but not as good as my stuff.” He whispered that last part in her ear.

“Hello..” Eri greeted softly.


“Crappy isn’t a word that could ever be used to describe my equipment. Be glad I’m not in this competition or you’d need to work 10000x as hard if you wanted to defeat me.” Antoine gloated with his arms crossed.

“HEH!” She stifled a laugh. “I THINK YOU MEAN 1/10 AS HARD!” She corrected.

Eri had a small smile on her face as she watched Antoine and Hatsume going back and forth. Togata eventually broke them up from their little argument.

“For the hero department, the sports festival was already the second place to garner attention. But! This time, it’s us that’ve been given the opportunity to be the main attraction! A ton of companies will get a careful look at my little child! I can’t raise him to be no shy boy!”

“I think your little child is on fire.” Antoine sniffed.



“BABY!?!?” Hatsume cried out as her “child” just exploded into flames and metal pieces.


Antoine and Togata escorted Eri out of the room safely and continued to explore more and more of U.A. Eventually the trio arrived at the cafeteria and started eating.

“What did ya think Eri?” Antoine asked.

“Will you be okay with this?” Togata asked.

“I… think so… So many different people are trying their hardest… So, I kinda want to know how it will turn out..” She replied.

A wide grin etched itself on Togata’s face as he looked at Antoine. Antoine smirked before rolling his eyes at Togata’s silly face.

“We call that feeling excitement.” Midnight explained from the table across from them. Principal Nezu was also seated next to her eating some cheese. “Seems like it was worthwhile, don’t you think?” She asked Nezu.

“I’m also excited for the cultural festival! In order to throw the best festival they can, many of the students bring encouragement, excitement, and try to create a good time for everyone! Well anyway.. I hope you all enjoy the cultural festival!” Nezu said while walking away and flicking off a bug that managed to crawl on his pants leg and whipping another one to death with his tail.

‘Fuck! HOW DID THAT MOTHER FUCKER KNOW IT WAS THERE!? Shit, I guess he isn’t the principal for nothing. But I won’t give up that easily.. That high spec quirk is too good to give up on.’ Antoine internally cursed.

“Oh, yes! Talk of class a’s program has even made it to the staff room! Work hard young ones!” Midnight encouraged.

“Work smarter not harder sensei! That’s my motto. Our concert will blow the gymnasium’s walls down and roof to the fuc----- freaking sky.” Antoine responded back.

Antoine and Togata eventually had to break up their play date with Eri as Aizawa-sensei came to pick her up to go to the hospital. Antoine returned to his room to continue working on stage equipment and the rest of the week was basically uneventful.


A news program was on and it showed previously missing villains completely restrained and quirkless. The villains were identified as Kai Chisaki, Moonfish, Muscular, and Mustard.

“The police are suspecting that the dangerous vigilante group known as Apex is behind this but are completely lost to what are the motives to this action. The group of villains were interrogated after being discovered and the police were unable to gain any clues on Apex nor any of their members. It was as if they gained amnesia when questioned to anything related to Apex, being kidnapped, where have they been, or their newly gained scars.” The news reporter informed. She was about to go on but then the television was shut off.

Antoine was eating inside his secret lab within the dining room filled with many trays of various food as a bluish glow appeared from his back and slowly materialized a shiny heavily dense silver block of metal. And then a grayish-black block of metal came out from his back and joined the pile of metal behind Antoine.

“Oh Momo Yaoyorozu… How I love you….” Antoine muttered as he continued materializing adamantium and Vibranium blocks from his back while recharging his fuel by eating many fatty foods.

He planned to make some very very beautiful and glorious upgrades to his arsenal and android army. But this process of eating and materializing was rather boring. So, eventually he had one of the female androids hand feed him while he materialized the metals and played games.

“Sir. One of the business androids have informed me that a suitable place for Project: Quaternary Park has been found.” The feminine chef bot told him.

“Good! Let’s go see what they managed to find. I’m planning on incorporating at least 6 different biomes! This place better be as large as I fucking said it had to be.” Antoine muttered as he put on a shirt from his inventory and started walking out of his secret lab. Once he made it outside of his store, he got on his glider and flew towards the location of his business bots.

Antoine flew for about half an hour and his face slowly widened into a large smile. He was flying over a large forest filled with trees, plants, wild animals, ponds, and even more nature stuff just rip for destroying and recreating his project. He flew down towards the business bots. They were dressed in black business suits with dark glasses that hid their faces. Kind of like those glasses that the agents wear in Men in Black.

“How did it go? Did they settle for less or more?” Antoine asked.

“We managed to haggle them down considering that we chose to clear out the land ourselves instead of asking them to.” The black business bot responded.

“Good. I can easily build some autonomous robots that can clear this forest within a couple weeks or a couple of months. The hard part will be making the technology capable of simulating or transforming this large forest into a 5 other biomes. But I’m sure I can figure something out by the time this is done.” Antoine muttered on. “Oh. You’re dismissed. Good work.” Antoine said remembering the business bots in front of him.

The androids walked off and got into a black car with tinted windows before driving off. Antoine chuckled seeing them and then headed into the forest.

“I feel a bit bad for all these suckers when the quirk animals swoop in and basically invade their home but oh well. A man’s gotta get results somehow. And having those animals staying in cages and such won’t bring very fruitful results.” He said aloud to himself as he casually walked through the forest.

Suddenly Antoine was met face to face with a horde of fleeing wild animals. Deer, rabbits, birds, and the like came rushing straight towards him.

“What the fuck is going on?” Antoine questioned as he pulled out a blue bouncy ball from his pocket.

The animals avoided Antoine and he similarly avoided them as they stampeded past him. Eventually he managed to find the source of the forest animal’s troubles.


A brown bear was rampaging through the forest. It clawed a tree down and spotted Antoine in its mindless rage. The massive predator slowly started to run towards Antoine before breaking into a full sprint.

“I don’t know why…. But now I’m wondering if Eri’s quirk could be used to recreate dinosaurs….” He muttered while shaking slightly. ‘Seriously… I’m scared a fucking bear? After all the shit I’ve been through and seen, a god damn bear is causing some sort of primal fear to rise up in me? Yeah no. Fuck off body.’ Antoine willed his courage forward as he flicked the blue ball at the bear.

The ball suddenly increased in size and speed as it slammed into the bear and took it right back on the path it came while breaking through several trees. The ball shrunk in size and Antoine got a good look at the unconscious bear. He walked over to the large beast and saw that a sizeable splinter was stuck in its foot. Antoine pulled it out and switched his quirks as the beast awoke in a rage from the immense pain of having a splinter pulled out from its foot. He was previously using object gigantification that he got from the provisional exam and now he’s using Koda’s quirk that lets him command and control any creature in the animal kingdom.

“I already took out the splinter ya fucking baby. Calm down and follow me.” He ordered. ‘I think I just severely overlooked this quirk and its applications..’ He thought with a mischievous grin on his face while rubbing the bear’s head. The bear suddenly exploded into a mass of blood before reforming into a completely healed state. “That was the most fucking disgusting shit ever… but totally cool as well.” Antoine muttered with his outfit covered completely in blood.

A figure soon left the newly owned “Quaternary Park” on top of the back of a huge grizzly bear as a sizable helicopter came and picked them up. The helicopter was all black with a golden U on its side as it flew off in the distance.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

I sometimes forget Momo is even a character and how broken her quirk is. Not to mention Koda as well. That mother fucker could have literal armies of animals to do his biding!

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