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Antoine arrived in the city location of the exam with a smile on his face. He had Lackey scanning for any useful quirks for his research and would release tiny robotic mosquitoes to steal their blood and storage it for later. But before focusing on anything like that… he would have as much fun as he can during this exam. He had three of his tentacles protecting his targets while the other three were meant for combat purposes. He had on the strength series of his hero costume and went off while using the muscle augmentation quirk. However, he didn’t show it off and announcing to the world that he has a second quirk somehow. He wrapped and layered muscle over muscle while outwardly his body looked no different, but inwardly he was exploding with strength.

“ARE YOU FUCKING SIDE CHARACTERS READY TO DIE!?” Antoine shouted from atop a rooftop.

“That’s the cheater from the sports festival!”

“His only quirk is his teeth! Get him!”

“If I take out the cheater who took first place in the U.A sports festival then I’ll definitely become more popular!”

Antoine jumped down from the rooftop and landed on his feet.


A shockwave traveled through the ground and tore the street up, as if an earthquake raged through the city block. The streets were filled with injured, fallen, and off balanced students. Although a couple were still standing or flying safely.

Antoine grinned menacingly.

“Seems like not all of you are complete fucking trash! Good! Show me your stuff and maybe you’ll live!” Antoine laughed before vanishing from his spot and appearing next to a girl whose quirk gave her bug-like wings and was hovering above the ground. Antoine kicked her in the stomach and launched her into the side of a building, she was knocked into a wall and fainted.

“What the!? Wasn’t he just over there?! How did he get----” The student that was currently speaking while standing upright on the side of a building without falling via gravity was interrupted as Antoine appeared in front of him next and grabbed his face and they started falling towards the ground.


The boy’s face was smashed into the ground and a few robotic mosquitoes exited from Antoine’s shoes and crawled on the boy.

‘Hmm. Interesting quirk. I wonder if it works on any surface.. Like could I stand on air…? Liquids? It’ll be interesting to experiment with.’

“Everyone! Get him before he gets us! Don’t let him take the initative!”

“COME AND GET ME! THE STAR OF U.A.’S FRESHMEN! THE STRONGEST FRESHMAN IN EXISTENCE!” Antoine roared out, causing some of the students to falter slightly and lose their spirits.

“You’re…. not even… trying to win… you haven’t tagged anyone’s targets with your balls…” A shivering busty girl said on the ground with her foot injured.

“Yeah… What kind of hero enjoys torturing others! You’re no hero at all! You’re more like a villain than a hero!

Antoine stared into her eyes and smiled, causing her to jump in fright as he suddenly appeared over her.

“A hero has to have his flaws.” Antoine shrugged with a goofy smile on his face. “There’s no such thing as the perfect hero. And one of my flaws just so happens to be I love beating the shit out of people! It’s the beautiful imperfect nature of humanity that makes it all so forgiving. Now die.” He smiled while rearing up his next attack.

“Oh really now…” A voice questioned as a figure suddenly appeared behind Antoine and reached for his target with their ball.

Before they could reach Antoine’s target though, their throat was snatched up by one of Antoine’s tentacles and held in the air choking.

“Close one. I have no idea how you managed to sneak up behind me… but take this as a consolation prize…” Antoine covered his fist in the tiny robotic mosquitos and punched the boy in the stomach, launching him through one of the buildings and unconscious.

“Damn… he’s way stronger than he was at the sports festival… And now that he can use his equipment he’s unstoppable!”

“Don’t give up yet! I didn’t want to do this but… it looks like I have no choice…” He smiled despite the tense and terrible situation.

The students who were uninjured and still wanting to fight against Antoine had their bodies covered in a golden light.

“Whoa.. I feel lighter….”

“I feel like my fists can cave through steel!” A student said while punching the air.

“I can think much more clearly now….”

The students who were about to give up on ever defeating Antoine, gained new confidence! They attacked together towards the boy as Antoine marked the boy who caused the golden lights to appear. A girl wearing a Chinese-based hero costume ran towards him and palmed towards his face. He crossed his arms while casually swaying his head from left to right as the girl continued to assault him with quick and nimble attacks.

“You’re pretty cute you know. I’m liking the Chinese design. How about after these exams, I get your number and we can get to know each other a bit more?” Antoine chatted as the girl’s face turned slightly red and her attacks turned fiercer.

“Like I would date a cheater like you! A man who knows no honor is no man at all!”

“ANNNNNNNN WRONG ANSWER!” Antoine yelled like a buzzer from a game show as he tripped the girl off her feet and his tentacle slammed her into the ground.

Another student quickly attacked after he took out that girl and suddenly his tentacles were inactive.

“Interesting.. A tech based quirk or a metal based one?” Antoine asked before getting assaulted from behind by a kid whose quirk transformed them into a half man half spider being.

They slashed, whipped, and stomped at him with his large spider legs. Antoine hopped away and held onto the side of a building with his fingers. He looked down on the increasingly confident students.

“We got him now! He’s trapped like a rat!”

“Keep it and up and we’ll have this cheater eliminated!”

“I can keep buffing you guys for a couple more minutes! Let him have it!”

Antoine grinned.

“I’m really being looked down on huh…” He muttered as he reached behind his lab coat and pulled out a large bazooka.




They quickly came after him but before they could reach him, he jumped off the side of the building and on top of one of the rooftops. He shot the bazooka and a missile fired into the air.


“How clumsy of me. My aims been getting worse lately. I think i have to take a shit.” Antoine said with a casual smile as the missile suddenly broke apart and split into multiple tiny missiles.

The tiny missiles then rained down from above and targeted whoever was near them.

“LOOK OUT!!!!”

The battlefield turned into chaos as explosions covering the city in smoke and destroyed buildings. The sounds of injured students below along with screaming and crying caused a wide grin to appear on Antoine’s face before suddenly a strange gulf of wind began taking everyone’s balls, the smoke, and the fire engulfing the city.

“Inasa Yoarashi….” Antoine’s eyes turned serious while his face looked annoyed.

“I believe that heroes need to have some hot blood!!! And with everyone fighting so heatedly, I can’t help myself!! Let me feel your heated souls as well!!!” He shouted from atop a rooftop as he sent the giant cyclone of fire, wind, and balls down towards the students below.

“Ah finally someone else cleared it….” He muttered as he was awakened by the sound of someone passing. “Wait a minute…. 119 EXAMINEES ARE NOW OUT! 119 HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT BY A SINGLE PERSON, WHO THERBY PASSES THE EXAM!!” He shouted to all the remaining students.

“What a piece of shit…” Antoine muttered before appearing behind the super energetic student.

“You got lucky Commander Egghead… If you get in my way next time, I’ll fucking destroy you.” Antoine told him as numerous mosquitoes flew onto his body and disappeared into his tentacles.

“You’re pretty fierce too! Although it’s a shame I didn’t manage to get you out, with our blazing passion, we’ll surely meet again!!!” He shouted before walking off.

Antoine took off to more locations to scout for quirks and just to beat the shit out of people.


“Hey be careful! Don’t let his gum touch you or you’ll get stuck!”

“Don’t worry I know!”

As they two were dodging a bubble gum themed student and his quirk. A sudden figure came into existence and appeared behind one of the boys. The newcomer wrapped their arms around the boy’s neck and silently choked him out.

“Hey Menetsu! Let’s use our team attack!” The boy’s friend called out. He waited a few seconds for his friend to respond but there was no answer. He turned around and noticed that his buddy was unconscious and eliminated! But that brief moment for when he looked at his partner, the hidden figure appeared behind the boy and took him down to the ground. They wrenched the boy’s arm behind his back and causing him to loudly shout in pain before also getting eliminated.

The figure got up and wiped their forehead with a wide grin on their face.

“Completed! This first part was a piece of cake!” Toru said happily as she walked towards the Ante Room, or the room where the winners stay.

“Our first winner huh… That was quicker than usual.” The announcer said before telling everyone of the first winner of the first part of the exam.


Yuga was on a bridge-like area where students were having a free for all. He saw some explosions and electricity on the other side of the bridge and wondered if those were his classmates’ quirks. He moved in towards a person whose attention was directed elsewhere and punched them in the liver from behind with his boxing gloves. The student dropped to their knees from the excruciating pain and before he could eliminate him, Yuga was attacked by two others. One had a pink gooey body while the other turned into solid gold. The gooey once leapt at him and the gold one ran at him while sinking into the concrete slightly from his weight.

“I know him! He’s from U.A.! He’s the kid who can shoot lasers from his stomach!”

“He’s pretty good at fighting, so I’ll handle him! I won’t even feel a thing from his punches. Capture him when you can!” The gold one said.

“I can hear you guys…” Yuga said embarrassedly as he prepared himself for the golden student.

The gold boy sent a wild right towards Yuga’s head which he swayed away from easily. Yuga rapidly punched the golden figure and he started laughing.

“You can’t hurt me with that level of strength!” He grabbed towards Yuga who avoided him and got on the side of the boy before punching him in the side of the face as a laser shot out of his elbow and waist, improving the power of his punch greatly, not to mention additionally adding a laser shot after his punch to the golden boy’s face. The student’s quirk faded as he crashed through the metal bars on the bridge and falling off the bridge.

“YUGIMORI!!!” The gooey boy yelled as Yuga threw his shades into the air and punched a laser beam out of his fist towards the lenses of the glasses. The shades appeared over the slime boy’s head and laser deflected off of the shades and blasted down on the gooey student like an orbital beam from space! The boy was obliterated into hundreds of tiny pink goop and Yuga eliminated him with his balls.

After eliminating the duo, Yuga continued further down the bridge, after picking up his shades, to win this part of the exam and eliminate another contestant. Eventually he met up with Bakugou, Kirishima, and Kaminari fighting against other students as well.

“Is that Aoyama?!” Kirishima said with his hardening quirk activating and fighting against a green panther.

“Hi guys!” Yuga greeted.

“Shining Bastard….” Bakugou muttered as he grabbed the head of a cow-headed student and exploded their head. He let them fall to the ground as they fainted.

“Yooo Aoyama! Nice to see another one of us here!” Kaminari said as he fired off electricity and shocked 3 enemy students.

Yuga was suddenly shot at from behind by a strange substance. He dodged and someone appeared from above and kicked down towards him with a diving kick after the weird projectile that was shot at him.

“Nice reactions.” They complimented.

Yuga kept silent and focused on the spider-themed opponent.

“Not much of a talker huh? Well that’s fine too. I’ll be eliminating you now. No hard feelings bud.” He said while shrugging his shoulder and leaping towards Yuga.

Yuga rushed forward and before the slender boy could land attempted to punch him from where he would be landing. The boy agilely twisted his torso and avoided the attack while kicking at Yuga after landing. Yuga ducked and turned around with a straight punch that was also narrowly avoided. Yuga then began his offensive assault and continued to fire punch after punch at the student. But it seemed no matter how many punches he sent or how fast they got, the boy was capable of just barely dodging them.

“Whoa! You’re good! Even I’m!! Having a hard time keeping up with you! Do you work out?” He asked while seemingly still joking around.

Yuga continued to not respond as he continued to rapidly punch at the boy who was slowly beginning to get tired.

“Hey isn’t this enough now…? We can just call it quits now you know… If you’re getting tired you can tell me bro!” The kid said before attempting to hop away and gain some distance from the untiring sparkling beast.

Yuga shot a laser beam in the boy’s direction that just slightly missed and only grazed the boy’s costume.

“You might want to work on that aiming Twinkles!” He joked before suddenly. “AGH!!!” He was shot in the back by Yuga’s laser that deflected off of his shades that he threw earlier in the fight and knocked to the ground.

Yuga walked over and eliminated the spider boy who couldn’t even move anymore.

“You got me good…. Yuga Aoyama…. Even with my arachnid senses, I didn’t see that coming…”

“It was nice fighting with you. I didn’t respond before because I didn’t know if your quirk could be activated by me responding.” He explained.

“Weirdo…. That would be a pretty awesome quirk though….” The boy said as he accepted his lost and fainted.

Yuga wiped off the sweat on his forehead with a relieved smile on his face.

“I got this.”


A figure appeared, crashing from the sky, and into the middle of the bridge.

“WHERE’S THAT FUCKING SQUINTY-EYED GNAT!?” A very familiar voice shouted.

“Antoine?! Why are you still here??” Yuga asked, knowing how easy it should have been for Antoine to win already.

“Duh! To fuck some bitches up!” He replied as one of his tentacles snaked towards a student and smashed them into the metal bars on the side of the bridge.


“Nice going Neil! Now they’re teaming up against us!” Kaminari complained.

“Deal with it you fucking pussy. This should be your greatest chance. In fact…” Antoine muttered before one of his tentacles snatched up Kaminari and threw him towards the horde of incoming students.

“YOU CRAZY JERK!!!!!!! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!!” He shouted while his body sparked and electrified before letting off a huge electrical discharge and taking out a large portion of the students on the bridge and afterwards having his brain short circuit from the overload of electricity.

“Yay……” He repeated while raising his thumbs up and drooling.

“Afro Bastard…. Don’t get in my way or I’ll blast you as well!”

“Whatever princess. I’ll be gone in a second.” Antoine said as he appeared over the purple haired flesh manipulating quirk kid.

He had his robo bugs take his blood before taking off towards the main area where Midoriya was. He had to deal with a certain crazy fan-favorite villain and store a few more quirks!! He took out his glider from behind his back (Inventory) and took off.

“Hmph.. I guess he really did leave in a second. I wonder what he even came here for.” Kirishima said eliminating his second contestant and winning the first part of the exam.

“Take Drooly and make him take some of these mobs out.” Bakugou ordered as he also eliminated his second person and winning the round.

Antoine soon appeared over the completely demolished rocky terrain and spotted Midoriya and a naked girl fighting.

He grinned as he leapt off of his glider and towards the disguised villain. She managed to spot him just in time before he landed and dodged his grab. Antoine continued to swipe and grab at the naked villain who managed to just barely stay out of his reach.

“NEIL!?!” Midoriya said surprised.

“Hey, you were wiling to play around with that cabbage headed fuck but not give the time of day for me?” Antoine said while continuing to grab at her.

“You’re not my type. Go away.” She responded in complete disinterest.

“Well I’m not particularly interested in yanderes either but we can bang okay? Your body is lit as fuck.” Antoine said as suddenly fired a round bullet into her gut and caused her to groan in pain before taking off and exiting the battlefield.

‘That tracker should last me a while. Toga’s pretty prominent later on in the story so, she won’t die before that tracker can become useful.’ Antoine thought.

“Thanks Neil. But did you know her?” Midoriya asked.

“Yeah. I guess you can say something like that.” He answered disinterestedly before taking off as Sero and Uraraka showed up.

“I just can’t understand what drives him……” Midoriya muttered.

“What was that Deku?” Uraraka asked.

He shook his head before teaming up with the two to win the first part of the exam. Antoine appeared on the chaotic battlefield.

“HERES A U.A. STUDENT RIPE FOR THE TAKING!!! COME FOR ME!!!” He shouted before vanishing and clotheslining into a student’s throat and knocking him away into a bunch of other kids.


Antoine gut punched a student into the air and appeared above him before double fisting hammer punching their back and launching them into the ground. He dodged a pink orb aimed for his head and kneed another student in their chest and took their breath away, they dropped to the ground incapacitated as Antoine was assaulted on all fronts. He only laughed as he continued to mercilessly crush the other students while his bugs drained the blood of certain ones.

“Pop goes the weakling!” Antoine joked as he stomped a student into the ground and then grabbed their unconscious body to beat other students with.

“HEY ISN’T HE YOUR FRIEND!? WHY IS HE HITTING YOU?! COME SAVE HIM! DON’T RUN AWAY!!” Antoine taunted as he used the unconscious body of their friend to beat other students with before throwing them towards a fleeing student.

Another projectile was heading towards him according to Lackey, but he already sniffed out the object beforehand. He ducked and was about to pummel the person who threw it but the boomerangs returned back and headed straight for his head. He avoided them again but they just homed in on him as they turned around.

“Fine. You wanna play with toys. I’ll show you toys.” Antoine said as he reached into his lab coat (Inventory) and pulled out two completely smoothed out tonfas.

His tentacles caught the boomerangs and crushed them into pieces as Antoine whipped the two sticks and turned them into miniature helicopter blades. The eventually reached the owner of the boomerangs and he dodged them despite their terrifying speed and spinning, but before he knew it they doubled back and struck him in the back and side. He shouted out in agonizing pain as he dropped to the ground.

Antoine smirked.

“You’re not the only asshole who can control thrown projectiles.” He said as the sticks returned back to Antoine.

Antoine looked over the terribly destroyed and chaotic battlefield and managed to spot a few members of his class.

“Heh… Idiots! Aoyama isn’t here to bring you all together this time. I wonder how things will turn out without Sparkles shooting his laser into the sky.” Antoine murmured as his glider flew down towards him.

He hopped on and flew in the sky before hearing someone yell something.

“Isn’t that Neil?” Mineta asked.

“That is him! We have to follow him! If we can see it everyone else can see it too!”

“You bastards… Don’t fucking come to me!!!” Antoine yelled as the previously split up members of Class A came together at his location along with the fallen bodies of his untagged victims.

“You lucky bastards… YOU ALL OWE ME FOR THIS! MINETA, IIDA, KODA, TOKOYAMI, SATO, OJIRO, AND ASHIDO!” Antoine yelled as they eliminated the people he crushed earlier and passed this round. Antoine tentacles stretched and eliminated two people below from on top of his glider and flew towards the winner’s ground.



“ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!” U.A members cheered together.


“Everybody in U.A. made it through to the next phase!!”

Antoine rubbed his head in annoyance.

“Lucky bastards… although… that was pretty fun….” Antoine softly smiled thinking back on his use of Broly’s fighting style he uploaded into Lackey. “I gained a few nice skills as well.”

[Throwing Lv1 – You have learned how to throw things! Congrats! If you keep throwing things enough you’ll be able to throw a dart at an ant in complete darkness! Or throw an ant with the force of a cannon ball! The possibilities are endless.

2% Damage increase in all thrown projectiles.

2% Speed increase in all thrown projectiles.

1% Accuracy increase.

More effects will be added as this skill is increased in rank.]

[Basic Hand-To-Hand Combat Lv1 – You walked onto the path of a brawler! Continue honing your fighting skills and soon you will be able to defeat even the heavens themselves in combat!

2% Damage increase thorough weaponless combat.

2% Attack speed increase.

3% Increase to Str & Vit.]

[Kick Mastery Lv1 – So, you like using your legs eh? Keep that up and no one will be able to contest you in a battle of skill.

5% Damage increase through all kicks.

5% Attack speed increase when using legs to attack.

More effects will be added as this skill is increased in rank.]

[Grapple Mastery Lv1 – OOOOH YEAH BROTHER!! You have begun the path of a true close combat fighter! All types of grabs and hold are yours to eventually master. If you keep at it you’ll become the greatest fighter in the world.

5% Damage increase through all grab attacks.

2% Defense increase during combat.

More effects will be added as this skill is increased in rank.]

[Muscle Augmentation Quirk Lv1 – You have somehow managed to acquire two quirks! This quirk gives its user the ability to manipulate and amplify their muscles. With the Craftsman system, improving this quirk to unknown heights is now possible!

3% Increase in Agl, Vit, Str

Can manipulate muscles.

Can amplify muscles.

More effects will be added as this skill is increased in rank.]

[Body Combat Mastery Lv1 – So you like to fight wild huh? Using your head, elbow, arms, and even chest to fight against opponents! Mastering this skill will allow you to fight against swordsmen and even bullets with just your tongue.

5% Damage increase through all attacks that aren’t the hands and legs.

2% Defense increase during combat.

More effects will be added as this skill is increased in rank.]

[Artillery Lv1 – KABOOOM! So you like to fire weapons of mass destruction and small destruction? This skill will help you increase the amount of annihilation you can cause through your various artillery weapons.

2% Damage increase through all artillery weaponry.

All Artillery shells have a 2% chance of exploding twice.

1% Explosion range increase through all artillery shells.]

[Taunting lv5 – You really like upsetting people… AND THIS SKILL WILL HELP YOU DO IT EVEN BETTER! As this skill gets more and more experience you’ll be able to drive anyone into an uncontrolled rage.

5% Chance of enraging target and forcing them into a mindless rage.

15% Chance of enraging target and forcing them into a state of anger.

25% Chance of annoying target.

10% Defense increase after successfully taunting an opponent.]


Name: Antoine Neil

Lv31 0/31000

Stamina: 400/400

Health: Superb

Title: Villain Punisher

Money: $210,000

Str: C- (SS- with current equipment)

Agl: B (S with current equipment)

Vit: C- (B+ with current equipment)

Int: SS

Cha: C- (C+ with current equipment}

Luc: C

SP: 44]

A note from CaptainBoyHole

And here it is! The first part of the exam in its entirety. I think this chapter turned out pretty well overall but what do you guys think? Is there anything you guys wished to see that i didn't include? 

Besides the gear effects which i forgot haha! My bad everyone. I'm still trying to decide what the hell i should put each gear effect for what gear. Give me some of your ideas! I already got quite a few last time and was very amused seeing someone saying to put the infinite on his wallet and gain infinite money!

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