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Antoine appeared in front of the woman holding Teri hostage and managed to punch her in the face while his tentacles grabbed Teri. The white mist villain placed his mist at the exit so that Antoine couldn’t escape while the shaking one threw a downward punch at Antoine’s back. Antoine vanished once more and smashed through the wall with his tentacles. He looked back with a conflicted look on his face.

‘The urge I have to brutally pummel every one of these villainous scum into a coma and the need to follow the law are too conflicting. Getting reprimanded for saving Teri doesn’t sound very appealing. But where would my pride be as the future #1 Pro Hero be if I just let it end like this?!’ Antoine gritted his teeth as he looked back between Teri and the criminals..

Antoine was forced to choose between his pride or his career.

“FUCK!!!!!” He shouted as his tentacles smashed the area around him. He dashed off and retreated as fast as he could following the map Lackey made after his scanning. He blitzed past any criminals in his way and managed to escape the underground hideout without a scratch on him. Teri fainted from the high-speed movement but Antoine didn’t let off a breath of relief despite his fantastic escape. He placed Teri against the alleyway’s wall and summoned Tiptop, Sarah, and 3 more robots. These three weren’t the size of children though like Tiptop and Sarah. He ordered them to cover their faces and to “Fuck those shitbags up. I want them all to feel the pain they caused to my poor heroic mind and body. By the time you all are finished, their bodies or spirits better be broken and in constant suffering.” The robots nodded and charged down into the hideout.

Antoine grinned in a not so heroic manner as he had something very enjoyable to watch later. He carried Teri over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as he locked onto Tetsu’s phone signal. His tentacles shapeshifted into wheels and Antoine sped his way on over to Tetsu while watching his creations deal out justice in his steed.

Sarah was currently dodging one of the goons trying to stomp her. Still on all fours, she stabbed her fingers into his leg and tossed him into the wall before pouncing on top of him and bashing his head against the wall. Tiptop deflected a criminal’s attacks who was trying to beat him with a metal bat by kicking the bat each time it came near him. The mook eventually got angry and used his quirk, but in the midst of activating his quirk Tiptop kicked him in the stomach, forcing him to puke his lunch out. As he was throwing up, Tiptop appeared above the criminal and axe kicked the back of his skull, knocking him unconscious into his pile of vomit.

The third robot had the appearance of an extreme body builder. Antoine based him off of the most ripped and musclebound freaks he knew. The ideal male image, he would say. Similar to those like All Might, Jiren, or the Hulk. He laughed loudly in a voice similar to that of a great bruiser type hero as a villain attempted to harm him with his quirk. His arms transformed into flaming wheels as it spun on the muscle robot’s chest harmlessly. He looked up to see the masked man with intellectual glasses and wearing a suit and tie wagging his finger in a disapproving manner as he lifted him up in suplex position and with a sickening slam to the ground, nearly broke the villain’s spine. He laughed heroically as he focused his vision on the next criminal.


The fourth robot looked nearly identical to a certain fast bird from Looney Tunes.

“Neep! Neep!” The robot honked as it rapidly kicked a criminal into the wall. The criminal’s body continued to go deeper and deeper into the wall as the bird tall as a regular man knocked him out of commission and made his body into an art piece stuck in the wall. But as the bird was finishing up its first opponent, another snuck from behind and wrapped himself around the long-necked robot.

“My quirk allows me ooze out a paralytic substance that can paralyze a person up to 5 minutes! Say goodnight bird freak!” He exclaimed as the bird stuck its head into the ground, forcing the sudden ambusher to fall face first into the floor and to go unconscious from the hard impact.

“Neep! Neep!” The robot exclaimed in a satisfied tone.

“RunnerRoad. Scout ahead and locate our next enemies.” The final robot commanded as he checked all the incapacitated criminals.

The bird vanished from its previous spot.

“Ah this one has internal bleeding and could die of blood loss. Although our creator gave us the order to cause them to “feel the pain they caused his poor heroic heart.” He vocally mimicked perfectly, “do not go overboard. Master’s ultimate rule was to never kill, directly nor indirectly.” He reminded the robots as he knocked out the criminal with internal bleeding out with knockout gas and then began cutting him open.

The robot dressed up as a doctor began performing surgery on the incapacitated man, expertly handling his tools and then carefully and slowly patching up the criminal’s injury.

“You all can go on ahead and deal with the rest of these rabble. If you need repairs come to me. I’ll be down there soon. I am the Medic after all.” He told them as he continued his work with his gloves and tools covered in blood.

The rest of the robots followed his command and eventually tore their way all the way to the boss. The bear headed boss stood behind a desk completely split in half.

“Who the hell are you people?” He asked rudely.

Sarah growled.

“Haha! Looks like you have messed with the wrong wrestler!” Prof. Infinite said as he cracked his knuckles and walked toward the Mr. Griz. The teleporter used his quirk and engulfed the four bots in his white mist but before he could warp them, Tiptop rapidly spun on its head and managed to blow the mist away from them. He then quickly spun on over to the foggy villain while RunnerRoad and Sarah dealt with the shaking villain. Prof. Infinite took on the head villain by himself.

“HAHAHAHAH!!!! THEY’RE FANTASTIC!!! AND THESE ARE ONLY THE FIRST MODELS! GOOD! KICK THEIR FUCKING ASSES MY BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS! MAKE THIS DADDY PROUD!” Antoine cheered as he met up with Tetsu and the police arresting all of the criminals that they beat earlier.

“Teri!? Neil!?” Tetsu shouted as he saw them.

“Yeah it’s us. It turns out the villains had a teleporter on their team and took me to their base. They tried to force me to work with them by holding Teri hostage. But they severely underestimated the future #1 Pro Hero, and I managed to escape with Teri completely fine. She just fainted from my special move I had to pull off to escape.” He explained to Tetsu and the surrounding officers.

Tetsu’s face seemed to relax as he took Teri off of Antoine’s hands.

“Can you tell us the location of the hideout boy?” One of the officers asked.

“Yeah. Follow the coordinates on this device and you’ll find the shitbags.” Antoine said as he threw a small box-like device at the cop. The cop caught it and started discussing their next plan of operation with Tetsu. Teri was taken away to the hospital even though she was basically fine.

“Antoine wait back at the agency for me! I’ll be right back.” Tetsu was taken along with the police squad to Mr. Griz’s hideout.

“Lackey. Tell them to hurry it up and vacate the premises. If they can’t do it before the cops swarm the place, assume stationary mode and wait for further instructions.” Antoine said aloud.

He started walking back to the agency just like Tetsu ordered while watching his beautiful works make him proud. Tiptop already managed to analyze and subjugate the teleporter. It learned that the teleporter’s quirk was useless against its wind generation via spinning and had no close combat capabilities. It easily took him out without issue and did a celebratory victory break dance.

‘I didn’t think giving them programmed personality traits would lead to this… I’m excited to see where they’ll go from here.’

RunnerRoad and Sarah beat the shaking criminal to an inch of his life. Those two weren’t very good at holding back after being forced to face against a quirk like that. His quirk caused his body to rapidly vibrate and if he landed a hit on an opponent, he could easily slip past their defenses and deal internal damage through vibrations. It seems he wasn’t capable of using the vibrations in the air as an attack itself but getting in close range with that guy is basically suicidal for any close-ranged fighters. Except against speedy fighters.

‘So that shaking fuckhead was basically a glass cannon huh.. RunnerRoad could outspeed him in combat and Sarah could avoid his attacks all while he couldn’t take much of their combined assault. His quirk does seem like it’s being wasted though.. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of vibrations.’

Prof. Infinite walked towards Mr. Griz and stood face to face with him. The two sharing no more than a couple feet apart. They stared into each other’s eyes before Mr. Griz took the first move. He shoulder bashed the Professor back a few feet and Infinite, in response, leapt towards Mr. Griz, dropkicking the criminal into the wall.

“FIRST LESSON! IF YOU CAN DISH IT OUT MAKE SURE YOU CAN TAKE IT TOO!” Prof. Infinite yelled as he ran towards Mr. Griz.

Griz shook his head to rid himself of the dizziness as he got out from the wall just as Infinite made it over to him. He swung his large fist at the charging wrestler and missed as the hulk of a man bent down low and tackled him even deeper into the wall. The criminal who was now stuck again in the wall, was forced to take the full onslaught of the wrestling bot.


Infinite grabbed Griz and put him in a fireman’s carry. (This is a technique is when a person places another across their shoulders.) The dazed and injured man groaned as Infinite jumped into the air and crashed into the floor back first, forcing Mr. Griz to take the full brunt of the slam. Blood spurt out from the large man’s mouth as Infinite released his body.

“SADLY THE LESSON ISN’T OVER YET MY NAUGHTY STUDENT! THERES ONE LAST LESSON I’VE YET TO TEACH YOU!” Prof. Infinite stated as he flipped Griz’s downed body over to his front and lifted his huge body up

“A MAN ALWAYS HAS TO FINISH BIG!!” Infinite power bombed him into the ground.

Griz spat up even more blood after receiving this attack and promptly fainted soon after having his body imprinted into the stone floor. Medic soon arrived from the stairs and scanned the bodies of the villains.

“Isn’t there one missing?” He asked.

“Woman! Woman is missing!” Sarah barked.

“How unfortunate… Our creator isn’t going to be pleased hearing this.” Medic said as he collected the briefcase full of cash and began exiting the hideout with the other robots.

“How she leave?” Sarah asked.

“Neep. Neep.” RunnerRoad responded.

A lightbulb seemed to have gone off above her head.

“SMOKE MAN MADE HER GONE!” She realized.

“Excellent deduction Sarah.” Medic complimented.

“Do we have to chase her down then? I kind of don’t wanna deal with a scaredy cat.” Tiptop whined.

“It is all up to the big man little man.” Infinite said as they all exited from the hideout and quickly fled before the cops showed up.


Antoine was inside the dojo or his “room” for the internship and was currently looking over his creations. He was watching over his support bot repairing the others for any repairs they might need. Despite not being able to deal with those fucksticks himself, having his creations deal out his frustration felt almost as good. His video showcasing the difference in Tetsu’s power with and without his equipment has gotten quite a few views. After his speech at the sports festival he’s gained a lot of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Although, not all of his new followers were supportive of him..

‘I wish I had that glove!!!’

‘this video is fake and gay. go to this website www.yourmomisfake& to get paid the big bucks.’

‘His stuff really is top of the line. Those robots look really strong.’

‘This youtuber is just a disgusting cheating scumbag! Don’t watch his videos!’

‘You’re just mad because the person you wanted to win probably got dropped out in the first part of the festival.’


Antoine smiled. It looks like the internet never changes no matter what world he’s in. He logged into his alt YouTube account and started replying to all the negative comments on his video by shit talking them. He didn’t spend too long doing this. Even though it was still fun to get into arguments online with people, it wouldn’t be very productive. Antoine then eyed the greatest treasure gained on this entire internship…. The briefcase!

Drool fell out of his mouth as he hugged, kissed, and licked the briefcase. He placed it inside his inventory as gently as possible and then spent the rest of the night and little bit of the morning training his skills up. Tetsu and Teri returned at noon and Antoine suddenly realized that it was his final day of interning here.

“Well. I can’t say it wasn’t fun interning under you Mr. Handy. I’ve gained a great amount on this internship. A great amount I’d say…” Antoine repeated with a little bit of greed flowing in his eyes and drool slightly coming out of his mouth.

“I’m happy you had such a great time. I always thought you looked kind of bored or not into it but I guess not.” He smiled relieved.

“Oh no, I was bored as shit Handy. Bored out of my fucking skull. But that’s okay. I’ve learned that not all hero work is glamorous and fantastic like the media shows. Even small-time heroes have their uses for society.”

“He’s not going to be small-time for long now Neil!” Teri added happily.

“You’re right. You better rise in the rankings with my gauntlet Handy. I don’t settle for anything less than Ultimate! Either become the Ultimate wielder of that glove or become an Ultimate hero! I’m counting on you to raise your sister into a great wife for me!” Antoine said as he left out the door with all of his stuff.

“Wife?” Tetsu said confused.

Teri just covered her red face in her hands as she yelled at Antoine.


Antoine smiled at her comment as he walked to the train station in his civilian clothes. He didn’t notice this but a certain mysterious woman could be seen walking him from above the rooftops with a smile on her face.

“He’s too talented to be such a goody goody. The boss probably already has his sights on him…” She muttered before jumping from rooftop to rooftop.



“DON’T FORGET YOU’RE STILL GROUNDED!” His mother replied back.

“FUCK!” He shouted before covering his mouth.

His mom jumped down the stairs before leaping right towards him with her foot aimed straight at his chest. Antoine cried out as his mom nearly dive kicked him through the house of the wall.

“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” He retorted.

Her eyes turned steely.

“It better have been you little…” She pulled his afro before hugging him. Antoine hugged her back.

“Yeah yeah I missed you too fish breathe.” Antoine said before getting bopped on top of the headed and growing a bump.

“I love you, you little troublemaker.” Alisha said as she walked upstairs.

“Tch… I love you too.” He spat before going into his room and calling up his friends.

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