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The criminals inside came rushing down the stairs towards Antoine. His two robots went after the goons while his tentacles switched into whip form. They cracked, swiped, and whipped at the men and it didn’t take more than that really to incapacitate them. His robots also easily dealt with the thugs and along with Antoine they moved up the stairs taking care of any mobs coming at them.

Antoine sighed.

“Maybe this crime busting stuff isn’t for me. While it is really satisfying to see my works being useful and fantastic, I’m not getting any enjoyment out of beating these guys. I guess there was a reason why heroes aren’t allowed to make arrests and shit. I guess that’s fine. I mean I couldn’t imagine seeing fucking Superman going after some drug dealers or the Hulk stopping some bank robbers. And seeing that I’m going to become one of the greatest heroes, I can’t be going after these small-time criminals in person!” Antoine absentmindedly chattered on as his robots and tentacles effectively took down the drug dealers.

By the time Antoine came to, the criminals were all knocked out and tied up.

“Maybe I should’ve just went after Stain and followed the plot like a good boring ole boy…” Antoine said to himself before a strange figure dressed in all black arrived at the window.

“Did you assholes manage to get the shit or will I have to…..” Her voice got caught in her throat as she noticed the costumed teen and the litter of bodies.

“Did I manage to come across a sinister plot in the making?” Antoine smirked.

The newcomer left as soon as she came without a word more. Antoine ran to the window and mysterious criminal seemed to have vanished.

“What a fortuitous encounter! This has the smell of a great investigation at work. Too bad that’s left for the cops!” Antoine grinned as he left the building and took the unconscious Tetsu along with him. He heard police sirens in the distance on his way out.

He gave the kids tiny little autonomous toys as he left the slums and went off to a local park. He laid Tetsu on one of the benches as Tiptop cleaned up any trash it saw and Sarah played on the monkey bars.

‘I already have the design for Tetsu’s equipment but I’ll need to do a bit more research with him later.’ Antoine thought as he was building a mechanical glove.

Antoine was currently waiting for Tetsu to wake up, so they can return back to the agency. He couldn’t very well bring the unconscious man back with his little sister around. She’ll definitely be a headache if I bring him back in this state. It didn’t take much longer for the man to wake up and after Antoine explained what happened and some useful intervention by his Lv3 Acting skill, all was well and dandy.’

The two returned back to the agency and night came. Tetsu went into one of the rooms upstairs and fell asleep while Antoine went back into that open room from this morning and got on his laptop. His mother wasn’t aware of this secret laptop and this is because he built it himself. It wasn’t the best laptop he could’ve made but it got the job done. He spent most of the night playing games but around 4 or 5 am, he somehow stumbled upon a video of a frog that manifested a quirk. Its skin turned into something like armor and any predators trying to attack it was foiled due to not being able to get past its defenses.

‘Huh.. If animals like that frog and mice like the school president are capable of gaining quirks, then surely bugs and plants are capable of manifesting quirks as well right? Wait.. What the hell even a quirk? I know it said something about the absence or presence of an extra joint in the toe. One joint equals quirk and two joints equals quirkless but what about animals with quirks? Do they have an extra joint in their toe as well? Does it take 4 years for them to develop their quirks? What about animals that don’t live as long as 4 years?’ As Antoine asked question after question without any answer in sight.

‘Then that also leads me to another line of thinking. If plants were to manifest quirks could they be isolated and combined with the human DNA? Like what if a plant’s quirk allowed it to manipulate solar energy? If a human ate that solar energy plant would they get that ability as well or would there need to be a special process of taking it for themselves? What if a plant with strong regenerative properties and a plant with fire manipulation were somehow cross bred? Would they create a hybrid plant with composite quirks of its parents and would that plant give a person the ability to manipulate fire and regenerate from anything?” He decided he’ll find the answer on his own. He began studying up on different topics regarding botany, biology, chemistry, quirks, and zoology.

He stayed up studying all about the human body, plant physiology, numerous animal physiologies, chemical elements and compounds, and quirks. Gaining a few new skills regarding those topics and with his S+ ranked Int stat, he was basically an expert on those topics already. Antoine’s brain was basically comparable to a computer at this point in his life and understood that since there was no magic in this world which the intelligence stat usually powers, it must have been just directly improving his brain. He also tried to check if the intelligence stat would impower his quirk because it seems like it made sense but no. His quirk was directly influenced by his strength stat and skill level of his shark quirk.

“Well it seems I’ll have to rent or make my own lab soon to test any of these ideas out. Not to mention I need to find subjects with quirks to study on and then animals and plants to test on. And then…. Well fuck. I need a lot of shit to get this even going but by the end of my research, I may have the ability to create serums that can imbue me with numerous powers and abilities! But first things first! Money! Once this internship is over, I need to start developing shit for those juicy fat companies willing to give me money for them.”

The door to the room was opened.

“Ready to go on Patrol Neil?” Tetsu asked already in his costume.

‘Fuck. I forgot to work on the gauntlet.’ Antoine suddenly remembered. “I’ll be out in a second.” He responded.

Throughout the week, Antoine was taken along by Tetsu doing the type of hero work that would be saved for the boring type of heroes. He worked on the weapon for Tetsu while also having numerous bug bots flying all over the city to try and catch any sight of that woman but all he found were just more small-time criminals. He sent Tiptop and Sarah around to deal with those types of criminals since he couldn’t be bothered. It seems that a certain drug was circulating among the criminals in this city and Antoine thinks he has an idea of what it might be. But no signs of any random quirk usage or increased quirk usage in the slightest, so to be honest he was quite stumped at the moment with the lack of intel and the law breakers knowing that someone is out looking for them it’s getting harder to know what’s happening.

He received a call from Yuga and he informed him about how he, Todoroki, Midoriya, and Iida were in the hospital but never told him how he got in the hospital. Even though he already knew that the boys fought against Stain. Antoine asked how in all fucks did Yuga get scouted by Papa Todoroki but Yuga seemed to be too scared to have asked Endeavor such a question and just learned as much as he could. Toru was training under the combat hero Gunhead along with Uraraka and seemed to be having a great time. So overall his friends were living up their internships while his was rather dry so far. Except his interactions with Teri. Cute girl but kind of a brocon. Her attitude also needs some work but no person is without their flaws.

It’s the sixth day and Antoine finally managed to finish Tetsu’s new gear. He had Tetsu come inside the dojo room with the wide-open space and smiled. It was the Infinity Gauntlet! Including all the stones already present inside the glove. Of course they weren’t the real stones but with the system already knowing what item he had in mind, it decided to add a few extra effects for each stone!

[Infinite Glove – This weapon has been crafted by a fledgling craftsman and branded with their signature symbol. The original version was said to have managed to wipe out all life in all of the universe. This weapon was strong enough to force celestials to bow down to the wielder of it! Unfortunately, this one doesn’t even have 1% of the originals power. But it’s still decent work.

+80 Str added to stats when equipped.

+60 Vit added to stats when equipped.

Able to channel and release electricity with destructive power.

Wielder is capable of sensing any life around them. As user’s experience with the gauntlet increase, so does the sensing range.

Able to impower the wielder’s strength x2 for 5 minutes at the cost of the glove deactivating afterwards.

User is able to sense any telepathic quirks being used around them.

Wielder has a low chance of resisting reality-bending quirks.]

“Well holy shit! Considering that I made this with only average materials (Average compared to U.A’s stuff) it’s basically a masterpiece for any normal person! But maybe copying certain weapons from various fictions isn’t enough… Eventually I’ll have to take those references and build upon them and create something even bigger than the originals! The lantern’s rings are something I definitely got to somehow build though.. and maybe Thor’s hammers… and Spiderman’s web slingers…. And Captain America’s shield… and….” Antoine was suddenly interrupted during his monologue as Teri interrupted him.

“GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!! We didn’t come in here to hear you mumbling to yourself like an insane person!” She told him.

“My bad my bad.” Antoine chuckled. “Put this on your right hand and let’s see how much stronger you are now.” Antoine said as he grabbed three suitcases from his bookbag (Inventory) and threw them in the air. The metal suitcases shapeshifted into three adult humanoid figures.

Tetsu transformed using his quirk and oh and behold! The gauntlet took place of the white glove form he always had.

“Whoa… I feel… stronger.. better than I ever felt before…” Tetsu said as he clinched his hand into a fist and the threw a punch, blowing a strong wind behind his fist.

Antoine’s and Teri’s hair were blown back by the gust and Antoine smiled.

“Looking fucking fantastic already!” Antoine exclaimed.

“Whoa! Big brother you can definitely get more recognition with that glove!” Teri agreed.

“Yeah I feel amazing..! Neil. Thank you so much for this gift.” He said sincerely.

“Yeah yeah no problem. You ready to test out your new strength?” He asked.

“You bet!” Tetsu replied as he faced the three robots.

“When we had you fight these guys Thursday, you had quite a bit of trouble defeating them. Let’s see how you do now! Attack!” Antoine ordered.

On Thursday, Tetsu got the absolute shit beaten out of him by these practice bots and Antoine recorded it all. He even gained a skill for treating Tetsu afterwards.

[Basic Healing Lv1 – You have stepped onto the path of a healer and have helped or healed someone for some reason. Continue helping others through various treatments and in the future, you’ll be able to cure and help anyone.

+1% increase in curing ailments in patients.

+1% increase in accurately diagnosing injuries, diseases, common ailments, and applying proper treatment with precision and efficiency.]

‘Definitely a useful skill to have now before I start my research on quirks and the like. I’ll have to find a way to train it.’ Antoine viciously smiled as Tetsu started his rematch against the training bots. He already had a bug bot recording as Tetsu, the now giant floating Infinity Gauntlet with a golden U on the back of the glove, channeled blue electricity around himself. He shaped himself into a finger gun and just as the robots got close, fired off a lightning bolt that pierced straight through one of the robots and took it out of commission.

Teri cheered her brother on while Antoine was busy thinking of improvements to add to the training bots. Tetsu continued with his battle as one of the training bots kicked towards him and the other punched down from above. Tetsu, filled with more power than ever before, flattened the kicking robot into the floor and after being punched and barely feeling anything, he grabbed the punching bot in his hand and crushed it into pile of metal, gears, and bolts.

“Well holy shit, I think you just ranked up two whole tiers with that son of a bitch.” Antoine congratulated as he swept up the training bots and put them into his bookbag. (Inventory)

“I can’t thank you enough Neil.. This gift means a lot more to me than you think it does…” Tetsu said back in his human form nearly on the verge of tears.

‘It feels kind of good to help people out… But I don’t see why this guy is this happy about it. Being Master Hand’s lesser relative seems like a decent quirk to me. Although it does have a few weaknesses like being unable to deal with elemental quirks like fire or lightning, or grabbing people who can turn their body’s sharp or into liquid, or telepaths but no quirk is without weaknesses. It’s a pretty decent quirk if I say so myself.’

“Let’s go on patrol already ya big baby. The only people I want thanking me like that are beautiful girls and children.” Antoine said with a smirk as he left the dojo room and equipped his hero costume, waiting outside for Tetsu.

He waited a few moments but the person he was expecting didn’t show up and another took his place.

“I’m… I’m sorry for being so mean to you this past week… I just…” Antoine shushed her.

“If you really want to apologize just give me a kiss on the cheek as payment.” Antoine joked before laughing loudly.

Teri huffed and puffed as her face turned red from his teasing. Antoine turned his face and suddenly felt a peck on his cheek. He turned towards her flabbergasted and only managed to see her running back inside.

“Uh….” Antoine muttered in a daze.

“WE SHOULD TALK SOME MORE!!!” He yelled before she could get out of hearing range.

“Talk about what?” Tetsu asked now in his hero costume with the infinity gauntlet strapped to his wrist.

“Oh nothing.. Let’s head out..” Antoine responded. ‘This is definitely the best arc so far. I just got me a girliefriend.’

So, Antoine and Tetsu headed out on patrol as usual and everything seemed to go just as it usually does until the two heard a scream down an alley way. Antoine and Tetsu ran over to investigate and saw a nerdly looking teen clutching his bookbag as a man and woman threatening him with their quirks aimed at him. The man’s head transformed into an alligator’s and the woman had sand swirling around her fist.

“Help me!” The victim shouted before getting smashed against the wall by the woman’s sand and knocked unconscious.

“I think that’s our queue to pop into action. Unauthorized use of quirks in public and using them to assault a defenseless civilian.” Antoine stated as his tentacles spurred into life as they waved around.

“I think you’re a little too late heroes…. You’ve already lost.” The sand woman said as numerous people started charging into the alleyway with weapons and a certain familiar set of tits watched leisurely from the roof above them.

‘I’d recognize that curvy body anywhere…. It’s the mysterious woman working with the small-time gangs in the city.’

“Capture the kid and kill the hero. Don’t rough him up too bad. We’ll need his body in good condition for the boss.” She said.

“Hey lady with the beautiful ass cheeks, if you wanted some 1 on 1 time with me we could always settle it over dinner or a movie.” Antoine said as his tentacles shapeshifted into fists and pummeled any thugs getting near him.

“I’m sorry sweetie but I don’t think you could handle me… I have expensive taste…” She said in a mature seductive voice as Tetsu used his quirk and began tearing through the goons.

“I’m pretty mature for my age you know. Just let me work my magic and you’ll be begging to spend more time with me.” Antoine arrogantly claimed as they finished up the mooks without a scratch on them.

“I’d be more likely to believe you if you weren't just a little brat… But the confidence is a definite plus.” She responded. “Ichiro we’re ready.” She whispered.

“If there’s one thing I’m not lacking baby it’s confidence and brilliance and intelligence and looks and….” Antoine was cut off as he was engulfed in a white mist that circled around his entire body. Tetsu tried to fly and grab Antoine but the white mist swallowed him up and caused him to vanish.

“NEIL!!!” He heard Tetsu call as his bearings was suddenly changed.

It was pitch black and suddenly he sensed a dangerous projectile coming towards him from behind. He ducked and within seconds shot in the direction of where the object came. He heard a groan and a body falling to the ground.

“Lackey. Scan the area and tell me where the fuck I have been taken.” He ordered as he got his heart under control.

Understood. Scanning is underway.” An old butler type of voice responded.

All of a sudden, the lights to the room turned on and the door opened to reveal a powerfully built man with a grizzly bear’s head wearing a black and white business suit. He walked into the room holding a suitcase and motioned Antoine to take a seat.

“You think I’m fucking stupid you retard? Who knows what kind of traps you got cooked up in this shitty place? Tell me what you want before I beat your brains in.” Antoine threatened.

“Ho ho… I don’t think you’d want to do that Antoine Neil. You see.. I have a business proposal for you.. and I think it would be in your best interests to take a look at it.” He said in a nice suave voice that does not match his terrifying face in the slightest.

‘He’s a little too confident or I’m being severely underestimated… Let’s keep him talking till Lackey is finished scanning.’

“What the fuck could you possibly have that I could want?”

“Call me Mr. Griz.” He said as he took a seat and placed the suitcase on the desk. “I’d like for you to cease your investigations and “toys” from bothering my men and also from time to time send my group a few of your nifty inventions. If you choose to do so, then this… is all yours.” Mr. Griz opened the suitcase to reveal a disgustingly convincing amount of money.

Antoine’s heroic soul and mind wavered. His eyes bulged out at the sight of the blinding and enrapturing nature of the dollar bills.

‘With this amount of cash, I’d be able to start my research into creating quirk plants, animals, and maybe even materials with supernatural or quirk-like properties by the end of next week! Hell I could probably start up my own god damn company with this stupid amount of money!’ Antoine’s greedy nature was seemingly taking over.

He then felt his body start vibrating, signaling that the scanning from Lackey was done. One of his robo bugs crawled behind his ear and relayed Lackey’s results quietly. Antoine nearly exploded in rage.

‘How could I even think of abandoning one of my original goals in this world..? Especially what this asshole is threatening me with.. How dare he?! I just got to know this thot!’

“Forget it you fucking villainous scum. I’d have to give up my title as the future #1 Pro Hero if I let a shitbag like you cause my heroic will be shaken.” Antoine replied as he prepared himself.

Mr. Griz sighed sadly.

“I really wish it wouldn’t have come to this.. But you left me no choice. Bring her in.” He ordered.

Antoine watched as Teri was held at knife point by the mysterious beauty along with two other men. One was hidden behind white mist and the other seemed to be constantly shaking. Teri’s eyes looked at Antoine in shock while she shivered from fear. Tears were falling down her face as she understood what was happening. Antoine struggled to get his emotions in check. He wanted to beat all these guys into a bloody pulp but knew now wasn’t the time to lose himself. He got his breathing under control as he stared Mr. Griz in the eyes.

“What do you say now Mr. Neil?” Mr. Griz smiled disgustingly.

“I… I’m going to kill the absolute shit out of all you motherfuckers.” And Antoine suddenly vanished.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

Teri isn't going to be a big thing after this arc btw. She's a little too far away from the plot and Antoine is just being delusional. I hope you all understand. 

We finally see hints of what Antoine's future works will be like during his first night at his internship. So no he won't be making only tech, even though it will be mostly that for the current state of things so yeah. Something to look forward too i guess. 

Let's see how Antoine handles this situation! Will he have made the correct choice? Will he have made the situation 100x worse? What happened to Tetsu!? What if he just accepted the bribe? Would the criminals let him off so easily?

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