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“Let’s get this started. We can start with whoever’s ready.” Midnight said.

The class started going up and showing off their hero names while Midnight either accepted or denied their names.

“Laser Hero: Sparkling Boxer.”

“Invisible Hero: Stealth Girl!”

“Wisdom Hero: Ultimate Craftsman.”


“Red Riot.”

“Earphone Jack.”




And so on and so forth. Bakugou was the only one who was without a hero name due to Midnight refusing to accept his names like King Explosion Murder or Lord Explosion Murder.

‘Honestly he could’ve been called King Explosion or Lord Explosion but for some reason he has a weird attachment to murder.’ Antoine thought

“Your internships start in a week. For this all-important decision I’ll be handing out personalized lists to those who were drafted. You may choose from among those who scouted you. For those who were not drafted the list I just passed out contains forty agencies from all over the country willing to accept interns. You will choose one from that list. Each has a different specialty and region. Give your choice some real thought.” Aizawa told them as they started chatting.

“I’m headed to the city. I don’t see any benefit for me going out in the sticks or anything like that.” Antoine said.

“I want to try to go with a high ranked hero agency. I feel like I’ll learn more about being a hero if I do that.” Yuga told them.

“That’s a good idea. And with my new special move I learned, this internship will be fun!” Toru said.

“Submit your choices by this coming weekend.”

“We only got two days to pick!?” The class exclaimed as Aizawa signaled them all to leave except for one student.

“Yea sensei?” Antoine responded with lackluster.

“Your punishment has been decided. Cleaning the entire school for 1 week and no participation in hero classes for 1 week.”

“Fantastic. I’ll get started on it right away.” Antoine grinned as he headed off towards the Development Studio.

‘Pretty lenient but not like I expected them to do anything too crazy. I’ll just create some robots to clean the school while I spend my week upgrading shit and making new shit.’

“Honey I’m home!!” Antoine yelled as he entered the Development Studio.

Hatsume popped her head out. She laughed and waved before getting back to work on one of her babies. Antoine walked in and went to his usual area and started working as well.


The class was at the subway carrying their hero costumes in suitcases.

“You’ve got your costumes right? Wearing them in public is strictly prohibited, but don’t drop them. All of you, be on your best behavior! Now go.” Aizawa told them as they began heading off into different trains.

Antoine was on his way to some unknown hero agency in a city called Chofu. The person who wanted him was called Tetsu. Tetsu Shikagami. His hero name was Mr. Handy. Antoine randomly picked a hero agency out of all the ones in large cities and unranked on the hero billboard. This was because he intended on making this random guy a star! He’s going to become famous in no time through Antoine’s equipment. This guy was going to be nothing more than proof of Antoine’s claim at the Sports Festival.

He already had numerous companies asking for his works or cooperation but since he was a minor, his parents had full control. He looked through various companies offering money, future job positions, internships, and more. His greatest concern was money at the moment though so he told his parents to looks for the safest but most paying offers that came through the mail.

“Hey aren’t you that cheating kid from the Sports Festival?” Some random fucko asked.

“Yep. So hurry up and say what you want to say, I’m on my way to somewhere.” Antoine said following the gps on his phone to the hero’s agency.

“You suck ass kid!” He yelled.

Antoine just laughed as he continued on his way.

‘If I was a villain or anti-hero I would’ve definitely kicked that guy’s ass.’

Antoine finally reached the place of his internship and was slightly taken aback. The building looked run down and shitty. It didn’t match in with the other buildings who looked completely normal. Antoine shrugged his shoulders and walked in to see a girl with glasses sitting behind a desk.

“Hey. I’m here for the internship.” Antoine announced.

She looked at him in an unfriendly manner with suspicion written all over her eyes. Antoine grinned.

“Go take a seat and wait.” She said with a certain bite in her voice as she continued to type on her computer.

“What’s with the tone? Don’t you know who I am?” Antoine asked arrogantly but inwardly amused.

‘I wonder what’s wrong with her. Let’s piss her off and see.’ Antoine internally smiled.

“Of course I know who you are. The entire country should know who you are.”

“Then you understand what a big deal I am right?”

“I know exactly how popular you are Antoine Neil. But what I don’t get is why you would choose to intern at my brother’s agency! I know you are planning something. And once I find out I’m going to----”

“Teri!!” A certain voice shouted as he exited his office. “Please don’t harass my new intern.” He said in a serious voice.

“But big brother he---!” She was cut off as he glared at her.

“Sorry about that Neil-kun.. Please follow me.” Tetsu said gesturing to his office.

Antoine sneered at Teri as he walked into Tetsu’s tiny office. The room basically only contained his desk, a computer, his crap on his desk, and a chair opposite from his desk.

“I’d like to thank you for choosing my small agency over the many much better ones you most likely had to choose from.”

“Yea yea no problem. So what is your quirk exactly? I looked all over the web for information about you but you’re as small time as they come.” Antoine asked.

“Oh... Oh! Well I can’t exactly show you in here. Follow me.” Tetsu explained as they walked into a medium-sized open empty room. Probably used for working out or something.

Tetsu’s hand started glowing white as it rapidly thumped and grew, similar to a heartbeat. Tetsu’s body was getting sucked into his right hand slowly at first and then very quickly until he transformed into a giant white gloved hand.

‘Hahahaah what the fuck? Is this guy Master Hand’s true identity?!’ Antoine thought.

“I can transform myself into a big hand basically.”

“Interesting…” Antoine said feeling the hand all over.

“Can you feel this? How are you speaking? What else can you do in this form?” Antoine asked seemingly researching Tetsu’s new form.

“Yeah I can feel stuff. I’m not sure how I can talk… And I can basically do whatever a hand can do.” He balled his fist, he snapped his finger, and he rotated his hand really fast in a manner that would be impossible for any human to do.

“How long can you stay in this form?”

“For as long as I can stay awake. I tried sleeping while using my quirk but when I woke up I was back in my normal form.”

“Can you shoot lasers from your fingers? Bullets? How about dropping bombs?” Antoine asked.

“What? No! I can only do things that a hand can do.” Tetsu corrected.

“Alright gimme a moment. I want to see the capabilities of your quirk before I try and add any improvements.” Antoine said as he reached into his bookbag and pulled out two suitcases.

He actually pulled them out from his inventory but only he needs to know that. Antoine threw the metal cases in the air and the two suitcases transformed into two child sized robots! The first robot seemed to be based on a certain fighting type pokémon that spun around on its head like a top. Its robot’s arms and head were slowly spinning around its entire body as it stood in front of the giant hand. It had the word Ultimate on its chest in gold font color. The second robot had the appearance of a 5-year-old little girl. If said little girl was raised by wolves and lived in the jungle all her life. She was on all fours as she looked at the giant hand with obvious hostility. She also had the golden word Ultimate atop of her forehead.

“Alright. Make sure to go all out with them Tetsu. It’s fine even if you break them into a million pieces. There is no progress without sacrifice after all.” Antoine said before ordering the two robots to attack Tetsu.

“Are you sure…?” He asked before being charged at by the two robots. The spinning robot flipped itself upside down and began spinning rapidly on its head like a Beyblade and then spun towards the giant hand. The wild robot took off towards the giant hand on all fours.

“Don’t hold back or you might get hurt.” Antoine warned as he watched his creations go.

[Tiptop – This crafted work of robotics was created on the thought of pure rotational power. It’s based on a fictional monster from a well-known game series and was made out of steel. This creation is controlled by an offshoot of Lackey’s AI system to give it a programmed personality.

Str: C-

Agl: C+

Vit: C+

Int: D+

Cha: B

Luc: F-


  • Basic Bare Fighting Lv1 – You walked onto the path of a brawler! Continue honing your fighting skills and soon you will be able to defeat even the heavens themselves in combat!
    • 2% damage increase thorough weaponless combat. 2% attack speed increase. 3% increase to Str & Vit.
  • Kick Mastery Lv1 – So, you like using your legs eh? Keep that up and no one will be able to contest you in a battle of skill.
    • 5% damage increase through all kicks. 5% attack speed increase when using legs to attack.
    • More effects will be added as this skill is increased in ranking.]
  • Athleticism Lv1 – You’re a master of acrobatics! Pulling off moves that are basically impossible for others is nothing more than a cake walk for you! Continue training and mastering your body will be a piece of cake.
    • 5% increase to Agl.
    • Flexibility perk is gained.
    • Luck is boosted slightly.]

[Sarah – This crafted work of robotics was created on the thought of savagery, innocence, and cuteness. It is crafted in the shape of an average human child and was made out of regular steel. This creation is controlled by an offshoot of Lackey’s AI system to give it a programmed personality.

Str: C+

Agl: B-

Vit: B-

Int: C+

Cha: A

Luc: F-


  • Basic Bare Fighting Lv1 - You walked onto the path of a brawler! Continue honing your fighting skills and soon you will be able to defeat even the heavens themselves in combat!
    • 2% damage increase thorough weaponless combat. 2% attack speed increase. 3% increase to Str & Vit.
  • Claw Combat Lv1 – Using your birth-given weapons, you slice, slash, cut, and tear through anything you want. Sharpen those weapons long enough and you’ll be able to claw through anything your heart desires.
    • 5% damage increase through claw attacks. 5% defense penetration through claw attacks. Moderate chance of giving bleed debuff.
  • Bite Combat Lv1 – Those chompers of yours have seen the light. Keep it up and biting through diamonds won’t be a problem for you.
    • 5% damage increase through bites. 5% defense penetration through bites. Slight lifesteal buff is given if an enemy is bit more than twice in combat.
  • Athleticism Lv1 – You’re a master of acrobatics! Pulling off moves that are basically impossible for others is nothing more than a cake walk for you! Continue training and mastering your body will be a piece of cake.
    • 5% increase to Agl.
    • Flexibility perk is gained.
    • Luck is boosted slightly.]

Tetsu tried to gently grab the spinning robot as he didn’t want to destroy Neil’s creation even if he gave him the okay. But just as Tetsu’s fingers were about to grab the spinning Tiptop, Tiptop kicked his fingers away while spinning. Also allowing Sarah to leap onto the recoiling hand and latch onto it with her fingers. She bit the floating gloved hand and Tetsu shouted out in pain before rapidly shaking himself, but Sarah clung on by digging her sharp fingers into the big gloved hand and hanging on desperately. Eventually the pain was getting too much for Tetsu and his previous panic-filled state turned into one full of anger and seriousness.

“I told you to go all out Shikagami-san. These guys are aiming to seriously harm you know, not to mention they are just babies right now. So a little correction won’t hurt.” Antoine said as he took out a sandwich from his bookbag that was inside a plastic bag.

Tetsu finally giving in to his rage and Antoine’s suggestion, smashed the back of his hand, where Sarah was hanging on to, onto the floor. She was smashed into the floor as Tiptop kicked off the ground and rapidly kicked at Tetsu. Tetsu slapped the spinning bot away.

“Oh man. Shikagami you shouldn’t have done that my man.” Antoine said as Tiptop kicked itself away from the wall, spinning even faster than before as it headed straight back towards Tetsu.

Kick Kick Kick Kick Kick Kick.

Tetsu was kicked rapidly by spinning feet until he finally managed to grab the spinning bot in his hand and halt its movements with his superior strength.

“Nice. You got one but I think you’re forgetting about someone else.” Antoine said as he finished up his sandwich.

“Wha..?” Tetsu questioned before yelling out in pain and then growling in a rage.

Sarah managed to scamper on top of his finger and was clawing and biting his middle finger, forcing him to release Tiptop who spun his way out of Tetsu’s fingers.

‘Alright. I’ve gathered enough sufficient data for all of them.’ Antoine decided after recording the entire thing

“Halt! Return.” Antoine ordered.

Tiptop and Sarah immediately stopped attacking Tetsu and returned to Antoine. He grinned as he ordered them to transform back into suitcases and then stuffed them into his bookbag (inventory).

“Alright Mr. Handy. Let’s get you fixed up or do you heal when you turn back into your human form?”

“My injuries follow me.. So I’d appreciate if you bandage some of these wounds for me.” Tetsu said.

Antoine took out a first aid kit and began patching up Tetsu’s wounds and he transformed back into his original form.

“I have a general idea of what to make for you if you would allow me.” Antoine asked.

Tetsu adjusted his nerdy looking glasses.

“Oh you don’t have to do that… but I think it’s time I actually do my job as your mentor.. Let’s put on our costumes and go on patrol.” Tetsu suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Antoine said as Tetsu left the open spaced room to go back to his office and get his outfit.

Antoine opened up his hero suitcase and took out his newly improved hero costume. He added a whole bunch of new additions to his arms and weaponry for the past week and couldn’t wait to test them all out, but he wasn’t completely hopeful that something big would happen villain wise.

His 6 tentacles were still light blue and shark faced. The ends of the metal arms are sharp teeth opening and closing on their own as they slowly waved around in the air as if they were alive. His lab coat was gotten rid of and was now replaced with a black t-shirt with a big golden U in the middle of the shirt, on the back was the words Ultimate Craftsman. The toolbox was all black with the word Ultimate colored gold on the surface. It was filled to the brim with mechanical tools meant for various purposes. A golden revolver was still hanging on his waist along with a spherical grenade made to look like a pokeball.

Tetsu soon came back in the wide spaced room with his glasses missing and wearing a red and blue jumpsuit. His previously messy hair was gone and in its place was a nice wavy cut. Tetsu and Antoine left the agency with Teri still looking at him like he killed and raped her past life’s family. He flicked her off before they left and heard her shout something.

“I’m sure you noticed but my agency isn’t very well known. So it’s rather rare for me to actually have anyone commission any type of reports for me to do. Most reports that come in are just things like finding lost pets, cleaning public parks or stations, or just patrolling like this and watching out for any suspicious activity and making the public feel safe.”

“Hmm. That sounds boring as shit Mr. Handy. Follow me. I’ve already found some suspicious figures that we can interrogate.” Antoine said as a tiny metal bug flew onto his finger and then into his pocket.

“Wha? But we need to finish my patrol route first.” Mr. Handy replied back.

“Patrol route…? You should switch up your route everyone 2 to 3 days so that no one could take advantage of it. Hell if I was paranoid I’d change it every day just to be careful. But regardless, let’s go deal with some actual criminals instead of potentially meeting one in your patrol route. Okay?” Antoine said as he walked off to the poorer part of town. The buildings, houses, and apartments looked much more dilapidated compared to the nicer part of the city where Mr. Handy lived.

The children looked at them with smiles on their faces while the adults and teens looked at them with suspicion, unfamiliarity, and sometimes pure hostility. Antoine smiled at them regardless while Mr. Handy seemed to be quite nervous at all the negative looks they were getting.

“Hello Hero-san!!!” Some of the children shouted.

“He..Hello.” Mr. Handy tried to smile.

“Hey kids! We’re on our way to take down some criminals. But don’t tell anyone okay. It’s super secret Hero Business! If you guys can keep this secret for the Ultimate Craftsman, he’ll give you all toys for helping out a hero.” Antoine said whispering to the children and holding out tiny robots, dinosaurs, dolls, other such toys.

“Okay!!!” They replied before Antoine shushed them, causing them to giggle and hold their hands over their mouths.

“Let’s go.” Antoine said to Tetsu.

Tetsu followed behind the unnaturally confident hero-in-training to the entrance of an abandoned building. Two powerfully built men were in front of the door glared at them. Antoine smirked.

“Get the fuck out of the way and this can end quite peacefully.”

“Yo what the fuck did you say kid?!” The man on the left’s left bicep grew in size.

“I said….”

Antoine was interrupted as Tetsu covered his mouth and pulled him a bit away. Antoine looked at the hero irritated and confused.

“Why are you harassing those two men…?” He whispered.

“They’re blocking our way to arrest some criminals.”

“How do you know there are criminals inside..?! We can’t just accuse these civilians of a crime without any proof.”

“We’re going to get the proof right now. It’s inside.”

“Like I said Neil… We can’t just burst in there without some sort of proof of illegal doings.”

Antoine looked even more irritated and wanted to just uppercut this whiny bastard into the sky, but decided on an easier approach.

“You’re right Mr. Handy what was I thinking… I’m so sorry.” Antoine said while putting his arm around Tetsu’s neck.

“You two fine gentlemen, I apologize for my rude behavior. Please continue doing what you were doing before.” Antoine apologized while leading Tetsu into a dark alleyway.


“GUH…!” Tetsu yelled out as a tranquillizer dart was injected into his neck. He quickly fell unconscious and Antoine neatly laid him down to rest.

“I’ll be quick since you’re so annoying. Have a good rest.” Antoine told him as he took out Sarah and Tiptop.

The two kid-sized robots followed behind him as he returned back to the abandoned building.

“Let’s do some hero work. Ultimate style!” Antoine said as Sarah kicked the one of the men’s head into the building and knocked him unconscious while Tiptop kicked the other guy in the jaw and knocked him out.

One of Antoine’s tentacles shifted into a palm and smashed the door down, alerting all of the criminals inside that something was up. Antoine smirked as he walked inside with his robots.


A note from CaptainBoyHole

Alrighty. Now i gotta think up of some super cool intern arc for Antoine since i strayed away from the plot. I already revealed who Toru was going to intern under but can you guys guess who Yuga interned under? I'll give you a hint. He shares the last name with one of Yuga's classmates. 

Next chapter will be out later tonight or early tomorrow. 

OH ALSO I need ideas for skills! I have no idea where to look to find a bunch of skills to add and i'm running out of ideas.

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