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Antoine already knew that one person would be approaching him to join his team, but first he has to save his friend from a certain brainwashing fuck. He found Yuga and told him to not respond or even talk to that purple haired fuck. Antoine explained what his quirk was and how it worked and thankfully Yuga didn’t question how he knew. He was just glad that Antoine warned him and to take back the box.

“Nope! You better chuck it away or hide it in your underwear. Good luck!” Antoine told him.

“By the way, are you sure you don’t wanna team up with Mr. Ten Million?” Antoine asked before he left.

“Yea… I can’t keep depending on you forever Antoine. This is a competition and I need to be able to handle things myself… I don’t think I’d be able to become a great hero if I was sticking by your side like a puppy all the time.”

Antoine smiled.

“Heh. Don’t start crying when I kick your ass Sparkles. That goes for you too Toru!” Antoine said as the two decided to team up with other people besides him.

“Just try it.” Yuga said smiling back with fighting spirit surrounding him.

“My team is going to kick your butt Antoine!” Toru shouted just as fired up.

“Yeah yeah we’ll see.”

Antoine went to look for two certain members of Class B and he found the two teaming up together just like they did in the anime and prayed that his acting skill worked out in his favor.

[Acting Lv2 – You’re able to play nearly any character you want! Build this skill up higher to become the greatest actor or manipulator ever known.

All interactions will have a 4% chance of the recipient having a positive view of the user

Has a slightly low chance of having people believe your acting.]

“Hey! You two wanna team up with me? You two look tough and brave enough. The others are too scared to even think about teaming up with me.” Antoine asked.

The insect head boy with two hooked blades jutting out of his cheeks and the horned blondie with a face like a pony’s looked at him.

“Interesting… Teaming up with first place would definitely bring some strong guys. I’m in.” The guy responded.

“Sure. I’ll do my best!” The girl said somewhat timidly.

“My names Neil. Antoine Neil. Glad to have you two with me. By the way my quirk are these super strong shark teeth.” He smiled fiercely while inwardly deviously grinning. ‘Acting skill is number one baby!’

“Name’s Togaru Kamakiri. My quirk is Razor Sharp! I can make blades come out from anywhere on my body.”

“Pony Tsunotori. I can fire my horns and control them… Nice to meet you…” She said while letting her horns levitate and then fly around wherever she wanted them too while another set of horns grew almost instantaneously.

“NEIL!” He heard a familiar girl shout from behind him before running up and getting very close in his face.

“Hatsume. Glad to see you outside the workshop for once.” Antoine greeted.

“Team up with me!” She said bluntly.

“Okay.” He responded.

“Fantastic! Now my supercute babies will be seen by the industry big shots and by proxy I’ll be seen and taken notice of because of my babies!” She said excitedly.

‘I expected no less. Even if we have a certain bond for inventing things, she loves showing her creations off far more than I do.’ Antoine smiled before introducing Hatsume to Kamakiri and Tsunotori.

“Let’s strategize team.” Antoine said.

Hatsume started explaining all of her supercute babies that she’s brought to show off and some of them were even objects they worked on together. Antoine started laughing inwardly.

‘With this setup unless they all worked together to get us, we will be unstoppable. Maybe I should’ve helped Hatsume build some more stuff to help me! Too bad I didn’t think of it at the time… But now it’s time to test out this crafted outfit..!’

[Enhanced Powerful Gym Uniform - This is the second creation in the gym uniform series that focuses on strength. It was created out of numerous very strong fibers. Very resistant to tear, wear, damage, and more. Is practically indistinguishable from the regular U.A. gym uniform. A very tiny AI chip is present inside the fibers and can control the entire gym uniform when the wearer orders it.

+70 Str added to stats when equipped.

+30 Agl added to stats when equipped.

All attacks are strengthened with a weakening effect.

Any defensive actions will halve the wielder’s attack for 5 minutes.

Offensive actions during combat will boost physical strength by 5% every minute in combat.]

“Your 15 minutes are up. Time to get started.” Midnight announced.

“Hey, wake up, Eraser! They’ve had their time to form teams and strategize.” Present Mic said to Aizawa. “And now all 12 teams are lined up and ready to move!!” Present Mic said to the audience.

“Interesting…. The teams they’ve come up with.” Aizawa said.

“Let’s get a battle cry!! Here comes the starting signal!!” The audience roared out in excitement while stomping their feet on the stands. “Blood begets blood in the U.A. Grand Match!!





Everyone charged for Antoine’s team. Antoine was the rider while Kamakiri, Hatsume, and Tsunotori were the horse. Kamakiri, Hatsume, and Antoine had a smile on their face.

“I think they’ll have a hard time getting the headband from out of your afro Neil. I can barely see it!” Hatsume pointed out.

“Gives us more time to fight since they have to try harder to get it!” Kamakiri said happily.

“DON’T BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU BASTARDS CAN CHEW! I’M THE FUCKING STAR HERE!” Antoine yelled as he threw one of Hatsume’s devices, a slender small baton shaped grenade in the middle of where all the teams were merging at. Some played it safe and stayed back while the others ignored the tiny object and continued charging towards Antoine with greed and flames in their eyes.


“No Bakugou! You know he’s known for building weird things! We have to avoid it!” Ashido warned him as their team avoided the grenade despite Bakugou’s overflowing competitive spirit.

“HAHAHA GET BLOWN AWAY!!” Antoine shouted maniacally as the grenade exploded into a strong force that knocked some of the competitors back or completely toppled them over and forced them to remake their horse and rider positions.

“Looks like 10 million isn’t going down without a fight! This cavalry battle started off with a bang and some of the horses were caught in the explosion! How will the ones who decided to be cautious attack now that Neil has another strange item in his hand!?”


“And quite a flurry of unpleasant words there by Antoine Neil! How will the other teams react to these rude insults?!” Present Mic asked.

While some of them were spurred into action by humilation, others continued to stand by and watch, and some even began targeting the ones who wanted the 10 million headband.

‘Damn. These fucks aren’t as dumb as I thought, but well. Easier for me to pass.’

“Nice! Your taunting is firing me up! Look at those bastards’ eyes. They want to slice us up into a million pieces.” Kamakiri told him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be so mean….” Tsunotori suggested, obviously affected by the murderous eyes focusing in on them.

“Which baby are you using next!? Use this one! Oh wait! We’re under attack use this one!” Hatsume suggested.

Bakugou came flying over towards Antoine ready to blast his face. Antoine grabbed Hatsume’s next baby and prepared himself.

“DON’T THINK YOU’RE HOT SHIT AFRO!!” Bakugou yelled as he blasted towards Antoine.

“I AM THE SHIT, BAKUBITCH!” Antoine responded back while activating Hatsume’s baby and blasting Bakugou away with a funnel-shaped gun. The gun fired out a soundwave that instead of targeting the ears and damaging their auditory parts, it focused on achieving a soundwave that can affect the body outwardly. The gun with a funnel-shaped barrel shot out soundwaves that dealt concussive damage.

“Nice.. Although the damage is a bit low for my tastes.”

“It’s meant for defensive purposes! Not offensive ones!”

“Awesome!” Kamakiri said.

Bakugou was caught by Sero’s tape and then they were under attack by another team!

“We’ll be taking that Neil-kun!” Tsuyu said hiding inside Shoji’s armed dome. Her tongue flicked out to grab his headband while Mineta rapidly threw his sticky balls at their feet.

“My time to shine!” Kamakiri shouted.

Large blades came out of his forehead and he sliced all of Mineta’s projectiles with ease. Antoine grabbed Tsuyu’s tongue and nearly pulled her out of Shoji’s hidey hole but was interrupted by a third team coming after them!

“Antoine!!! You’re mine!” Toru shouted as her team came from behind his and Toru attempted to grab at his headband.

“Get off me you thirsty mutts! I’m not some hussy who let’s just anyone have his body! Unless you ask me later…” Antoine winked before taking off into the sky with Hatsume’s jetpack.

Their team was now safely flying above all the other teams and ¾ of them were smirking.

“Look at my babies!!! Aren’t they so amazing!?” Hatsume advertised to the audience.

“Gimme a long-distance weapon.” Antoine asked.

“Don’t have one.”


“I didn’t think I’d need one.”

Antoine sighed.

“That’s exactly why you should have brought it. But anyway I guess we’ll stay here till the game is over.”

“I wanted to fight a bit more, but I won’t complain taking first place.” Kamakiri said.

“This is a more peaceful method…” Tsunotori said relieved.

“Uh.. I think it’s a bit too earlier to be relaxing. Look out!” Hatsume warned as disembodied hand flew straight towards Antoine’s afro.

Antoine easily caught it with his crafted uniform boosting his body greatly.

“What the fuck is this?”

“Tokage-chan… It’s her quirk to split her body up…” Tsunotori explained.

Antoine began tickling it and only response he got was the hand trying to wiggle away from him.

“Disappointing.. Her hand won’t be gone if I destroyed this thing right?”

“No. She can regenerate any loss body parts.”

“Good.” Antoine said as he crushed the hand and threw it at Midoriya’s head.

“What the?!” Midoriya yelled out as his headband was nearly knocked off.

“YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME AFRO I’LL BE NUMBER 1!!!” Bakugou yelled blasting his way up towards Antoine.

“This won’t be like before. I’m going to show Him that I don’t need to rely on my left.” Todoroki said as his team shocked and froze the other competitors. He then made an ice ramp and Iida used his engine quirk and took off in the sky towards Antoine.

“It’s my turn.” Yuga said as he fired his laser at Antoine with Midoriya’s team.

The laser increased in size and speed. Reaching Antoine’s team in literal moments.

“ANY SHIELDS OR SOMETHING!?” Antoine yelled.

“UHHHM! TRY THIS CUTEY!!” Hatsume said equally panicked.

Antoine caught the metallic bead and squeezed it in between his fingers, making it expand and form into a shield that barely blocked Yuga’s laser shot. Hatsume’s jetpack couldn’t withstand the force of the laser and Antoine’s team was slowly crashing down.


Bakugou appeared next to the descending group and nearly blasted Antoine’s face off, but Tsunotori fired her horns and took Bakugou away with them. Team Todoroki was currently making an ice path straight towards Antoine and Kamakiri readied himself with his blades.

“Momo.” Todoroki commanded.

“On it.” She replied with a flintlock. She fired at Antoine’s team and Kamakiri cut through the bullets, defending Antoine and the rest.

Todoroki and Antoine met face to face as Antoine’s team slowly descended and suddenly Antoine’s team crashed to the ground after exploding!


Antoine’s team fixed themselves and Antoine’s eyes quickly scanned the entire field while his mind was turning in rage.

“These motherfuckers want to play like that huh…? While I was being all friendly and nice… these piece of shits want to fuck me over? I’ll show them! Hatsume! Bang me!”

Hatsume tossed a solar-powered flash bang at Antoine to catch. He grabbed it and threw it towards the class B teams playing defensively and trying to keep the point lead after stealing from class A teams. They were blinded and Antoine went on the hunt.

Antoine snatched up headbands left and right with the help of Hatsume’s babies, Kamakiri’s blades, and Tsunotori’s horns. Eventually Antoine made it towards Midoriya’s team.

Antoine smashed his fist into his palm and grinned with his terrifying shark teeth.

“Give up your headband willingly and no one gets hurt.” Uraraka flinched before looking towards Midoriya.

He looked slightly scared as well but there was a resolute look in his eyes. He definitely wasn’t backing down from this confrontation.

“I’m not like that Icy Hot bastard, or that fireworks fucks, or even that engine on legs, I don’t see you as a challenge Cabbage Head. You aren’t even near the same level as me. Even if All Might is your mentor or illegitimate father or whatever! It doesn’t matter to me because I will become even greater than the Symbol of Peace. I will be the hero of all heroes! The very image of Heroics itself!” Antoine announced to Midoriya.

“I know you don’t think much of me Neil… but I have dreams of my own too. You aren’t the only one trying to become the greatest hero! I will beat you and prove that I too can become one of the greatest heroes! This sports festival isn’t a stage just for you alone. It’s one for all of us at U.A. to show the best sides of all of us.” Midoriya said while tightening his headbands.

Antoine grinned once again and then charged towards Midoriya. Midoriya charged up his quirk, still unable to regulate it and Antoine had zero thoughts about defending in any way. He felt terrified of the power radiating off that arm but this was Midoriya. He isn’t far along enough in the story to be scary yet.

‘Oh.. Treating me just like Todoroki huh? You’re not slicing the air with me. We’re going all the way mc-kun.’

Antoine locked fingers with Midoriya and saw his face immediately panic.

‘Got cha….’ Antoine grinned.

Midoriya completely fell into Antoine’s trap and now had to be insanely careful or he could probably rip Antoine’s arm off if he isn’t careful. Midoriya’s face was completely panicked along with his teammates Yuga, Uraraka, and Tokoyami. They’ve all witnessed the power of his quirk and were all worried. This was incredible worrying for both parties. Antoine’s right arm could be taken away in a second and this entire sports festival would be over for him. Midoriya’s psyche could be completely broken down if something went wrong but Antoine was completely sure that if the plot was concerned, nothing bad would happen between him and Midoriya.

“I’m not into guys Cabbage Head but this was quite the sweet moment.” Antoine said as he took a headband from Midoriya’s head and slid back as Tokoyami’s shadow reached for his head.

Antoine opened his mouth wide and chomped down on Dark Shadow’s clawed hand, ripping it from the shadow entity’s arm and safely protecting his headband.

“No..!” Midoriya shouted as there were 10 seconds left in the match and he leapt towards Antoine with his quirk activated.

“Idiot…” Antoine sneered.

He pulled out Hatsume’s Sonic Cannon and forced Midoriya back in the direction he came without a single headband. But just as he was assured of his victory and Midoriya’s loss, a shadowed hand clawed one of his headbands and took it away!

“TIME’S UP!!!!!!!!”

Antoine looked back and noticed that it was Tokoyami’s quirk. He locked eyes with the bird head and used his thumb to cross his throat.

“I’ll see you at the finals...” He mouthed.

“Let’s see who the top four teams are right now! In first place, Team Bakugou!! In second, Team Todoroki!! Third, Team Antoine! Fourth, Team Midoriya!”

“These four teams will proceed to the final event!”

The team then began cheering, relaxing, and talking about the cavalry event.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

This chapter was kinda hard to write. The visual aspects of the cavalry battle is the pretty hard to transfer into writing. Or it might not be and i'm just not skilled at descriptions yet. I tried though. 

Anyway! Antoine did not come in first place this time around and is quite pissed! What did you guys think of his team selection?! Could it have been better with some other members?! Or was it perfect as it was? Tell me your thoughts about the chapter in the comments.

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