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Antoine was watching the bug he planted on All Might and isn’t surprised that the plot still headed in a way similar to the manga. Even though he took away the catalyst that allowed All Might to see how heroic Midoriya was, it seems a totally different villain attacked Bakugou and Midoriya went in to save him despite being quirkless. Ultimately making All Might claim him as his successor as intended. It seems All Might managed to find his bug though after taking Midoriya under his wing and crushed it thinking it was some regular insect probably. Sadly, for the #1 Pro Hero, Antoine still had Midoriya bugged and could still watch the two in the future.

Antoine then began watching the video he uploaded and saw the ever-increasing views despite only being uploaded a few hours ago. He grinned in satisfaction and couldn’t wait till the cameras were all on him. But for now, though he’ll have to get to work. He has a long couple of months ahead of him to get ready for the entrance exam and his future classmates.

“Let’s get started..” He said while walking into his room and closing the door.


There was a knock at Antoine’s door.

“Yeah?!” He yelled over the sound of his blowtorch going.

“We need to talk to you.” An unfamiliar voice said.

‘What the fuck? Who let this random mother fucker in my house? I swear to god if this isn’t an emergency, I’m going to beat this shit out of this guy.’

Antoine put down his work and left his room. He was met face to face with the detective guy who was a friend of All Might and his two friends sitting on his living room couch surrounded by 2 policemen.

“Ah shit..” Antoine swore in regret.

“We’d just like a minute of your time Antoine. Please have a seat with your friends.” The detective said amiably.

Antoine disrespectfully dragged himself over to the couch while looking irritated the entire time. His friends worriedly looked at him.

“Are these you three in this video here called “Awesome future pro heroes take down stupid villain.”? One of the police officers pulled out their phone and showed the video.

“Of course it is. If it wasn’t why would you even be here?” Antoine responded.

“Can you tell me why you three were fighting against a dangerous quirk using criminal?”

“Did you even see the video? He attacked us!”

“Yeah I see that he attacked you all but the weird thing is.. It seems like you three were strangely prepared for this event. As if you already somehow knew that the criminal would be there..” The detective said.

“I’m always prepared for anything. I’m gonna be the #1 Pro Hero in the future you know. Can’t be caught slacking this early. These two are just getting around to it though, but that’s more my fault than theirs.”

“I see.. So you plan on becoming a hero?”

‘This sneaky fuck. Trying to get me to lower my guard with an innocent question from the side. Although I’m just a kid in body, my brain is nearing computer level smarts. You can’t manipulate me that easily.’

“Yeah. Now are we done here?” Antoine asked annoyed.

He closed his notebook he was writing in.

“I guess we are. Let’s go officers.” He said as they started leaving the house.

Antoine got up and locked the door behind them.

“How the fuck did they get into my house?! My parents aren’t even home right now!”

“I used the key under the mat.” Toru answered.

“Why did you let cops into my home my dear sweet friend Toru?” Antoine asked with rage hiding behind his voice.

“Cops are our allies Antoine! We have to learn to work together with them as future heroes.”

“I hate cops. I really hate them. They’re nothing more than noisy, lying, selfish crooks! But you’re right. I will have to learn to work with them. But I’ll still dislike them though.”

“Why do you hate cops Antoine?” Yuga asked curiously.

“It isn’t as if cops ever did anything to personally hurt me or anyone around me. It’s just how I was raised.”

“Your parents hate the police?” Toru asked.

“No no.. It wasn’t them.” Antoine avoided.

“Well. If you ever do want to talk about it we’re here to listen..” Yuga said.

“Whoa don’t get the wrong idea guys. It isn’t some traumatic experience or terrible story. Its just like how a child doesn’t like vegetables even though vegetables are good for you.”

Toru and Yuga still didn’t completely get it but they realized that Antoine wanted to move on to a different subject already. So they respected his wish.

“Alright you two. We’re basically going to be superstars once it’s time for the entrance exams so be prepared. Also don’t forget to come by and get your equipment for the exams before we head there together. I’m basically going to be building stuff for the next 10 months.”

“Haiiiii.” Toru agreed as she left his house and returned home.

“Don’t overwork yourself. I’ll definitely call your mom and ask you know.” Yuga warned.

“Yeah yeah you Sparkling bastard. I told you already I’m not a capture target. I like women.”

“I mean it!” Yuga yelled as he also left.

Antoine returned back to his room after making himself a quick snack and resumed his work.


“I’m so excited!!!!” Toru kicked her legs rapidly.

“Not as excited as me. This exam is going to be the easiest shit ever.” Antoine said with dark bags under his eyes.

“I’ve trained hard for this. I can’t fail.” Yuga told himself.

“What the fuck do you have to be worried about? With the top part of that armor I built you, you better not have any trouble or I’ll kick your ass myself.”

Yuga laughed. “With or without the guns?”

“Fucking fast snarky bastard…” Antoine muttered as the gang got off the train station and started walking towards U.A.

“Hey Antoine. Are you sure this baton is as strong as you said. It’s pretty tiny.” Toru asked with the weapon in her palm.

“Of course it is. It’s plenty capable of taking out whatever you want. Unless you’re trying to take out All Might or something. And just push that button.”

Toru pushed the button with her finger and suddenly the baton extended into the size of regular one.


“Amazing I know! Give me all the praise!” Antoine said with his nose turned up.

The group eventually made it to U.A and arrived at the gates.

“Hahaha! My grand start! The beginning of the future #1 Pro Hero!! Here at the best hero school in all of Japan!” Antoine crazily shouted.

“Let’s go!!” Toru cheered.

“Aren’t you two embarrassed in the slightest….?” Yuga asked as everyone seemed to look at them as if they were a bunch of clowns.

“Heh. As a future hero you can’t let other people hold you down. Is a hero truly a hero if he can’t even be himself?” Antoine asked.

“I guess not..”

The trio began their walk into U.A. Antoine began glaring at anyone daring to stare him in the face. Yuga put on his classic smile and Toru seemed as cheery as ever.

“U.A. standards have really dropped if they’re just letting these weak bastards try out.” Antoine loudly antagonized.

Yuga’s smile strained slightly at the taunting Antoine was doing.

“I’m starting to wonder if this school is really the best of the best. Hey you there, fucking bird brain. Go try out a different school’s entrance exam, I don’t think this is the one for you.” He said to his future classmate Fumikage Tokoyami.

Antoine was ignored and the boy continued his walk inside the building.

“Antoine could you not…? You might get us kicked out before we even get the chance..!”

“Oh hey it’s fucking cabbage head. You guys remember him?” Antoine said walking over to Midoriya.

“Hey Little Green! You changed a bit haven’t you?” Toru asked innocently.

“Oh.. hi..” He greeted while slowly taking a step back.

“Let’s just go guys we’re going to be late..” Yuga said.

“Fine fine you smiling bastard. See you around cabbage head.” Antoine and his group left to enter U.A.

“I can’t keep letting people intimidate me like that… What would All Might think?” Midoriya balled his fist while staring into the back of Antoine with a new fire in his eyes.

Antoine and his friends were sitting next to each other as the mic hero explained the rules.

“So, we’re gonna smash some robots. Sound easy enough.” Antoine muttered.

“Or disable them.” Yuga added.

“I hope they have an off button somewhere. Then I won’t have to use my baton. 😊” Toru said.

The engine legs guy then raised his hand to ask a question.

“There appears to be no fewer than four varieties of faux villain on this handout when you’ve said three! Such a blatant mistake, if it is one, is highly unbecoming for U.A. Japan’s top academy! We’re all here to be molded into the very best model heroes!”

“And you three! Please quiet down! If this is some sort of game to you please leave immediately!” He said pointing to Antoine and friends with a glare in his eyes.

“Hey, you four-eyed shit-cut haired bitch! You picking a fight!?” Antoine yelled.

“Let’s settle down kids!” The mic hero said before answering Iida’s question. Iida and Antoine then glared at each other before focusing back on Present Mic.


Antoine, Toru, and Yuga were all split up since they all came from the same middle school and were each at 3 different individual sites. Antoine smiled as he looked at his competitors. He was in the same site as Bakugou and some other characters from Class 1-B. He saw Bakugou looking his way and he glared at him. Bakugou glared back and Antoine slowly walked up to him.

“What are you looking at you fucking pipsqueak?” Antoine asked.

“What did you say you bastard?!” Bakugou asked back while creating mini explosions on his palm.

“What is this the fourth of July? If you want to play with fireworks this ain’t the place for you kid.”

“Looking down on me? I’ll kill you!” Bakugou was about to attack Antoine but suddenly Present Mic said something..


Antoine equipped all of his equipment he had prepared for this test and flew off to gain points.

[Lasting Jetpack – This shark-themed metal backpack is activated by the two small blue buttons that will activate the jetpack for usage. If the wearer is in a combat situation, Jetpack will sustain fuel longer than usual. Will need to be refueled eventually.]

Antoine pulled out a small silver pistol and flew all over the battlefield, snatching points and saving people from robots they couldn’t possibly handle. His pistol was actually an upgraded version of the toy pistol from long ago.

‘A three-pointer shooting missiles huh. This danger is no joke.’ Antoine thought as he expertly dodged past the incoming missiles and fired his pistol at the machine. A red laser beam shot out from the silver pistol and caused the machine to explode after being pierced completely through. Antoine began laughing madly as he flew around exploding robots with ease. Some of the other kids even got pissed at him, especially Bakugou who was glaring at him with the fury of gods. Antoine flicked the boy off and Bakugou unleashed a large explosion that completely decimated the three-pointer he was facing.

‘Angry are ya? Hehe just try and keep up with me you firecracker bitch.’

Antoine would continue his method of taking points until it was time for the humongous big ass robot to come. Antoine was forced speechless at the immense size of the robot. He would almost even say he was terrified. But he didn’t let fear seize him for long. He shook his head and began looking for anyone who needed help, recusing them for extra rescue points and taking out any robots that were left behind. He eventually say that Bakugou noticed what he was doing and was copying him.

“Hey fuck off! These are my points!” Antoine yelled.

“Die!” Bakugou responded as he blasted a defeated robot towards the flying Antoine.

Antoine flew upwards and had half the mind to shoot Bakugou then and there but knew that there were cameras watching.

“Be careful next time Firecracker! You almost hit me!” Antoine warned nicely as he made sure every student managed to got out safely and as Present Mic called for the end of the exam.


Bakugou was still glaring at him while he landed safely on the ground and grinned. Antoine then left Bakugou by himself.

“This isn’t over you Bush headed bastard!” Bakugou cursed behind him.

Antoine smirked.

“That was the guy who helped me out!”

“That was the jerk who kept taking my points!”

“How is that even fair? He just used that equipment to pass! I bet his quirk is completely terrible.”

Antoine ate it all up, the hate, the praises, the jealousy. He loved it all! Getting first would definitely be a cinch.

“You’re welcome everyone!” He shouted and got another wave of various reactions.


Yuga was wearing a silver-blue armor around his upper body and seemingly anxious about the upcoming exam. He didn’t recognize anyone around him and had to rely on himself.

‘Antoine believed in me and so will I.’

He clutched his fist and shadow boxed as Present Mic started the exam. Yuga was caught off guard by the abrupt beginning but didn’t let it slow him down. He ran ahead of most of the other kids and was nearly taken out by a one-pointer smashing through a wall in front of him. His eyes focused in as he slid underneath the robot and turned around with a quick jab. His fist impacted against the machine and a sparkly light blue laser shot out of his armored fist, piercing the robot and causing it to explode.

“Amazing… I barely felt anything.” Yuga said. “I can do this..” He ran to look for more robots and as he did he took them out with laser jabs and straights while taking no damage.

Eventually as the exam continued, Yuga began enjoying smashing the robots a bit too much. Yuga used his armor and fired a laser beam behind him, launching him in the sky. He spotted a three-pointer and didn’t want anyone to take it while he was all the way over here. Yuga came crashing down on top of the three pointer’s head and punched straight down, lasering a hole through the head of the robot and forcing it to explode and gaining another few points.

Yuga was about to look for more robots to destroy, but then it was time for the 0-pointer robot to appear. As the buildings around him started quaking and falling, Yuga quickly started to retreat along with the rest of the kids and as he was running he began to think.

‘Running… What kind of future hero can I be if I run from the villain..? No.. I can do this.. All I have to do is trust in Antoine..’ Yuga turned around as the rest of the kids continued to retreat while also looking at him in confusion.

Yuga began channeling his navel laser throughout the entire armor. Gathering more and more energy necessary to defeat this villain. His arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, and all began to hurt as he channeled the energy. Eventually he lost all feeling his arms and found it hard to breathe but didn’t give up despite the pain.

‘I can’t be a coward forever…’

Once it got to the point where Yuga couldn’t handle it anymore or he risked wasting all the energy he just gathered for nothing, Yuga’s entire figure was sparking in a blue aura. He aimed his stomach at the robot and fired a gigantic beam from his navel belt. The beam was big enough to completely blast a hole through the chest of the zero-pointer. The robot began exploding as it fell backward and Yuga managed to give a thumbs up and a smile before falling over and fainting. His arms were broken, his chest was nearly caved in, his armor shattered into pieces, and his stomach was in disarray.

“What the hell…..?”

“Doesn’t that guy know that this is just an exam….?”

“We need to help him!”

Some other test takers went over to help Yuga and were about to take him to the examiners but they were stopped by Recovery Girl. She passed out some candy to some kids by her and looked at the messed up unconscious Yuga.

“What a dangerous quirk you have boy.. Your body still isn’t strong enough to handle it.” She said before kissing him on the head and having his injuries rapidly heal.

She told them he was fine and they should take him to the examiners.


Toru was currently conversing with Midoriya innocently as the boy nervous just listened to the chatting invisible girl. It seems he was still scared of Yuga and Antoine.

“I’m also excited! This exam is gonna be sweet! I can’t wait to get accepted here. The top hero school in Japan. Can you believe it!?” Toru excited chattered.

“BEGIN!!!” Present Mic shouted.

Toru ran towards the city while Midoriya was left behind confused. Toru took out her baton that was gifted by Antoine and once she made it into the city, stripped in a dark alleyway and began looking for points. She saw a lone one-pointer robot just sitting around and got close to it. She searched all over its body for any type of off mechanic and oh and behold there was one! She pushed the button with her baton and the robot deactivated, getting her a single point.

She cheered happily as her quirk would prove useful in this exam since the robots can’t even see her. She then began running around dodging quirks, robots, missiles, and more while also deactivating robots. She saw Greeny running around looking lost and wondered what he was up to. But as she was looking at Midoriya, Iida was running straight at her. She quickly jumped out of the way and grappled onto a nearby building with the grappling gun she was also gifted.

Toru searched around and found someone being suppressed by a three-pointer and smiled. She shot her hook at the machine and grappled towards it. Toru hung onto the rampaging robot while trying to gain access to its off button.

“You’re shaking a little too much Mr. Robot!” She activated her baton and stuck it into the robot.

The robot was electrocuted and swiftly short-circuited. Toru let off a relieved smile and then hopped off to gain more points while the boy it was fighting was left completely confused. Since none of the robots could see her, Toru was free to move wherever she pleased for the most part. The only thing she had to worry about was avoiding collateral damage and the other kids using their quirks. From time to time she would see other people in trouble and she would secretly give them a hand. She heard from Antoine that there was no way that this exam would just be about destroying robots. It’s an exam for future heroes and what are heroes known for? Rescuing! So she went around helping people in trouble and made sure to tell them that Secret Hero: Stealth Girl has saved them so that the examiners wouldn’t miss her.

And when it was time for the zero-pointer to come out, she used her grapple hook to get on top of a building and lookout for anymore people needing help. Toru eventually saw a girl trapped under some rubble and was about to go save her until she saw Greeny doing it instead. Little Green jumped up far in the sky and walloped the mess out of the super huge robot.

“Wow!!! Greeny is super strong!” She exclaimed as the gigantic robot came crashing down along with Greeny.

“Don’t worry little green I’ll save you!” Toru shouted as she grappled across the otherside of the building and grabbed Midoriya as he was falling.

“Just…. One… Point…!!” Midoriya yelled.

“A point? Sure I can give you one!” She grappled onto a one-pointer below that managed to escape destruction and used one of Midoriya’s good finger to disable a robot.

“Thank… You… Whoever you are…” He then fainted and Toru was stuck carrying his body.

“Your welcome! What kind of hero doesn’t help someone in need?” Her bubbly voice comforting the unconscious Midoriya.

“ITS ALL OVERRRRR!!” Present Mic shouted.

Toru looked for some type of person to help Midoriya and saw an elderly lady wearing doctor clothes. She walked over with Midoriya over her shoulder.

“Excuse me! Can you get him some help?”

“Sure sweetie. I’ll have him fixed up in no time.” Recovery girl kissed Midoriya on his head and his body began healing from the damages it suffered.

The rest of the test takers began leaving to take the written exam. While Toru went back inside the destroyed city for her clothes.

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I wonder how our heroes did on the exam! ;D 
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