Craftsman System In My Hero Academia (COMPLETED!)



Finding The Motherload & Facing A Dangerous Villain!!


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A young black teen was seen with his feet on top of his desk looking outside of the classroom window with a bored look on his face. He had normal black eyes with a certain arrogance etched into them that gave anyone who looked at the boy to feel as if they were being looked down on. The young boy had a black poofed out afro that looks like he’s never cut it since birth and grew to nearly the same size as his head and possibly even bigger. He wasn’t pleasant to look at but it wasn’t as if looking at him hurt your eyes. Most people would probably rank him a 2.5/5 in the looks department and a 3/5 when dressed up for an event. His body looked average and sort of unimpressive but beneath his school uniform, a well-toned body of fitness was hiding there ready to be shown off for all to see. He was taller than most of his classmates but they just chalked it up to his “genetics.” His teeth were sharp and dagger-like, seemingly ready to bite apart anything he wished.

The teacher noticed this student’s lack of focus, respect, and care a long time ago but she was helpless against this student. He was the most gifted student in their entire school and no matter what subject he was faced with, he would easily ace it without any trouble. A teacher like herself whose only been working here for a few years couldn’t compare to the golden student who could increase the school’s image and scores. He even sometimes helps his fellow students study, but it is rumored that he only does this by after being bribed with certain objects he requested. However, that wasn’t any of her business as the principal and vice-principal said. “Just don’t bother him and do your job.”

‘I guess it’s about time I clean up that fucking beach. U.A.'s Entrance Exam is in 11 months… Midoriya doesn’t start his training with All Might for 1 month, so I have plenty of time to take all that delicious exp and materials to get started on making my equipment for the exam and finally getting started on Yuga’s quirk and making other equipment for him and Toru. Bakugou gets attacked by that fucking slime guy next month too. I wonder what school they even go to.’ Antoine thought before having his concentration interrupted by the sound of the school bell, signaling that it was time to go home.

[Host has been issued a mission!

Save Bakugou as he is attacked by the slime villain, defeat the slime villain before he attacks Midoriya, or help the villain escape from the clutches of All Might!

Reward: Varies depending on Host’s choice.]

‘Interesting… This system rarely gives out any quests. I guess I have to build something for that slime guy now as well.’

Antoine got up from his seat and met face to face with his two best friends in this world, Invisible girl and Sparkle boy. Although, they look and act a bit differently from their original counterparts. Yuga has beefed up quite a bit to the point that his very feminine looks that’s regarded him as the handsomest boy in class doesn’t look quite right matched with his muscular figure. If Antoine was to be completely honest, he would say he’s rather jealous of Yuga’s great muscles. He’s definitely on the path to looking like a bodybuilder in the far future. The system doesn’t allow Antoine to gain much weight or muscle, forcing him into this forever lean and slim body.

“Bonjour my dear friend Antoine! What shall we do for today?” Yuga exaggeratedly asked.

“I’m going to go take materials to stock up on at that junkyard we used to call a beach.”

“Cleaning up the beach? That’s not like you at all Antoine. You’re hiding something from us aren’t you?” Toru pointed out with a smile.

She doesn’t look all that different from her original self but her personality has subtly changed by hanging around me and Yuga.

Antoine clicked his tongue.

“What do you mean not like me? I’m all for doing positive and responsible shit.”

It was at this line that Yuga started laughing.

“Hey, don’t laugh you sparkle bastard. I’m going to be a hero you know. Image is everything.” Yuga just turned up his sparkles and laughter even higher to annoy Antoine more.

“The future hero says as he litters on the ground and constantly disrespects everyone he meets.”

“I must agree with Toru. Even though you say you want to be a hero, you don’t act very hero like at all Antoine.”

“What are you fucking idiots talking about? I’m the nicest fucking person anyone could meet. Have you seen my Pokémon team? Their happiness stat is completely maxed out. Don’t fucking slander me in public.”

Toru snickered while Yuga laughed at Antoine even more. Antoine sighed at their reactions and as they were about to turn the corner, a feminine scream sounded out from an alleyway.

‘Hero time! It’s time to show these nitwits what a real hero is.’ Antoine thought as he dashed off towards the sound.

“Come on! Watch this future pro hero at work!” Antoine said as Yuga and Toru worriedly followed him from behind.

Antoine made it towards the scene of the crime and saw three mob-like gangsters surrounding a defenseless woman. He ran down the alleyway and confronted the 3.

“Hoho. Cease your foul villainy this instant you fucking degenerates.” Antoine warned.

The three mooks looked at each other before looking back at Antoine.

“Get out of here you brat before you end up on the local news tonight.”

“Underestimating the future #1 Pro Hero? The only punishment for that is DEATH!” Antoine pulled out a golden pistol and fired 3 bullets at each of the criminal’s heads.

The mooks tried to activate their quirks in defense, but they couldn’t possibly react faster than Antoine’s crafted weapon.

[Changing Toy Glock 17 – Has been modified in a way to allow the user to shoot different ammunition. +15 Agl added to stats when equipped.

Can rapid-fire all ammunition with a high chance of breaking, Can fire semi-regularly with low chance of breaking, or can fire charged single shots with 20% damage increase but slowed reloading speed and high chance of breaking.]

Antoine has managed to modified this toy pistol bought from the store into one nearly indistinguishable from a regular gun except way less lethal. It doesn’t fire things as fast as a regular gun does, but far faster than the untrained civilian are used to. The three mooks were knocked unconscious by Antoine’s spherical bullets that were only meant for causing impact damage and the woman was saved.

Antoine suavely messed with his hair as he moved in on the lone woman.

“Your hero has arrived.” He said while putting away his crafted pistol and staring into the eyes of the woman.

She stared at him quite loss at this transition. She looked at the guys who were harassing her and let a breath of relief after noticing that they weren’t dead. She then noticed the other two children behind the boy who helped her and finally let her guard down.

“Thank you…”

“Haha no need to thank me, but if you really want to make it up to me you could…..”

Antoine was interrupted as Toru stepped in front of him.

“Wow Miss! You should get that wound checked out! Don’t worry about us kids here, we’ll call the police soon and have these criminals arrested for sure.” Tory said while walking with the disorientated woman out of the alleyway and then sending her on her way.

“Hey hey what the hell Toru? I could’ve just met my future wife and you sent her away?”

“If she was really interested in you, then she’d be no different from a criminal as well.”

“Don’t underestimate my charms. Even older woman can’t help themselves when they see my good points.”

Yuga laughed and the Toru ignored Antoine further ramblings as they continued their way to the beach after calling the police. They eventually reached the junkyard that used to be a beautiful beach and Antoine got to work. Yuga started shadow boxing on the sand and Toru played on her phone.

[Collected 225 lb. scraps, 20 lb. compressor, 1.5 lb. aluminum radiator, 1 lb. of copper, and a pound of insulted wire.]

Antoine managed to deconstruct a fridge and held himself back from mass collecting the rest as Yuga and Toru are still in view. To spend the rest of his time without look suspicious, Antoine really did start taking certain things apart and as the sun was lowering down, Yuga and Toru said their goodbyes and Antoine wondered why did they even follow him here if they weren’t going to do anything but just chalked it up to friends being friends.

After they left, Antoine sent a message to his mom about how he’s going to be late and won’t be needing dinner tonight and finally let himself run wild. He ran across the beach deconstructing all of the great materials just sitting here for free and effectively told himself that maybe this volunteer work isn’t as bad as he thought. Hell if he could level up his skills this easily and gain shit for free without any downsides, volunteer work is the shit. He decided to research some more different types of volunteer work later that night to see if they were similar to anything like this.


Antoine has completely cleaned the beach up and managed to fit all the materials in his inventory and level up his deconstruct skill quite a bit. He should be able to build quite a lot of goodies with all the shit he has now. Once the weekend comes, it’s time to go on a crafting spree.

Antoine started heading home and went to bed after eating a late-night hot pocket and brushing his teeth.


“IT’S BRILLIANT IT’S ALL SO FANTASTIC!! MY GENIUS MY WORKS MY BRAIN ALL ME! HAHAHAHAHA!” Antoine shouted after completing his latest creation.

[Harassing Mini-Turrets – These spherical shaped balls of death have been crafted and uploaded with a recently created AI. This AI allows the turrets to aim and fire at whatever the creator orders them to with lasers. When in standby mode, they look like unassuming metal balls.

Every 5 attacks that land on an enemy will increase the mini-turrets damage slightly.

It can’t take a lot of damage.]


The door to Antoine’s room was kicked wide open as Toru and Yuga barged into Antoine completely dark room.

“Antoine my friend! We are here to rescue you!”

“We want to know why you have been avoiding us for a whole month!” Toru shouted.

“NO! LET ME BE FOUL CREATURES OF THE LIGHT! I CAN CREATE MORE! I CAN MAKE SO MUCH MORE! GET OFF ME! NOOOOOOOOO!” Antoine shouted in anguish as he was forcefully taken out of the house and in the bright sunny outside world.

“THANK YOU TWO!” Antoine’s mother shouted from inside.

They threw him on the ground and his body began shriveling like a dried husk after making contact with the sun.

“Oh dear… How long has he been in there?” Yuga asked.

“He’s fine! Don’t we have a villain to catch though?” Toru asked.

Antoine suddenly stood up completely fine.

“That’s right. I’ve already sent my bug drones to look all over for where he stays and I managed to find the city. But are you sure you two want to come? This is a dangerous criminal with no qualms about killing us.” Antoine asked.

“If I can’t even face a small-time criminal, there’s no way I can become a Pro Hero…” Yuga said with determination.

“We can do it! It’ll be easy peasy.” She said while making a peace sign. No one but her could know this though.

“Well alright let’s go catch the bus to the next city over and then I’ll bring up the feed.”

The three wannabee heroes then caught the train for the next city over. Antoine could only manage to find the guy because he sent his new recently made creation to latch onto Bakugou and Midoriya.

[Robotic Bug – A tiny bug built with a camera, audio device, and a tracker.

If used on a higher leveled person it could be easily noticed.]

Since the villain will target one of them for sure, all Antoine had to do was wait till Bakugou intimidated the shit out of Midoriya the same way he did in the manga and quickly hurry on over to the city to find one of them. The funny thing is, he most likely would’ve missed out on this event if Toru and Yuga didn’t drag him out of his room.

The three arrived in the city and followed Antoine as he headed to the bridge where Midoriya would be heading soon. He started running to try and stay ahead of the plot and his friends kept up with him. It would only take a couple minutes until they reached the tunnel area and they decided to check their equipment. Antoine had everything he needed in his inventory or equipped on his person. He gave Toru a very strong shocking baton incase she somehow got captured and to help out in the battle. Yuga’s fighting potential was slightly improved to allow him to channel his laser quirk into his palms but this was all possible only because he gave Yuga a pair of metal gauntlets to wear, similar in appearance to his future hero costume that was strong enough to handle his quirk and fire it. If Yuga wasn’t as strong as he was now, his arms couldn’t possibly take the amount of recoil the gauntlets give.

This was a problem that Antoine intends to fix in the future but for upgrades for Toru, he was sort of lost. The only thing he could think of was sound-proof boots or shoes. He’d have to think of something for her even if she somehow did fine in the exam.

It was about time for the green-haired protagonist to walk on by. Antoine glared at the absentminded Midoriya while Yuga smiled in his trademark smile and Toru was giving Midoriya a thumbs up, not that anyone but her could know that though.

Midoriya anxiously eyed the three strangers and kept his head down as they stared at him. He tried to walk past them but the tallest of the three stepped in front of him and started grinning with sharp pointed teeth.

“Hey hey hey you fucking blind cabbage. Can’t you see me and my friends are busy here? Turn around or take the beating of a lifetime.” Antoine threatened as Toru and Yuga surrounded Midoriya from the left and the right side.

Antoine could see the unease and fear settling in on Midoriya’s face. He liked it.

“I’m sor- sorry... I’ll take another way around..” He said as he slowly started backing away.

Antoine’s grin only grew further as he punked the untrained and still weak protagonist into running away. But suddenly Midoriya stopped moving and started pointing behind him while trying to find words to say.

“Look.. Look out!” He ran towards Antoine in desperation.

“You got more guts than I thought.” Antoine said while he punched his fist into his palm.

Even though he hates close combat fighting, he can’t deny how fun it is when the opponent is weaker. He almost stopped sparring with Yuga after it got to the point where Yuga could nearly best him when he wasn’t using any equipment. Even now though, Yuga has improved well enough to face him even when he’s using his yo-yo. Not defeat him though because where Yuga doesn’t have the mobility to deal with him at mid-range without using his quirk. He can dodge annoyingly well though.

Suddenly Antoine’s body was nearly swallowed up by the green slime villain he was waiting on and Yuga, Midoriya, and Toru screamed. Antoine managed to smell the villain in time with one of his new skills gained over the years of leveling his shark quirk. Midoriya managed to clumsily roll himself past the sludge villain and appear behind him safely.

[Enhanced Smell Lv2 – This skill is a byproduct of your quirk. This skill allows you to have the amazing nose of a shark! If you develop this skill far enough, you could even smell an odorless poison brewed by a master assassin.

Can smell 4x better than regular humans.]

“You dirty sneaky son of a bitch!” Antoine cursed angrily. “Spread out!” Antoine ordered to Yuga and Toru.

Antoine’s heart began beating rapidly as his mind quickly started processing itself on what he should do now that he’s face to face with a villain.

‘Fuck even with the system, I could’ve been caught by that guy.. I have to be more careful.’

He reached behind him and pulled out two of his crafts. He threw one next to Toru and the other next to Midoriya. The two metal balls unrolled themselves and formed into mini turrets that locked onto the sludge villain.

“What is this!? A toy?! HAHAHAHA!” He shouted before glomping towards Antoine once again. The turrets locked onto the sludge villain and began firing red lasers while Antoine pulled out another invention to dodge the villain.

[Grapple Gun – This weaponry has a small grappling hook attached to the end and if fired, can shoot the user atop of rooftops with a button. Is durable enough for a person to balance upon.]

Antoine fired the grappling gun to the roof of the tunnel and narrowly dodged as his turrets shot holes into the slime. Yuga used his new gauntlets and aimed at the criminal and fired along side the turrets while his face strained at the amount of force acting on his arms. The villain shouted in pain as he was consistently hit by the lasers searing through his liquid body. After realizing that this was much more than he bargained for, he quickly tried to escape outside the tunnel. But the only thing waiting for him at the exit, was an electrified baton held by a girl who had no visible body.

“Future Pro Hero Stealth Girl! Here to save the day!” Toru said in her usual happy-go-lucky cute voice.

The sludge villain was effectively stopped after being electrocuted and all his slime pooled together into a small dark green puddle.

“Wow that’s a lot of volts Antoine!”

“Can’t underestimate villains…” Antoine said while breathing rapidly even though he didn’t move around nearly as much as he does when he exercises.

He wasn’t alone in his tired state, as both Toru and Yuga were breathing heavily too while a young flabbergasted Midoriya stared at the three as if they were monsters.

“A…A…Amazing…. How… How did you three…” Midoriya wasn’t allowed to finish his muttering as a sudden figure burst from the manhole.

“FEAR NOT CHILDREN! FOR I AM HERE!!!” The protagonist’s fate holder yelled dramatically.

“Welcome to the party All Might. Sad to say you came a bit late though. We already handled it.” Antoine said casually as he picked up his mini-turrets and hung them on his waist along with his grapple gun. While internally he was fuming.

‘How the fuck can I get that buff? Holy shit he’s like a walking mass of pure muscle and power. I’m jealous as shit.’

Toru and Yuga appeared on the side of Antoine while Midoriya seemingly had an overload after seeing All Might and fainted. Antoine put the incapacitated villain inside an empty 2-liter soda bottle and the fainted Midoriya on his shoulder.

“Mind taking care of these two for us?” He gave Midoriya and the defeated villain to All Might.

“Wait? What? How did you children take care of that villain?” All Might questioned.

“I’d love to hear the rest Mr. Pro Hero, but we got places to be and staying in this dank stanky tunnel ain’t one. See ya around All Might.” Antoine said casually as he patted All Might’s back and began leaving with his friends.

“Hey! Wait a second children! I’m not done yet!”

“Don’t forget to give that guy to the authorities and the kid an autograph. I read that he was a big fan of you.” The three left the sight of All Might who was stuck on clean up duty and they immediately started running away while laughing.

[Mission Completed!

Reward: Title: Villain Punisher & Perk: Danger Sense]

‘Whoa let’s see my reward! Villain Punisher’

[Villain Punisher – This title is rewarded after defeating your first villain despite not even being an official hero yet!

+10% damage against criminals and villains.]

‘Not bad... definitely useful in the direction I’m headed. I wonder if I saved the villain would I have got something like Hero Foiler or something stupid like that. Heheh. Danger Sense.’

[Danger Sense – This perk allows you to perceive danger!]

User can sense nearby danger and any impending danger towards themselves.]

‘Hoho! A knockoff of Spidey sense huh? I’ll take it baby.’

“I can’t believe we actually saw All Might!” She excitedly exclaimed.

“He was way cooler than he looks on TV!” Yuga added.

“We were the shit though. We defeated a whole villain together! Can you believe that us three defeated a villain and I managed to record the whole thing!? We’re gonna be all over the news in no time.” Antoine revealed.

“I was so scared at first!!!” Toru squealed.

“Yeah.. I can’t believe you managed to stay so calm during that Antoine. You didn’t look worried at all.” Yuga pointed out.

“Heh. How could I the future #1 Pro Hero be scared when facing his first villain?” Antoine bragged. ‘I was scared as shit you sparkly fuck. I thought my god damn heart was gonna jump out of my chest. I’m scared of drowning you know. My mom forced me to learn how to swim even if I cried my eyes out saying I didn’t want to.’

“Sound like a big bravado even though you just ran like a scared cat.” Toru giggled.

“I didn’t run! I was just putting myself in a better position to optimize my fighting style.”

Toru and Yuga laughed at his explanation while they all slowly stored this experience in their hearts. Antoine noticed Yuga’s arms were shaking.

“I’ll can make you new gauntlets so that their easier to handle if you want.” He offered.

But to his surprise, Yuga refused.

“I will get used to them… and it’s a gift from one of my best friends. I couldn’t just throw it away. And it could help make my arms stronger.” He smiled.

‘This fucking sparkle bastard. My heart almost doki doki’d there. Smooth fuck, I’m not a capture target.’

“Do you think uploading that video is a good idea though?” Toru questioned.

“It’s too late for regrets. It’s already been uploaded. Our rise to herodom will come soon and swift!” Antoine declared as they rode the train all the way home.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

This chapter is super long haha. The next chapter will be another timeskip to the entrance exams. So more skills, perks, equipment i'll have to think of. I even added a bunch of stuff that i barely even used for this time skip! But 10 year is way more than 10 months so, i should be fine. Also i need some ideas for equipment to give Antoine, Toru, and Yuga but mostly Toru.

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