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Antoine was currently building various objects in a sort of crazed and desperate state. Yesterday, after telling his friends goodbye, Antoine screamed out in a rage.


Antoine hurriedly got back on the train and returned to U.A and was strangely not confronted or impeded in anyway on his journey to the development studio. So, he’s been holed up in here using his system and the various tools, materials, and machinery to craft many many items to aid him in this upcoming dangerous plot arc. He didn’t know how much plot armor would be around to save him or those around him and didn’t count on it for support. He would make sure he stays alive and hopefully his friends too.

At first he spent most of his time crafting defensive or mobile items and then stuffing them into his inventory once he tested them out properly but then as the sun was rising he figured he had enough defensive or supportive items. Why not make some more offensive crafts? He has a couple more hours until class starts and he texted his parents that he would be over Yuga’s house till morning.

“Hehehe… I’ll teach you villainous fucks to mess with the future #1 Pro Hero’s training exercise..” Antoine creepily muttered as he continued crafting till it was time for class.

“Good work with yesterday’s battle training. I’ve looked over your grade and evaluations.” Aizawa looked around the classroom for someone.

The classroom door slid wide open.

“I’M HERE DON’T START CLASS WITHOUT ME!” Antoine yelled haggardly.

He had dark bags under his eyes. His afro was a complete mess and made him look like a bum under the bridge. He had the stank of oil and other such metallic smells on him as he walked to his seat completely oblivious of his appearance and affect on the other student’s nostrils. Parts of his uniform was singed and wrinkled.

“Nice of you to join us Neil. I’m not sure what horrific accident you ran into this morning but don’t let it happen again. We were just talking about the battle training exercise from yesterday. Neil. Learn to use the appropriate amount of force when going against classmates.”

“Huh? Oh yeah that. Sure.” He said barely awake.

“Now onto homeroom business. I apologize for the sudden announcement…… But today you’ll pick a class president.”

The students’ tense faces relaxed in relief.

“Phew! I thought there was going to be a pop quiz…”

“Me too! Why’d he have to say it like that?”

“Hey Antoine, what’d you stay up building to look like that?” Yuga asked, clearly aware of what brought upon this state.

“A lot of shit…” Antoine grumbled while closing his eyes and laying his head down on his desk.

“Anything for us??” Toru asked.

“A few…”

“I can’t wait!!” Toru excitedly shook.

While the three were conversating, the rest of the class were getting excited all over becoming the class president.

“I wanna be a leader!!”

“The position was made for me.”

“I wanna be president! Lemme do it!

“I’d like to do it.”

“In my rule, girls will have to show 30 cm of thigh!”

Iida shut down their excited yapping.

“Quiet down everyone! Leading the many is a task of heavy responsibility…! But ambition does not equate to ability! This sacred office demands the trust of its constituents. If this is to be a democracy, then I put forward the motion…. That our true leader must be chosen by election!!”

“Just fucking vote who you want as president already and shut the fuck up.” Antoine sleepily yelled.

Everyone glanced at the back of the room to see a smiling Toru and an embarrassed Yuga. (Not that anyone could see Toru smiling.)

“Despite his coarse, rude, and unnecessary language he is correct! Let’s get to voting.” Iida agreed.

Everyone began choosing who they wanted as president with the exception of Antoine who was soundly sleeping with drool leaking on his desk. The voting went the same way it did in the manga and the rest of the class went to lunch right after. Antoine was dragged along to the lunchroom by Yuga who dragged him by the back of the shirt and Toru being amazed at Antoine’s deep sleep.

“Say ahhhh.” Toru happily asked while feeding the sleeping Antoine who was somehow still capable of listening to directions.

Antoine opened his mouth and bit down, accidentally taking the metal fork along with the pieces of steak. He crunched and swallowed the meal before opening his mouth again.

“Uh… Can he digest metal…?” Yuga asked worried.

“He’ll be fine…” Toru hoped as she grabbed a spoon and began feeding him rice and being more careful this time around.


The alarm went off.


Antoine continued to sleep peacefully as if the insanely loud alarm was nothing more than the blowing wind on a nice spring day.

“Antoine! We have to go!” Yuga said while shaking him.

“It’s nothing. Fuck off.. Let me sleep some more.” Antoine murmured.

“I’ll get him! Let’s go!” Toru decided as she lifted Antoine over her shoulder and began evacuating with Yuga.

Antoine groaned in annoyance while still sleeping. The situation played out exactly like the manga did with Iida managing to calm everyone down and the alarm was just the reporters who managed to get in thanks to the villains destroying the gate. They returned to the classroom a little time after with Antoine still sleeping.

“Now for today’s basic hero training… This time All Might, myself, and one other will supervise.” Aizawa announced.

‘Must be a special type of hero training if three Pro Heroes are needed..’

‘Sounds exciting!’

“Preparing you for disaster relief, from fires to floods. It’s rescue training!” Aizawa said while lifting a tiny card that said RESCUE.

“Rescuing huh.. I’ll need to pay attention to this lesson closely. I don’t see how my quirk could help me aid in fires or floods.” Yuga said.

“Hehe. I’m clueless too.” Toru agreed.

“My quirk wouldn’t be much helpful in a flood.” Iida said to himself.

“I hope I can rescue a girl with a nice chest.” Mineta dreamed.

“Pipe down. I’m not done yet. It’s up to each of you whether or not you wear your costumes. As some of them are ill-suited to this sort of activity. The training site is a bit remote, so we’ll be going by bus. That’s all. Get ready.” Aizawa told them.


Antoine was now fully awake and currently wearing his hero costume seemingly gotten an upgrade. His appearance was now back to its usual luster and not the horrid state from this morning. The tentacles were still 6 in quantity but outwardly only seemed to have gained a color change. They were dark sliver previously but now light blue and had shark faces painted on near the ends. The tips of the metal arms are based on the jaws of a shark with sharp pointed teeth opening and closing on their own as they slowly moved through the air. His lab coat hasn’t changed much except with some additional pockets up and down on the sides. The toolbox was drawn with a shark face on it while also looking bigger. The laser pistol was missing and now a golden revolver was seen in its place along with a spherical grenade made to look like a pokeball and a gilded or golden yo-yo.

“Any problems so far?” Antoine asked his two friends who he also made sure to help survive this upcoming attack.

“No problems here.” Yuga responded in his armor that sparkled even more than his last one. The armor seemed to have toned down and slimmed a bit to fit Yuga’s figure more tightly.

“A-Okay!” Toru cheered in her black skintight suit that transformed into her regular school outfit.

“Nice costume.” Kirishima said.

“Hm? Yours isn’t bad. I like the demolition look it gives.” Antoine stated.

“Haha really? I chose it to make me look manly and tough!”

“Everyone on the bus in an orderly fashion!” Iida ordered as it was time to get on the vehicle.

The students got on the bus and everyone was basically sitting face to face with each other with the exception of a few students in the back.

“I generally say what’s on my mind Midoriya.” Asui said aloud.

“Oh?! What is it Asui?”

“Call me Tsuyu.” She told him. “Your quirk resembles All Might’s.”

“R-R-R-R-Really?! Nah. I mean, I…” Midoriya stuttered.

“Hold up Tsuyu, All Might doesn’t get hurt, though. They’re already different in that way.” Kirishima said. “But that sort of simple strength-enhancing quirk Is awesome! You can do a lot of cool stuff with it!” “Not like my hardening, It’s good in a fight but real boring.”

“Your quirk is already pretty good though. You can be a pro hero easily with it.”

“But heroes also have to worry about popular appeal!”

“Popular appeal doesn’t matter. As long as you can stop villains and help people that’s all that matters.” Antoine added.

“Tch. Like anyone would want to be saved by you.” Kaminari replied.

“People would even ask the devil himself to save them if their life was in danger. I’m not saying I’m the devil but I am saying that that future #1 Pro Hero will become famous regardless of his behavior.”

“So you’re aware that you act like a total jerk?” Jiro said.

“As much as you’re aware that I wanna smash Froggy over here.” Antoine pointed to Tsuyu.

“Smash me?” Tsuyu asked bewildered while Yuga’s face reddened and Toru giggled.

“You’ll understand later but you get my point right?”

“It sounds like you don’t think anything is wrong with how you act.” Yaoyorozu spoke up.

“The real problem are those huge tits you’re showing off to the entire class. You think that’s proper hero attire?” Antoine grinned as Yaoyorozu’s face reddened. Mineta secretly gave him a thumbs up.

“This…! This is to support my quirk! I’m not doing this to please anyone!” She fiercely rebutted.

“Ahuh.. Keep telling yourself that Big Tits.”

The bus soon arrived at the training site and everyone got off the bus and went inside.

“Welcome students! Over there is the flood zone, landslide zone, conflagration zone, etc. Every disaster and accident you can imagine. I built this facility myself. I call it… The Unforeseen Simulation Joint!”

“Astronaut Hero…” Antoine muttered.

“That’s Space Hero, Thirteen!” Midoriya shouted. “He’s a gentlemen hero who does his best work in rescue scenarios!”

“Cool!!” Toru cheered.

“Before we get started. I have one or two points. Or three. Maybe four.” Thirteen went on. “As I’m sure many of you are aware… My quirk is called Black Hole. It can suck in and tear anything apart. Its power can easily be used for villainous intentions and I have no doubt that there are some among you with similar abilities.” He droned on and on.

Antoine was already bored. He let Thirteen’s words enter one ear and exit the other. He started looking at his respective female classmates’ bodies and began thinking.

‘I definitely gotta hit one of these girls. My top target is Tsuyu. She’s the one I wanted to smash the most back in my old world. Second is Jiro because punk chicks are one of the hottest types of girls there are. Even if her body isn’t much, she still takes second place. I’m not a fan of big breasts all that much anyway. Ashido would have surely taken second place if she didn’t have that scary ass acid quirk but the pink skin thing is a definitely plus in my book. But what if she accidentally leak acid during sex or something!? That’s my everything down there! Nope. Too risky.’

Antoine was pulled out of his thoughts by the class suddenly clapping for Thirteen.

“HUDDLE UP AND DON’T MOVE!” Aizawa yelled seriously.

‘Here we go…’ Antoine took a deep breath as he took his golden revolver out of his holster and into his hand.


“What’s going on sensei?”


“Whoa! A sudden lesson huh sensei?” Toru asked excited.

“DON’T MOVE! THOSE ARE… VILLAINS!!” Aizawa explained.

The villains began pouring inside the training ground through the purple fog. Antoine started loading specially crafted bullets into his revolver’s chamber.

“I wonder if some dead kids will bring All Might here..?” The leader of this entire assault asked.

“Villains!? No way!”

“What villains would be stupid enough to attack a school for heroes!?”

“Are the sensors down!?”

“It must be one of their quirks..” Toru pointed out.

“Thirteen! Began evacuation and try to contact the school! Kaminari try using your quirk to signal for help.”

“Got it!”

“But Sensei! You can’t fight them all alone! A head-on battle isn’t…”

“No good hero is a one-trick pony. Thirteen! Take care of them.” He said as he leapt off the stairs into the horde of villains.

As Aizawa was fighting the villains down below, one of them managed to get past him by teleporting atop of the stairs.

“Greetings. We are the league of villains. Forgive our audacity, but… today we’ve come here to U.A. Highschool this bastion of heroism… To end the life… of All Might, the Symbol of Peace.” He politely announced. “We were under the impression that All Might would be here today but… it seems his schedule was revised? But it doesn’t matter I suppose… My role in all of this stays the same.” The purple fog figure said as he was simultaneously attacked by three heroes-in-training.

Bakugou, Kirishima, and Antoine attacked. The two close combat fighters rushed him while Antoine fired in between the metal plates around his neck. The metal plates hurriedly rose up and the bullet slipped through the fog, missing the villain.

“That was rather close… Too close.. I guess I shouldn’t underestimate you children. You are the golden eggs of this school…”

“Both of you get back! Quickly!” Thirteen ordered.


The purple fog expanded and tried to cover every student. Antoine could’ve escaped with one of his new devices, but he would be missing out on testing his new creations in real combat if he didn’t let himself be teleported. Even if this choice was insanely dangerous, the rewards to come out of it had to be just as equally as great. Yuga on the other hand, shot off into the air by shooting lasers from the bottom of his suit’s feet and escaped the fog. Antoine couldn’t see what happened to him as he was transported into an area filled with buildings on fire. He looked around and saw Ojiro with him.

“So I’m with you huh?” Antoine said as villains slowly appeared in front of them.

“Yes. Are you okay?” He asked.

“If you got time to worry about me, you can start dealing with these villains. I don’t think they’re willing to wait any longer.”

He nodded before charging into the group of villains and attacking. Antoine rapidly fired 5 shots from his revolver, knocking out 5 villains via hard impacts to the skull. He quickly reloaded the gun as some of the villains split their focus on him and the others on Ojiro.

“Heh. This would be better if I wasn’t in this fucking hot ass burning city.” Antoine said as he fired 6 green bullets.

The bullets painfully knocked into the skulls, throats, groins, and other weak points of the evildoers and either knocked them unconscious, took them off their feet, or halted them briefly, but then the bullets began bouncing off the flaming buildings and the ground itself, aiming for the bad guys all on their own.

“These are my ricocheting bullets. They can do enough damage to crack bone, but the special part about them is when they bounce off a surface, they increase in speed. And can you guess how hard they’ll hit after bouncing this many times?” He asked as the bullets reached a speed fast enough to become a blur at this point.

The villains cried out in pain and agony as they dragged their limping limbs to try and escape.

“Hey don’t run! Weren’t you guys going to torture and kill us!? COME BACK! I STILL A FEW MORE THINGS TO TEST!” Antoine yelled as he fired some blue colored bullets in the sky. The additional bullets that were fired into the air arched and redirected themselves towards the fleeing villains.

“Those are my homing bullets. They’re a bit stronger than the ricocheting ones because these are meant to incapacitate on a single bullet instead of hit and comeback even stronger.” Antoine happily explained as the cries and shouts of pain and anger continued in the flaming city.

“IT’S ALWAYS HITTING MY LEG!! IT’S THE SAME SPOT EVERY FUCKING TIME!” a villain angrily cried out before screaming as one of the bullets hit his leg again and an audible snap was heard as he fainted.

Ojiro swiped a villain off their feet with his tail and smashed down with his foot atop their chest. He heard another one coming from behind him and swung his tail and smashed them into one of the burning buildings. An agile villain appeared above Ojiro and tried to stab him from above.

‘Darn.. I can’t possibly defend this in time….’ Ojiro cursed as he was currently dealing with another villain who wasn’t as weak as the others. He tried to position himself in a way where he wouldn’t be injured fatally or majorly but it turns out it wasn’t even needed. One of Antoine’s bouncing bullets smashed into the side of the agile villain and the back of the skull of the stronger villain, fracturing their skull and ribs simultaneously and saving Ojiro at the same time.

“Thanks!” Ojiro called out as he fought more villains.

“I might have forgotten to mention that I added a small homing feature to aid the ricocheting bullets.” Antoine grinned as more and more villains were taken out by his creations and soon he and Ojiro were all alone.

‘Ooh I leveled from that.. Using my crafted creations and testing them on the field gives a bigger exp boost than just creating them. Now that this place is done, it’s time to move on to the next.’ Antoine decided.

“You know the way back don’t you?” Antoine asked.

He nodded while sweating heavily and breathing a bit raggedly.

“Good. Then you don’t need me here.” Antoine said as he scaled one of the buildings on fire with his metal arms and reached the top. He pulled out something he built this morning and grinned in its glory.

“The Shark Glider!”

[Shark Glider – This strangely designed hoverboard has been crafted in image of a shark. Flying speed is increased by 25% when chasing foes. When ¼ of the glider is covered in blood, it shifts into overdrive. Speed is increased by 65% percent and defensive capabilities are increased by 30%.]

Antoine pulled out the shark glider from his inventory and got on top of the slightly hovering board. He locked his feet into the device, so he wouldn’t somehow fall off and started it up. The board made a whirring noise as it rose higher and higher and then it blasted forward.

“I’ll try and help whoever I see first. Toru and Yuga should be fine unless they somehow managed to meet up with the Nomu, Tomura, or Kuro. Then I’ll have to hurry.. Can’t play around…” Antoine decided as he flew across the rescue area.

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Will Antoine's intense preparation be enough to ward off the villains attacking the school!? Will the plot really remain the same as it did in the manga and anime?! We'll find out tomorrow or later on tonight cause fuck i'm tired.

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