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Antoine sniffed the air a couple times and then grinned.

“It turns out we won’t need you to use your quirk afterall. I know exactly where they’re at. Follow me.”

Antoine walked through the halls with Shoji following behind him quietly. Shoji wondered how Antoine managed to find their exact location but decided not to ask. He’s seen how the boy acted before and rather not get on his bad side by asking questions not important to the battle.

“We’re here. They’re up ahead on the right with the bomb. I know you look like a fucking beefcake but just in case can you fight?”

Shoji nodded and Antoine smiled before walking straight in the room where the villains were.

“Surrender now villains or be fucking destroyed to death!” Antoine ordered with his tentacles slowly whipping through the air.

“That’s not proper hero behavior…. I definitely have to show him the proper ways of being a hero.” All Might muttered.

Kirishima punched his palmed with his fist and smiled.

“Let’s see you try Heroes!” He activated his quirk and charged towards Antoine.

“You can go get the nuke if you want Shoji. I’ll play with rockhead over here. I need to test a few things out anyway.” Antoine told Shouji.

Antoine put his hands on his waist and equipped the gun on his waist. Kirishima focused his sights on Antoine before suddenly changing directions and leaping towards Shoji with a punch. Antoine shrugged his shoulders and slowly walked towards Uraraka.

‘This’ll be too easy.’ He smiled deviously as he looked towards her.

She balled her fist and desperately looked around the room for anything to use. She couldn’t count on Kirishima to defend her against both of them. Neither could she allow herself to be useless.

“Here!” Kirishima yelled before throwing random debris from his and Shoji’s battle towards her.

“Thanks!” She replied as she got a sudden boost in confidence.

She started touching all the debris around her and as they floated up, she grabbed a larger piece of concrete and swung it, knocking all the small pieces towards Antoine.

“Concrete Slam!” She yelled cutely.

“It’s High Noon.” Antoine softly said but somehow was loud enough for all the fighting participants to hear and look over.

Antoine rapidly shot all the incoming rocks to pieces and shattered them to dust while also adding in two additional shots aimed at Kirishima and Uraraka. Uraraka couldn’t react in time and was shot in the gut by the blue laser beam. She cried out in pain as she was knocked to the floor barely conscious. Kirishima managed to dodge the laser shot in time, but was caught from behind by Shoji who locked him in a bearhug from behind with all of his arms. Kirishima could’ve sharpened his body a little bit further to free himself but that would include cutting Shoji and he didn’t want to take it that far. It wouldn’t be manly of him to do such a thing. Besides, Antoine was too far away for him to even stop since he captured Uraraka. This was his lost.

Antoine walked slowly over to the bomb and saw that Uraraka was still trying to continue.

‘How cute.’ Antoine thought before lowering one of his metal tentacles over her chest with a terrible smile.

“Continue if you want villain. But anymore resistance will only be more painful for you.”

He saw a deep look of fear in her eyes and she immediately stopped trying.

“Hey! Don’t give up so soon villain! You may have entered the wrong profession if you can’t handle a little pain. How pathetic.” Antoine spat before suddenly having dust being thrown in his face.

“FUCK! MY FUCKING EYES!” He yelled in pain and tried to clear out his eyes while stumbling backwards. Amidst his eye cleaning session, he managed to catch a glimpse of the shaking Uraraka charging towards him. He knew his metal limbs on his back would definitely protect him but he wasn’t sure exactly how it would protect him.

“DON’T ATTACK LACKEY!” Antoine ordered to his arms as he was taken to the ground and mounted. He finally managed to clear out his eyes and saw the girl readying to punch him.

“Villainous scum. Going for the eyes is truly evil.”

“Give up!” She yelled.

“Kiss me first.” Antoine taunted.

Uraraka brought down her fist to punch Antoine in the face.

‘Whoa! I didn’t think she’d actually try and hit me! What kind of bloodlust is locked inside this girl!?’ Antoine questioned as the furious gravity girl punched towards him.

Antoine caught her fist and threw her off of him easily and followed up swiftly with a kick to her chest as she tried to get up. That attack took her out of the fight as she was barely able to lift her upper body up. Antoine walked over to her and instead of the fear in her eyes he saw earlier, he saw a sad and pained look in her eyes. He would’ve fell in love if he felt any sort of care for her character in the manga.

Antoine was about to snag the bomb but was blindsided from the side. Kirishima punched him far across the room and Antoine noticed that somehow Kirishima beat Shoji.

“How the fuck did you defeat Shoji?!” Antoine asked angry.

“A man can’t just sit by and watch as a woman is in danger.” He stood in front of the downed Uraraka. “I’ll take it from here. Trust me!”

Antoine rubbed his shoulder while getting more and more pissed.

“I decided to take it easy on you fucking pieces of trash and look where it got me. Holding back is idiotic. Destroying my enemies with all I have is how I should always do things.” Antoine walked towards Kirishima.

“Assume original directives Lackey.”

“Yes sir.” A robotic male voice answered.

Kirishima ran towards the angry hero and punched towards him. Two metal tentacles caught Kirishima’s fists. He tried to wrench his hands free but he found that the strength of the tentacles were much more than he could have ever imagined. He put his everything into freeing his arms but the additional appendages didn’t even budge. Kirishima didn’t give up though, if his arms didn’t work he’ll use his legs to overcome this. But Antoine already thought of this possibly happening.

Antoine lifted the hardening boy in the air and used another pair of tentacles to grab his legs, rendering all his movements stopped.

“This’ll only hurt for a bit. I’m quite pissed you see, please don’t take this to heart.”

Antoine’s last pair of attachments began rapidly punching Kirishima in the chest. He groaned in pain from the attacks but didn’t lose his grit. He took the punches like a man and kept trying to free himself despite how hopeless the situation was. Eventually his quirk couldn’t handle the force of the punches and his skin turned back to normal. But Antoine didn’t care. He was still pissed. His arms reared themselves back in preparation of a slingshot punch and as it was released, Kirishima closed his eyes.

He fainted as a sudden savior appeared. Shoji barely deflected the two tentacles and retreated with the fainted Kirishima. Shoji glared at Antoine who glared right back at him.

“That’s enough! You’re going too far.”

Antoine wanted to get even angrier for this interruption but slowly realized that All Might and the rest of his classmates were currently watching him. He took a deep breath and planned to beat the shit out of Shoji at a later date, but for now he has to somehow salvage this situation.

He put on a friendly smile.

“You’re right Shoji. I definitely went too far back there. I’m sorry. Let me help you grab them.”

Shoji still had some distrust towards his classmate and picked up both Uraraka and Kirishima together.

“It’s fine. I can handle it.”

“HEROES WIN!!!” All Might announced while secretly planning to have a conversation with the Young Neil later.

“I’m sorry for taking this so far you two. You both are my classmates and fellow heroes-in-training, and I acted quite rudely to both of you. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.” Antoine bowed with enough sincerity in his voice, he even managed to get the skill [Acting] for it.

[Acting Lv1 – You’re able to play nearly any character you want! Build this skill up higher to become the greatest actor or manipulator ever known.

All interactions will have a 2% chance of the recipient having a positive view of the user.

Has a slightly low chance of having people believe your acting.]

The two injured villians were taken to the infirmary and Antoine was met with some very negative looks on his return. He wouldn’t let these kids bother him though. He just grinned and waited for the next people to battle.


Team H vs Team F.

Toru and Ashido were villains while Asui and Koda were heroes.

“I’m going to go all out for this!” Toru excitedly stated.

“Yea! Let’s do this!” Ashido held her hand up for a high five.

Toru high-fived her.

“I’ll use my acid quirk to make some sticky traps for them. Once they are caught, you can finish them off!” Ashido said as she started using her acids to spray the floor entering into the room.

Toru pointed up top and at the window behind them.

“Good catch! I would’ve forgot about those entrances if I was by myself hehe.”

“Us villains gotta support each other whenever we can!”

“Heck yeah!”

It would be a couple minutes later until the heroes finally found them. The door was kicked open and a sea of crawling bugs charged in. Koda was seen severely shaking as he looked at the bugs while Asui took action. She leapt inside the room towards the nuke as Ashido was busy dealing with the bugs. It seemed as if the heroes would win this quite easily after preparing for any traps in advanced but just as Asui was inches away from the bomb, something impacted against her chest and she was knocked to the floor.

“Huh..?” She questioned before a figure in black turned visible suddenly and shot towards her with a small gun-like object.

The pain in her chest nearly prevented her from avoiding the incoming projectile. She felt like she just ran into a rock full speed and could barely breathe, but she didn’t have time to feel. Asui roughly leapt out of the way and tumbled across the room. The projectile she managed to dodge turned out to be a capsule. Inside the capsule was a net that could have easily captured her.

“Ribbit…” She groaned as she looked up and saw the black figure standing over her with the weapon.

‘How did she get over here? I didn’t hear her footsteps at all..’ Asui thought confused.

Asui shot her tongue towards the villain in a surprise attack and hoped to make them back off or capture them but despite her surprise attack, Toru managed to dodge and slam the butt of her baton into the stomach of Asui, rendering her unfit for further combat. Toru then turned her over and arrested her with the capture tape they were given.

“Victory!” Toru said in a bubbly voice.

“Same over here!” Ashido replied in equally happy tone with a taped Koda in front of her.

“The villain team wins!!!!” All Might announced.

Asui was taken to the infirmary while Koda, Toru, and Ashido returned back to the viewing building.

“Excellent work on both sides! It was only thanks to the villain’s planning and better skills that they took the victory.” All Might said before going on to the final battle.

Team B vs Team G

Midoriya and Tokoyami were the villains and Yuga and Sero were the heroes.

“Let’s do our best man.” Sero said to Yuga.

“Yeah.” He took a deep breath. “We can do this.”

The two heroes entered the building and searched for the bomb together while chatting in a friendly manner.

“I still don’t get how you are friends with that Neil guy. You two seem completely different. He’s a total jerk and you’re pretty cool.

“He has his good points…” Yuga said as they reached the bomb room together.

“I wonder..” Sero muttered.

“I’ll handle Tokoyami. You deal with Midoriya.” Yuga said as his eyes suddenly turned serious.

“Got it!” Sero ran over to Midoriya and Yuga ran towards Tokoyami who had his quirk ready for battle.

Yuga shifted into his boxing stance and Tokoyami sent his dark shadow at the incoming hero. Yuga weaved from left to right as the shadow claws attempted to grab him. As he was getting closer and closer, eventually Tokoyami used his shadow to return to him and fight against Yuga. But even if they were close to each other, his dark shadow wasn’t able to land a hit on the constantly swaying and moving sparkle suited boy.

Yuga finally got into range and sent a right straight towards Tokoyami. Crow head used his dark shadow to block but it wasn’t enough because Yuga fired his laser quirk though the fist of his suit and blasted Tokoyami all the way to the wall. Sero was tried to catch the surprisingly nimble Midoriya, who was dodging every tape until Sero decided to send his tape sticking everywhere, trapping Midoriya. He was forced to carefully decide his next moves. If he just haphazardly tried to dodge another attack, he could find himself caught up in Sero’s tape quirk.

Yuga noticed that the crow boy’s shadow creature has reduced in size as he slowly got up.

‘Can’t let him recover.. Antoine always said that you should take out your enemies quickly and efficiently.’

A sparkling blue laser shot out from beneath Yuga’s feet and shot him towards the still recovering Tokoyami. He struggled to defend himself but managed to use his quirk in time and block Yuga’s fist. He was forced to stay on defense as Yuga rapidly punched his dark shadow. Tokoyami groaned in pain and had his concentration cut for a single second and in that second, Yuga shot himself to the side of the shadow creature and punched it into Tokoyami with a laser beam along with his punch.

Tokoyami was down for the count and Sero finally managed to capture Midoriya who still couldn’t regulate his quirk in percentages yet.

“Heroes win!!!” All Might announced.

All Might and the students then left Ground Beta.

“Well done everyone! No serious injuries were had, you all had great teamwork! You all did splendidly, considering this was your first training exercise!” All Might congratulated. “Now I’m headed to give Young Uraraka, Kirishima, and Asui their evaluations. Change out of those costumes and head back to the classroom!” He dashed off.


Antoine clicked his tongue.

“What you did was completely uncool dude.” Kaminari said.

“That was messed up.” Jiro added.

“A complete lack of respect and care for our fellow peers.” Iida said.

“Unless you all want your asses to be sent to the infirmary next, fuck off and quit bothering me.” Antoine said annoyed.

Kaminari and Jiro walked away while Iida refused to be threatened.

“If your behavior doesn’t improve, I will be forced to have a talk with the teachers. I’m sure nearly everyone in the class would be pleased to support me in my argument about having you out of Class 1-A.”

‘Can he do that?’ Antoine thought.

“Can you do that?” Mineta asked.

‘Maybe I’ll have to reign myself in a bit. It’s too early to run into problems here. I’ll have to make some more allies and act a bit friendlier if I want it to work. How fucking annoying. I’m going to kick this fucker’s ass one day.’ Antoine promised.

“I’ll think about it.” He replied as classes came to an end.

Him, Toru, and Yuga left the classroom and started walking home together.

“Class was fun today!” Toru happily said.

“It was. Even though I barely managed to use my costume completely, I had a lot of fun using it. I didn’t even feel sore afterwards!”

“Eh. Our classmates are a little too weak. So, it’ll be awhile before you two can fight or practice to your full potential. Unless you two are going against me or each other.”

“What about the teachers?”

“Of course you’ll need your full strength against the teachers. They aren’t Pro-Heroes for nothing you know. Don’t look down on them.”

“Hehe…. You got your butt kicked today.” Toru giggled.

“Mr. Never Underestimate Anyone.” Yuga laughed along with Toru.

“Shut up you assholes. I’m human too you know! We all make mistakes.”

“Yeah but you always talk about not underestimating people and look what you did today.”

Antoine sighed.

“Yeah. I got fucked today. I should’ve just shot them and grabbed the nuke.”

“Butttttt” Yuga annoyingly dragged.

“I underestimated them and intentionally dragged on the fight. I get it okay! I know what I did wrong already.”

“We have to know that you know your mistakes. We’re your friends Antoine. We can’t have you going down the wrong path.”

“I kinda think he’s already on a wrong path! His mouth hasn’t changed since we were children!” Toru giggled.

“My mouth is perfectly fine. Languages have words for a reason, and I’m using them as they were meant to be used am I not?”

“Of course you would have an excuse even for your bad mouth.” Yuga said as he and Toru laughed again.

“I’m the #1 future pro hero. I have to be prepared for anything you know. Even if it’s about myself.”

Antoine and friends were about to leave U.A. grounds but suddenly Antoine felt a hand on his shoulder. He instinctively reached into his pocket and further into his inventory to pull out a weapon but stopped himself as he heard whose voice it was.

“BOY! I must say, I came out here to give you a stern talking to about your treatment of your classmates and general behavior overall but it seems it wasn’t needed! I heard about your heartfelt apology from Young Kirishima and Uraraka and hearing you talking to Young Hagakure and Aoyama made me know you definitely can achieve greatness! I believe you already know what you need to improve on and I won’t keep you further!”

“Yeah. I do..”

“Farewell students!” All Might waved before dashing back inside the building.

“How annoying…” Antoine said with a small smile showing up on his face, causing both Toru and Yuga to smile as well.

“Having the All Might as a teacher is the coolest thing ever.” Yuga admitted.

“He’s great!” Toru supported as the group got on their train and went home for the night.

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Hoho.. Did our mc actually decide to change for the better?! Will he listen to the advice of his close friends and to the words he always preaches? Or will be continue in his ways stubbornly and not grow and change at all as a person?

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