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Antoine, Toru, and Yuga were currently on their way to their classroom.

“I’m so excited! I can’t believe I’m excited for school!” Toru exclaimed.

“I know how you feel. I can’t wait to meet our new classmates.” Antoine grinned.

“Please don’t cause trouble with our classmates on the first day..” Yuga pleaded.

“You know I’m going to do that right?” Antoine said as he opened the door to their classroom.

Yuga sighed.

“WHAT’S UP BITCHES!!!! THE #1 FUTURE PRO HERO HAS BLESSED YOU ALL WITH HIS PRESENCE!” The previously chatting classroom turned completely silent.

“I understand you’re all awed! But I’ll allow you all to clap once.” Antoine said as the entire class was struck speechless.

“I don’t think they’re planning on welcoming you Antoine.” Toru loudly whispered in his ear.

“It’s you! From the exam! The vulgar loud delinquent!” Iida pointed out.

“Fuck off ya hard assed geek .” Antoine responded as he swaggered on inside the room with Yuga and Toru behind him.

Iida was astonished at the mouth of his fellow peer and was about to give him a stern talking to about morals, respect, and behavior fit for students of U.A. But it seems another student decided to take over for him.

“You’ve come to die so soon Bush Head?!” Bakugou said while slamming his palm on his desk.

Antoine looked around the classroom and then dug in his ear.

“What is that trash I’m hearing? Do you guys hear that? It sounds like the sound of someone WHO FUCKING GOT SECOND PLACE!”

“I’LL BLOW YOU TO PIECES!” Bakugou yelled as he pounced towards Antoine with his hand stretched out to grab Antoine.

Antoine smiled a smiled so wide it seems like he was hoping for this to happen. Antoine pulled out a silver Yo-yo and flicked it towards Bakugou. The boy sneered as he blasted the toy out the way and continued towards Antoine.

Antoine smiled even harder.

“What’s so funny!? You’re dead meat!”

Antoine’s Yo-yo came returning back towards Bakugou at a speed faster than he deflected it and wrapped him up before he could reach Antoine. Antoine stepped on the captured and helpless Bakugou in triumph.

“I wonder who let this garbage in here? I guess second place really is only this much.” Antoine continually mocked the boy whose raged seemingly wanted to swallow him whole, bones and all.

“If you’re planning to get expelled on the first day, please continue horsing around.” A man wrapped up in a sleeping bag said.

‘Aizawa huh.. I can’t mess around with him this early in the story.’

“Yes sensei!” Antoine bowed with perfect stature while releasing Bakugou and at the same time he released the boy, leaping towards the farthest seat in the back.

Bakugou immediately leapt towards the direction Antoine went in after feeling the weight on his back disappear but was held back by the teacher’s scarf.

“That goes for you too. Settle down or get out.” Bakugou’s wrath was forced to be suppressed as he returned to his seat and threatened Antoine. He used his thumb and swiped it slowly across his neck before returning his attention to the teacher. Yuga and Toru sat in the seats next to Antoine. Toru didn’t seem any different from before they walked in, still excited. Yuga on the other hand, was embarrassed that his best friend got in a fight on the first day of class.

“Seriously..! You had to mock him? You know he has anger problems…” Yuga whispered.

“Shhh. It’s time for class Sparkles.” Antoine said seriously as he focused all his attention on Aizawa-sensei.

“It took around 2 minutes for you all to quiet down. You all aren’t very promising so far.” He said bluntly. “I’m your homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa. Not pleased to meet you.”

“He doesn’t look very impressive, so he has to be good! Right Antoine?” Toru asked. Antoine nodded and softly smiled. She remembered him telling her that appearances aren’t everything and the most average or unimpressive people can be the greatest of masters.

“Hurry up and put on your gym clothes and head to the grounds.” He said while leaving the room.

“Eh?! Just like that!?” Ashido, the pink skinned girl, exclaimed.

Everyone quickly headed off to put on their gym clothes and then headed on over to the grounds as fast as they could.

“Not bad.. Much faster this time. You all will now be having a quirk test.”

“What’s a quirk test sensei!?” Toru asked happily.

“The same gym tests you all did in middle school but this time you will be allowed to use your quirks as freely as you wish.” He explained.

The class was surprised and quite joyed at this turn of events.

“You. Bakugou was it? Throw this ball using your quirk and whatever else you have, but don’t leave that circle. You’re still angry about that kid right? Use this to let off some steam.” Aizawa told him.

Bakugou sneered at Antoine before stretching his arms a bit and then winding up the ball.


“I’LL KILL YOU!!!” He shouted as the ball blasted off into the sky.

“It’s important for us to know our limits. This is the first rational step to figuring out what kind of heroes you’ll be.”

The class got excited all over again after seeing Bakugou’s impressive display.

“What’s all this noise..? You all are hoping to become heroes after three years here… and you think it’ll be all fun and games?” He asked seriously.

“Since this is just a joke to you all, how about this. The one with the lowest score across all events will be judged hopeless and will be EXPELLED.”

‘There it is! Haha that’s the son of a bitch I know.’ Antoine said to himself entertained.

“Welcome! This is the hero course at U.A High!

“Isn’t that totally unfair!? It’s only the first day! And even if it wasn’t, it’d still be unfair!” Uraraka yelled.

“Life is full of unfair things. Heroes are the ones who correct the unfairness in the world. If you were hoping this would be an easygoing place, I’m sorry to tell you that U.A will put you through the wringer. That’s Plus Ultra. So do your best to overcome it all.”

‘Man this is so boring. Hurry the fuck up! I didn’t realize this guy was such a fucking chatterbox.’ Antoine thought annoyed.

‘I’ll do my best! I’ll become a great hero that will be known all over the world!’ Toru thought happily.

‘He’s right.. I have to do my all..! I will become the model hero that all children can look up to! No matter what.’ Yuga thought motivated.

‘This will be a piece of cake..’ Bakugou thought.

The first event was 50-meter dash. Antoine was up against Midoriya. He grinned evilly.

“Don’t choke.” Antoine told him.

“Wha?” The starter gun went off and Antoine took off with unnatural speed. Dust came rising from the ground and Midoriya was seen coughing.

“4 seconds. I guess this is what an A- in agility gets you.” Antoine muttered to himself after finishing the event.

“4.15 seconds. Whew! I haven’t ran that fast since that time Antoine made that dog angry and it broke through the fence and chased us.” Toru said while wiping away her invisible sweat.

“4.13 seconds… I did well.” Yuga told himself.

More events passed, but nothing of importance really happened. Antoine and friends got good scores and it was finally time for Midoriya to go. The boy was really pathetic despite how he should be doing fine in some of these events. Hell the grape guy was doing better than he was. Aizawa erased Midoriya’s quirk after he was planning on destroying his hand and gave him a stern talking to before giving him another go at throwing the ball, and just like the manga he used his full power on just his index finger. Impressing Aizawa and not incapacitating himself at the same time. But also just like in the manga, Bakugou realized that Midoriya has had a quirk all along and just has been fooling him this entire time. He charged at the boy like a wild animal and was stopped by Aizawa.

“Second place just doesn’t know how to control himself. He’s like a wild mutt, how did he even get in here..?” Antoine loudly mocked as Bakugou gritted his teeth in anger.

The rest of the events went on and Aizawa began announcing the final results.

“Your total scores reflect your performance in each of the events. I’m not going to explain each and every one cause that’s a waste of time and I don’t want to do it. So, here are the final results. By the way, I was also lying about expelling someone.” He said while revealing the scores on a hologram.

The class let out a cry of surprise at this reveal and Antoine only snickered.


“So that’s why you weren’t worried Antoine. You knew it was a lie all along.” Yuga suddenly understood.

“No way. I just knew I wouldn’t get in fucking last place.” He corrected.

“Anyway. Your documents about the curriculum and such are back in the classroom. Look over them.”


  1. Antoine Neil
  2. Momo Yaoyorozu
  3. Shoto Todoroki
  4. Yuga Aoyama
  5. Katsuki Bakugou
  6. Toru Hagakure
  7. Tenya Ida
  8. Fumikage Tokoyami
  9. Mezo Shoji
  10. Mashirao Ojiro
  11. Eijiro Kirishima
  12. Kyoka Jiro
  13. Mina Ashido
  14. Minoru Mineta
  15. Koji Koda
  16. Rikido Sato
  17. Tsuyu Asui
  18. Hanta Sero
  19. Denki Kaminari
  20. Ochaoco Uraraka
  21. Izuku Midoriya


Antoine, Toru, and Yuga were exiting U.A. together.

“I can’t believe our own teacher tricked us like that! I tried really hard in those tests too.”

“I was surprised as well. He made me believe I had to give it my all or I’d be expelled.”

“You two are as gullible as ever. Even if you guys took those tests without giving it your all, you wouldn’t have gotten last place.” Antoine reminded them.

Up ahead they ran into Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida who were similarly on their way to the station.

“Hey guys!” Toru greeted.

“Invisible Girl.” Iida greeted.

“I wanted to give you my thanks. At the entrance exam for before.” Midoriya said.

“No problem no problem. I’m Hagakure. Toru Hagakure.”

“I’m Antoine. Antoine Neil.” Antoine arrogantly looked down on Iida and Midoriya.

“Yuga Aoyama.” He smiled softly.

“You! Neil! Your behavior is completely unbecoming of a student from an academy as prestigious as U.A. High!”

“My behavior is piss perfect. If you have a problem with it, that’s just you being intolerant and a little bitch.”

“A what!? I..! I…!” Iida was baffled and excused himself from the group.

“Did you really have to do that…?” Yuga asked.

“It’s not my fault the guy doesn’t have a spine. If a few words are enough to unnerve you, you’re definitely not meant to become a Pro Hero.”

“Couldn’t you just be a tad bit nicer though…” Midoriya quietly spoke up.

“Do you think a villain would be a tad bit nicer Cabbage head? No! They’d stab you in the back and piss on your family’s faces. You all should be glad I’m giving you firsthand experience against such a thing.” Antoine explained.

“I’m gonna head out too Deku… See ya.” Uraraka said meekly as she scurried away.

“Ah wait here I'll come too..!” Midoriya jogged after her and the three heroes-in-training were ditched.

“Making friends is not your strong point...” Yuga said facepalming.

“I already have the only friends I’ll ever need.” Antoine said confidently.

“Thanks Antoine!” Toru said happily

“Flattery won’t work on me so easily.” Yuga said while softly smiling

“It’ll work eventually.”


“I HAVE!!!! COME THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” All Might shouted as he entered through the door.

“It’s All Might! He’s really going to teach us!!”

“Hero Basic Training Class is the class that’ll put you through all sorts of special training to mold you into heroes! It also gives tons of credits. But anyway! No time to dally. Today’s activity is this! BATTLE TRAINING!!!” He shouted while doing exaggerated poses.

“And for THAT! You need these! Costumes!! Now go change and come out in ranking order to Ground Beta!”

“OKAY!!!” The class replied altogether.



“Wow you look like a total villain Antoine!” Toru pointed out.

Antoine looked completely different from the rest of his classmates. He held a weapon that looked similar to a gun on his waist while a toolbox hung on the other side of his waist. He was wearing a lab coat that most would associate with a scientist and the biggest difference was the 6 metal tentacles attached to his back waving in the air. Two on his upper back, two on the middle, and 2 on his lower back. He even added goggles that made him look quite dastardly.

“What are you talking about you idiot. You’re talking about the future #1 Pro Hero you know.”

“You couldn’t have made a more positive looking costume?” Yuga asked.

“Looks aren’t important. Actions are. You bunch of numbskulls.” Antoine told them.

“Speaking of costumes, how are your costumes? Any adjustments need to be made?” He asked.

Yuga moved his fancy sparkly robotic armor around and smiled. “It feels great!” Toru was wearing a skin-tight black suit with a belt that had gadgets equipped to it. “Perfect!”

“Good. I had to make some last-minute adjustments thanks to the U.A Development Studio. Do you know what kind of shit they allow you to use to build stuff with in there?! It’s going to be my home away from home in no time.”

“Now listen up! We will be doing Indoor Anti-Personnel Battle Training! Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors, but statistically the most heinous villains are more likely to appear indoors. You’ll now be split into villain teams and hero teams and face off in two-on-two indoor battles!” All Might explained.

“So, no basic training today?” Frog girl asked.

“Practical experience teaches you the basics!” He answered. “The difference is though you won’t be fighting mindless robots.”

“What is the criteria for winning?” Yaoyorozu asked.

“Can’t I just blast everyone to pieces?” Bakugou asked.

“Are we going to be expelled if we don’t do well..?”

“How are the teams split?” Yuga asked.

“Let the man finish you bunch of impatient fucks.” Antoine said annoyed.

“Thank you Young Neil but let’s be a bit more respectful.”

“I’ll try.” He lied.

All Might then began explaining the conditions for winning on both sides and then revealed that the teams will be decided by drawing lots.

“Is that really the best way?!”

“It makes sense because Pros usually have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot during emergencies.” Midoriya explained.

“I see. Thank you for explaining.”

“LET’S GET TO DRAWING!” All Might shouted enthusiastically.

Once all the lots were picked and someone had a question.

“It says Free on my lot. What does this mean?” Tail boy asked.

“Since there is an uneven number of you all, someone couldn’t fit on a team. There was no way around this so I’ll just ask.

“Is there anyone willing to take on a team of 3 heroes or villains?”

5 people raised their hands. Antoine, Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Toru.

“Fantastic! Who wants Young Ojiro on their team?”

“Us! Us!” Mineta excitedly asked.

“Great! Let’s get started then!” All Might said as he dug into the box.


Team A =Denki Kaminari & Kyoka Jiro

Team B =Fumikage Tokoyami & Izuku Midoriya

Team C =Tenya Iida & Rikido Sato

Team D =Minoru Mineta & Momo Yaoyorozu & Mashirao Ojiro

Team E =Katsuki Bakugo & Shoto Todoroki

Team F =Asui Tsuyu & Koji Koda

Team G =Yuga Aoyama & Hanta Sero

Team H =Toru Hagakure & Mina Ashido

Team I =Eijiro Kirishima & Ochaco Uraraka

Team J =Mezo Shoji & Antoine Neil

“The heroes are Team E and the villains are Team D! The villain team goes in first! The timer starts in five minutes when the hero team sneaks in, the rest of us will watch via CCTV. You three will need to adopt a villain mind-set! This is practical experience so go all out. Don’t hold back! Although I will stop you If you take things too far.” All Might explained.

The two teams soon began their battle after the 5 minutes prep time.

“Don’t get in my way you mob.” Bakugou warned as he was about to go after the trio of heroes solo but Shoto put his hand in front of Bakugou.

“You should step outside..” Todoroki warned back.

“You trying to order me around Icy Hot bastard?” Bakugou glared as he let off some mini explosions on his hand.

“It’ll be faster if you do.”

“Screw off idiot!” Bakugou said before heading towards the trio of villains.

Team E won the battle despite its shaking combination between heroes and All Might pulled out two more teams. Team A and Team C were pulled out to fight and Team C won as heroes. Then it was Antoine’s time.

“Team J are heroes and Team I are villains! Like the rest villains get 5 minutes to prepare and then the heroes will storm in!”

“Finally! It’s time to show these damn babies some real heroing. Watch me closely everyone.” Antoine said as he and Shoji went off to Ground Zero.”

“Do your best guys!” Toru cheered to Team I.

“Please don’t overdo it..” Yuga begged.

“You know you look cool as fuck right?” Antoine asked Shoji as they walked to the building.

“Thanks..?” Shoji responded confused.

“If I had the time I’d definitely build a robot based on your design. But anyway, what’s your quirk man?”

“Oh.. I can replicate any part of my body through my tentacles.” He answered while changing his tentacles into ears, hands, and then eyeballs.

“Ooh that’s pretty nice. This’ll be easy as shit then. All you gotta do is change them into ears and then locate where the bomb is.”

“Yeah.. I guess I can do that. But what about when we get to the nuke?”

“I’ll handle that. Just trust me. I’m the future #1 Pro Hero after all.” Antoine said confidently.

And the 5 minutes were up.

“Let’s go man.” Antoine said as he walked through the front entrance. Shoji followed behind him.

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