Craftsman System In My Hero Academia (COMPLETED!)

Craftsman System In My Hero Academia (COMPLETED!)

by CaptainBoyHole

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An avid fan of My Hero Academia was killed by a bored goddess and was being forced to reincarnate into his favorite anime. But he wasn't going in there without any help whatsoever! He is given the Craftsman System to aid him in his journey in this new but familiar land. Come and read along as Antoine builds his way to the top while also being the biggest asshole he can!

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Captain Boy Hole

Top List #2000
4th Anniversary
Word Count (17)
Table of Contents
58 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Getting Reincarnated!!! ago
Coming Into Comfort In This New World! ago
Meeting A Person From Class 1-A! ago
Finally Acquired A Quirk!! ago
Finding The Motherload & Facing A Dangerous Villain!! ago
Entrance Exam!!! ago
Classes At U.A. High! ago
Battle Trial!!! ago
The Villains Attacks!! ago
The Villains Attack Part 2! ago
The Villains Attack Finale! ago
The Sports Festival! ago
Obstacle Course!!! ago
Cavalry Battle!!!! ago
Tournament Part 1!! ago
Tournament Part 2! ago
Tournament Finale! New Arc On The Horizon! ago
Internship Away From The Plot!? ago
Trouble On Antoine's Internship?! ago
Internship Finished!! ago
Final Exams! ago
The Day Before The Camping Trip! ago
The Training Camp Arc Is Here! ago
Training Session + An Ambush!? ago
The End Of The Camping Trip!! ago
Losing Some And Gaining More. ago
Preparing To Get His Hero License! ago
The Start Of The Provisional License Exam! ago
The First Part Of The Exam! ago
The Final Part Of The Exam! ago
Slice Of Life Chapter!? And Plot Progression!? ago
Planning A Rescue & Raid! ago
Raid On The Eightfold Cleansers!! ago
Cultural Festival! ago
A Mysterious Visitor!? A Project Has Begun!! ago
The Concert Is Finally Here!! Punishment!?!? ago
Apex's First Official Appearance!! ago
Making Fun With The Punishment! A Robbery!? ago
Joint Training With Class B!! ago
Finally Some Romance?! Toru's Battle!! ago
The Final Joint Battle!! ago
Gigantomachia!? Some Hero Work!! ago
A Thriller Filled With Emotion! ago
The Morning After... ago
Two New Hires!? We're In Space!? ago
Taking A Step Forward?! Unless....? ago
The Rise of Evil! ago
Getting Played & Budding Interests?! ago
Saving The Day! ago
Messing Around. ago
Gaining Some Attention! ago
Just Your Average Group Of Robots. ago
Just Your Average Group Of Androids. ago
Maybe They Aren't So Average... ago
Lesson #1 & She Takes After Him 🤷? ago
Taking Care Of Business. ago
Wannabe Gopnik? ago
The Last Chapter. ago

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Borrowing a few curse words: what the fuck where you thinking when you fucking wrote this fucking shit? I sound like an asshole don’t I? That’s basically what the characters sound like all the time. I had to check if I was not shoved up someone’s asshole while reading. Couldn’t even finish the first chapter to the end and frankly I don’t care


The Writeing is good enough but the Extremely unlikeable MC killed it 

In the Chapters i read he is a unrepentant Ass for no reason with no sign of getting better

Its To the extent that he is One Dimentional because its his only noticble Trait 

Lastly i felt he was to public with his Tech Thats just a pet eeve of mine


Premise seemed good but the sheer amount of cursing ruined it for me. 


The MC is an axx accept it and move on... the story is good. if you skip pass the fact that the MC is faulty, he know it, his friend know it but the fault is not enough for him to be a vilain.

in my oppinion the MC is a type of Joker that try to be a hero... well see how that go by read the story! (i currious if this is how batman envision when he try to 'correct' Joker)

PS: Just ignore whatever the MC talk and focus on the action it would save your sanity alot!!! (cause most of the shiet he said he not really mean it ... probably )


Story is exactly what was advertised. Another self insert with an op as shit protagonist, this time in the BNHA universe. Surprisingly little of Hatsume Mei in this for the title tho.

I basically have nothing more to add here, these kinds of stories exist on this site by the thousands, this one doesn't stand out as being worse or better than your average one in any way.

If you want some braindead entertainment to sink your overabundant time into, it gets the job done without cringing you to death. Have to give the author props for not making an instant harem though, guy has no luck with the ladies.


Great Love the twist on character

I absolutely love what you've done with the buildup and makings of Antoine's character. The absolute insanity he can cause is utterly entertaining and the way he's boosted his friends makes it an utterly enthralling read so far. (As of the Obstacle course or chapter 13).

Gott Abraxas

it's worth to read if you lke crafting n fighting stuff but the MC is very aggressive, not just by action but by interating with other characters, he is smart(maybe because of grinding int or by stats) but the MC is literary cursing at every character he sees or met, but i still reading it though just because maybe something interesting happends and after i read every chapter i would probably drop it, it really has a good story line though, but the mc is really not likeable.


A New FanFic Take on the MHA Anime!!

I find the story interesting so far!

Even with a few of the chapters that I didn't like their would be others that I would enjoy so I've been sticking with it so far.

Plus reading about the progression of a new jaded, antagonistic, hormone focused and violent MC/hero in My Hero Academia is very entertaining! 


Gotta say i quite like the MC, at the beginning he comes a little strong (no really) but he is quite fun to read as an antagonist. The story progression is a little to fast for me and i not sure how is it going to continue now that he almost catch up to the source material, besides that quite fun read,