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Long ago, within the world of magic known as Velodrama, "The Abyss" opened, bringing with it monsters known as Voids, which wished to drag the world back to the Abyss with them. One Void stood above the rest as a king, and was valiantly fought back by the times heroes.


However, during it's reign of terror, it created many experiments and weapons. Among these was Vala, "The Wishstealer", a living scythe of immense Abyssal power, that in exchange for one's body and soul, would act to grant one's wish. Vala has surfaced many times in history, on both the sides of justice and slaughter, but has been dormant for a millennia.


Our story takes place in the present, when a student is lucky or unlucky enough, to cross the sealing room of the scythe that is so sickened by its own existence.


A story that will have funny bits, and serious bits. The entire them is a bit dark, but I also hope to make this light hearted at times too. This is also my first original story. You have been warned.


Please tell me if I mistagged or need more tags, I will remedy those problems when needed and knowledgeable.

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