Life Hunter

by Karakazz

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural

The man who had been granted many names. They were not all bright. Some called him the Savior, others slandered him as the Devil.

"You will never see anger on his face. The only moment you'll realize it, is when the air is filled with killing intent and the ground painted with blood" 

At the beginning. Arimane Blade was a retired war-veteran. A man who was feared by all even as a simple human. One day like any other, an old god informed him that he had died because of him and offered him a chance to transmigrate into another world with a younger body.

This is where the story of the most legendary human started. People couldn't find a name for such a being. Instead, they began to call him by his first title: 'The Kind Demon'


Hi, little story time, this novel is something I started in my first year of high school while I was bored during my lunch breaks. I wanted to make it a real book so here I am.

This is my first novel, ever. English is not my native language so forgive me if you find some strange things, but I don't think I'm that bad.

As for the release rate, I'll just stick with a chapter a day. 

Ok, I already talked too much. Hope you enjoy.


It's not my Fiction. I'm posting this on behalf of the Original Author.
You can find the original work on Webnovel under the same Name. 
Currently the Fiction is being edited a bit so i'll post Chapters as they are edited. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. "That fearful human" ago
2. ''Yeah... of course.'' ago
3. ''Magic is easy to use?'' ago
4. ''Why are people so good looking in this world?'' ago
5. ''I went and returned, what's the problem?'' ago
6. ''I'll stay here for one month.'' ago
7. ''I even tried to be polite.'' ago
8. ''Is killing prohibited?'' ago
9. ''You're a total freak'' ago
10. ''Wolves are cool too'' ago
11. ''Well, that settles it'' ago
12. ''If I continue it'll just be rude'' ago
13. ''... Why is it purple?'' ago
14. ''How did I end up with this guy?'' ago
15. ''That's a freaking living being.'' ago
16. ''Do you accept?'' ago
17. ''You're not human.'' ago
18. ''It's not your business, big one.'' ago
19. ''It worked…'' ago
20. ''Next.'' ago
21. ''This guy is easy.'' ago
22. ''What a real trade is.'' ago
23. ''Kind Demon.'' ago
24. ''We're off to a great start.'' ago
25. ''I'm just a bit eccentric, not crazy.'' ago
26. ''Messor.'' ago
27. ''Then let's go.'' ago
28. ''Madman?'' ago
29. ''Are you messing with me right now?'' ago
30. ''You'll destroy it?'' ago
31. ''That is a marvelous contradiction.'' ago
32. ''That was a good fight.'' ago
33. ''Clean.'' ago
34.''Why are you here?'' ago
35. ''Is that all?'' ago
36. ''I think we're being pressured.'' ago
37. ''What’s wrong with that?'' ago
38. ''If we're lucky.'' ago
39. ''Let's begin.'' ago
40. ''It's a good sword.'' ago
41. ''No problem.'' ago
42. ''So? Convinced?'' ago
43. “Are you maybe impotent?” ago
44. “Thanks for teaching me.” ago
45. “Let’s talk.” ago
46. “Karaskan.” ago
47. “To destroy you obviously.” ago
48. “That’s just unfair.” ago
49. “Don’t laugh.” ago
50. “That wasn’t necessary.” ago
51. “I’ve got an idea.” ago
52. “Then it’s decided.” ago
53. “Clench your teeth.” ago
54. “…Oops.” ago
55. “It should work somehow.” ago
56. “Dungeon?” ago
57. “I still can’t do it.” ago
58. “Tell me.” ago
59. “I’ll take care of it.” ago
60. “Is he hibernating or something?” ago
61. “Life Judgement.” ago
62. “Your impressions?” ago
63. “Choose.” ago
64. “No, sorry.” ago
65. “Soul Contract.” ago
66. “…Why am I fighting again?” ago
67. “Silver Emperor.” ago
68. “Did you think about it?” ago
69. “It’s pathetic.” ago
70. “Yes, I can beat him already.” ago
71. “The Kind Demon’s Arts.” ago

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  • Overall Score

Decent Power Fantasy

It’s a pretty decent power fantasy, not really much else to say about it. Worth reading if you’re bored or just really like power fantasies.

  • Overall Score

Thoroughly Underwhelming

To any who downvote this review because it is negative, as I've seen happen to other reviews here, I invite you to PM me and explain how I'm wrong in the points mentioned in the last paragraph.

I didn't get particularly far, but I'm fairly certain it's (yet another) poorly written wish-fulfilment isekai, with mediocre to crappy worldbuilding, character development measured in how much stronger someone gets, and a storyline based solely around how many people the MC can kill and women he can add to his unusually cooperative harem of pointless side characters.

That said, my score is based solely on what I read, not on my assumptions. Mediocre writing, unnatural dialogue, illogical sequence of events, a magic 'system' with little to no sense and zero actual exploration; the MC automatically understands it all completely and needs zero time to make (presumably) far too strong spells. I know we're talking fantasy (and technically also sci-fi) isekai, so suspension of disbelief is very much a thing, but what's written in the first few chapters just doesn't make a lick of logical sense. I enjoy me a solid OP MC story as much as the next person, if only just to relax and pass the time, but this is more frustrating than relaxing, so after just a few chapters (which have been edited(!), apparently) I'm gonna give up on it.

Ahra Manyu
  • Overall Score
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Okay, first of all, I'm the author of this novel, hello. I just wanted to write this review to say that I perfectly know that Life Hunter if far from being 'exceptionnally good'.

I'm perfectly aware that there are things in it that either need further eplanations or simply do not have any. Basically, there are many flaws.

Grammar wise; I don't really care about one may say about it because I have the magnifient excuse that my english is self-taught. Toped by the fact that this is my first novel and a sort of experiment to improve.

Character wise; developpement is present, but not really emphasized. So I don't think there's actually something to critique. It's just plain. It doesn't meant it's not good.

One thing I'm pretty confident in is the world-build. At first, it's pretty shallow but it gets better later on.

Additionally, concerning a certain review I just saw (by Fillask). The magic system, in my opinion, is quite solid. I even have an entire arc revolving around it. But, surely, it's not really there in the first chapters. Also, there's no harem (but goddamn it's annoying how many people get triggered by it or even by just the mention of the word 'romance'). 3. My MC has an identity explaining his 'talents'. 4. The story line is defintely not limited to power ups. 5. I don't think there's any unnatural dialogue. Simplistic, yes. Unnatural, no.

Anyway, I know my novel is not the best read you'll find at all. But, I don't think I'm biased when I affirm that it's something you can enjoy.

  • Overall Score

the novel is fun in first 100 chapter or so then become boring for a 70-80 chapter then picks up but not as good as first 100 overall 4 stars, i hope the author learned something from writing this novel and i am looking forward to his next novel if he intends to make one

  • Overall Score

Basiclly the storyline is good and continue to get more intresting, the MC Is kind of unique There are no grammar error (which i apriciate) and so far every thing Is good, I'd Love to read a hundred more chapter of this.

Cody Obannon
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Enjoyable - Advanced Review

Enjoyable.  Some grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing to major that would distract me from the story.  Infact, I had to go back and look for them when I made this review.

Overall Score calculation is calculated via the Style (5 stars), Story (4 stars), Grammar (4 stars), and Character (4 stars) scores combined and then divided by the total number of stars which is 25.  5+4+4+4= 17/25 = .68 out of 1.00.  Equivelant to 4 stars.

Dragon G'lant
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It's basically a great novel

It's a very entertaining novel, one that makes you want to read more. It does have the occasional wording error, I.E. in a chapter around 36-37 the line "the only paternal figure she had was her mother" should be "the only parental figure she had was her mother" since "paternal figure" means father figure, and it doesn't really have a plot, more, it seems like a ridiculously powerful guy just wandering around a new world doing whatever for fun. Most novels like this would be shit but this one has a unique.... style?... I'm not sure what to call it but, this novel has a strong "hooking" feeling.

Overall, 4.5/5 simply because there doesn't seem to be a proper plot.

"Keep writing this novel, it's good" is basically what i'm trying to say.

  • Overall Score

Bland and guns are dumb

It's ok but the MC is way op and is just the beast a everything plus he makes a gun and I hate guns in sword and sorcery book 

Andross Guile
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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It's ok. The style is terrible and the author's grammar is not ok. It's not painful like in translated works but it isn't enjoyable. It needs some serious editing.

Otherwise it's a decent, if clich├ęd isekai. It doesn't do anything new and it isn't anything special.

To the author: Get some editing software and in a decade I think you could write a good book.