One Piece's Bloody Psychopath

by Sitna

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Horror Psychological Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

When a tortured soul from a far-away future ends up in the hands of a bored god, he ends up being put into the body of a certain protagonist's sister. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, combining an almost suicidal maniac with a distinct lack of moral and a world where murder is common occurrence... Well, it doesn't really end well.

Thankfully, the bored god had at least the decency of giving a pretty useful gift to the soul. Less thankfully, it does little in helping the serious mental issues the soul possesses.

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There are countless shitty fan-fic with overused cliches, this one atleast looks promising, gramatik looks good (not a native English speaker myself so I'm not a really good judge).

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As of chapter 3 this story is a unique idea for the one piece fan-fics i've read, love to see something new be released and potentially set the bar and inspire some more interesting forays into story ideas for the one piece universe.

have high hopes for this story, keep up the quality of these initial chapters and this will be amazing.

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real weird, but fun to read

Just like the title says. I like the take on how it was done. not exactly something that you would expect from a One piece story

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very interesting one piece fiction

the first time i read a one piece fictions in which the mc doesnt act like a typical goody two shoes, its ver intreresting new view. I hope to see more im enjoying it :)!

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Finally a one piece fic where they ditch luffy. He is the most annoying  character ever put in fiction imo

Mdr Watmes
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