Constant tapping sound echoed throughout the room.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

But you see, I’ve learned. I’ve gotten smarter. After reading enough adventure and romance books, I’ve learned to adapt to situations like those. The tapping sound was the main giveaway. Only one person could do that when I'm in my own bed and Aldrynte is supposedly next to me. It’s Alice.

Now there’s only one reason why Alice would be tapping like that. She either entered the room when Aldrynte was sleeping next to me, or Aldrynte opened the door with her sleeping gear - which would be very hot view, by the way - and giving a very wrong hint to Alice. I would've preferred the second one.

But in the end, it only meant that she had misunderstood the situation and was now there, waiting for the so-deserved explanation.

All of that leads to my first point - I’m now smarter. There’s only one correct answer to this situation. I kept pretending that I was asleep like I was a heavy sleeper. I was waiting for Aldrynte to take the first arrow, and explain it first.

That was my plan, at least until someone who was already fucking me (not in a literal way, since no fucks were given) decided to fuck me even more.

“We know you’re awake. You’re not that heavy sleeper,” Aldrynte said next to me.

That bitch.

But I was smarter. I've read many romance books, and they all lead to the second possible thing to do in such situations.

I sighed, slowly turned around, opened my eyes - almost as Aldrynte had just woken up - and looked around. As expected, I saw Alice still tapping in front of the bed, staring at me, while Aldrynte was casually sitting next to me, leaning against her pillow.

“Oh, hello there. Care to join us?” Yes, the second strategy is to own it, as if there was nothing wrong with it, and invite her in. “I don’t mind even more protection,” I said, winking my eye.

The tapping finally stopped. It had become rather annoying, to be honest. Alice opened her mouth a few times, but closed it immediately, ending up only snorting. “I’m speechless,” Alice finally said it.

“You wouldn’t be, if you learned to knock,” Aldrynte said, fingers playing with her hair.

“Or if you learned to lock the door!” Alice responded.

Aldrynte grinned. “I can’t close one of the escape routes, can I? If we get attacked by assassins, we need to have a way out, not lock ourselves in. An assassin can pick the lock anyway.”

Thank you, Aldrynte. Finally, you’re defending me, I thought.

“So that’s what it’s all about? You're sleeping in his bed to keep an eye out?” Alice said, hands crossed, fists tightened.

Thank you, Alice, for being the smart one, I thought. If only now we could-

“Don’t be jealous. If it makes you feel better, we haven’t had sex… yet,” Aldrynte said.

And I will never thank you again, I thought, my eyes rolling. Dammit, Aldrynte...

“...yet?” Alice looked at me.

I take it back. Of course, it only makes sense that you focus on the least important part of that sentence. She's only teasing you, silly, I thought.

There was a moment of silence as both of the women looked at me. “Don’t worry, nothing has happened,” I said, purposely leaving out the yet part.

“Nothing? So that kiss was nothing?” Aldrynte murmured.

I frowned. “You’re not helping, Aldrynte!”

Like father, like daughter.

“You kissed?” Alice said.

“It was nothing. Really,” I said.

“Ouch, and twice," Aldrynte said, looking at me. She then turned to face Alice. "Why do you care so much?” Aldrynte asked, finger going over her lips. “Are you really that jealous?”

Alice opened her mouth again, but no words came out.

“Come on, sweetheart. You’ve had a chance to make your move for ages, yet you haven't done so...”

“I have known him for one month. Don’t you think it’s-”

“I really don’t. I’ve known him as long, and yet here I am,” Aldrynte said, raising her hands and arms.

There’s nothing better than listening to how two girls are fighting over me. Great. I can already imagine how Elbert is using his magic to spy on us, laughing his ass off. Harem, huh?

Alice suddenly changed her tactics, looking at me. “And you’re okay with this?”

“No. But you don’t refuse her,” I said.

Aldrynte giggled. “Admit it, you’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

“Not every moment…” I said, proudly. For once, I was not lying. I just worded it badly, because now Alice’s stare got even stronger. “Oh come on,” I said.

“T-this is immoral and bad and… Y-you’re an idiot!” she said, threw me a final gaze, turned around and speed-walked out of the room.

There was a moment of silence.

“This turned me on. Want to have sex?” Aldrynte said as she looked at me, tongue going over her lips. I would be lying if I didn’t consider it.

“Eh,” a voice came from the door, as Alice quietly peeked back into our room. “I forgot that I came here for a reason,” she mumbled.

“Alice,” I said, standing up. Thankfully I never managed to remove my pants while sleeping. Mostly because of how insecure I was around Aldrynte. Normally I would sleep in my underwear. Too much information, I know. “I’m sorry. It’s not really what you’re thinking. Aldrynte has… a very good senses. She only sleeps here because of that. She's keeping watch - so to speak.” But I couldn't tell her that she was a dragon. It would explain everything.

Alice sighed. “Why didn’t you think about getting the actual guards in front of the door?”

“You of all people should know why I don’t want guards here,” I said. Aldrynte threw me a quick look but didn’t say anything.

Alice looked at me, finally releasing a sigh. “There has been another assassination. A body was found. You’re summoned to the scene immediately. I’ll wait in the corridor,” Alice said, closing the door behind herself.

“Alice…” I managed to say just before the door closed. I finally threw my look at Aldrynte, staring.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“Sorry. I forgot that a hundred years old half-dragon can still be a kid,” I said.

Aldrynte grinned. She moved closer to me, taking hold of my hand, and pulled me back on the bed. As I was lying down, she climbed on top of me. It was both exciting and nervous, mostly because of the knowledge that Alice was just outside of this room.

She pushed her hands on top of my lips to make sure I wouldn't talk. “Hiro, I was serious. I find you… very intriguing and attractive. The only reason why I’m waiting is because of you. You’re the one who isn’t sure. I knew I wanted you the moment laid my eyes on you. I knew it the moment we walked to the platinum theater, and we simply... clicked. How do the humans call it, again? Love at first sight?”

“But it’s not that easy, Aldrynte. I care about Alice as well. And it really sucks if she’s unhappy. If we have situations like that…”

Aldrynte shook her head. “No, that’s on you. You need to either choose or fix it. Let me tell you something. Right now, I don’t mind waiting. I wouldn't mind getting more serious and making love with you either. But I also don’t mind if you choose Alice, leaving me. I would be okay to have just a patron, observer and just a friend relationship. I’ll probably be jealous of Alice, but I’ll manage. I also don’t mind if you want to have us both, or maybe even more… Okay, I do mind that last part. I’d want to have you all for myself.”

I raised my eyebrow, opening my mouth behind her fingers, but she already knew. “Oh, Hiro. I might have a human part in me, but I’m still a dragon. I view it all slightly differently. And you wouldn’t be the first one to have many wives. Many heroes had multiple wives before you. But it’s a decision that you and Alice have to make. I have made mine.

"In the end, the solution with Alice could be simple. You just tell her that we are a thing, and suddenly all of this isn’t a problem. Not anymore.”

I looked at her, as she slowly lowered her face towards mine, her warm hands now resting on my cheeks.

“But you’re not ready. And I can wait. Unlike most women, I’m fertile for a long time.” She gave me a wink, making me slightly blush. “So take your time. But until then, I’ll enjoy myself, and I’ll tease you, and flirt with you. And I’ll certainly enjoy making fun of Alice, teasing her, and making her jealous. In the end… I’m a fire dragon.”

She lowered her face more, giving me a soft kiss on my lips. “Now, get dressed up, we have to go, before Alice gets suspicious,” she said. She got herself off of me, walked towards the wardrobe, and changed her clothes, not really caring if she was being seen naked. Of course, I didn’t watch. I was just staring at the ceiling, thinking about what she had just told me.

It was funny. Not long ago, I was trying to look wise to all those students. But now it was Aldrynte who just gave me a lesson of her own. And she was right. It was me who had no idea what to do. It was me who wasn’t ready.

But was that really a bad thing?

“Thank you, Aldrynte. Thank you for being honest,” I mumbled. At least she said out her feelings, not hiding them. But she was still such an asshole sometimes.

“Don’t mention it,” she responded.

At least one thing was certain, I had to read even more romance books.

A note from Elven

I'm totally forcing romance, aren't I? I mean, I could totally avoid all of it and remove the harem tag Very Happy. It would reduce a lot of unnecessary words :P. This is a small joke-response to the recent written review. (It's fine to criticize my work though. Totally not mad about it, or anything... A lot of feedback was valid, especially about grammar.)

But then it wouldn't be my writing. I honestly would first stop writing altogether than stop "forcing romance and psychological subplots into my writing/series".

Romance (and harem) is something that I love to write. I think it plays a huge part in our lives. That's why it's so important in this book as well. In the end, it's all about who we care about, or who Heros cares about. Like in this series, we also love or hate in real life. It's an emotion that we can't avoid.

Some might hate Aldrynte for being such a straightforward woman, messing with Heros and Alice. Others might hate Alice for being shy and awkward, and also being afraid to take a step forward in her relationship with Heros. But this is something that I love. Relationships are difficult and add a lot of spice in our lives. I still remember when I had some drama at home, with my sister, and I wasn't a functional human being for a week, even though I lived my normal life. Stuff like that matters and affects us.

As a side note, right now I'm also very stuck between Aldrynte and Alice. I've fallen in love with both characters. As a writer, this really sucks... I have my preference, but with each encounter it changes, all the time. But writing 'the love encounters' becomes that much fun thanks to that.

So, long story short, I love romance, and I love harem. And I hope that there are others who like my style of writing. Well, right now it seems that there are <3.

Thank you all for reading, and sticking around. Thank you for surviving my grammar. I know it can be sometimes really bad.

If you want to support fixing my grammar in the future book one, feel free to become my patreon. Every single penny goes into either artwork or a proofreader who will go through my edits to make the first book as nice as possible. Even a dollar helps! I hope to post there like 2 chapters in advance, soon™!


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