I Only Wish I Had a Cliché Adventure

I Only Wish I Had a Cliché Adventure

by Elven

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

There are many legendary stories about the greatest hero ever known. A hero who owns many names. Or that's how the public speaks of him. The truth, however, is something very different.

The real story talks about a man, whose life was filled with books and his own made-up adventurer stories. But as he ran out of his parent's inheritance, he was forced to get an odd job. But what he ended up doing was accidentally killing the strongest Demon King known.

As the law stated, he gained the strongest title one can have - Hero. The title so powerful, that even the greatest show some respect.

But sadly, that was only the beginning of his story. As a fresh title owner, he now had responsibilities of the hero, which weren't easy. Being weak - without any known powers or experience - there was now a lot on his plate. And not all responsibilities and worries were about fighting or even dangerous...

This is the writing of the legend himself.

The Nameless Hero's Chronicles.

But then again... Let the man speak for himself...


Thank you, everyone, who have decided to follow my writing. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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Matthew E. Damson

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - I only wish it wasn't my pilot chapter... ago
Chapter 2 - I only wish I wasn't sent to meet the demons on my first day... ago
Chapter 3 - I only wish the council wouldn't just leave everything to me... ago
Chapter 4 - I only wish I wasn't that attracted to dragons... ago
Chapter 5 - Part 1 (The beginning of Act 1) ago
Chapter 5 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 6 - part 1 ago
Chapter 6 - part 2 ago
Chapter 7 - part 1 ago
Chapter 7 - part 2 ago
Chapter 7 - part 3 ago
Chapter 8 - I only wish this one had better grammar... ago
Chapter 9 - part 1 ago
Chapter 9 - part 2 ago
Chapter 9 - part 3 ago
Chapter 9 - part 4 ago
Chapter 10 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 10 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 10 - part 3 ago
Chapter 10 - Part 4 ago
Chapter 11 ago
Chapter 12 - Part 1 (Beginning of Act 2) ago
Chapter 12 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 12 - Part 3 ago
Chapter 13 ago
Chapter 14 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 15 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 - Part 3 ago
Chapter 16 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 16 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 17 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 - Part 3 ago
Chapter 18 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 18 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 19 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 19 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 20 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 21 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 21 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 22 - A calm before the storm ago
Chapter 23 ago
Chapter 24, Part 1 ago
Chapter 24 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 25, Part 1 ago
Chapter 25, Part 2 ago
Chapter 25, Part 3 ago
Chapter 25, Part 4 ago
Chapter 26, Part 1 ago
Chapter 26, Part 2 ago
Chapter 26, Part 3 (End of Act 2) ago
Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 28, Part 1 ago

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The Vale

Grammar is bad - chapter 8 is especially bad.

Style fluctuates between light novel, tabletop adventuring, and overblown introspection. I personally find the overly emotional bits (or at least supposed to be such) fall flat and retread the same materail a lot. When I found myself skipping over large tracts of a chapter due to that I decided to put this one down (somewhere in chapter 10).

Characters are at the least not carboard caricatures, but do behave oddly and awkwardly in many places - mostly to facilitate the harem tag. It's honestly unecessary to the actual plot as seen so far and feels like a bunch of pointless tangents being spun off. 

Story - there is one, of an episodic nature thus far but seemingly with some potential for an overarching structure.

Overall could be better/needs polish. Clean up the grammar, don't try to force elements into play (harem, emotional/introspective bits - some things just don't fit and should be re-worked or discarded), and tighten up the narrative a touch. Still readable.


Not bad decent read

I couldn't personally get into the story not for any big reasons just didnt like the mc but its worth a try 

Didnt read far enough to judge how everything develops 


The further I got the more I wanted

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 - part 4

This review is based on the first five chapters thus far.

This was actually surprisingly good, I say this because I've read the previous works by the author and they haven't drawn me in. However, this story has given me new hope and really shows they've made a lot of progress in style and authenticity.

This definitely needs some touchup, but that's not that big of an issue. 

The story probably works better on me, due to being a big Dungeons & Dragons nerd and this reads like a crazy backstory that actually makes some sense for a character without any powers.

There are some parts I had issues with, namely the speed at which the character reacts to changes in their life. But it's not that unfeasible and definitely doesn't stop me from coming back for more.

I somehow enjoy the take on dragons, who've mostly been shown as ancient, regal and wise in other mediums, to be depicted as slightly mischevious and possibly even naive. With great power comes ample opportunity to just have fun.

The setting of the world itself seems interesting, it's written in a way that doesn't come off as an infodump. Perhaps the speed at which the main character is first thrown about the world could show more of the scale of it, but that is a personal preference of mine and doesn't subtract from the overall story.

I'd like the readers to pay attention to the names of the chapters, I think this is an amusing way to summarize the plight of the main protagonist and certainly goes well with the style of the story.

Currently I'm giving it an overall of 4, mainly because of the grammar and the slightly confusing beginning.


Update: after reading Act I


After finishing the first act, the world seemed slightly more understandable and so far worth the time investment. 
There are still a fair number of grammatical issues and it hasn't improved enough to warrant a score increase. 

Since I usually consume my books in audio format, I haven't built up a good base on how a good book should be written, but I feel I should be slightly more critical about the style. 
There were multiple points in almost all chapters/parts where the flow was broken due to strange wording.
Now, this is most definitely due to the authors imperfect grasp on the language, which can definitely improve in the future. To go further than that currently would be pushing it, as my literary skills are limited to a barely passable high-school level.

The way the characters voice their thoughts leaves something to be desired. The most troubling part was chapter 9 part 4 with the inner monologue. I understand the idea behind it, but reading it was quite difficult. I've listened to such things in audiobooks and they've worked fairly well, but I can't put my finger on any clear reason why it seemed so off here.

Still, perhaps there's too much negativity. I could definitely not write something like this myself and all-in-all it is a promising storyline. At many points I could see parts of this playing out like adventures and there may be small pieces I would steal for my future D&D groups.

I've probably been a bit too lenient on the scoring, so I will lower them slightly, based on my comments here.

Still looking forward to reading Act II.



Possible diamond (polishing in the future)...

For those who read this, I have only one tip. Go ahead and read this.
The story is surprisingly fascinating even if there are some tropes with the armor of the protagonist but frankly it is not heavy.
I do not put 5 stars because the story is not yet developed enough.
In all this story has potential.


The story I’ve always knew I wanted

So first things first, I wouldn’t myself in a high in my critique ability, and this review is a bit biased.  Mostly due to my soft spot for fantasy stories and the way that Mr. Elven writes their world building and characters.

The premise is pretty solid and straight to the point with exposition and world building appropriately placed around the story.  I find the characters charming and interesting enough to have their own flare and stature within the story, but not so that it takes away from the MC.

While it’s not a perfect story by any means and there a few hiccups here and there, I’d say that most of the shortcomings can be forgiven.  

The grammar isn’t perfect but not so much that it ruins the story.  I wouldn’t expect one person to have perfect grammar when writing by themselves anyways,  especially when trying to maintain a semi-consistent update schedule.

I don’t know how much people will take my word, but I will say that anyone reading this review should just hurry up and read the story, There’s only one way to find if it is your cup of tea after all.