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After two years of Hiatus, Maddie is back! Also, title was changed :)

Maddie found herself dumb when her deed points became completely depleted. The outcome of what supposed to be her glorious moment spiraled down the opposite direction she never anticipated.


“I- I lost my deed points just because I annihilated an entire bunch of Devil supporters?! Where is the fucking logic in that?!”


In the next few seconds, Maddie had totally strayed away from the path of the divine. Her stupefied state plus the hunger she was feeling due to her physical body, caused her brain to cease working properly that she unconsciously grabbed the poor orb with her hands and started supplying massive amounts of electricity and flames to its minute body.


“M-master! Please calm yourself down. Stop exerting crazy load of your powers. Your current body might not be able to hold the intensity! Also, I…”


Unfortunately, before Wip can finish his sentence, two large cracks had already formed in his orb body. Then seconds after noticing them, tiny gaps around the cracks had already branched out.


‘W-what’s going on? I should have full immunity against corrosion!’Wip told himself, struggling. He then rested his sight to Maddie. There was no single sign of decay on her body. Realizing that Maddie had probably did something to swap the effects between his body and her vessel, Wip had no choice but to assume his true form to avoid total corrosion.


With his remaining ounce of strength, Wip had successfully managed to pull away from Maddie. Then, using all the white energy that he can harness from their surrounding, he hurriedly transformed to his true form— the spirit guide form.


Unfortunately, due to the predicament he was in, his the spirit guide transformation was incomplete. It seemed like he did not manage to gather the needed amount of white energy for his complete conversion. Instead of a beautiful young lad with 3 pairs of wings, he became a giant bird covered with pure white feathers. And hovering on top of his head was an upside down silver tiara. Even though the outcome of his struggle was the least expected, Wip still was thankful to evade his master’s corrosive wrath.


“I am truly sorry for what I am about to do to you, master. This is the only way I know to snap you back to reality. I cannot let your emotions consume you or the heavens will be notified of your blood lust.”


After stating this, Wip took in a lungful of air, ready to sing the song of the nameless. However, just when he was spreading his wings and almost opening his beak, Maddie got hold of him again. This time she was grabbing him by the neck.


“If you have the energy to blast me to pieces, why not explain this entire fucking system to me you bird brain!” After that, Maddie lifted Wip up and took him with her into the crack in space she primed to create.


(Note: Song of the nameless is an attack that can either inflict a great deal of damage to the receiver or provide a soothing effect. If the caster sees the target as an enemy, the first effect will be triggered, if not, otherwise.)

A note from Lirpa

Will update more soon. Just working on some important aspects of the story :D

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