"Who's that woman?! Can someone explain to me how and when did that trash school manage to get a guardian?" The director of the Sin Academy snarled at the school's staff.

"Director Kim, please calm down. That woman isn't HA Academy's guardian. She also doesn't have the guardians' seal and her name's not registered in the rankings." A male staff explained.

"If that's the case, what are you waiting for?! Report that good-for-nothing cheating academy!" Director Kim yelled at his subordinates.


"Oi principal? Are you still there? What can you say about my proposal?" Maddie said in an annoyed voice.

"Well, if you're not fine with my proposal, shall I take my leave so that you can start praying for this poor child's soul?" Maddie added.

"Master! He's still alive. He just fainted." Wip protested.

"Well, not for long!" Maddie said as she pointed the approaching Sin Academy Vanguards.

"Oi principal, what's your decision?" Maddie yelled again.

The principal was having a hard time deciding what to do. He's thankful that there's someone interested to become the school's guardian in exchange for food only. But what if all of this was part of the enemy's grand plan? What if that woman's a demon? But what about Touma? He can't just let the guy die. After discussing with his mind, the principal finally came up with a decision.

"Listen, woman! You'll become the school guardian but this is just temporary! You have to prove your worth and earn the title yourself!" The principal declared.

"Eh? Shouldn't it be the other way around? The question should be are you guys worthy of my protection?" Maddie sneered at the principal.

"Stop your useless yapping! Be gone together with this angel-forsaken academy!" One of the Sin Acad Vanguards yelled and attacked her.

Split second before the collision, HA Academy's principal contracted Maddie in her temporary human form as the school's guardian.

The vanguards halted their attack because of the bright light and strong wind that surrounded Maddie and Touma. Maddie's clothes also changed, she's now wearing a black suit underneath a white cropped coat.

******* Contract Complete *******


Maddie's amber eyes shone as she prepared to launch a counter-attack. The students from the enemy academy jumped few steps away from Maddie fearful of her hidden power and abilities.

"It's payback time!" Maddie said as she rounded off herself away from them as a long transparent bow magically appeared in her hands.

The Sin Academy Vanguards scrammed the moment they felt the overwhelming buildup of air pressure around Maddie as she pointed the bow toward their direction. Using the accumulating air pressure as the arrow, she drew the string back. However the moment she released the 'arrow' it disappeared.

The enemies who were in a panic earlier started to come out of their hiding place, laughing and mocking her failed attack.

"Hahaha, we got worried over nothing! We really thought you're a strong opponent but like the school you're working for, you are just trash!" One of the vanguards mocked and started to attack Maddie again.

"Wait! I think something's wrong!" The other vanguard tried to warn her fellow member the moment she noticed the sinister look on Maddie's face.



It was indeed a counter-attack! However, it was not directed to the vanguards! It was aimed at the Sin Academy.


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