Beads of sweat started to roll down the principal's already worn out face.
He can't let that child die or the next Metatron will not have a physical vessel to possess.

"Can someone, anyone please help them out! Rescue them!" The principal screamed in panic.

If only his technique would permit, he'll rush to their side right away and rescue them. However, if he left the area, the barrier he built will be canceled and more students will be in danger.
How pathetic!
Who would have thought that the once most sought after academy will be reduced into this pitiful state?

HA Academy was once a prestigious school for angelic physical vessels. They train and hone students to be the perfect vessels for angels.

However, in the past few centuries, the school wasn't able to produce the perfect vessel for the King of Angels and to other highest order Angels. This tarnished the school' s reputation and pushed them to the brink of destruction.

Actually, the school was still lucky enough to be able to endure all the mockery and humiliation that came its way. Even though it lost many students in the process, it was able to keep some of the best. Moreover, they have the ultimate celestial vessel, Touma.

But today, it seemed like they already ran out of luck. The student who was supposed to restore the school to its former glory will die without being able to unleash his full potentials.

***Time Remaining***
Sixty seconds

"Mr. Principal, we were able to connect to them. We can now hear their final words."

"Fool! What final words?!"

"Forgive me Mr. Principal, what I mean was you can now give them your instructions."

The principal was about to speak but was interrupted by Maddie's words.

"Hey! Answer me, are school guardian and food connected with each other?" Maddie yelled at Touma while grabbing his collar.

The principal squinted his eyes, he's sure as heaven that the girl with Touma was not from HA Academy.

And why the hell was she asking about the connection between being a guardian and food?

*** Time Remaining***
Thirty Seconds

The principal quickly cleared his throat and spoke.

"Hey, you two! This is the principal speaking. Thirty seconds from now both of you will ---

"Where can I get food?" Maddie asked.

"What are you doing?! We are about to die and you still think about food?! Listen to the principal first, he probably has a plan to get us out of here." Touma yelled at Maddie.

***countdown starts***


Touma, the principal, and everyone in the HA Academy can only close their eyes and leave everything to fate as the Sin Academy Vanguards started to bombard the school with huge fireballs.

"It's over!" The principal cried as his face paled in horror.

"Hey, If I help this school win the battle, will you guys give me food?" Maddie said as the thick layers of smoke caused by the explosion started to disappear.

Everyone inside the safe zone was in a state of shock. The school building and the two people that were supposed to be engulfed by a sea of flames were standing still, unscathed.


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