It was a terrible day for Maddie. She was exiled from the demon realm and was turned into a female angel by a seraphim. What made things worse, was an ugly motherf*cker was fondling her boobs and caressing her legs when she woke up.

She got very angry that she slapped the poor guy's face so hard that his soul separated from his mortal body.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

][Highest Order Angel Maddie][

***Metatron Official Candidate***

Minus 100 deed points

"WTF?! Woi! When did I become Maddie? I am Maddox!" Maddie shrieked.

"Damn! After deducting points you even changed my name without my consent? Are you really angels? I was molested while I was unconcious and I almost lost my purity, was it wrong to avenge my chastity? When was seeking justice became a crime?" Maddie scowled at the heavens.

"Master Maddie! You killed an innocent human being. That's your crime." Said a small voice.

"I did not ask for your opinion!

HUH?! Innocent? That ugly pervert is innocent?

And who the hell is Maddie? I am Maddox!

What the hell are you?!"

Maddie yelled at the small floating orb around her.

"I'm Wip, your personal orb. I record your deeds and send them up to heavens."

"So you're the one who spread the fake news eh?" Maddie flared up again.

"Master Maddie, please calm down. You're no longer a demon. You're an angel now, so please act like one or you might get disqualified."

"Tsk!" At last Maddie gave up and let the floating orb had his way.

"Woi, what do I do now?" Maddie asked.

"How would I know? I'm just an orb." Wip answered in a cold voice.


--- growllllllll---

"Eh? What's that noise?"

"It's your stomach, Master. You're starving."

Maddie was dumbfounded. Did she hear it right? She was starving? How was that possible, she's an angel now, right? Angels, like demons do not have physical vessel. They are spiritual beings. So where did this hunger come from?

"You've been granted a temporary physical body for a week. Use it to find ways to immediately increase your deed points. Sera already helped you, she sent you directly into a school where white energy is abundant."

"White energy?" Maddie asked.

"This is similar to demon's soul power."

"I see."


"Damn! Is this hunger?" Maddie sat down while rubbing her empty stomach.

"Big sis, are you okay?"

Maddie lifted her head up to meet the
guy's eyes. Her mouth gaped open as soon as she saw the guy's face. He looked like the male version of her beloved!


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