Aspects of Nature

Aspects of Nature

by bkwrm196

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

There was a time that I was just another ordinary guy living an ordinary life but that all changed the day that I threw myself in front of an oncoming car to save another pedestrian. But to my surprise that wasn't the end. Instead I was given an opportunity to carve out a new life for myself and others on a new world populated by creatures both wonderful and horrifying in a new non-human body. And that wasn't all in this new world I had found myself in people could get stronger by means of interacting with a strange System that had some similarities with the games that I used to play back on Earth and I had to make use of this to survive and create a place where other members of my new species could settle when they arrived.


This story uses a System similar to the ones in such stories as 'The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound' and 'The New World' with a few twists of my own added in.

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(As of Chapter 17)  There hasn't been a ton of action, and the releases are a little slow, but this has been an enjoyable story.  I am hoping we will see more characters added soon so that the depth of the story will increase, but as it is now, I would definitely recommend giving it a read.


(As of ch 28) While the grammar is a bit off-putting, it dosent make it impossible to read the story as it gets slightly better as you read further in.
One thing I particularly like about the main character is how he cant use

Spoiler: Spoiler

 because seeing everyother mc in other stories use the samething gets really tiring after a while, especially when they keep using it for cliche skills. So the mc in this story for me is like a breath of fresh air.


While there is a bit of an issue with run on sentences and the story is a bit slow to get going. Its a fun read and the systom works and avoids some of the plot holes a lot of other novels leave. I do think this story needs a glossary as litrpg tend to get confusing with aton of skills. One thing that bothers me is that when skills lvl we dont see what changed like reduced cost etc.


Exerpt from chapter 7:

However, I had to work with what I had and if I continued to let this thing dictate how this fight was going I was going to lose and as shown by its inability to react to unexpected things like my kick this thing wasn’t very intelligent and as such I decided to charge at it while it was still reeling from surprise and pain grabbing my axe off the ground as I went and slamming the spike through the top of its body. 

And sadly it's not the only occurence of very long, punctuation free sentences.

Also, "Thing" has to be the most used word in this story, at least in the early chapters. There is no good reasons for that. It should have been replaced with "creature", "lifeforms" or a more specific word appropriate to the context.

And it's sad. I actually want to like this story (maybe why I'm a bit harsh). It makes an enjoyable story difficult to read. The character is ok/good as far I I've read, and the concepts of the story are nice.

From what I seen in passing, it seems to improve in the later chapters, but reading the earlier ones is painful. If I continue to read, I'll update my review accordingly.


Has some potential but needs editing

Reviewed at: Chapter 32

Review as of Chapter 5.

I want to like it.

The run-on sentences make this one a bit difficult to read.

Working with ideas and tropes that others have developed is fine if you do something more with those elements; I feel like the author could do more with either more actions from the character or more insight into the plot. LitRPG tropes can be interesting and fun, and often are, but there's got to be a bit more at stake: some drama and real or imagined consequences. Without the drama, you're just describing a home-brew RPG character creation session rather than telling.

As of chapter 5, the character is still a blank slate and not yet very engaged with their environment; as of yet, only minimally engaged with the system. The character has a vague engagement with the system and clearly has a good sense of responsibility towards unknown others. I don't mind characters who are a bit more timid or even a bit depressed - it's good break from the 'monster of willpower' type you see in some stories. It's more believable than all the characters who constantly push themselves through torture and constantly make "hard choices" regardless of whether those "hard choices" make much sense.

It's not without its charm. I'm going to read more to see if it picks up.