I finally got pestered into doing something I should have done long ago, and that is ebooking Blue Core. These are in addition to the Royal Road postings. These eBooks are not enrolled in KU/KDP. I will not be removing Blue Core from Royal Road.

The first book can be found here:

The second book can be found here:

Third book is, obviously, forthcoming.

The covers for Books 1 and 2 are done by KrazeKode, who has his own timeloop story that can be found here.

Thanks to all my readers and Patrons who have made Blue Core the story that it is today!

(I believe these are copies without any cruft from Royal Road not-a-chapters but, you know, if I've screwed up anything let me know.)

If you buy, please do review - after making sure I haven't messed anything up!


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