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Dungeon: A place full of monsters, traps, treasure, and death. Those are the Great Dungeons, with unplumbed depths below the roots of the mountains.

That's not for me.

Dungeon: A place of rape, torture, and death, to control and corral enemies and slaves. These are the Red Cores, from which the mage-kings draw their power.

That's also not for me.

I don't like monsters. I don't want adventurers. I want to stay well away from enemies and slaves.

Fortunately, there are alternatives...

(Includes explicit and consensual sexual content. Chapters containing such will be marked.)

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Interlude - Ansae Contemplates ago
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Day 99 - Blue (Explicit) ago
Day 99 - Ansae ago
Day 100 - Annit ago
Day 100 - Blue ago
Day 100 - Iniri ago
Day 107 - Blue ago
Day 107 - Keri ago
Day 107 - Iniri ago
Interlude - Taelah Catalogues Blue (and other stuff happens) ago
Day 108 - Blue ago
Day 108 - Ansae (Rashomon) ago
Day 108 - Annit ago
Day 109 - Blue ago
Day 109 - Iniri (Explicit) ago
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Day 114 - Blue ago
Day 114 - Shayma ago

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Consentacles + Dungeon = good

In a darker take on the Dungeon LitRPG genre, the author posits a setting where Dungeons are a lot more organic than usual; rather like giant hollow sedentary magical tentacle monsters. Another novel addition is the Depletion mechanic, that lets Dungeons steal lifeforce from nearby creatures, permanently weakening them in the process. Oh, and in keeping with the 'organic' theme, Dungeon monsters aren't created from thin air, but must be gestated in a host.
By implication, the typical Dungeon in the setting is a creeping engine of destruction, sluggishly ravaging the countryside around it for building material, lifeforce and unwilling hosts - while under the control of a ruthless Mage King that feeds it slaves in exchange for magical and military power. 

So far, so evil.

If the background is dark, the foreground is a bit lighter, though. 

This is the thrilling tale of the MC - presumably a reincarnee from Earth - growing to be the nicest Dungeon around, taking in refugees from the rest of the crapsack setting, and, presumably, starting to make some badly-needed changes to the world. 
This is also the thrilling tale of beautiful women finding themselves in situations where it makes sense to volunteer for a torrid time with twenty-or-so tentacles, something that just so happens to align nicely with their secret desires. (Or so I extrapolate.)

The story is told well, and is interesting and engaging - with the occasional explicit scene, clearly marked in the chapter title. As for the style, my only complaint is that occasionally setting and character descriptions are a bit too bare-bones. 

The grammar is excellent, averaging less than one typo per chapter, with only the kind of mild grammar issues that makes me go 'eh, not really worth commenting on'.

The characterization lags behind a bit, simply because not many characters have been introduced yet, and there hasn't been much time to develop them. I'm willing to take it on faith, though, that future chapters will catch up on that front. 

It's early days yet, and it remains to be seen whether the story will be an epic tale of a world in change, or just a framing device to marry the Dungeon construction to the smut scenes with a minimum of fuss - but 23 chapters in, I'm optimistic.

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Fresh take on a dungeon story, well-written sex

Good start so far for this dungeon story which does things in a different way.

I really like how the author has done the world of this story, its a unique take on the otherwise stale dungeon genre.

The world is a dark world with mage-kings ruling all through the power of their red dungeon cores, commiting dark acts in the pursuit of power . There are the great dungeons, with their incredible size, unclaimed by other powers, being a danger to all who delve in their depths. The denizen of this world suffer from the power of the dungeons and the mage-kings behind them, with them losing their strength due to the dungeons draining them and filling their depletion.

In this dark world the MC is reincarnated as a dungeon core, and through a series of events, he becomes a blue core, the implications of what he is are massive, and could bring a change to the world and all its denizens.

The author has gotten a good balance between plot, and explicit scenes, even if i personally wish there were more of such scenes in the story! The acts are quite well described with it being a different type of sexual scenes. This is not simply sex just because, it does matter to the overall story, with some of the important powers of the MC revolving around sex, i cant go too far into this, since that would be some spoilers, more interesting to find out while reading the story, and the scenes are worth it anyways!

I have to agree with another reviewer that the characters while being good so far, still have to be developed much more, but i guess that will be solved over time as the author writes more of the story.

Consistent grammar in this story, it wont be a problem at all for the majority of readers.

Im interested in just where this story can go, it has so much potentional because it does it own take on the dungeon genre. I can already recommend people to read it, not only for the dungeon setting, but also for the explicit scenes (with added tentacles, if you need any more reasons to read it)


  • Overall Score

Almost non-existent typos, wonderful storytelling and narration, depictive scenes, interesting sex scenes and a unique take on dungeons in fantasy worlds.


Oh and did I mention the update speed? Sweet.


Very good story so far, not much is known about the world at large, yet. Definitely a story I am happy to recommend to atleast give a try.

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Never thought I'd like a tentacle dungeon story.

Well written story, the world is interesting, and incredibly, the tentacle porn didn't turn me off.

 Let me start by saying that this story had everything to end up in the garbage bin for me. Rapey tentacle dungeon could've ended up terribly, but it didn't. Thats what surprised me.It starts off pretty generic as your dungeon stories go, but it was well written and concise thus I kept reading. The first "explicit" chapter was the breaking point for either dropping or continuing it.

I wasn't disapointed, not being a huge fan of tentacles I was pleasently surprised by how "good" the explicit chapters were. Specially because mr.author took the "willing shared pleasure" instead of the "rapey vore" route (which was what made me drop Everybody loves large chests).

So far the story was to my liking, the background story is interesting, the Sex scenes were well written and not "sanity decreasing", and although the characters haven't been fleshed out yet (well except for fox girl, we know plenty about her "flesh"), the story is good and I'm interested to see whete the author will take it.

  • Overall Score

pretty good lemons

Besides that it's a fairly interesting dungeon core story, too early to tell where it'll end up but there's plenty in place already to lead to something good with a few wholly unique world mechanics already introduced. 
-edit- with the most recent chapters it is clear that a lot of thought has been put into things, I stand by my 5* rating and can't wait to see where things go.

Andrew Meyers
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Dungeon Core done right

Compelling, well thought out, detailed, yet with an excellent pace to keep your interest. This story is one of my favourite dungeon core fictions now (and I've read almost all of them). If you like dungeon cores and magic, then you will love this story. Note about the rare "Explicit" parts: though brief, they're tasteful and high quality, fully consensual, with no negative outcomes for either party, with actual impact on the plot.


Overall: 5/5 for addictive storytelling. I can't wait for the next week's chapters!

Style: Great pacing, insightful POV changes (not too rapid, not too stagnant either).

Story: Interesting backstory, despite MC not having much of a past. There is a full world in the fiction that feels alive and interacts behind the scenes.

Grammar: Nearly perfect, only a minor typo once or twice a chapter, with appropriate punctuation usage in nearly all cases.

Character: Each character seems to have a proper feel of a backstory, with internal wants and needs, unique personal issues, and individual agendas. I do not get the feeling that any of them are 2-bit villans other than the BBEG the mage-kings (and their direct subordinates).

  • Overall Score

Nice new take on dungeon core story

Loved the way the author changed up the usual dungoen core formula and am looking forward to seeing the main character interact with the other characters, hopefully with a body soon

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Ch day 77

I love dungeon novels(so I am biased)

I did not notice anything annoying (grammer or otherwise) 

Dungeon is NOT stupid for a nice change 

Keep writing please it's really good

  • Overall Score

One of those stories where you March along devouring chapter after chapter. Then the most terrible of things happens.. The next chapter button is greyed out.

  • Overall Score

I bing read this right after I found it. This is so well done. Excited to see where it goes. The only complaint I have so far is that the story isnt 1000 chapters already. :D