The Virtues' Magecraft

The Virtues' Magecraft

by Quantum Yeet

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

The Golden Dawn has initiated the Age of Tribulation. Destruction is imminent for each of the Nine Realms. And on Midgard, the Princes of Hell are returning. To prevent the destruction these demons will bring, the Magecraft Association has called upon seven mages to handle them.

One of those seven is Alexander Lane. A Demon-Born without any training in magic. This ordinary life of his in this unordinary world has always been a struggle. But in his ever changing reality, it'll only become more of a curse. He must learn magecraft and fight for the sake of his world. For his life, and for others.

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Quantum Yeet

Quantum Yeet

Quantum Yeet

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Table of Contents
67 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Page 0 ago
Page 1: Hero's Beginning ago
Page 2: The Hero's Refusal ago
Page 3: The Hero's Reluctant Acceptance ago
Page 4: The Seven Princes ago
Page 5: The First Mission ago
Page 6: The First Mission Goes Wrong ago
Page 7: Conquest ago
Page 8: The War Begins ago
Page 9: Demon's World ago
Page 10: Excalibur ago
Page 11: The Day After ago
Page 12: Magecraft Academy ago
Page 13: Holy Swords ago
Page 14: Earth-Splitter ago
Page 15: Trial By Steel ago
Page 16: The Battle of the Labyrinth ago
Page 17: New World ago
Page 18: Holy Trinity ago
Page 19: Weakness ago
Page 20: Paladins ago
Page 21: The Beginning of Hope and Despair ago
Page 22: A Momentary Calm ago
Page 23: The Start of An Unnecessarily Long Quest ago
Page 24: Land of the Vanir ago
Page 25: The Departure ago
Page 26: Sudden Separation ago
Page 27: A Short Lesson ago
Page 28: The Hunters of Midgard ago
Page 29: A Minor Heist ago
Page 30: Soul on Fire ago
Page 31: The Night of the Forest ago
Page 32: The Night of the Forest, Part 2 ago
Page 33: A Nice Dream ago
Page 34: Perceiving The Soul ago
Page 35: The Shape of Darkness ago
Page 36: Severance ago
Page 37: White Light ago
Page 38: Proclamation of the Weak ago
Page 39: Quiet Morning ago
Page 40: Judgement of Right and Wrong ago
Page 41: Crossing the Rubicon ago
Page 42: Whoever's Strongest Wins ago
Page 43: The God Crystal ago
Page 44: Curse-Bearer ago
Page 45: The Limit of Zeal ago
Page 46: A Prank of Fate ago
Page 47: I'll Kill You ago
Page 48: Broken Promise ago
Page 49: There and Back Again ago
Page 50: Frustration ago
Page 51: Grand Order ago
Page 52: Lullaby For Suffering ago
Page 53: Golden Horde ago
Page 54: Lacking Moments ago
Page 55: Weary Night ago
Page 56: The Damned Demon ago
Page 57: He Who Fights Monsters ago
Page 58: World's Stasis ago
Page 59: A Strange Visit ago
Page 60: When Fate Begins To Move ago
Page 61: The Scales of Justice ago
Page 62: More Ordeals ago
Page 63: The Insufficient Hero ago
Page 64: The Forcing of The Scales ago
Page 65: Vice and Virtue ago
Page 66: The Spurred Decay ago

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Author swallowed his/her saliva

Reviewed at: Page 8: The War Begins

author has some variation of "[name] swallowed his/her saliva"
5-10 times per chapter on average in chapters 1-8

when it comes to grammar i can't see any issues/errors so far and the characters seem decent enough.

that said, what i have read so far seems like a good start if u can get past what feels like characters swallowing their saliva every 3rd paragraph (something i can't do)