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You have Died!
Cause: Brain Incinerated by Magical Bullet
Respawn Tokens Remaining: 5
Open Respawn Menu?
[Respawn Menu] / [Afterlife]

Well, that fucking sucked ass, he grumbled mentally to himself. Ah, well. Respawn Menu, please.


Reincarnation Tokens Available: 5
Autosave: Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 7:42 PM - Earth - Magitechnopia - Cathedral of Potential
Save State #1: Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 11:00 AM - Earth - Hillsborough Hospital Room 328 - Tutorial Complete!
Save State #2: -EMPTY-
Save State #3: -EMPTY-

Nice! I'll go with the Autosave!


You have chosen to respawn.
Fracturing Timeline.
Altering Time and Space.
Generating Soul Status.
Respawn Token Utilized.
Unlocking Death's Door.
Respawn Initialized.
Try not to die again so soon.

There was a flash of light, and Joriya found himself standing at the entrance to the Cathedral. He took it all in again, receiving the buffs while searching with his senses for what had killed him last time.


You are the first Earthling to use a System Generated Respawn Ability outside of the Tutorial Phase. You have gained the Title: First Respawn.

First Respawn - You can spend 2 Respawn Tokens on a dead person to allow them to Respawn then and there. If they refuse, you will be refunded 1 Respawn Token. If they died due to a Permadeath Attack, you will be refunded both Respawn Tokens.

He quickly took in his new title, then went back to scanning his magic list to see if he had something to help him and smiled as he poured his full mana count into a Force Ward that melded itself to his outline, granting him a shield that could absorb 7,500 or deflect 15,000 points of damage.

He then used Life Magic to scan for life signs other than himself, and smiled coldly as he sensed the sniper setting up about a quarter of a mile out. Not this time, mother fucker, Joriya thought to himself. This time, you'll not be killing me.

He went through the filling of a bottle of Liquid Potential and then doing the dedication. As he finished the dedication, the bullet deflected off the barrier, smashing into the symbol of potential in the center of the grand mural, which rang like a bell before stopping the momentum of the bullet completely.

Your Barrier has deflected 750 Damage.

He remained face down on the ground as he waited for the sniper to make his way over. When he realized that they weren't coming down, he rolled to the altar and crouched behind it, meanwhile, the statues of the gods began to glow. When the glow faded, the gods were there in the flesh, the statues behind them.

"So, someone already dared attack the Cathedral? Summon Guard Corps," Gruugar growled, unleashing a giant pulse of divine magic. The magic teleported a force of a hundred power armor marines standing at attention.

"GET OVER HERE!" Gorkin and Rimeris both shouted as they thrust out an arm, a magical chain launching from their arms, extending through the Cathedral and out the door, flying straight towards the sniper, who swore before he was suddenly pulled into the Cathedral, wrapped in the chains.

"I hereby curse you to answer any questions asked and speak only the Truth," Margaret glared at him, her pronouncement terrifying enough to make Joriya feel his balls scrunch up, as well as noting to himself to never piss her off if that's a minor curse for her.

The man slumped in the chains, revealing he was dressed in US Military Fatigues. Joriya frowned at the sight of the fatigues and stood up slowly, dusting off his barrier. "Why did you attack me?"

"You are a criminal and worth a huge bounty, dead preferred," he growled as he tried not to speak.

"Criminal? Well, I suppose I did break the law by utilizing the Emergency Broadcast System, but that should only have been put forward earlier today. That still doesn't explain the bounty and especially the 'Dead Preferred' thing you mentioned. Besides, I thought we treated you well, Robert. Why would you turn your back on the Company and try to kill me?"

"You're a fool, aren't you? I've been spying on this company for the government the entire time I've been here!" he growled and grit his teeth, glaring at Joriya for daring to force him to answer that question. "How did you prevent my killing you?"

"That's for me to know and you to hopefully never find out. I will be publicly terminating your employment. You will be ejected from Advanced Robotics Corporation payroll, your family blacklisted, and none of you will be welcome here in Magitechnopia. You will also be reported to the government for attempted murder," Joriya sighed sadly.

"You think that they'll do anything?" Robert snarled.

"Oh, they will, once I also let the information slip to the media. Hell, I'm sure I can find a way to get the video copied from the Core to provide video footage of you taking the shot to attack me."

"You'll have to convince a judge that Magitechnopia, an alternate dimension, counts as United States Jurisdiction," he grinned evily.

"Oh, yes, and if I do that, I'll be setting global precidence for all dimensional shenanigans on Earth," Joriya stated calmly as he rolled his eyes.

Lucanis chuckled softly. "There is already Galactic Precidence, which states that alternate dimensions that form inside a government's borders are treated as a part of that government. Therefore, Galactic Precidence means that Magitechnopia is an area of Hillsborough, New York, United States of America. As a Galactic Deity, I am willing to be called into court to confirm this standard truth."

As the words left Lucanis's mouth and registered in Robert's ears, he began to pale. "There's no way that you would be granted a spot on a Witness stand!"

This time it was Joriya who laughed. "Why wouldn't they let him take a stand? There is such a thing as Freedom of Religion in this country. Anyways, I'll have you escorted to the exit and held until cops arrive to arrest you."

Two of the guards grabbed the soldier and dragged him out of the Cathedral. Gruugus grinned as he took in the Cathedral. "Nice! Impressive! Ah, I see, so you didn't initially survive his attack, but you had a resurrection token," Gruugus stated as he reached into his belt pouch and pulled out a token, handing it to Joriya. "Here, this should restore the one you used."

"Thank you, Gruugus. I am honored to greet you in this Cathedral, dedicated to your Pantheon," Joriya answered as he absorbed the token and bowed deeply.



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