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Joriya approached the adamantine Cathedral, which radiated strength and seemed to pulse with the very heartbeat of the dimension's mana field. As he entered the Cathedral, he took in the stained glass windows, the final one on the right even had an image of himself holding up his new Artifact Sword, the Power of Omens, as he stood in an empty hallway. The moment his foot landed on the first adamantine tile inside the Cathedral, a loud peal of thunder came from the skies above which suddenly gathered all the clouds together from across the dimension and started raining a rainbow of colored rain.

The stained glass windows started on the far left with the gathering of Gruugus and his party, followed by many windows of valorous deeds, which led to the main window at the back of the Cathedral which was broken into five outer parts surrounding a rune that had only one meaning: Potential. The main window scenes around the rune showed each of the members of Gruugus's party performing a Deed that the System declared great enough to grant them Deity status.

Gruugus stood in his own window at the top of the main window, his body covered in so many wounds that it looked like he had been flayed alive, his grey Marzillin body coated in blood, his foot on the neck of a dragon that if it was in scale to him must have been at least a hundred and fifty yards from nose to tail. To either side of Gruugus and the left and right around the symbol of Potential, Gorkin and Rimeris had their own images. In the window on the upper left, Gorkin stood between an unknown child and the Potential Bane, his shield deflecting the blows of the Hilnarian Deity. In the window on the upper right, Rimeris stood with his shield receiving the blast of a spaceship's plasma beam, protecting a small city from eradication with the use of his own skills and burning his potential.

The image on the lower left contained the Sulanrian, Lucanis, as he slipped into Goddess's bedroom to leave a present. That left the image on the lower right of the immense glass panel which had a much older looking Margaret than she had seemed or looked when he had met the party in his Tutorial. In the image, she was mixing together an alchemical concoction into a spell, using the magic to transition the effect of the potion to everyone her magical energy could reach. The combined effect of the image on the rear wall was absolutely stunning.


You have been affected by an Artifact Grade Art: Splendor of Potential!

Potential's Splendor (Duration: 24 hours; Can Receive Again: 168 Hours.)
Effect 1: All Cooldowns are reset.
Effect 2: All PPP Earned during increased by 10%
Effect 3: ERROR CANNOT APPLY EFFECT 3! No Maximum PPP Limit Detected! Cannot increase Maximum PPP by 10%!
Effect 4: ERROR CANNOT APPLY EFFECT 4! No Maximum PPP Limit Detected! 1% of Infinite Cannot be Regenerated!

He whistled softly as he saw the buff he received for gazing upon the artwork and appreciating it even more. He slowly walked down the aisle, taking in the scenes of Gruugus's party on the left wall and the scenes of the noteworthy deeds of their followers on the right wall. The Cathedral's main chamber contained a hundred rows of pews, each made of ornately worked adamantium and covered in what looked like extremely soft cushions for the posterior and back.

At the front of the Cathedral, there was a raised basin, in which a viscous liquid that glittered like diamonds rested. The amount of liquid in the basin looked to be approximately a half liter at maximum. As he upon the liquid he received another notification.

Fountain of Potential
Quality: Divine, Dimensionally Unique (Only 1 can exist per Dimension)
Durability: Unbreakable
Produces 100ml Liquid Potential a day. Can hold a maximum of 500ml Liquid Potential.

Liquid Potential
Quality: Divine
Type: Liquid (Requires 100ml consumption for effects)
Effect 1: This Liquid can increase the Quality rank of any Crafting it is used in.
Effect 2: Drinking this Liquid can Permenantly Increase your Maximum PPP Threshold.
Effect 3: Drinking this Liquid can increase your Current PPP Value.
Effect 4: Drinking this Liquid can increase your Resurrection Count.
Your Inspection skill is too low to view any more Effects.

Joriya whistled softly yet again as he shook his head, seeing the infinitely valuable liquid just sitting there in the basin of the Fountain. He looked up at the life-sized statue of the Party of Gruugus that is set behind the altar, right below the wonderful Splendor of Potential art. He slowly approached and knelt on one knee, bowing his head. "This Cathedral is dedicated to the Protection and the Production of Potential. May those who seek to improve themselves always be welcome inside this Cathedral, so long as they do no harm to those whom are here or those seeking aid," Joriya whispered softly, unknowing of where the words he is speaking come from.

There was a hiss of anger behind him, and Joriya turned around as he heard a roar from Gruugus's statue: "NOOOOOO!" He felt a brief instant of pain, then everything went black.


You have Died!

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