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For those who weren't quite happy with everything being summed up by Joriya's System Screen, here's the Birthing of a Dimension.

As the wave of energy pulsed through the facility, the dimensional and temporal barriers surrounded the entirety of the interconnected underground complex, absorbing all of the connected facilities of all of the companies that had been part of the joint purchase and construction. The world inside the bubble shimmered, and suddenly in areas where they had built large squares around deposits of dirt between the individual tunnels and connecting corridors now had openings to fields and manicured lawns where the dirt had been, as well as the entire facility now being on the surface of this new dimension.

The sky above was a soft, beautiful blue. The areas where ARC had set up as a barracks grew into a towering apartment complex. The ground shuddered as mountains and forests formed. The Tier 5 Core vanished from Joriya's hands, growing in size and appearing in the sky in place of the sun, radiating energies from the mystical pools that appeared on floating islands above the core, spiraling slowly, the liquid dripping slowly from the islands to rain down on the glowing core, before steaming off, creating clouds which rapidly covered the bottoms of the flying islands.

Various other facilities increased in size and complexity or formed out of pure aether like the mountains and forests. Everything upgraded into the highest tier of galactic magical and technological research. The portals into and out of the dimension formed at each of the original elevators. All of the chairs became extremely comfortable, the desks changed to have System Compliant Holographic Capabilities. At the foot of the hill that the facility ended up on the entrance to the Tier Five Dungeon formed, copying all of its information from the Divine Grade dungeon that exists in Joriya's Soul.

The Adventurer's Guild building spawned in next to the dungeon, a huge mansion of marble and mythril. A hundred meter tall, twenty meter thick wall formed a goodly distance around the core facilities, which is estimated to be nearly twenty kilometers from the center of the facility, all the way around. After the wall appeared, animals started spawning outside the wall. Five minutes after the animals spawned, the first magical beast spawned. Ten minutes after the beast spawned, the first monster spawned. The Crafter's Guild Crafter Facilities spawned along the inside of the wall, while Merchant Facilities spawned along a suddenly paved road between the western gate and the Adventurer's Guild at the City Dungeon. Herbs spawned into the woods and grasslands, while mineral veins filled out the mountains and underground.

A gigantic cathedral slowly rose out of the ground, made of adamantium and adamantglass, the glistening black metal and gorgeous stained glass windows showed off the Pantheon of Potential's Protection and various deeds they (and their Heroes) have succeeded in. Large golems formed at the entrance to assist in the protection of the Cathedral, should the need ever happen.

Six days pass by as the City built itself, then get compressed into the single instant of the flash of light of the Dimension's Birth. The last thing to occur before the flash is a huge series of clouds gathering at the summits of the mountains and a giant rainbow slamming into the center of the forest, where a new tree sprouted and grew higher and even higher, before spreading out its branches towards the current limit of the dimension, which grew as a wave of extremely dense energy poured in from both of the sources, as well as the bells of the Cathedral ringing and repelling their energy with its own, before all the extraneous energy was sucked into the core which expanded in size.

Joriya rubbed his face as he sighed and shook his head at the fact that he was responsible for more Global Announcements. What the hell, might as well go through them now while I sit here, he thought to himself and brought the notifications to the front.


With the Creation of Earth's First Tier 5 Dimensional CIty, the Dimensional Distortion Wave that passed over the entire world has detected Ancient Anomalies. Examples of Dimensional Anomalies include (but are not limited to): The Isle of Avalon is now accessible through boating through any Fog Covered water larger than a pool, The Underground Dinosaur Jungle accessible through deep caves, The Fae Underhill located at ley line intersections.


The Gods of the Olympic Pantheon have named the Mountains outside of Magitechnopia as New Olympus and have changed their portal to connect to the summits of your mountain range. The Rainbow Bridge has planted the Roots of Yggdrasil which have spawned a new trunk of the World Tree, adding your dimension as the Official Tenth Realm of the Norse Pantheon's World Tree. In addition to the Norse and Olympic Pantheons, your own Pantheon of Potential's Protection has elected to make your dimension their Primary Home. As the Dimension of Magitechnopia grows, expect more Divine Connections.
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The registered owner of the Magitechnopia, Tier 5 Dimension is Advanced Robotics Corporation. Members of Advanced Robotics Corporation will not age past Maturity while inside Magitechnopia. Everyone else will age at 1/2 the rate of time outside Magitechnopia, making aging inside Magitechnopia at 1/10 the rate of those living outside with the five times faster increase of time inside of Magitechnopia.
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You have been granted a Divine Quest: Attend the Gods!
You have been summoned to the Cathedral of Potential's Protection.
You have been invited to appear before the Court of Asgard.
You have been invited to appear before the Cout of Olympus.
Reward: Unknown
Penalty: Unknown

FUCK! he swore internally as he did a double facepalm and screamed into his hands in frustration. This can't be happening... This was not my intention with the Core! Hell, I didn't even know it would connect to my Soul's Dungeon... This cannot be happening...


You have suffered a Heart Attack.
You have lost 10% of your Health.

Well, fuck, I better calm down... at least my body can fully repair itself over the course of half an hour inside this dimension... Ten percent should be repaired in like three minutes... Joriya thought to himself as he slowly calmed down, watching his Health slowly tick back up in the menu. He stood up and slowly walked out of the room he initiated the core from and followed the transparent map to the Cathedral, surprised at how fantastic the dimension he created is.



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