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Well, here's the Prologue for Volume 3...  I'm thinking that these characters will be recurring cast members.

For those who don't know, Siberia is 11 hours ahead of New York, thus explaining the timestamp.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
10:00:01 PM KRAT
Deep Freeze Lock Down, Maximum Security Wing
Secret Prison, SIberia, Russia

The door of one of the cells went flying across the corridor and slammed into the wall. This was followed by many of the other doors being ripped off their hinges or destroyed in other ways. Sirens blared, and the few limited guards were ordered to retreat, meanwhile, heavy doses of nitrous oxide were pumped through the vents, in an attempt to knock out the prisoners.

One of the prisoners burst into flames and grinned as he stepped out of his cell, while another just summoned up an extremely high tech power armor, which purified the air it pulled in. One of the few female prisoners took a deep breath, and then cast a huge, wide area of effect [Cleanse], which purified the air, removing the nitrous oxide from the air, and healing everyone around her within twenty meters of negative status effects. Another of the prisoners stepped into the corridor, laughing when the automatic defenses targeted him and pounded him with a Gatling gun, running .306 rounds at 50 rounds a second.

The air rang musically as the brass tinkled from the gun and the deformed bullets fell at the man's feet. There was a knocking sound coming from the vault-style door that sealed off the final cell of the ward. Behind that door had been one of the scariest assassins ever, one that scared even the other prisoners that shared her cell block. The lights went out, and there was a long screeching of metal being torn apart, then when the lights returned, standing before the now destroyed door was a lithe female figure in all black with adamantium claws and blades covering her skin tight black bodysuit.

"Finally free," her voice was soft, silky, seductive. "To think that I would owe my freedom to forces beyond this planet..."

"Ma'am," the former prisoner who had soaked up the gun's barrage stated, bowing deeply to her, his English extremely accented with his native Russian. "May we request your assistance in leaving this facility?"

"We've all been declared dead long ago, so we will have to rebuild contacts, let alone return to blending into Society again," the man in power armor stated calmly. "It would be wise if we for the moment worked together, at least until we are out of Siberia."

The priestess grinned as she tapped her staff on the floor. "I am a Priestess of Chaos... and there are massive amounts of Chaos flooding the world right now. If the power I could tap into ran through my pleasure centers, I'd been in constant orgasm... mmmm... But it's better this way so that I am not a hindrance and I can be of some help. With us all being declared dead, I say we use this as an excuse to drop whatever insanity it was that got us thrown this far into nowhere, and leave the facility using minimal force. We'll just grant ourselves Parole for Good Behavior."

The assassin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Yes, I would agree with escaping using minimal force. As far as the giving up on our old habits, I will be maintaining my skills as an Assassin, but I will likely join the Adventurer's Guild when it's formed... I would recommend that to the rest of you... There will be enough bloodshed that we won't need to kill others of the human race in order to get any sadistic tics covered, what with the Dungeons and the monsters."

The pyro magus grinned viciously, "Oooh so, we are all going to be an official team? What would the name of the team be?"

"First, we should escape, then we should decide on what nation to have as our home base, and who we should register with when the Guild is formed. Thankfully, it seems that nobody here selected to become a Dungeon Core... I will admit that I was tempted with choosing it, but figured that I would just get shattered the moment the Tutorial ended if I remained here," the one in power armor answered. "I would recommend we head to the United States, as that is likely where we'll find the most welcoming for anything that we recreate ourselves as. The System allows you a one-time permanent change of name if you ask for it. I would recommend taking it after we have left here."

"Priestess, do you have access to Mana Transfer?" the assassin asked.

"Sadly no, I didn't acquire that Skill. Do you need more after you ripped your way through that door?"

"Mmmm... I will need mana for our escape," she answered as she sauntered over to her. "Everyone, gather round." Once they were gathered around her, she cast [Shadow Zone] and then [Mana Syphon] on all of them before using [Shadow Warp] to take the entire group into the biting cold outside of the secret prison, and then again to a location fifty miles away. "Okay, let's go... Technocrat, please lead us away. I'm sure your suit has scanners."

The man in power armor snorted and pulled out a cube, which he pressed a button on and tossed forward. The cube quickly unfolded into a long antigravity bus. "I ended up on a technologically sophisticated world that fought against rogue Dungeons and was working on terraforming the nearby solar systems. They focused mainly on raising their levels of technology, and I survived for about fifty years as a Delver in some of the nastiest Dungeons I could imagine. Managed to destroy a core, although destroying it caused my own death when its mana went supernova upon breaking," the man stated. "System, change name officially to Percival Techmind. Yes, confirm name change. This is my precious ride, which I paid for a Soulbinding of, so nobody can use it without my permission."

"So, with this new PPP as a currency, do you think the global economy is going to crash before they manage to transfer to a new currency system? System, change my name to Logan Pheonixborn. Yes, confirm name change." the pyro asked as he let his flames fade.

"It honestly depends upon how many of the System Functions the Government decides to openly use. I can see them trying to keep the PPP as a Currency only for System Authorized Businesses, to keep the current money cycling a little bit... however it is likely that within a full year we will be in a 100% PPP Currency if they want to keep control of their lands, since the coins are universal," Percival answered Logan. "Huh, looks like a Zone Boss has already spawned, want to check it out?"

After the others all agree, he turned the vehicle to the west and floored it, easily hitting a hundred and fifty miles per hour before having to veer south to where a giant frost coated forest had appeared. There were howls echoing from the forest, letting them know that this would be primarily a fight against beasts, which made them smile as they thought of the loot they would acquire from their upcoming confrontations.


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