A Future Destroyed - A Post-Modern Fantasy LitRPG

by Johnist

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Urban Fantasy Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023
The Time: 11:00 AM EST
The Issue: The System Arrives!

Life was going well for the majority of humanity when a wave of energy passed over the world, and everything froze.  A Pop-up appeared in front of everyone's eyes, whether awake or asleep.  This pop-up read:
Magic Anomaly Normalization Allocation (MANA) System has been activated.
Local Space-Time has been stopped until processing has been completed.
Currently Processing 11,789,972,382 Sentients on the planet.

After that, everyone vanished into a Personal Tutorial, which is where our main character, Joriya Alvinos, starts out, after having been in a physical coma for more than a decade.

AN: This story is also being posted on Wattpad.

A very special thank you to Olivaprodesign on Fiverr.com for the exquisitely made cover art!

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Colin Mentel
  • Overall Score

A good Wish Fullfillment story

Without going to spoilers, if you like OP MCs and are a fan of wishfullfillment, this is the story for you

  • Overall Score

Everybody says the mc is super OP yea?What if I told you actually every human on Earth is almost as op, and that the story is more about kingdom building and galactic stuff than it is ''omg such a strong man, thanks for saving us''.

Everybody from Earth  got 2 mil points, while other races by their maturity only have 250k.This changes the foundation of the story greately and is highly interesting compared to the other op mc stories on this site.

It definetly has potential, please keep on writing Mr. author.

  • Overall Score

Overpowered x unlimited = boring

(as of chapter 14)

A stat/skill/interface system comes to Earth and everybody can use a point-buy shop to improve their potential. The MC, through luck and synergy and system errors, is able to get more than 90% discount on prices and basically buys everything, including the impossible options: stats multiple times the original maximum level, all the magic and ki abilities, soulbound gear made from the universe's best material, whatever you can imagine. His first fights are ended quickly by throwing nukes left and right and critical hits back and front even though his opponents are of a very high tier.

I guess many people will like this kind of story but I don't like it. For me, overpowered characters that did not earn their abilities and that always instantly succeed in everything are just boring. It's like watching a fight between a human with a flame thrower and 100 crippled ants: nothing bad could ever happen to the MC but if so, it would be one all-powerful entity against another in a very unbelieveable way.

Mister Bill
  • Overall Score

Really fun OP MC story so far

A ton of fun to read and definitely a romp. Has an OP MC that is logical and makes good decisions while still being fun. Some funny elements, some great action elements, and overall very well done so far. Highly recommended if you like fun. Give it a go and see how you like it. 

  • Overall Score

The author creates an interesting world and a MC who has the potential to be very interesting once the story really develops.

I don't really mind the OP style so far as the story is just getting started and it seems clear that the MC is going to be facing planetary and even galactic level threats sooner rather than later.  If you think he is OP then just pretend the author spent 100+ chapters to get him to this point.

This is definitely worth following until the author proves whether or not he can actually balance the OP MC in a fun and effective fashion.

  • Overall Score

It's just silly how OP the MC is

The main character starts out as a completely overpowered munchkin. In five minutes he goes from worrying about one goblin to killing 100 of them. No thanks.

  • Overall Score

decides to op everything

took over powered and then said meh turn it up to 11

  • Overall Score

Had potential to be a cool wish fulfilment

Originally I figured that this would be a pretty awesome wishfulfilment series considering that Johnist spends 6 chapters all on doing store purchases with alot of really cool magic, gear etc. (trying not to spoil for the readers) However as of chapter 12 im pretty dissapointed so far with the mc, when he goes through he litterally buy's a crap ton of upgrades for magic and ki (sorry had to spoil that one right there) but ever since he has been done with shopping he's only done one spell and one ki attack this whole time. since pretty much the begining the mc has only been going around and meleeing crap when he has access to loads of magic and even created a ki skill (which probably mean's that if the mc puts some effort into it he could also create some spells as well) and yet HE DOESN'T USE ANY OF IT!!!!!!! I am gonna keep reading and see if the mc while change his fighting style later on to a more ki/mana bases or not and probably see about updating this post at that point

  • Overall Score

It's called OVERpowered for a reason

I've read up to the 17th chapter and will have to call it quits here. I've never been a fan of stories with overpowered protagonists, especially ones written by new and/or ameteur authors on this site, and this just reinforces that. You just need to read up to the 10th chapter to know what I mean. 

The only reason this rating isn't lower is that the grammar actually isn't bad.

  • Overall Score

Generic power fantasy crap