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What if Humanity wasn't the apex predator among the stars?

What if those true apex predators saw mankind and came to the same conclusion: Holy cow they're all adorable.

The They are Smol series takes place in the near future after a disasterous first contact and the subesquent accidental invasion of Earth. Humanity is being uplifted for many reasons; they provide new culture and art on the galactic scene, sure. They can also look at scientific and social problems in a new light - absolutely. Mainly though, it's just to get them to do something productive with their lives and stop setting everything on fire-

Humans, for their part, are oscillating between abject fear at the otherness of their new neighbors and the frustration that they keep placing things on the top shelf.


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1st Anniversary
Top List #50
Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter Won: The Beginning ago
Chapter Two: Chapter Boogaloo ago
Chapter Three: What, I've gotta be witty each chapter title? sheesh. ago
Chapter Four: Sneks on a Plane ago
Chapter Five: MEMES ago
Chapter Six: Goodboyes in space ago
Chapter Seven: Still goodboyes ago
Chapter Eight: ago
Chapter Eleven: War... war has changed. ago
Chapter12: At some point you're going to realize this whole series is an elaborate shitpost, right? ago
Chapter 13: If I get up my day is ruined ago
Chapter 14: I AM THE SENATE ago
Chapter 15: But why's the rum gone? ago
Chapter 16: Weaponize the Hubble ago
Chapter "this is actually a new arc": The Invasion of Earth ago
Tas: IoE: Chapter 2 ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 3 - Senpai is Noticed ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 4 - Wherein humans get things ready for their visitors ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 5 - Mipsy Deserved it ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 6 - The answer is "Gun" ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 7 - Just play dead? ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 8 - The hard times ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 9 - SPACE POPE BATTLE ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 10 - True 'Strayan ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 11 - Finnish Death Gods and the art of Squatting ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 12 - If I can't have it NO ONE CAN ago
TaS: IoE: Chapter 14 - The Great Clusterfuck, or, I can only be hurt emotionally ago
TaS: IoE: Epilogue part one: MIPSY MUST DIE ago
TaS: IoE: Epilogue part two: Ceremonial Trashcan Fires ago
TaS: It's a Smol World - Chapt WAN: MORE ACRONYMS ago
TaS: ISAW Chapter 2: It's not a phase, DAD. ago
TaS: IASW Chapter 4: Biological Clock ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 7: roomba abuse ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 8: Y'all forgot about dre, didn't you ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 9: Yeeeeeeeeee ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 10: Perpetual Manlets will never learn ago
They are Smol - and it's a oneshot! 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SMOLSMAS SPECIAL ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 11: Abuela lost her fucks about 40 years ago ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 12: Wherein we get the band back together ago
TAS: IASW Chapter 13: Love Can Bloom on the Battlefield. ago
TAS: ISAW - Chapter 14: The Crown of the Sky is Claimed; All is ruin. ago
TAS: ISAW - Chapter 15: What's that lassie? Timmy fell off of a building? ago
They are Smol - and Spoopy, Really! 2019 Halloween Oneshot ago
TAS: ISAW - Chapter 16: Throwing children off of skyscrapers for fun and profit ago
TAS: ISAW - Chapter 17: a certain kind of a e s t h e t i c ago
TAS: ISAW - Epilogue Part The First ago
They are Smol - and it's CRIMMIS - MERR CRIMMIS! 2019 Holiday Special ago
They are Smol - and RESOLUTE. New Years 2019 Special! ago
TAS: ISAW - Epilogue Part The Second ago
TAS: ISAW - Epilogue Part The Second Part Two: Math is hard ago
NEW ARC~! They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 1 ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 2: Fluffy Potato Projectiles ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 3: Please be patient with me, I have mothism ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 4: Well that's a cruel trick to play ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 5: Potat. Together. Strong. ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 6: Human Medical Technology is the greatest~ ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 7: Everyone's screaming. Again. ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 7: Do *NOT* use your body heat to start cults. ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 9: Field Trips are better with Mrs. Frizzle. ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 10: Suppose you supplement a suppository... ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 11: Correlation does not imply Causation ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 12: A good excuse to leave quarantine ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 13: Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 14: Felonies and Flutterbyes ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 15: So it's treason, then! ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 15: The Fall ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 17: I am not sorry about this pun ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 18: It's got what Moths crave ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 19: It's a Weather Balloon ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 20: Yet another pun you could not have seen coming. ago
They are Smol Doctors at Large - Chapter 21: Relive your childhood ago
They are Smol and Used to it by now - TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ago

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We're not just cute !

A strange vision of the relation between human and aliens. Human are just seen as cute things that aliens want to observe kindly. And as human we're trying to be more than that. But is not that simple when your space neighbour can easily destroy you.


The story is original and very fun to read. As a french i'm not very good in english so i don't know if there some mistake but everything is well written.  It's very interesting to see two vision of humanity.

  • Overall Score

Echoes of greatness from Reddit

I've read this story on HFY already some time ago (thankfully I've forgotten multiple plot points so I'm ready for a reread), and I honestly have to agree with some of the points raised there. 

This isn't a story about human triumph. It's a story about a bunch of cowardly depressed primates discovering a large galaxy which hides a lot of wholesomeness under a deceptive cover of fur, scales and feathers. This is the story you're looking for if you desire a scifi that explores many rare themes in a very unique way.

  • Overall Score

Compliments And Other Good Words.

I've been reading this over on r/hfy for a while, and now that it's being posted here, I'd just like to take the opportunity to say nice things about it for everyone to see.

It's great.  The story is snappy and hilarious and cute and clever.  It makes you think, it makes you smile, and sometimes it makes you cry.  It's like classic speculative sci-fi that doesn't even pretend to be "normal", and just runs with what's fun, and you should read it.

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Humans are (not) Adorable!

This story is seriously a fun read, that can make someone laugh multiple times throughout the story.

It takes place in the near (and far) future, after the first contact Humanity has with another species, went horribly wrong, and devolved in a complete mess because of overeager people from both sides.

Humanity has recovered from what is called the 'Great Clusterfuck', and is now to be considered a equal to the other major sapient space races, even if those races see humans as cute adorable sapients. Many hyinks ensue because of that, it all becomes one weird mess of situations.


Well, characters are nicely done, but due to how the author has written his story, they can get barely any development, they sort of feel like they could be so much more.

There are the occasional kinks in the grammar of this story, but nothing major overall. Anyone that just wants to read without grammar issues, will have no problems reading this story.

The author has decided to go with a espiodic style for his story, making it a collection of arcs, that may or may be not releated to eachother. This has been a great way of telling this story so far. Maybe there is the problem of the invidiual arcs sort of lacking in content, but i dont mind. This story is sort of a mess of perspectives, with there being so many different ones used, normally that would be a problem, but its perfectly fine with this story.

So yeah, surely a great read, you dont even have to be a fan of sci-fi stories to enjoy it, just the comedy alone is a reason to come read this.

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The Smol universe is essentially "What if aliens thought humans are cute and cuddly?" Perfect English, well written, lots of fun, what more can you ask for? 

Well, ok. The first story is short enough that while the various alien races are described in some detail, there isn't time for any characters to learn and grow. No gamelit elements, no reincarnations, no chosen one semt to another universe.

But still, it's a lot of fun.

  • Overall Score

 this is one of the best serials to come out of r/hfy this past year. its cute, memes, hilarious, original, and most importantly, there are big dogs that call humans the equivalent of hugs pillows

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not a story for asmatics

you know it funny when you got me wheezing thru every chapter

style - love the style

grammar - impeccable

story - top notch

character - is the one spot I have a problem, as the alien names can get confusing

  • Overall Score

one of the best novels i ever read

This novel istone of the best on this site. I had to laugh in every chapter and somtimes had to stop reading because i was laughing to hard. And the story is als well written and very interesting. I really hope that this novel will be written till the end!!

  • Overall Score

Glorious, no more words needed.

Glorious, no more words needed.                                                                                                        

  • Overall Score
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This is the best thing I've read ever!

It's an overall compelling narrative where the main characters are humanity itself and they're displayed through a couple of Characters that played a role in the events of the plot. 
The stories are short but make an overall narrative that's compelling and absolutely amazing. I noticed no grammar errors, though that may be because some of the situations that they get into are just wonderfully hilarious.
Overall, Its absolutely wonderful when you want something to make your day a bit brighter by taking itself seriously though being completely within the frame of humanity we know and love but taking that and taking everything that could be misunderstood and misunderstanding it.