The Acts of Androkles

by Ryan English

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Elevator pitch: '300' meets 'Lone Wolf and Cub'. A retired veteran has to keep some orphans from being eaten by horrible monsters.

This fiction contains the professionally-published novel Obstacles as well as the ongoing sequels. 

Back Cover Copy:
Androkles, son of Paramonos, spent twenty-five years in the world’s greatest army trying to earn enough money to buy back his good name. He’s battle-scarred, weary, and heartbroken after decades of watching dear friends die, but he survived. He’s ready to retire and be welcomed as a hero, finally able to see the reward he sacrificed so much to achieve. 

There’s only one problem: his wife just fled civilization with all his hard-won savings. Now he must pursue her north, through desperate bandits, ravening beasts, and worse. But after he rescues a pair of orphans from starvation, he is faced with his most difficult challenge yet: a question that goes to the very heart of honor. The consequences might be deeper than he realizes, and it’s not just his life on the line…

Updates: Irregular but Ongoing

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Ryan English

Ryan English

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Obstacles - Chapter 1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 2.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 2.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 3.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 3.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 4 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 5 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 6.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 6.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 7.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 7.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 8 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 9.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 9.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 11 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.4 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 14.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 14.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 15 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 16.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 16.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 17 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 18.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 18.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.3 - END ago
Doubts - Chapter 1.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 1.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 2.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 2.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.4 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 6 ago
Doubts - Chapter 7.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 7.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 8.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 8.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 9 ago
Doubts - Chapter 10.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 10.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 12 ago
Doubts - Chapter 13.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 13.2 (END) ago
Burdens - Chapter 1 ago
Burdens - Chapter 2 ago
Burdens - Chapter 3 ago
Burdens - Chapter 4 ago
Burdens - Chapter 5 ago
Burdens - Chapter 6 ago
Burdens - Chapter 7 ago
Burdens - Chapter 8 ago
Burdens - Chapter 9 ago
Burdens - Chapter 10 ago
Burdens - Chapter 11 ago
Burdens - Chapter 12 ago
Burdens - Chapter 13 ago
Burdens - Chapter 14 ago

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interesting and engaging story

it's very well written with barely any grammar mistakes, so far I'm enjoying the story and am excited to see where it goes from here


fawking fantastic, I love it this story is on its way to become one of the best on royalroad. This story is so well thought out that I litterally have no true criticisms, the characters feel human and real and the mysteries draw me in like good mysteries should. The Acts of Androkles is one of my personal favorits on this site which is why I feel so sad  about having cought up.


but did she take the kids?


I didn't read the story yet

just wanted to appreciate the fact that this guy is releasing the entire story for free despite also having it up on amazon

some authors will come to RR and post a teaser for their story to try and generate interest

others will write the entire thing on RR and then take down half of it after they release the story on amazon

I'm not saying plebs like me are entitled to free literature or anything but it really do suck when you're halfway through something and it suddenly gets ripped off the site

anyway I'll edit this review once I've caught up with the updates


And it really is. Andronkles tale is one that I just couldn't put down.

Style: Written like the Greek epics of old, but still fresh and easy to understand

Story: Full of action and character development, Andronkles feels like a real person without the pacing suffering for it

Grammar: The sentence structure is a little choppy in the begining but that quickly disappears into smooth and seamless storytelling.

Give The Acts Of Andronkles a try if your tired of the same thing over and over on this site



Once in a while, you get an author with a profesionally published novel posting for free in RoyalRoad to promote their work, and I don't mind it at all.

allison 1995

This story is probably one of the best I've read in a long time and I'm not sure that anything could be done to make it better. It's made me laugh and cry multiple times and it just doesn't get better than this. 


Great Action Story, though some chapters may not be to everyone's tastes

Reviewed at: Doubts - Chapter 11.1

I have to say I’ve really been enjoying this. Compelling main character, great writing and plot.

Which has all been slightly marred by the chapters 8.1 and 8.2 which seem to mainly consist of the author punching the main characters in the dick. Sure they can’t constantly win everything forever but this shift is unpleasant to say the least.

Orignally the situation felt a bit forced, but the author did a great job on redoing the chapter in question so it read better and made sense.

That said I personally think it goes too heavy handed on the suffering, but that falls to my own personal tastes.  I’m guessing it’s leading to some sort of comeuppance later on, but... eh.


A very good story. A little early to tell where it is going, but so far, so good. 


If this were a book, I'd buy it in a heart beat. Well written an edited, great character arcs, and an amazing fantasy setting.


Professionally written, great characters, great story. Binged all the way to Book 3, chapter 6 now, and bummed that I have to wait for more. Really loved it!

The setting is Greek-ish, but most of the story (so far) has taken place in the land of the northern barbarians (northern European ish?).

To me the setting feels original, with familiar elements. I like it.

It seems as if not that many have discovered this gem, yet, which I hope changes. It deserves an audience