The Acts of Androkles

by Ryan English

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Elevator pitch: '300' meets 'Lone Wolf and Cub'. A retired veteran has to keep some orphans from being eaten by horrible monsters.

This fiction contains the professionally-published novel Obstacles as well as the ongoing sequels. 

Back Cover Copy:
Androkles, son of Paramonos, spent twenty-five years in the world’s greatest army trying to earn enough money to buy back his good name. He’s battle-scarred, weary, and heartbroken after decades of watching dear friends die, but he survived. He’s ready to retire and be welcomed as a hero, finally able to see the reward he sacrificed so much to achieve. 

There’s only one problem: his wife just fled civilization with all his hard-won savings. Now he must pursue her north, through desperate bandits, ravening beasts, and worse. But after he rescues a pair of orphans from starvation, he is faced with his most difficult challenge yet: a question that goes to the very heart of honor. The consequences might be deeper than he realizes, and it’s not just his life on the line…

Updates: Irregular but Ongoing

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Ryan English

Ryan English

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Chapter Name Release Date
Obstacles - Chapter 1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 2.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 2.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 3.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 3.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 4 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 5 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 6.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 6.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 7.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 7.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 8 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 9.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 9.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 10.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 11 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 12.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.3 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 13.4 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 14.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 14.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 15 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 16.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 16.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 17 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 18.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 18.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.1 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.2 ago
Obstacles - Chapter 19.3 - END ago
Doubts - Chapter 1.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 1.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 2.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 2.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 3.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 4.4 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 5.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 6 ago
Doubts - Chapter 7.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 7.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 8.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 8.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 9 ago
Doubts - Chapter 10.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 10.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.2 ago
Doubts - Chapter 11.3 ago
Doubts - Chapter 12 ago
Doubts - Chapter 13.1 ago
Doubts - Chapter 13.2 (END) ago
Burdens - Chapter 1 ago
Burdens - Chapter 2 ago
Burdens - Chapter 3 ago
Burdens - Chapter 4 ago
Burdens - Chapter 5 ago
Burdens - Chapter 6 ago
Burdens - Chapter 7 ago
Burdens - Chapter 8 ago
Burdens - Chapter 9 ago
Burdens - Chapter 10 ago
Burdens - Chapter 11 ago
Burdens - Chapter 12 ago
Burdens - Chapter 13 ago
Burdens - Chapter 14 ago

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Andy Schlaich

This series has already had the first book in this series published. It's in print and you can buy it on Amazon. This isn't a plug to buy the book, it's a nod to the quality you'll find here. This is a captivating story with good pacing and well-crafted structure. You can tell a lot of thought when into each page, each paragraph. It shows. While some books feel like a chore to read with parts that are difficult to get through and more like something to endure than enjoy, this book pulls you into the story and you are pulled along, captivated.

The action is fast paced without being overbearing, the characters grow on their journey. Androkles sets off with a single-minded purpose and a simplistic way of thinking. He finds out he's much more complicated than he gave himself credit for and that his strength of character goes far deeper than a man who was wounded by someone he cares about who wants his stuff back. This is a man who values doing right and justice above all else. Someone who wanted people to care about and take care of above all else, without even knowing it.

He doesn't just meet friends along the way, he gains the family he'd always wished he had. He gains a reason to fight beyond the glory of the world that he earned with his career in the military. He also does it while showing that you can have a soft side and still be an absolute badass. 

You'll finish the first book in this series before you realize it, and wish it were three times as long. This is worth a few afternoons of your time to read, and something to watch in the future as the next two books in the series get published and released on this site for reading. Watch this one, it's going places.


Great story. Just read it.

This story is an excellent read. I look forward every to every Tuesday and Friday to get another part of the story. The characters are all fun and interesting, the story is compelling, and the writing is professional. I can't recommend this enough.


Simply a great story.

This is mostly just to give exposure to this novel so I'll be brief. This is a great story that starts simply but slowly expands.

All around quality writing, from characters to prose and world building. The fantasy aspects feel properly natural in the context of the story, the same applies to the characters. Even aspects that would be considered overdone in many other works of fiction feel natural here.


Anyone not reading this is doing themselves a disservice. Calling it among the best of royal road is an insult, this doesn't even belong here. It is a great book and I'm a richer person after having read it.


Lots of manly feels. Such machismo.

All caught up as of chapter 17, and this is damn good. From the beginning, Androkles' bearing and worldview we're engaging, and his character is just fantastically written. His interactions with his companions and those he has met so far is just amazing, and the world is already being expanded into something really interesting. Can't wait for more!


(Also, does anyone else see him as a Roman Conan the Barbarian or is it just me? For Crom-I mean, the Hewer!!)


I started this story not expecting much but wow I was wrong. This has alot of heart and is really worth the read. One of the better stories on this site.

JcW Swe

Well written and great story

Reviewed at: Book 3 - Chapter 1

I've seen this story a bunch of times while browsing for the next story to read. It never got my attention as I was usually looking specifically for litrpg stories and such. I did however start reading this story this weekend to se how it was. And I'm glad I did!


The world the story takes place in is heavily influenced by ancient greece and surrounding lands. When I read the story it feels like a historical novel but with a fantasy twist. Low fantasy that is, with components from both western and easter fantasy. I really like it. It is well written and the author have taken their time to really construct believable characters and let them evolve during the story. Take your time to read this story, it won't dissapoint. 


To the author: Very well done! 


Excellent evolution of Greek mythos

Reviewed at: Book 3 Chapter 6

This story is a masterclass in how to do a soft magic system.

With a wild world that reads right out of a myth the magic in this world is wonderus and fantastic.

Through this wonderour lense we see a tale of honest human emotion, a story of damaged people trying there hardest to spite someone who wronged him. Along the way he learns to be a little more human. And by doing so becomes a little more of a myth!

Great story, I'm buying every book if and when the come out on Amazon.


*FLEXES* *Roll to Intimidate* *GLARES* *ROLL FOR DAMAGE*

Reviewed at: Obstacles - Chapter 13.4





Ok, but seriously this is a good story, if you are after something other than brain dead wish fufilment and want to Read  THE EPIC ADVENTURES OF THE MOST MAN MAN TO EXIST THEN HOOK IN MOTHERFUCKERS


There is nothing here that i dont like.

As of chapter 10.3 the story follows the quest of Androkles as he seeks to reclaim the former glory of his house and what is rightfully his, as he struggles against what fate and the gods throw in his way. In this journey we get to know his story, his world and his inner conflicts which are masterfully depicted by the author.