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With the next step decided, I teleported together with Ren to the second level. Only I have the ability to move with a though inside the castle, the others have to use other means.

The second level is where everything is created. At this point the facility is lacking in advanced tools and machinery, the only thing present is the basic infrastructure needed for the development of basic drones and robots.

On this level there is a special section only accessible to me, this section is dedicated to the creation of new members of my race and also my subjects, thinking of this I should find a suitable name for my race later.

Together with Ren whom I gave permission to enter, made our way in the spacious room. The room is white, you can’t even see where the wall and floor meet giving the impression of being in a white world, there is nothing there except for a black pod at its center.

I walked to its side and without any input from me, several screens appeared before me.

From looks to personality and skills, everything could be decided by me.

I did not want to create a personality myself of course, I also didn’t want to decide her looks in her stead that is for her to decide heself. The only thing I will decide for myself is her ‘class’. The class will decide her advancement path and will also give a huge boost on that path. I already made up my mind before coming here so from the long list of options is selected ‘Researcher’.

After selecting her class I gave her full authority over level 2 as she will be the head of this level tasked with Research and Development of new technologies.

It was time to decide her name, and an answer jumped in my mind.


Lastly I could select the amount of resources to allocate for her creation, the more resources the better she will be, I used 30% of all resources.

With this the process started, showing a countdown of 24hours.

When she awakens she will have the base level of knowledge plus superior research knowledge, her personality will take some time to develop on her own, unlike Ren who was made to fit my taste in every aspect.

Ren was silently watching me all this time with a smile on her face. I returned to her side and took her hand in mine teleporting us to my quarters. Having to wait for Nano to wake up before I could fully begin to develop my little queendom I wanted to speak more with Ren before sleeping with her as a hugging pillow.

She was starting to relax more in my presence and that was a good thing, I don’t want my people to behave too formal in my presence.

[Ren, what do you wish to do?] I asked her.

[? What do you mean, My Queen?] She seems puzzled by my question.

[What should we do in this world, I have an idea but I also want to hear your view.]

[My desire is to serve by your side, whatever you do, I am happy to accompany you!] Responded Ren in a determined voice. I expected this answer, I have a lot of time to make her more selfish, in various ways fufufu.

A shiver ran through Ren’s back but she ignored it as her imagination.

I decided to just improve and strengthen my little queendom and just go with the tide for now, I’m sure I will have a lot of fun in the future.

Before falling asleep, I accessed all the information the nanomachines collected from those humans.

The only thing in common between their race and mine is the exterior aspect and that too has some differences.

They seem to have two genders and with their union other humans are born. I found it strange, we have no gender nor do we have a genital apparatus to reproduce. I am the only one that can create other members of my race through my castle. It really is curious.

They also have a need for eating and sleeping daily while also having a limited lifespan. I only need to sleep by choice and not by necessity, I found it relaxing.

I should have Nano do some research on them later. It seems they are also in possession of a power called ‘Magic’, I wanted to know more about that.

With that in mind I fell asleep together with Ren.

While the two girls were peacefully sleeping the world knew nothing of what will befall upon it.


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